Are you or someone you know interested in
joining the IBEW, give us a call:

  • Are you being treated fairly?

  • Do you get fair pay for the time you put in?

  • Do you have a say in anything when  you are assigned out of town?

  • Do you and your family receive decent, affordable health care from your employer?

  • Do you have a legitimate retirement future security plan where you work?

  • Are you satisfied that you work in safe conditions or jobs?

  • Are you being paid according to your ability?

  • When asked to work weekends, do you have a voice and receive premium pay?

  • If you ever get fired would you have  recourse or your "day in court"?

  • Do you receive training and upgrading education at no cost to you?

  • Can you leave your contractor and work for another without "Starting Over" and proving yourself again?

If you answered "NO" to any of the above the IBEW can help you. Contact us at 301-378-7014 or send us an e-mail.



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