June 2009

Local Lines
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Charter Anniversary Celebrated

L.U. 6 (c,i,st&u), SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Local 6 held our Charter Anniversary Celebration commemorating our longstanding history in the IBEW on Feb. 21. There was an immense feeling of pride in the ballroom that evening, and it was evident a good time was had by all. The presentation ceremonies and the camaraderie during the dinner and dancing made for a fantastic evening. Many thanks to all who attended!

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade was a well-attended success. Our marching contingent led the way for the 9-foot diameter “solar-panel” shamrock and the model of the Golden Gate Bridge, fabricated from thin-wall conduit. Twenty of our members’ children rode on the float. Our retirees’ cable car followed, completing our presentation. Our thanks go to the parade committee and co-chairs Lou Sullivan and Brendan Greene.

Work in the city is still slow. It is heartening to hear Pres. Obama mention electrical workers, specifically in his infrastructure plans. We look forward to when those plans break ground.

Phil A. Farrelly, Pres.

Attending the Local 6 Charter Anniversary Celebration are, from left: IEC member Patrick Lavin, Ninth District Int. Vice Pres. Michael S. Mowrey, Int. Pres. Edwin D. Hill, Local 6 Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. John J. O’Rourke and Local 6 Pres. Phil A. Farrelly.

Local’s Summer Activities

L.U. 8 (as,em,i,mar,mt,rts,s&spa), TOLEDO, OH—Well, summer is here and hopefully you are working or about to go out on a call. We have weathered another winter in the Midwest, with the refinery and powerhouse work providing many of our jobs. With any luck, the work outlook will continue to get even better.

It’s not too early to start staking out that hot spot for the Annual Perch Tournament. Get your team together and find out where they are going to be. Golfing is in full swing and softball should be well under way. Good luck to the softball teams on their upcoming tourney. I am sure they will represent Local 8 well. Thanks for taking the time to make our local shine in the IBEW family. Remember to have a great time and enjoy the camaraderie.

The annual summer picnic has been moved to Labor Day. It will take place after the Labor Day parade, back at the hall and pavilion behind the Industry Building. Plan to attend—it will be a great time with lots of fun for all ages. Enjoy the summer.

Ben “Red” Tackett, P.S.
Jim Kozlowski, B.M.

Organizing Victories

L.U. 20 (em,i,mt,spa,t&u), DALLAS-FORT WORTH, TX—Local 20 has worked tirelessly on recent NLRB representation elections, including a win for a new unit of employees from Stanley Works/Access Technologies. With three consecutive organizing victories, momentum is growing. There is an ongoing effort to convert the remaining contractors from 8(f) to 9(a) status. (An “8(f)” agreement is considered by the NLRB as a “pre-hire” agreement and does not bind the employer to continue bargaining after the agreement expires. With a “9(a)” agreement the employer is obligated to continue bargaining after the agreement’s expiration.)

Some of our contractors chose to voluntarily recognize Local 20 as the employees’ bargaining representative upon presentation of the signed authorization cards. Other contractors, however, chose to require a petition be filed with the NLRB to hold a “secret ballot” election.

Election results thus far have been overwhelmingly in support of the union. Two recent victories returned 49-1 and 38-2 results for the union. Representation elections can be costly for contractors, and require hard work by the union to ensure members are kept well-informed during the process. So far results have been great, even though some contractors enlisted a high profile, expensive union-busting law firm.

Our organizing victories give our ranks a much-needed boost in morale during these times of economic uncertainty.

A.C. McAfee, B.M.

Summer Picnic Aug. 29

L.U. 26 (ees,em,es,govt,i&mt), WASHINGTON, DC—The annual Local 26 summer picnic will be Saturday, Aug. 29 this year at Camp Letts in Edgewater, MD, off the Chesapeake Bay. (This is a change from our normal first Saturday in August.) Watch for your quarterly magazine, In Charge, or go online to www.ibewlocal26.org for information and a ticket request form. Again this year, the picnic will incorporate a health fair and a 5K run/walk. No tickets are sold at the gate.

As of this writing, negotiations are in full swing with NECA and Cherry Lane for the Inside and Residential Wireman agreements. When you receive this article, the parties will either have reached an agreement or submitted any unresolved issues to CIR.

We mourn the brothers who passed away since our last article: Thomas Osvatics, Darrell Hess, William E. Carper, Kevin Deiss, Dean E. Foote, Frank E. Brownell, Saa B. Yffono and Brian D. Moncrief.

Best wishes to recent new retirees: Kenneth W. Baldwin, Landreth O. Jones, Richard S. Stout, Frank T. Bibb, Patrick M. Brennan, Francis W. Gist, Douglas B. Thompson, Donald T. Smith, Norman C. Thompson Jr., Terry W. Webb, Robert C. Young, Rupert D. Garner Jr., Robert D. King, John L. Coon, David N. Ritter, Joseph T. Caroon, George R. Rigsbee, William R. Matkins III, Curtis L. Lancaster, Edward W. Higgins and David I. Davis.

Charles E. Graham, B.M.

Appointments Announced

L.U. 38 (i), CLEVELAND, OH—Congratulations to Marty Seeholzer, who was appointed by the Executive Board to fill the spot of retired Executive Board member Ross Conforto; and to Jamie Davis, who was appointed to fill Marty’s seat on the Examining Board. Both men have long demonstrated their commitment to the IBEW and we know they will serve this union well in their new positions.

With sadness we report the death of former business manager and president Gil Steele Sr. on April 3. Gil Sr. had 60 years of service in Local 38. He was president for 22 years and then business manager for eight years before retiring in July 1997. Gil Sr. was a great labor leader and a person who would try and help any member of this union. We are grateful for his years of service.

Bus. Mgr. Gil Steele Jr. thanks all Local 38 members on behalf of his entire family for the support they have shown by coming to the services and sending kind words.

Members are reminded that the Cedar Point family picnic is Sunday, July 5.

Dennis Meaney, A.B.M.

