Membership Opportunities

We at the 10th District understand the need for organized labor and promote daily our “Organize the South” stance. The meaning of the word “organize” holds the truth for what we do. “Organize”: the root word stems from the words “arrange” and “contrive”, and that is exactly what we plan to do.

Let us assist you in arranging an opportunity to better your work life as well as the lives of your coworkers. Let us help you develop a plan to be more successful in the job or trade you enjoy working in. 

Our goals are to help you cultivate feelings of friendship among those in your industry, secure adequate pay for your work, and assist you in seeking a higher standard of living for you and your family. 


Contact us to discuss in detail how we can help!


John & Charles

District Organizing Coordinators



                                                Professional & Industrial                                                                                                 Construction

                                                      John Murphy                                                                                                         Charles McKinney

                                                     252-414-7388                                                                                                            479-221-7588