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July/August 2005 IBEW Journal

Watertown Agreement

L.U. 1249 (catv,lctt,o,t&u), SYRACUSE, NY—Our members ratified a new two-year agreement with the City of Watertown. Negotiations are also currently under way with the Village of Frankfort. And our BA Chapter will be negotiating this fall for a new agreement.

Work remains fairly good in our A Chapter. We currently have only 26 people on the books. We hope the work will last throughout this year!

In our BA Chapter we have 770 line clearance people working, with 80 unemployed and 100 traveling.

Nominations for officers in Local 1249 were held May 6. Good luck to all. Election results were not yet available at the time of this writing. By the time you read this, new officers will be sworn in. I hope you voted!

Welcome and congratulations to Jim Matthews on being added to the staff of Local 1249. Bus. Mgr. John Bishko appointed Jim as an organizer in March 2005. Congratulations and good luck, Jim.

William C. Boire
Asst. B.A./Pres./P.S.

Tribute For Service

L.U. 1307 (u), SALISBURY, MD—Congratulations to Bro. Clarence Goodwyn on his retirement, effective April 1, 2005. Bro. Goodwyn began his IBEW career in March 1971 in Exmore, VA, as a groundman tree trimmer for Delmarva Power. He entered the apprentice lineman program in April 1974 and became a journeyman lineman in February 1983. In April 1983 he was promoted to the position of trouble serviceman, the position from which he retired. May Bro. Goodwyn enjoy a long and happy retirement.

Local 1307 extends special thanks to three members who recently served active duty in the U.S. military: Bros. Christopher Carter, Christopher Wigfall and Daniel Kidd. [Please see "IBEW On Duty," in the June 2005 issue of the IBEW Journal.]

Save jobs; limit imports.

E.D. Sparks, F.S.

Congratulations, Graduates

Local 1316 Apprentice Dir. Ralph Snowden
(front row, left) congratulates apprentice
graduates. From left, back row: Dracy Flagg
and Andrew Waldrop; front row, Snowden,
Lonnie Ford, Nathan Rushing, Javit Lester,
Dusty Gardner, Eric Knowles and Wade
Thomsen. Not pictured is graduate Coby

L.U. 1316 (i&o), MACON, GA—Congratulations to our local’s newly topped out journeymen. This is without a doubt one of the finest graduating classes ever at Local 1316. All nine graduates have been consistent with excellent grades, attendance, attitude and job performance.

Congratulations to the graduates: Coby Dixon, Dracy Flagg, Lonnie Ford, Dusty Gardner, Eric Knowles, Javit Lester, Nathan Rushing, Wade Thomsen and Andrew Waldrop.

Special congratulations to Eric Knowles, Outstanding Apprentice for 2005; and Dracy Flagg, runner-up for Outstanding Apprentice. 

Local 1316 recently held the first uncontested election in our history. Newly elected officers are: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Johnny Mack Nickles, Pres. Larry Stephens, Vice-Pres. Ralph Snowden, Rec. Sec. Jeff Jarriel and Treas. Mark Weathers. Elected to the Executive Board: Ron Atkinson, Harry Murray and Waymond McKissick. The Examining Board: Deen Mathews, Louie Sanders and Brennan Ward. Graphic Pkg. Unit chairman is Stan Stuart; Graphic Pkg. Unit vice-chairman, Herbert Morris; and Graphic Pkg. Unit recording secretary, Robert Moseley.

-Johnny Mack Nickles, B.M./F.S.

Member Involvement

L.U. 1381 (uow), HICKSVILLE, NY—Local 1381 is hard at work to increase member involvement. Our new Volunteer Organizing Committee (VOC) was created to teach leadership and democratic principles to workers employed in workplaces unfavorable to unions. The ultimate goal is to strengthen and multiply our numbers through recruitment drives and, in turn, acquire a larger voice in political activities on behalf of working people and organized labor.

The Organizing Committee recently held its first Moonlight Bowl-A-Thon fundraiser. It was well attended and a huge success. The Local 1381 Social Action Committee has planned several events to enable us to share and maintain our unity. Proposed events include: Spring Fling- Square Dancing, Great South Bay Cruise, and Miniature Golf.

Local 1381 recognizes that shop stewards have many responsibilities and play a vital role, as they are a link between the members and the union office. Therefore, the local is conducting shop steward workshops for new and existing shop stewards to educate and assist them in carrying our their roles. We hope these training classes help to build and maintain a strong and effective union, by making its shop stewards aware of the importance and responsibility of the position and the basis of a steward’s authority.

Catherine Malinowski, P.S.

Proud IBEW Heritage

L.U. 1439 (u), ST. LOUIS, MO—The IBEW has a proud heritage! Heritage is defined as: "Anything passed on to succeeding generations; applies usually to things other than actual property or money." What is the heritage you are leaving to those who will follow you in this time-honored trade? If our focus is "stuff," we missed it. Union pride is based on union performance, which comes from the character that we as union craftsmen are proud to display daily in our handiwork.

In that spirit, our officers work diligently to defend the rights of all workers and to defend the benefits union workers have fought for. Abraham Lincoln said: "If a man says he loves America and is not pro labor, that man is a liar." We press ahead in the enduring struggle for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We negotiated a one year extension of the Alliant Energy contract. Negotiations for Atmos Energy have begun.

On Sept. 10, 2005, Local 1439 will celebrate its 60th anniversary.

Local 1439 mourns the passing of Bros. Leonard L. Leiner, Edward Boesch Jr., Douglas C. Engle, George R. Green and Ronald L. DeMierre.

Please remember our comrades in arms with your prayers and letters.

Ken Carroll, P.S.