Local 38 Pres. Walter O’Malley (left) swears in Examining Board member Jamie Davis (center) and Executive Board member Marty Seeholzer.

‘The State of the Union’

L.U. 46 (as,c,cs,em,es,et,i,mar,mo,mt,rtb,rts&st), SEATTLE, WA—Earlier this year the State of Washington decided to withdraw all reciprocity agreements dealing with Journeyman Electrical Licenses. Before working in Washington, according to the state, you must take the Washington State Test; they will no longer issue temporary permits.

Recent functions at the union hall included a NASCAR party, a Spring Fling Soiree and a crawfish gumbo feed. Thanks to all who volunteer. These diversions are a perfect way to see old friends again.

Bus. Rep. Kyle Katzman and the Local 46 motorcycle club will ride to Hurricane Mills, TN, in June. IBEW members from our surrounding locals as well as dozens along the way will attend a 41st annual IBEW family reunion. This collective ride is dedicated to the memory of past Local 46 business rep Jim Ringle. We all miss Jim.

Our union family here in Seattle is strong and prepared to meet challenges ahead. Together we can win. Remember the food bank at the hall; donations and withdrawals are welcome.

Golfers compete for the biggest trophy in town at the Seattle picnic this summer.

Computer “hot spots” are now available at the hall. This is convenient for members and a huge step toward going “paperless.”

Kevin Quinlan, P.S.

Intel & Code of Excellence

L.U. 48 (c,em,i,rtb,rts&st), PORTLAND, OR—Pres. Obama’s labor-friendly administration inherited an economy nearing meltdown. So, when Pres. Obama read of Intel’s commitment to invest $7 billion, it got his attention. He called Intel CEO Paul Otellini to acknowledge his faith in our American economy.

Intel’s investment is a glimmer of hope in our post-Republican world. Intel is making this investment over a two-year period to create a new 32-nanometer process technology. These new applications are made possible by the latest Intel chips. We will see new product enabled by these power-sipping, yet powerful, ultra-low-voltage chips due out this summer.

It’s exciting that the technology jungle’s 800-pound gorilla lives in our back yard—and that Otellini is utilizing U.S. workers to expedite implementation of Intel’s newest technology. U.S. workers will allow Intel to beat its competitors to the marketplace and provide a competitive advantage.

Let’s not forget, another 800-pound gorilla in the U.S. economic jungle is organized labor. To improve the IBEW’s competitive position, Int. Pres. Edwin D. Hill endorsed the Code of Excellence to inspire greater worker professionalism.

The COE is working well in Local 48, as demonstrated by Otellini’s decision to invest $2 billion in Intel’s Oregon facilities alone. Many of those jobs are living-wage, union-labor construction jobs. Rosendin Electric Inc. is the largest electrical contractor at Intel’s Hillsboro, OR, Ronler Acres facility. REI Superintendent Brandon Rainwater commends IBEW members for their outstanding work.

Local 48 Bus. Mgr. Clif Davis personally recognized these excellent IBEW members; he noted they are demonstrating that Intel’s investment of capital deserves and is receiving 100 percent commitment from union labor.

Bob Blair, P.S.

Service to Community

L.U. 50 (u), RICHMOND, VA—During hard economic times people find ways to help each other. Over the 2008 winter holidays, union members who work for Dominion Virginia Power and live in Shenandoah County, VA, wanted to help those in need. The challenge was to find “far-reaching” ways to benefit those less fortunate.

Approximately $1,040 was raised with donations from union members, the Shenandoah Valley Central Labor Council and salaried workers. New Local 50 member Shaun Alkire, a new DVP hire, spearheaded the fundraiser and located an area organization we could support that helps those in need. The Shenandoah Pregnancy Center provides guidance to young families as well basic needs such as food, baby formula, clothing, etc. Funds raised assisted six families through the center. We hope to make the fundraiser an annual event.

More recently, the same Local 50 members participated in a Bowl-A-Thon in Woodstock, VA. Over a dozen members, friends and families bowled for three hours. Bowling fees were donated by local businesses. DVP matched the employees/members’ individual donations over $50, dollar for dollar. Over $1,200 in contributions was raised. All funds raised were donated to the American Red Cross, Shenandoah County Chapter.

Many thanks to Local 50 members and families, especially Shaun Alkire, as well as Dominion Virginia Power, for participating in a worthy cause.

John Albert, B.R.
Mike Barclay, R.S.

Employee Free Choice Act

L.U. 68 (i), DENVER, CO—Passage of the Employee Free Choice Act is one of the most important political efforts of recent history. However, there are many misconceptions regarding the Act. Among other things, it is important to realize that the Employee Free Choice Act is an amendment to the National Labor Relations Act, and is not a brand-new law.

Instead, it basically does three things: increases penalties for employer misconduct; changes the choice for secret ballot from employer to employee; and speeds up the process. To read it for yourself, go to www.employeefreechoiceact.org.

Please call your U.S senator today. Call (866) 207-2060; you will be prompted to enter your zip code, and the system will connect you with your senator. Encourage your senitor to support the Employee Free Choice Act.

The best economic stimulus package for America is to put people back to work, with respectable wages and benefits. Help get it started by calling today!

We extend deepest sympathy to the families of our lost brothers: James S. Harris, Neal H. Hart, Harry H. Moser, Robert L. Pinz, Jacob M. Mares, John F. Burns, William J. Jordan and William D. Bobby.

Ed Knox, Pres.

Active on Political Front

L.U. 90 (i), NEW HAVEN, CT—In recent months our local has been working hard on the political front at the state legislature. Over 225 bills were introduced that would affect our local union membership. We saw an increased attack on organized labor this year, including attacks by opponents of the Employee Free Choice Act. We still came out ahead of the game when all was said and done.

We also began the interviews and testing of our new apprenticeship class. We saw an increased number of folks seeking a new career path.

