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IBEW Studies Buyout of Hoover

March 10, 2006

Anyone who has ever worked for somebody else has probably said, "We could run this place better than the owner." 

On March 10, IBEW members at Maytag's Hoover vacuum cleaner plant in North Canton, Ohio authorized Local 1985 President Jim Repace to conduct a study into the feasibility of workers buying the plant from its current owners.

Over 300 Hoover employees were laid off in December as the company shifted some production to Texas and Mexico. An employee-owned company would include those operations.

Maytag has expressed interest in selling Hoover, but needs approval from Whirlpool Corp. Whirlpool's pending purchase of Maytag is being reviewed for antitrust implications.

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Hoover workers back buyout study
Friday, March 10, 2006


NORTH CANTON - Hoover production workers overwhelmingly told their union leaders Thursday to keep on exploring the possibility of an employee-owned company.

James Repace, president of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1985, announced last week that the union was contracting for a feasibility study into options, including a partial employee stock ownership program, partnering workers with equity funds.

The announcement was met with uncertainty by some workers. Rita Tombow was one of those, but she said more information is making a difference. “I think it sounds pretty good,” the 27-year employee said.

So far, most of her fellow workers are confident about employee ownership, but, “It’s pretty fresh. It’s pretty new,” she said. “This is just the first meeting.”

In the first of two information meetings Thursday, no one voted against proceeding with the study, an option workers were given.

“It sends a message that people are interested in keeping this in North Canton,” Repace said after the meeting.

Parent company Maytag Corp. announced last month it is interested in selling Hoover, although it would need approval from Whirlpool Corp. Whirlpool’s proposed purchase of Maytag is going through antitrust scrutiny.

Others are likely interested in Hoover, but “I don’t know who the other bidders are,” Repace said. “I’m sure there are some Asian companies.”

One reason the union is exploring options is the likelihood of a foreign company buying Hoover and taking all production offshore. Hoover also has production facilities in El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico, that are included in the buyout scenario.

The uncertainty came because “a lot of people had a lot of misunderstanding. They thought we were in a bidding process,” Repace said. “That’s why we’re conducting these meetings. We’re only in the study stage.”

Brett Reed, a 28-year employee, said he likes the idea of studying the buyout, and he believes others are learning more about the plan.

“I’ve heard a lot of negative stuff just because they didn’t understand it,” he said. “But just by the show of hands in there, I think there’s a turnaround. They just have to explain the options.”

Ron Wharton believes Maytag will shut Hoover down eventually, and he’s hoping the buyout might work.

“I think it’ll be worked out in the long term, if they answer the questions the rank and file have,” he said. Worker attitudes are “pretty positive” about the possibility, he said. “There’s a lot to lose and little to gain right now.”

Alton Carter, a 26-year employee, believes the buyout could be “a good thing” because of the work force’s strength and abilities.

“We all voted yes in there,” he said. “We think we can turn it around.”

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