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IVP, IEC Caucus Results

September 20, 2011

Convention delegates met in district caucuses Sept. 19 to nominate candidates for International Vice President and members of the International Executive Council.  Under the IBEW Constitution, delegates hold elections in a caucus to “nominate” a candidate and those choices are formally ratified by the full convention later in the week.

All 11 of the incumbent Vice Presidents were nominated. 
Two new candidates for IEC were nominated.

  • Solomon Furer, business manager of Windsor, Ontario Local 773, was nominated by the Eighth District delegates. 
  • In the Sixth District, Oklahoma City Local 1141 Business Manager Joe Smith was nominated by delegates.

All IEC members are business managers of their respective locals.
Nominees will be elected by the convention as a whole on Thursday.

International Executive Council Nominees:
Chairman: Robert W. Pierson, Local 9, Chicago
First District: Joseph P. Calabro, Local 1158, Newark, N.J.
Second District: Myles J. Calvey, Local 2222, Boston  
Third District: John R. Clarke, Local 141, Wheeling, W.Va.
Fourth District: William W. Riley, Local 349, Miami
Fifth District: Michael D. Walter, Local 1439, St. Louis
Sixth District: Joe P. Smith, Local 1141, Oklahoma City
Seventh District: Patrick Lavin, Local 47, Diamond Bar, Calif
Eighth District: Solomon Furer, Local 773, Windsor, Ontario

International Vice President Nominees:
First District: Phillip Flemming
Second District: Frank J. Carroll
Third District: Donald C. Siegel
Fourth District: Kenneth W.  Cooper
Fifth District: Joseph S. Davis
Sixth District: Lonnie R. Stephenson
Seventh District: Jonathan B. Gardner
Eighth District: Ted C. Jensen
Ninth District: Michael S. Mowrey
Tenth District: Robert P. Klein
Eleventh District: Curtis E. Henke

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