In March, Local 90 sponsored the Second District Comet, Train the Trainer class. All attendees received an education on the importance of the Comet program and how to teach it. It was good to see our fellow IBEW members from the different locals, branches and districts.

Sean Daly, V.P.

Solar Installation Work

L.U. 96 (i), WORCESTER, MA—Work is slowing in the area, but with the passage of the economic stimulus bill and other potential projects, we are hopeful for an increase in employment for the latter half of the year and in early 2010.

By the time this article is published, the election of Local 96 officers will have been completed. Results will be provided in our next article.

Mark your calendar. Members and friends of the local are invited to the annual Golf Tournament on Sept. 25 at Pine Ridge Golf Course in Oxford, MA. Information is available on our Web site at www.ibewlocal96.org.

We are urging the Massachusetts Board of State Examiners of Electricians to require that all solar installations throughout the state be completed by a licensed electrician. We need your support. If you receive any information in the mail regarding this initiative, please respond immediately. An inadequate response from all electricians in the state may lead to the loss of this work to other trades.

Thank you to all members who participated in job actions. Your support reinforces the importance of our local.

For more local union information, visit us online at www.ibewlocal96.org.

Luke E. Carpenter, Treas./P.S.

Former President Retires

L.U. 102 (c,catv,i,it,o&t), PATERSON, NJ—Our former president, Alan Schell, retired in January. A member of our local for over 38 years, Alan served as president for the past eight years and was vice president for 13 years. Alan also previously served as president of the Holding Corporation, as Examining Board member and as trustee for our pension, welfare and annuity funds. As former JATC director, he helped establish many continuing education classes our journeymen enjoy today. Alan’s leadership has been invaluable to our local union.

Bro. Schell was a delegate to the International Convention and also served on numerous committees including the membership development committee. He was building committee chairman from 1981-1988.

Recently, Alan’s stewardship helped us acquire a new building and state-of-the-art training facility. Through the years Bro. Schell unselfishly dedicated his service to our local. Alan truly exemplifies the spirit of brotherhood. He has always shown the ability to make members feel welcome, and to bring out the best in all of us when a task needed to be done. He will be greatly missed here at the local.

We thank Alan for his longtime service. We all wish him a happy, well-deserved retirement.

Ed Fredericks, P.S.

Contract Negotiations

L.U. 136 (ees,em,i,rtb&u), BIRMINGHAM, AL—It’s been a while since we reported from Birmingham. Like everyone else, our work has slowed with the economy, but we have been busy on environmental projects for the power companies. We even have a few traveling brothers working in the area, and we thank them for coming in and helping us.

Newly elected Bus. Mgr. Jerry Keenum and other officers have been busy in their first months in office, and at this writing our local is in negotiations for a new contract. We will continue to try to raise the standard of living for our members, keeping our health insurance solvent, putting money into retirement funds, and raising our wages to a level where we can make sure our families don’t go without. We want a wage package fair enough that members don’t need to rely on overtime.

We look forward to better times and more job opportunities in the future as our economy rebounds from this slump. Also, Bro. Keenum thanks everyone for their thoughts, prayers and kindness during his recent recovery.

Bobby Hamner, P.S.

Local 136 retirees meet the first Wednesday of each month.

Coffeen Power Station Work

L.U. 146 (ei,i&rts), DECATUR, IL—We have been fortunate to have full employment due to the Coffeen Power Station project and we thank the traveling brothers and sisters for helping us man this work. We expect the Secure Energy project to start very soon and are still hoping for Future Gen to begin work in Mattoon. The Tenaska project in Taylorville is moving ahead and the mine and bio-fuel project in Oakland, IL, is still planned.

Our Training Dir. Steve Wrigley, with the assistance of journeymen Dave Ward and Tim Gosnell, helped 14 scouts earn their merit badge in electricity; training was conducted at Caterpillar Tractor Company.

The JATC has also offered numerous OSHA 10/30 hour classes and significant code changes classes. Thanks to instructors John Koehler, Greg Powel, Matt Frederick and Jim McKee.

We mourn the passing of Robert Daut, Richard Burge and Russell Reinhart. We extend condolences to the families of these local brothers. Each of us is richer for having known them.

We wish to remind everyone that there can be a better way forward. Some may want you to believe that the economy just happens to you, but we know that political and economic policies and rules matter...and that policies adopted should reflect the interests and values of working people.

Rich Underwood, R.S.

2009 UCAN graduates: Union Community Activist Network graduates from IBEW Local 146 are, from left, Ron Cummings, Susan Varvel, Mary Sapp and Rich Underwood. Not pictured is Joe Paradee.

‘Nothing to Fear’

L.U. 150 (es,i,rts&spa), WAUKEGAN, IL—”The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” This powerful statement was made by Franklin D. Roosevelt during his first presidential inauguration in 1932. The statement goes on from there: “…nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory. I am convinced that you will again give that support to leadership in these critical days.”

Let’s face it: we are all afraid right now, whether we have a job or not. There is good reason to be afraid in this economy and today’s world. The country is facing enormous challenges as is the rest of the world. We have seen the market in free fall and home values plummet along with pension monies and investments. We are facing greater unemployment than we have seen in over 25 years.

We should never forget what made this country great: its citizens. That’s right; you and me. We are what’s going to turn this country around. So keep the faith and let’s treat each other with dignity and respect. It’s the only way.

Wendy J. Cordts, P.S.

Anniversary Banquet

L.U. 158 (i,it,mar,mt&spa), GREEN BAY, WI—Our local, like most, is going through a slow period of work. The one largest manned job we had, Tetra Tech, has reduced manpower to about a dozen. We are hopeful that the summer and fall will bring more employment.

We recently held our local’s 89th anniversary banquet. It was well-attended by over 240 people, and it was a total success. We presented years-of-service pins and also recognized our fifth-year apprentices, who will be topping out this year. We also recognized longtime member and apprenticeship coordinator Pat LaHaye for his years of service and contributions to the apprenticeship program. As of this writing, Pat planned to retire at the end of May. The anniversary celebration was a fun night. We look forward to number 90.

