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Americans need to buy quality American-made products which will last longer than many of the cheap foreign made products. Buying a cheap, poorly made foreign item for $10 less than a well made American product does not save you money. You will have to replace the poorly made item over and over, thus you lose the savings and pay two or thee times more than if you had bought the better made product that would last. Each American should insist on buying quality American made goods. Your individual buying choices can stimulate our economy and maybe get you a job or a raise! When you kid yourself that you are getting a good bargain by buying poorly made foreign products, you are hurting yourself, economically, both short term and long term. Government statistics state that the U.S. imports more than we export. We import 95 billion dollars of apparel a year, for example. Americans can find quality, American made clothes and other American made products to buy.

It's a mathematical fact. If we all buy just 5% more US made products we will create a MILLION new jobs.

Million Jobs Project ..Click Here for full details..

55 Reasons Why You Should Buy Products That Are Made In America ..Click Here..


Goods Made In The USA    Click a Link Below, read carefully some suppliers may also have imported items.

Find American Certified Products

Green Toys for Children

American  Clothing Company in Arcanum Ohio

American Made Matters USA Manufacturer Company List

Snapper Lawn Equipment

The National Flag Company

Weather Tech Automotive Floor Mats

Knife Center (Large variety Knives, Scissors, Sharpeners, Flashlights on their USA made page)

Channel Lock Tools and Tool Sets

DULUTH PACK Wallets, Etc.

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