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Resolutions Committee Finishes Debate

September 24, 2011

The Resolutions Committee chaired by Boston Local 104 Business Manager Tiler F. Eaton and with Bloomington, Ind., Local 2249 Business Manager Carven B. Thomas serving as secretary, continued deliberations Friday morning on resolutions presented to the membership.

The following amendments were passed by the convention:

Resolution No. 41. The IBEW recommends that all locals affiliate with the Labor Division of the National Safety Council.     

Resolution No. 42. The IBEW supports public sector workers whose benefits and collective bargaining rights are under attack.

Referring to the massive protests against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s efforts to strip public workers of collective bargaining rights, Madison, Wis., Local 159 Business Manager Mark Hoffmann said from the floor:

I want to thank you, President Hill, for answering the call to stand with us in Wisconsin.

Resolution No. 45. The IBEW strongly encourages the United States federal government to fully fund the National Passenger Railroad Corp., Amtrak.

Resolution No. 46.  The IBEW endorses President Obama’s efforts to promote high-speed rail service.

Resolution No. 47. The IBEW supports the siting, construction, and operation of environmentally sound, coal-fired electric generation facilities to create and sustain good IBEW jobs.

A delegate from Salt Lake City Local 57 proposed an amendment adding the following language to the resolution stating “the IBEW will lead and support legislation and efforts that will require all nations to comply with greenhouse gas and other clean air regulations related to global climate change.”

International President Hill stated that the amendment was unnecessary, as the IBEW has been out front on key legislative issues related to climate change. The amendment was defeated.

Resolution No. 48. The IBEW supports the changes made to U.S. National Mediation Board representation election procedures that give transportation workers the same rights as other private sector employees and opposes any efforts by Congress or the NMB to reverse those changes.

Resolution No. 49. The IBEW reaffirms its support for the National Utility Training Trust.

Resolution No. 51. IBEW opposes the outsourcing of American jobs.

Resolution No. 52. The IBEW supports the maintenance of the U.S. domestic shipbuilding industry.

Resolution No. 53. The IBEW will continue to fight to save the Avondale Shipyard from closure, participating in the Save Our Shipyard campaign.

Resolution No. 54. The IBEW opposes U.S. federal and state cuts to mass transit service.

Resolution No. 55. The IBEW International Office is authorized to investigate the feasibility of sponsoring an organization of associate members – workers who would not have full rights of regular members but would be given the opportunity to learn about the union and build identification with it to help organizing efforts.

Resolution No. 56. The IBEW supports the development of an American commercial shipbuilding industry.

Resolution No. 60. The IBEW endorses single payer universal health care legislation.

Resolution No. 64. The IBEW reiterates its support for the National Training Institute.

Resolution No. 29. The IBEW and local unions will educate members about the benefits offered by the IBEW Pension Benefit Fund to encourage “BA” members to become “A” members. 
The Resolutions Committee recommended nonconcurrance with the following resolutions:

Resolution No. 44. The proposed resolution called on the IBEW International Office to establish a system for an IBEW-wide Book II to allow out-of-work members to sign Book II at their home local.

The Resolutions Committee said it recognizes the hardships faced by many unemployed members of the construction branch, but creating an IBEW-wide Book II would precipitate a series of impossible administrative and logistical problems for the IBEW and local unions. 
The convention upheld the recommendation of nonconcurrance.

Resolution No. 62. The original resolution moved that Everett, Wash., Local 191 establish a Rights Awareness Program that would create a collective database of federal, state and union rules and regulations to ease difficulties with education and enforcement.
In its recommendation of nonconcurrance, the Resolutions Committee reaffirmed its commitment to labor education but said it did not believe it was necessary for convention actions.

Local 191 delegate Joe Peters offered two friendly amendments. The first would remove reference to the Code of Excellence and the National Referral Guidelines from one reference in the third paragraph. The second would delete the reference to Local 191 member Charlotte Hathaway. Both motions failed.

Resolution No. 43. The original resolution recommended that the International Office include new Inside Jurisdiction Category I safety language related to voltage test instruments.

The Resolutions Committee recommended nonconcurrance based on the advice of the IBEW General Counsel’s office. It is the position of the IBEW and the building trades unions that all legal responsibility must rest with the employer alone.
San Francisco Local 6 delegate Gerald McDermott proposed an amendment to add the following language to the end of resolution: “It is the employer’s exclusive responsibility to insure the safety of its employees and their compliance with these safety rules and standards.” The amendment was passed by the convention.

President Hill thanked the Resolutions Committee for its work and dismissed them.


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