I am proud to report that 10 Local 158 members worked on a disabled veteran’s house for the Rebuilding Green Bay program. Changing a few outlets turned into a complete house electrical renovation. It was a great cause for a super individual and his family.

Donald C. Allen, B.M.

Among the Local 158 members who worked on electrical renovation of a disabled veteran’s house for the Rebuilding Green Bay program were, from left: Frank Maierhofer, Steve Schmidt, Troy Behnke, E-Board member Bruce Steffel and Carrie Gottschalk.

Bro. Andrew Reichwein Mourned

L.U. 160 (lctt,o&u), MINNEAPOLIS, MN—With great sadness Local 160 announces the death of Bro. Andrew Reichwein. Andy died as a result of severe injuries suffered in a tragic work accident.

Andy and 12 of his Connexus Energy brothers were working in Paducah, KY, to restore power to over 700,000 people following one of the largest natural disasters that ever hit the state.

On Saturday, Feb. 21, 2009, a funeral service was held at the House of Hope Church in St. Paul, MN. Crews from Connexus, Minnesota Power, McLeod Co-op, Xcel Energy, Kandiyohi Power, Lake Country Power, East Central Energy, Great River Energy, Dakota Electric, Minnesota Valley Electric, Minnesota Valley REC, Agrilite Co-op and Wright Hennepin Co-op paid tribute. Brothers from Meeker Electric also wished to attend, but were denied by their management.

Bro. Reichwein was a lineman for the cooperative for eight years. Our deepest sympathies go out to his wife, Deena, daughter Alexis, and all his family.

Daniel S. Seawell, P.S.

In a memorial tribute to Local 160 member Andrew Reichwein, IBEW utility workers attending his funeral service align their company trucks with flags hoisted.

Officers Elected

L.U. 212 (i), CINCINNATI, OH—Local 212 held elections March 23, for the office of business manager/ financial secretary and one Executive Board position. With a clear majority of the votes cast, the current officers, Bus. Mgr. Scott Smith and Executive Board member Jason Walden, will continue to represent the Local 212 membership.

The local and the JATC have begun training members in the proper installation of solar photovoltaic systems. The first class, for trainers, was held in March this year with the involvement of some of our contractors that will be bidding on this type of work. By getting people certified in the installation of solar photovoltaic systems, Local 212 hopes that this will expand our market share by capturing the renewable energy markets. This is merely the first step in an ongoing effort to enable our union members to gain new skills and be more adaptable to new technologies that will bring us new opportunities and help maintain our standard of living now and in the future.

The Local 212 retirees meet the first Wednesday of each month and are working to preserve the legacy of IBEW Local 212.

Klaus Grismayer, P.S.

Pacific Northwest Adventure

L.U. 230 (c,catv,em,i,mar&u), VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA—On May 14, 2008, Bro. Fred Martin departed his home on a remarkable solo journey to circumnavigate Vancouver Island in a kayak. Taking only basic supplies including a spare paddle, a life jacket, water purifier, and a supply of dried food, Fred’s one concession to the electronic age was a device called “Spot Messenger,” sending a daily signal using Google Earth mapping to family and friends via e-mail, to track his progress.

Twenty days off the rugged coast of Brooks Peninsula, Canada’s most westerly point, in 6-meter seas and 50-knot winds, Fred was hit by a huge wave and suffered his only capsizing, breaking three ribs. After taping up his broken ribs with trusty black electricians tape, Fred carried on. He paddled amongst Grey whales, camped next to ancient First Peoples totems, shared a beach with a wolf, soaked in natural hot spring pools, saw seals and otters, and viewed breathtaking scenery. Often paddling 16-hour days without going ashore, he battled wild wind and tides. “There were a few times when I figured it was all over,” Fred says in his understated way. “There was just nowhere to go.”

Showing the same strength of purpose and determination that he’s known for on the job, 40 days and some 720 miles after setting out, Fred (who will only admit to being 59 years old) paddled back into the protected waters of Fanny Bay completing this incredible adventure. Congratulations, Fred: you are an inspiration to us all.

Keith Coppinger, B.R.

Local 230 member Fred Martin circumnavigated Vancouver Island,
British Columbia, in a kayak.

‘Labor History’ Campaign

L.U. 234 (i&mt), CASTROVILLE, CA—Bro. Juan Dominguez initiated and is leading the “Save Our Labor History” campaign, which involves building a local library book collection devoted to labor movement history. Bro. Dominguez persuaded the Salinas Public Library to create a special collection located in the Cesar E. Chavez branch library, thereby preserving and making readily available to future generations our predecessors’ hard-fought struggles and sacrifices to gain basic rights for workers. There is not enough room here to share in detail what this has entailed but we are pleased to answer all inquiries.

In March, through the tireless efforts of Organizer Paul Gutierrez, Local 234 was the proud sponsor of a Renewable Energy Conference. Many local organizations and public officials were able, in a short time and at one location, to learn from industry experts about current and future “green” technologies. We respectfully embrace our responsibility as an environmental caretaker and industry leader in the necessity of supporting our community’s steady advance into the 21st century.

Stephen Slovacek, P.S.

Green Energy Projects

L.U. 280 (c,ees,em,es,i,mo,mt,rts&st), SALEM, OR—As of early spring, work has started at the University of Oregon. Oregon Electric has the underground work for the Knight Basketball Arena along with the boiler and chiller upgrades for the whole campus. With 200 members on Book 1, this work is needed! The economy is extremely slow and hopefully some of the “stimulus” money will get Oregon working. “Green Energy” projects are on the books in our local, even a $220 million wind-turbine project approved in Central Oregon.

With the slowdown in the economy, now is the time to take classes offered by our JATC. Classes such as fiber optics are outstanding training opportunities with great hands-on instruction and excellent preparation by the instructors. Another class upcoming this June is Bro. John Powell’s “Supervisor’s Prep” course, by popular demand. Watch for new classes being added by checking Web site www.cjatc.org and clicking on the training schedule link.

