IBEW Government Affairs Department

Registrars Center

Welcome to the IBEW Registrar Center! 

As a registrar, you have taken on an incredible responsibility to educate and communicate with our members about the importance of political action. The IBEW has committed to providing you with the resources and help to carry out your tasks. The registrars center is secured and only available to registrars, state and district political coordinators and administrators. Please be sure to protect your login information, as there may be sensitive information contained on this site. Please explore the pages here and let us know what else you'd like to see on YOUR Registrar Center!

In 2007, the IBEW Grassroots Program was developed to provide local unions with a communication structure to educate and engage their members about issues affecting workers and unions.The program is premised on educating, registering, and mobilizing members via four communication channels: worksite action, door knocking, phone banking, and local union publications. The key components of the program are the collective efforts of local union leadership and registrars along with district and state political coordinators. At the national level, the Government Affairs Director and the National Grassroots Coordinator are responsible for the operation of the program and ensuring that it serves as a tool for local unions to educate members about political issues affecting working families, encourage members to communicate with their elected officials, and inspire members to volunteer and vote for labor-friendly candidates. 

At the district, state, and local levels, the IBEW has district political coordinators, state political coordinators, and local union leadership and registrars who all work to maximize the political effectiveness of IBEW local unions. The IBEW Constitution, Article XVI §3 states that every local union shall have a registrar, and Article XVII §1(e) sets forth the registrar’s duties. However, a local union is not limited to just one registrar. Depending on the size or structure of the local, it may be more effective to have more than one registrar.