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January/February 2004 IBEW Journal

TX Medical Center Project

Local 716 electricians at the Texas Medical Center
project jobsite, from left: Grady Drawdy, J.D.
Riley (general foreman), Luther Page, Henry
Poynter, Jesse Hilburn, Benny Flournoy, Cliff
Luce, Mary White, Raul Ramos and Gene Farrar.

L.U. 716 (em,i,rts&spa), HOUSTON, TX-Although the work situation is not as good as we would like at this time, we are working to get more work in our jurisdiction.

Wayne Electric has been awarded an exciting new project at the Texas Medical Center, which will staff up to 65 electricians scheduled for completion in 2004. This facility, the Proton Therapy Center, will generate highly energized protons that will target tumors and cancerous cells within the body without damaging surrounding tissues and organs. Specially manufactured 8-inch PVC (Schedule 80) is being produced for this job.

With combined efforts from our Organizing Department, the JATC and the Quality Control Initiative moving forward, we anticipate results in our drive to staff the work in the petrochemical industry on our ship channel.

We encourage our members to educate themselves on the issues that are instrumental in helping our labor movement grow. Exercise your right to vote!

Remember-Union is not ME, Union is WE.

John E. Easton, JR., B.M/F.S.

FTAA Protests in Miami

L.U. 756 (es&i), DAYTONA BEACH, FL-On Nov. 20, 2003, our local joined union members from across the country for a rally in Miami to protest the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) agreement. Trade Ministers from 34 countries were in town for the FTAA meetings.

If you think NAFTA was bad, wait for the FTAA. Please write your congressmen and voice your disapproval of this agreement. The FTAA is the equivalent of NAFTA on steroids.

The work picture here is slow, just like the rest of the country. Approximately $65 million worth of work will go out for bid at the Kennedy Space Center soon, but whether it will go fair remains to be seen.

John W. Barrington, P.S.

Habitat for Humanity

Joining fifth-year apprentices on a Local 760 Habitat
for Humanity project were several journeymen
members including Bobby Clark, George Bove,
E.Board member/Organizer J.R. Cummings, Bus.
Mgr. Allen Pass, Jr., E-Board member Terry Cole and
Brian Conner.

L.U. 760 (i,lctt,o,rts,spa&u), KNOXVILLE, TN-Our work has slowed some as a result of getting "Bush Whacked" but, thanks to some Oak Ridge work from Local 270 and work on a few TVA sites, we have maintained a little better than normal employment. We have some hospital work coming up with Broadway Electric and an outage at Bull Run Steam Plant.

We sponsored our first Habitat for Humanity house. Our fifth-year apprentice class and several brother journeymen installed all the electrical work. We enjoyed working on this project and helping a family in our community. Let's remember that this is why we belong to a union: to promote a higher standard of living.

We are beginning negotiations at Knoxville Utility Board, Lenior City Utility Board, and Sevier County Electric System soon. We just finished negotiations with Plateau Electric Cooperative and things went well there. Thanks to Int. Rep. Brent Hall for his help on this contract.

Will Muncy, P.S.

A New Union Hall

L.U. 763 (u), OMAHA, NE-Recently Local 763 purchased a new hall with two other IBEW locals based in Omaha, Local 1974 and Local 1521. We are currently renovating the new hall to accommodate the three locals.

Local 763 is also in preparations for negotiations for Omaha Public Power District (OPPD). Local 763 represents employees in several departments at coal-powered plants, gas turbine plants, a nuclear power plant and in the line department.

David E. Merrick, P.S.

Organize Now!

Local 804 Bus. Mgr./Fin.
Sec. Brett McKenzie (left)
and Organizer Rod Hilton
at the 2003 IBEW
Organizing Conference in

L.U. 804 (i&o), KITCHENER, ON, CANADA-At the 2003 IBEW Organizing Conference in Chicago, Local 804 was asked by the First District Office in Toronto to lead a round table discussions on organizing. Organizer Rod Hilton highlighted both the success and failures of our organizing. His presentation exemplified why Local 804 is viewed as a leader in organizing.

Int. Pres. Hill reiterated the necessity for the IBEW to organize all those unrepresented workers who work for substandard wages and benefits, and continue to undermine everything our Brotherhood has established.

The time to organize is now! Those in leadership positions must eliminate the barriers that have been erected to make it so difficult to become a part of our Brotherhood. Every member must assist with organizing to ensure our future. Pres. Hill's mandate is quite clear and our local will continue to adhere to International Office policies. We will continue to organize and fight to regain control of a highly diversified industry we once controlled. Please offer your assistance to our organizer.

Brett McKenzie, B.M./F.S.