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Union Plus Credit Card—
A Good Deal Gets Even Better

April 2005 IBEW Journal

The Union Plus Credit Card has always been a good deal. The deal became even better on February 15, 2005, when AFL-CIO President John Sweeney announced new benefits, including emergency grants for cardholders who are exclusively members of America’s unions. For IBEW members, the card is personalized with our union’s symbol.The benefits supplement the unprecedented union-boosting investment of card profits including college scholarships and a $10 million expansion of the George Meany Center for Labor Studies, to train a new generation of activists and leaders. In addition, credit card bills to 3 million union members have contained information on how cardholders can support union-friendly initiatives in Congress and in state legislatures, or help other workers on strike.Through the strength of 13 million union members, the new credit card program offers features including: Protection

  • 100% protection against fraud
     Support for a union member’s right to strike with skip payments and credit protection in the event of a walkout
     Special help for members facing job losses and/or extreme financial hardship through a new Lifeline Trust Disaster Relief Fund and Layoff Helpline
  • Extended warranties giving cardholders up to one year of extra coverage over an original warranty


  • The Union Plus Credit Card has one of the highest customer service satisfaction ratings in the industry
     All customer service calls are answered by customer care representatives in the United States, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Union members assigned as advocates for cardholders to assist in any disputes with merchants or banks


  • Lower rates for approximately 800,000 cardholders
     No annual fees and very favorable balance transfer rates that remain fixed until the balance is paid off
     Deep discounts on products and services like eye care, prescription drugs and movie tickets
  • A scholarship program that already has awarded more than $2 million in education assistance

Since its inception, the Union Plus Credit Card has "lowered the cost of existing debt and saved union members and their families hundreds of millions of dollars. It is the most successful membership credit card in the world," says Leslie Tolf, president of Union Privilege. "We avoid the ‘smoke and mirror’ junk rates of other cards and monitor all policies through a union review committee." President Sweeney says, "Since 1996, revenue from the card has produced millions of dollars to strengthen the work of unions on behalf of their members in collective bargaining, organizing and other activities."How to Apply

Current Union Plus Credit Card holders will automatically be enrolled in the new program and many will receive a newly designed card in the mail. Non-enrolled members will be eligible to join and receive the new benefits. For information about the Union Plus Credit Card, union members may call 1-800-522-4000 or visit www.unionpluscard.com. For information about all the benefits available to them under the union privilege program, union members may visit www.unionplus.org.