Why Organize?

Having problems or concerns at your job or company. This website is for you. It was built with you in mind. You see many workers today like their job, but simply need a  VOICE to make it a BETTER JOB. That can be accomplished with a Union where you work. This site is here to help you understand all this fuss about Unions and the IBEW.

It is brought to you by the folks of The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and thousands of other workers that feel like you do.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers represents workers in thousands of various jobs. Primarily in the fields of Electrical Construction, Utility Workers including Gas Workers, Manufacturing of Electrical and Electronic Products, Telecommunication & Telephone workers, and Government Employees of all kinds.

 We hope you will find this entire site useful and informative. If there is something that you wish to know that you can't find here, please  drop us an e-mail  We will get back to you in short order.

You may have many questions about the IBEW and Unions. We have provided convenient links to give you the answers you seek. It is in the related information section on the right. You will never be more than a mouse click away from this home page or any of this useful  content.

As an example. Did you know about the "At Will  Doctrine". You are probably an "At Will Employee". Most employees in America are. Can you be fired for little or no reason. Click here to see what the Federal Government (NLRB) has to say about that.

Please come back often. You can also e-mail us. Of course it will remain confidential.


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Welcome To Your Source Of Accurate Information About The IBEW and Unions.   Come back whenever you Need To Know. We'll Brought to you by The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, District Four.

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