June 2009

Online Electrical Worker Gets New Look

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The IBEW has overhauled the online version of The Electrical Worker starting with the June issue on www.ibew.org. With linked headlines, search options and a crisp, modern look, members will get more readable access to news about their industries.

“With the new design, we wanted something more along the lines of the online reading experience that people are accustomed to,” IBEW Media Department Director Jim Spellane said of the HTML version. “We also wanted something that is going to be consistent with the print look.”

Some of the updated features include options to print one story at a time, e-mail articles with the click of a mouse and use a helpful keyword search option for archived pieces. A PDF version of each issue will still be available on the Web site for those who would like to download and print the paper in its original format.

All news and information in the print Electrical Worker will be available in the online version, including Local Lines, Circuits, In Memoriam, letters to the editor and editorials from officers.

“As media moves more to web-based formats, we look at the Electrical Worker’s new online presence as a step forward in the way we report accurate, timely news to the Brotherhood,” said IBEW International President Edwin D. Hill. “We see this as a positive development.”

As always, we encourage members to “go green” and opt for an e-mail link to the online version of the newspaper. If members click on this option (found on the home page of www.ibew.org) they will no longer receive their Electrical Worker in the mail, cutting down on print and mailing costs and benefitting the environment.