The membership has Bros. Jared Ottinger and Mike Gephart in our prayers as both are currently dealing with brain surgery. Collections are ongoing; if you wish to donate or help out, please call the hall for details.

Please work safe. See you at the picnic in September!

Jerry Fletcher, Pres.

Local 280 Instructor Mark Deforest (facing camera) explains to Bro. Jerry Cox the best fiber-optic splicing techniques with the help of a magnification monitor. In the background are our photovoltaic inverters, meters and disconnects at our Redmond campus.

United Way Polar Plunge

L.U. 294 (ees,em,i,rts,spa&u), HIBBING, MN—As the global recession continues to be problematic, it has delivered a devastating blow to the steel industry in our area. Several taconite plants have faced closures or reduction of their production lines resulting in hundreds of layoffs for area residents.

But three IBEW members found a way to help these families. On April 21, one of the area resorts on Lake Vermillian held a United Way fundraiser. The 1st Annual Polar Plunge was held with the temperature at a comfortable 7 degrees.

Twenty-four courageous participants went to extra depths to raise funds for needy families in the area.

A warm towel and a hearty thank-you go out to Local 294 members Matt Lavoy and Brian Stahl, along with Local 343 member Jeremy Marchwick, for representing the IBEW in this worthwhile cause.

Remember to be proud of your union. We are the IBEW.

Dan Aho, P.S.

Enthusiastic IBEW volunteers take to frigid waters for the United Way Polar Plunge fundraiser. The swimmers are, from left, Local 294 members Brian Stahl and Matt Lavoy, and Local 343 member Jeremy Marchwick.

‘The Beat Goes On’

L.U. 306 (i), AKRON, OH—Our local says goodbye to Secretary Carole Jackson, who retired after 20 years of faithful service. The widow of late Bro. Paul Jackson and mother of Bro. Brian Jackson, Carole earned a graduate degree from the school of IBEW life. May she enjoy a happy retirement pursuing her dreams and being a young Grandma to her children’s, children’s children.

We welcome Sherry Monk, who brings a great deal of experience to our office family and should keep Sharon from talking to herself!

Personal thanks to Local 640, Phoenix, AZ, Training Dir. Doug Niblett, Senior Instructor Steve Duff, and secretaries Debbie and Mary for taking time to give me the 50-cent tour of their new Training Facility. State-of-the art schools enhance the IBEW presence in any economy.

We hope the economy continues improving and that employment will follow suit. My Grandpap used to say, “If you have a good year—it’s enough; if you have a bad year—it’s enough. Electric work is like farming; we never quit!

We mourn the loss of Bros. Terry Oaks, Connie Mack Johns, Jim Thomas and Dale McGough. Bros. Oaks and Thomas were third-generation Local 306 members.

Work smart, work safe—and most of all may you have work.

Robert Sallaz, P.S.

Local Celebrates 75th Year

L.U. 322 (govt,i,it,lctt,o&u), CASPER, WY—Local 322 celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. The local was charted Feb. 9, 1934. It has grown to serve a membership of over 550 members in the Inside Construction, Outside Construction, National Parks, and Rural Electric Associations. There will be a luncheon and pin ceremony in August to celebrate the 75 years of union service in the electrical industry. Thank you to all the past officers, members and office staff who have helped the local develop and become a standard of union excellence in the state of Wyoming.

In February, the Activities Committee organized an afternoon of family bowling at El Marko Lanes in Casper. The local sponsored the event, with free bowling for members and their families, lunch and many door prizes. Thanks to Bob Hicks and Jon Horton, members of the Activities Committee, for the idea and for helping make the day a great success.

Chris Morgan, P.S.

San Jose Blood Drives

L.U. 332 (c,ees,i&st), SAN JOSE, CA—IBEW Local 332 with the Stanford Blood Center has held blood drives once a quarter at our regular union meeting since February 2008. The drives have been a huge success! The most recent drive was April 7. Stanford Blood Center noted that for a first-time effort, we are setting records!

We thank Local 332 members, families and friends who donated: Jeff Ajlouny, Maria Ajlouny, John Arvay Jr., Greg Bacon, Russell Balderama, Thomas Barrett, William Black, Diana Esper-Bowman, Cheryl Brady, Ken Brown, Leslie Churan, Barbara Cox, Charles Davis, Don Dixon, Darshelle Esteban, Mark Felber, Daniel Garcia, Michelena Goddard, Andrew Gorini, Mike Gorin, Mark Gregory, Ola Grubb, Rich Hagedorn, Bryce Hansen, Bruce Hawley, Chris Hernandez, Paul Holden, Matthew Howard, Ruben Jasso, Jay James, Victor Jimenez, Daniel Jones, John Kennedy, Jeff Kirby, Yun-Ho “Brian” Lee, Brent Londre, Kevin Lucas, Ian McCaskill, Frank Mann, Jesse Marcus, Brenda Martin, Mark Martinez, Julie Miller, Mike Minkle, Conny Moller, Jim Moreland, Mike Mucci, Ryan Myers, Nikki Nisby, Dennis Norris, Sandra Nugent, Ken Ortloff, Chris Owen, Robert Paretti, Marian Polichnowski, Ron Puccinelli, Duane Rasmussen, Rafael Rodriguez, Shannon Rodriguez, Scott Seaberg, Pete Seaberg, Melinda Sigala, Pat Stackhouse, Ken Stackhouse, Mike Sullivan, Earl Talbott, Erika Watson, Wendell Weber, Christian White and Chuck Zimmerman.

Special thanks to Executive Board member Cheryl Brady, who organized the blood drives.

Gerald Pfeiffer, Pres.

‘Time to Stay United’

L.U. 340 (i,rts&spa), SACRAMENTO, CA—June finds Local 340 like most of the other locals in our Brotherhood: with high unemployment and few places to travel seeking work. Our state has a $15 billion deficit and we are in the middle of an election to cut spending and services and raise taxes.

