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January/February 2003 IBEW Journal

Staying After Wal-Mart

From left, Local 1, St. Louis, MO, members Butch
Spray and Paul Keen handbilling at the Desloge
Wal-Mart adjacent to the expansion project.

L.U. 1 (as,c,ees,ei,em,es,et,fm,i, mt,rts,s,se,spa,st&ws), ST. LOUIS, MOIn early October, the local began a handbilling campaign directed at the mega-retailer Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., with focus targeting the newly started project in Desloge, MO. Members residing in St. Francois County have responded valiantly in giving of their time and effort on Saturdays and Sundays for this effort to bring public attention to the use of non-signatory (out of state and out of country) work force contracted to build the new addition to the Wal-Mart empire.

The spearhead point of the communication to the public emphasizes the companys promotional rhetoric concerning their being "a community minded company," when, in fact, their actions deny local tradesmen the opportunity to make a living in their own community. The local plans to expand the campaign to adjacent counties in the future.

Other trades have recently signed on to assist in the effort begun by Local 1. We wish to commend the response exhibited by members of the local who reside in the "mineral area" of our jurisdiction.

Please be advised of the following member deaths: Robert Sturgis, Jr., George Hastings, Robert Mayo, Mark Schaeffer, Glenn May, Cornelius Mattingly, Ralph Evans, James Humphrey and Madeline Thomure.

Robert Egan, P.S.

Service Pins Awarded
L.U. 5
(catv,ees,em,i,rtb,spa&u), PITTSBURGH, PAOur 2002 nominations were held in May 2002, and all incumbent officers were nominated without opposition. Bus. Mgr. John Chalovich thanked the members for the vote of confidence.

We acknowledged, honored and presented years of service awards to our retired members with 50, 55, 60 and 65 years of service at the June 14, 2002, meeting, and retirees with 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service at the July 12, 2002, meeting. Congratulations, and thanks for the many years of dedicated service.

The Local 5 "Denny Miller Family Picnic" was held in June at Idlewild Park in Ligonier, PA. We had a hot summer day to enjoy good food, amusement rides, waterslides, pool and Local 5 activities. Thanks to the Picnic Committees and the many volunteers for another successful event.

Members, family and guests participated in the 2002 City of Pittsburgh Labor Day parade. Thanks to our Parade Committee and the many volunteers who helped.

Thanks also to everyone who participated in our "Get Out the Vote" phone banking during the month of October, and to all who voted on November 5.

Congratulations to the recent JATC graduates. Local 5 welcomes you!

We extend our sincere sympathy to the families and friends of our recently departed members.

Walter J. Bentley, P.S.

School Projects Possible
L.U. 8
(i&mt), TOLEDO, OHAt the 2002 Midwest IBEW Softball Tournament held in Indianapolis, our local defeated Local 24, Baltimore, MD, in the championship game, 20-10. Congratulations, brothers! That trophy sure looks nice!

Also congratulations to our local members who did well at the Wiremans Golf Association Tournament in Syracuse, NY. Local 8 is now preparing to host the 2004 tournament in Toledo.

The 2002 election is history, and it looks like working people will be the big losers with the Republicans taking over the US Senate. One bright spot is that Michigan did elect Jennifer Granholm as their Democratic governor. Also, Toledo schools passed a bond issue that should give the area some union construction jobs.

Work in our jurisdiction is currently scarce, with no large jobs in progress. In the past we could usually find work in neighboring sister locals, but President Bushs economic recovery hasnt hit the Midwest or anywhere else. We are still doing some organizing, but with no jobs to offer its a harder sell.

Chuck Wistinghausen, P.S.

Sweeping Success
L.U. 11
(i,o,rts&spa), LOS ANGELES, CALocal 11 welcomes the year 2003 with a sweeping success at the polls this past November, having elected Democrats to all of the states higher offices. Some of the labor-endorsed candidates who won are Governor Gray Davis, Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante, Attorney General Bill Lockyer, Treasurer Phil Angelides, Secretary of State Kevin Shelley, Ins. Comm. John Garamendi and LA Mayor Jim Hahn, and we are proud of our effort to put IBEW member Linda Sanchez in the House. Thanks to all the Local 11 members who walked the pavements and manned the phones for these candidates.

At the same time, Local 11, working with the county AFL-CIO and Building Trades, successfully defeated secession of the San Fernando Valley and Hollywood from the City of Los Angelesa major win for public sector contracts.

Rusty Roten, P.S.

Lots of Work

From left, Local 17, Detroit, MI, members Ted Kerszykowski,
Sr. (journeyman lineman), Steve Kerszykowski (woodsman);
Ted Kerszykowski, Jr. (journeyman lineman), Ray
Kerszykowski (journeyman tree trimmer), Charlie
Kerszykowski, Jr. (journeyman lineman), Bus. Mgr. Charlie
Kerszykowski, Sr. and Scott Williams (apprentice tree trimmer,
T-5). (Missing from photo is Joe DeBell (operator).

L.U. 17 (catv,lctt,o&u), DETROIT, MIWe would like to recognize the Kerszykowski family for an involvement and commitment to the union that began in 1946. Bro. Charlie Kerszykowski, Sr., is the current Local 17 business manager/financial secretary, and he has been working hard to preserve what our members have fought for so we can continue to grow stronger for future generations.

Charlie says, "This is not just for my family (including my upcoming grandsons), but also for yours. We have a good thing goinglets keep it by standing united."

Local 17 finished out 2002 and is heading into the new year with steady employment. There is a lot of work on the horizon.

It is with sadness that we report the passing of Bros. Richard Kitchen, Randall Beasley and Christopher Chamblis.

Bob Eckhout, P.S.