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The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) is the largest union representing all types of electrical workers within the U.S. and Canada. Our 725,000 members are employed in electrical construction, electric/gas/water utilities, telecommunications companies, manufacturing firms, and radio/television broadcasting industries, as well as the federal government.

The IBEW is committed to the principles of workplace democracy for employees, the dignity and justice that employees can enjoy through their free association in Unions, and in assuring that IBEW members can meet the technological challenges of the future through education and training.

The IBEW and its employer partners jointly administer apprenticeship and training programs throughout the U.S. and Canada. Apprenticeship programs are administered on a local area level, with program offices across each District.

As members of the IBEW, we are committed to community involvement. As a Union, we believe that involvement in our communities is essential to social progress.

The IBEW's Eighth District

The IBEW is divided into geographical areas, called Districts, which include all of the U.S. and Canada. Our District, the Eighth, includes the States of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming. Each District is administered by an International Vice President, who is responsible for meeting the objectives set forth by the IBEW's Constitution. The International Vice President for the Eighth District is Ted C. Jensen, a Journeymen Wireman from Local Union 449 in Pocatello, Idaho. Vice President Jensen supervises a staff of five International Representatives who provide assistance to Local Unions in the District.

The District Office, located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, acts as a central point for information gathering and dissemination, statistical information, and other needed resources for the Local Unions in the District.


The IBEW was founded in 1891 by workers engaged in the construction of the St. Louis exposition demonstrating the wonders of electricity. Click here for a brief history of the IBEW.



Ted C. Jensen,

International Vice President


2225 West Broadway, #H
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Ph: (208) 529-6555
Fax: (208) 529-3632

E-mail:  IVPD_08@IBEW.org


Eighth District Staff:

International Representatives:

Benjamin Antunes Fred "Rocky" Clark
Don Herzog John Lei
Guy Runco

Jerry Bellah

Office Manager:

Kathy Petersen  


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