However, we remain optimistic about the future and we are taking advantage of the recession to organize our jurisdiction and gain IBEW market share. Members can assist with our efforts by working with the organizers.

They can attend political meetings such as those of School Boards, City Councils, Board of Supervisors or other local boards. This will let the politicians know we will hold them accountable if they do not support working people. We are at our strongest when we “unite” and right now is the time we need to stay united!

We are saddened by the passing of the following retirees: Bros. Ken Benbow (former Local 340 president and father of local members Steven and Jerry Benbow), John Castro, Elwood Clark (father of member Glenn Clark) and Doug Hock. We also lost two active members: Bro. Siridhet Allison and Bro. Randy Austin (son of former member Dwight Austin and father of Local 340 members Jarod and Justin Austin). Rest in peace, brothers.

A.C. Steelman, B.M.

Free Choice Act Rally

L.U. 364 (catv,ees,em,es,i,mt,rts&spa), ROCKFORD, IL—Local 364 congratulates Bro. Paul Williams on his election as Rockton Township trustee. We also recognize and enthusiastically thank the brothers who ran for public office, in an attempt to represent working families as elected officials, but unfortunately did not win: Bro. Tom Sink, who ran for Roscoe Township trustee; Bro. Darrin Golden, who narrowly lost in the Democratic primary for Harlem Township road commissioner; Bro. Jeff Polsean, who ran for Rockford Township trustee; Bro. Paul Happach, who ran for Winnebago School Board; and Bro. Dan Schlittler, who narrowly lost his bid for re-election as clerk of Sumner, WI.

Rockford United Labor, our AFL-CIO Central Labor Council, hosted a rally supporting the Employee Free Choice Act in late April. Local 364 Bus. Agent Charlie Laskonis was a featured speaker. Seventy union members attended and wrote letters in support of the bill to federal legislators. This legislation holds the key to greater unionization and a higher standard of living for workers, which in turn will lead to a stronger economy for the majority of Americans.

Business groups and those who got us in this terrible economic quagmire have spent millions in their deceptive campaign to cause confusion and mislead the public about the Employee Free Choice Act. We will not let them get away with it!

Ray Pendzinski, P.S.

Alternative Energy Training

L.U. 388 (em,i,rts&spa), STEVENS POINT, WI—The local thanks Jason Kay and Don Karl for another fine job of making the 2009 Local 388 Fishing Jamboree a great success. Thanks also to members and their families for particpating.

The local has a new Web site. Please check it out and see what you think. In the future we will provide updated photos and also provide members the ability to pay their dues online. Please visit www.ibewlocal388.org.

Within the state of Wisconsin, IBEW locals were fortunate to receive $265,000 in funding through the state to help in advancing renewable energy training, such as photovoltaic solar installation. As an organization, we are excited about developing new opportunities for our electricians and apprentices to gain training and put into practice emerging new green energy technologies.

At this writing, we are keeping our neighbors to the west of us in our thoughts while they go through another round of bad weather and the problems of flooding to their communities.

Work is still slow. Our contractors seem to have enough to keep them going, but not enough to clear the books. However, we hope this spring and summer things change and we will have full employment.

Guy LePage, P.S.

Local 388 members and their families turn out for the local’s 2009 ice fishing outing.

IBEW Members Aid Veterans

L.U. 400 (es,i&o), ASBURY PARK, NJ—IBEW members from Locals 400 and 456, along with members from the Masons, the Carpenters and the local community, helped complete  an addition for Lt. Brian Brennan, who was wounded in Afghanistan by a roadside bomb that struck his humvee. At press time, this group of volunteers is ready to start work assisting another soldier reclaim his life in Union Beach, NJ. Guys came out for the last four months helping with whatever time they had. Troop support will happen once again on June 18 when the Lakewood Blue Claws hold a Support Our Troops Night.

Peter Geronimo, B.M.

IBEW volunteers from Locals 400 and 456, with others, welcome home a returning veteran. From left are: Local 5 Mason Mike Carmody; IBEW Local 400 members Bob Ammeraal, Pat O’Keefe and Tomo Vujanovic; Local 5 Masons Dave Wickham, Ashley Chalmers and Brian Pierce. Volunteers not pictured include: Local 400 members Glenn Seiler and Tom Acerra, and Local 456 member John Reilly.

Welcome to New Members

L.U. 412 (u), KANSAS CITY, MO—In September 2008, 17 apprentices graduated. We currently have 23 apprentices in training; they will turn out in 2010 and 2011. The 2008 graduates are pictured in the accompanying photo.

On July 14, 2008, the merger between Kansas City Power & Light Company and Aquila became official. As a result, 168 members from former IBEW Locals 695 and 814 were amalgamated into IBEW Local 412. Welcome all!

Other great news is that Local 412 has signed a letter of intent for the operations and maintenance with KCP&L regarding the wind farm in Spearville, KS. More details to follow.

A Stewards Training class was held March 25-26 and 21 attended the training. The class was taught by 11th District Int. Rep. James F. “Jim” Lynch.

Debi Kidwiler, P.S.

Local 412 class of 2008 apprentice graduates, joined by training coordinators, gather for a group photo: Jr. Scranton, welder; mechanics Ryan Smith, Dean Webber and Dave Clark; Christina Wattenbach, electrician; Danny Eidson, mechanic; Rick McRae, electrician; Bill Price, mechanic; Hy Martin, welder; mechanics Jeremy Curless and Tim Enos; Chris Gibson, welder; Electrical Training Coordinator Rick Moser; electricians Doug Rae and Gary Fairbanks; Welding Training Coordinator Ryan Yokley; Wanda Martin, mechanic; welders Steve Ketron and Joe Ramirez; and Mechanical Training Coordinator Bill Maples.

New Training Center

L.U. 424 (as,ees,em,es,i,mo,o,ptc,rtb,rts,spa&u), EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA—Though the recession has slowed work, there are bright spots such as continuous maintenance and small construction packages on the existing oil sands plants. The advent of warmer weather means hiring should increase for Shell’s Scotsford Refinery and the Keephills Power Plant.

Over the past year, there was also a flurry of construction activity in our own backyard. Training Dir. Ray Matthews and his staff moved into our new union-built 15,000 sq. ft. Training Center last June. The building incorporates some unique features such as a 5-ton, 600V overhead crane. The overhead crane not only facilitates moving heavier equipment such as motors and cabinets for the Motor Controls course, but also enables hands-on instruction for Overhead Crane Operation, Signaling and Rigging. It will also give students more of a “live” feel when working with “boom” cranes, since most of the signals and all of the rigging methods used for both types of cranes are the same.

A cost-saving feature of the building is the 44-person tiered seating audio-visual room with video conferencing capability and wireless mics, enabling an instructor in Edmonton to link up with a class in Calgary or Ft. McMurray, or a meeting of business office staff from all three offices. The 44 consoles have power and data outlets; all classrooms have built-in electric screens and amplified sound. The 9-kv solar panels generate 35 percent of the power demand. Despite our long northern winters, some months power costs were reduced by $500.

Dave Anderson, P.S.

‘Continued Growth & Service’

L.U. 502 (c,em,i,it&t), ST. JOHN, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA—Following an informative presentation by Pres. Carl Randell and Bus. Mgr. Mark Trecartin, Local 502 voted unanimously to support implementation of the IBEW Code of Excellence. We look forward to using this new tool to secure more work for our members.

At our February regular meeting Local 502 welcomed 12 new members to our union.

The Point Lepreau Nuclear Plant refurbishment and Canaport LNG continue to employ the bulk of our membership. We look forward to a busy 2009 with major work coming at the Irving Oil Refinery and the Potash Corp mine in Sussex.

On April 1, Local 502 offices moved to our new building at 26 Kiwanis Court. We look forward to continued growth and service to our members from our new home.

Premier Shawn Graham and Gov. John Baldacci were in Saint John announcing the development of an energy corridor to move electricity and natural gas between the Maritimes and New England. This paves the way for potential construction of a 600-megawatt gas fired power plant to sell into the New England market.

We mourn the passing of Bros. Ray Hansen and Donnie Baird.

Dave Stephen, P.S.

Hockey Tournament

L.U. 530 (i,o&rtb), SARNIA, ONTARIO, CANADA—Our Local 530 hockey team recently competed at the annual hockey tournament held this year in New York. Despite bus troubles the team arrived on time and put on the foil giving it all they had. Thank you, New York Local 3, for your great hospitality.

While work in Sarnia has been extremely slow with not much work coming soon, some of our members have been employed on the road. Thank you to Locals 1687 and 804 for the work.

Al Byers, P.S.

A Proud History

L.U. 540 (i), CANTON, OH—The nucleus of our Brotherhood formed in 1890. The work was hard; the hours long and the pay small. Linemen risked their lives on the high lines 12 hours a day in any kind of weather, seven days a week, for a meager sum of 15-20 cents an hour. In some areas the death rate for linemen was very high.

A union was the logical answer. Our first was the Electrical Wireman and Linesman’s Union, No. 5221, of the AFL. St. Louis lineman Henry Miller was elected president of that union. Miller packed his tools and traveled to many U.S. cities to work the trade. Everywhere he went he organized electrical workers.

A first convention was called in St. Louis in 1891. The name adopted for the organization was National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Henry Miller was elected first grand president and J.R. Kelly of St. Louis as grand secretary-treasurer. A motion to affiliate with the AFL passed at the convention. The AFL granted a charter, which gave the NBEW sweeping jurisdiction over electrical workers in every branch of the trade.

This info is from “IBEW History and Structure.” Take time to read more about our proud history. Even in today’s economy, we can take pride in what our union forefathers went through to get us here today.

Jerry Bennett, P.S.

Work Remains Slow

L.U. 688 (em,i,t&u), MANSFIELD, OH—I, Dan Lloyd, am pleased to have become a journeyman this winter.

Work continues to be slow for our area contractors.

Also, we are saddened to report the loss of our Local 688 Bros. Fred Balduf, Don Goodwin and Roger Young. We extend our sincere condolences to their families and friends.

Dan Lloyd, P.S.

‘The Big Picture’

L.U. 692 (i,mt&spa), BAY CITY, MI—At this writing, we have 127 on Book 1 and 600 on Book 2. Book 1 is loaded and not moving. School work is coming up but is always short lived; Midland Hospital was awarded nonunion; and power plant start dates have not yet been considered.

Coal plants are hitting opposition from green activists, conservation groups and concerned citizens. A couple things worth noting: America has the largest coal reserves in the world and coal produces one-half of all our energy. The opposition talks about green technology. Do they understand advanced clean coal is reducing carbon emissions from yesterday’s standards and that it helps America work toward energy independence while providing jobs? Why do these activists own cars that produce emissions? I attended a coal hearing that was full of activists, and I didn’t see one electric car in the parking lot! I wonder if they shop Wal-Mart, which purchases goods from China, a country that pollutes heavily. Yes, there are concerns and standards must be followed. But there’s a bigger picture here critics don’t see. Coal is not the problem, but part of the solution.

Thanks to brother locals that help keep our members employed during these troubled times.

Our condolences to the families of recently deceased retirees: Glen A. Cross, Otto Koenig, Warren Lipke, Charles Davis and Walter Kienbaum.

Tom Bartosek, P.S.

Record Ice Storm

L.U. 702 (as,c,catv,cs,em,es,et,govt,i,it,lctt,mo,mt,o,p,pet,ptc,rtb,rts, se,spa,st,t, u,uwo&ws), WEST FRANKFORT, IL—The damage caused by the ice storm of January 2009 exceeded $200 million in Local 702’s jurisdiction alone. This ice storm caused record power outages throughout 702’s Illinois, Indiana and Missouri jurisdictions.

Bus. Mgr. Paul Noble and his staff thank the following: all construction linemen, apprentice linemen, groundmen, journeyman trimmers, and trimmer trainees; all CSRs and utility members from Southern, Eastern and Western divisions of Ameren; and IBEW members from cooperatives throughout the states of Missouri and Illinois.

We currently have 22 journeyman wiremen on the Book 1 out-of-work list and 1,025 on the Book II out-of-work list. At this writing we have 90 journeyman wiremen working at Prairie State Energy Plant, reportedly the largest privately funded project under construction in the United States at this time.

Marsha Steele, P.S.

West Frankfort, IL, Local 702 reports that a major tri-state January ice storm caused record power outages in a tri-state region and left 45 miles of “168 H-structures” on the ground.

Retirees Banquet Held

L.U. 712 (c&i), BEAVER, PA—On Saturday, May 18, a banquet was held at the Monaca Turners for our newly retired members. They are: Donald R. Betts, Edward G. Chunchick, Fred E. Derbaum, Spencer L. Ferry, Peter J. Haber, Morris E. Hilliard, Thomas E. Houston, Richard K. Hutton, Frederick J. Knott, Ronald F. Pantaleo, Timothy J. Shaffer, Joseph E. Shaw, Richard L. Siverling, John J. Stevenson Jr., Richard F. Strawbridge and Robert M. Sutliff. Over 100 members turned out to honor these men. Seeing everyone enjoying the good meal and many stories reminded all of us of the great debt we owe these longtime members for what we and our families are able to enjoy today. We wish all the retirees a happy retirement.

The family picnic this year will be held at Idlewild Park on July 11.

Our work picture is still slow. A refueling outage at Beaver Valley Power Station is tentatively set to start around the third week of October with a 28 to 30 day window. We thank the surrounding sister locals that have also provided our members with work.

Fair and reasonable three-year working agreements with the local chapter of NECA for inside and residential wireman have been finalized.

See you at the meeting!

Larry Nelson, P.S.

Contracts Settled

L.U. 760 (i,lctt,o,rts,spa&u), KNOXVILLE, TN—Local 760 and Fort Loudoun Electric Co-op settled contract negotiations in late 2008 with an excellent three-year agreement.

Local 760/Atomic Trades and Labor Counsel negotiated with Babcock and Wilcox and UT-Battelle to settle four-year agreements, each with an excellent ratification incentive.

Congratulations to all those involved in the recent contract negotiation settlements.

Local 760 and Bros. Bobby Harris and Mark “Pee Wee” Long coordinated with East Tennessee Children’s Hospital/Safe Kids of the Greater Knox Area to help an area family meet the necessary electrical upgrades to bring their baby boy home from the hospital. Later, Bus. Mgr. Bove and Asst. Bus. Agent Mark Long met with representatives of the hospital/Safe Kids program to donate and supply electrical outlet covers to aid the program’s families.

Local 760 recently presented a $1,000 check to Knoxville weather guru Matt Hinkin for the program Project Help, which assists the neediest with their home heating bills.

Helping those in need defines our Brotherhood. Thanks to each involved for all you do.

George A. Bove, B.M./F.S.

Bobsled Building Project

L.U. 910 (i&rts), WATERTOWN, NY—The membership voted on rate increases to both the Inside and Residential Agreements effective April 1, 2009. The $1.50 Inside increase was voted and approved with 90 cents going to H&W and 60 cents to Pension. The Residential members approved a Group I increase of $1 with 70 cents to rate of pay and 30 cents to the Pension. The Group II $1.20 increase was distributed with 90 cents to rate of pay and 30 cents to Pension.

S&L Electric received a big thank-you from the Plattsburgh Building Trades for the donation of electrical work and materials in the Bo-Dyn Bobsled Project building in Lake Placid, NY. Nascar veteran driver Jeff Bodine created the bobsled building project to bring technology from auto racing into bobsled design. The Building Trades was approached by the organization for donations of labor and construction of the new facility. Various union logos are displayed on the sleds representing sponsors.

The Greg S. Maur Memorial Scholarship, initiated by the Maur family in memory of their son, will again be available to Local 910 members, their children or grandchildren. If more than one Local 910 family applies, the award would be determined on financial need.

Ninety-four members received service pins this year; eight pins were presented to members at the January membership meeting and other pins were mailed. Congratulations to all.

Roger LaPlatney, P.S.

Banquet & Pin Ceremony

L.U. 932 (c,i&st), COOS BAY, OR—I thank the members and their families for attending our winter banquet and pin ceremony Feb. 7 at the Mill Casino in North Bend, OR. Several years-of-service pins were awarded. Members receiving their pins were: for 70 years of service—Ben Reese; for 60 years—Albert McHugh and Paul Turner Jr.; for 55 years—Bruce Cox Jr. and Bob Shelton; 50 years—R.J. Collett; 45 years—Bill Phillips and William Hayes; 40 years—Loren Dirksen, Robert Green, Jess Dyer, Gerald Marca, Harry McDaniels and Richard Shotbolt; 35 years—Dwayne Caldera, Dave Foord and Eugene Skoglund; 30 years—Larry Adams and John Wilkinson; 20 years—Jim Baldwin, Joe Buchanan, Brian Crawford, Jim Duffy, Thom Wenger, Robert Westerman and Steve Wortley. Congratulations to all these members!

We also had a special recognition awards ceremony for Thom Wenger, who retired as organizer for Local 932; and for James MacDonald and Danny Stanfield, who were seriously injured on the job. Bro. MacDonald was in attendance at the banquet.

Remember, the local union is run by those who participate. Attend your union meetings.

Robert Westerman, B.M./F.S.

Local 932 Organizer Thom Wenger receives award at banquet ceremony.

Welcome to New Members

L.U. 1116 (em,lctt&u), TUCSON, AZ—Summertime in Arizona is a great time to enjoy outdoor activities with family and friends, but knowing your limits and using your personal protective equipment should be addressed; be aware of your surroundings during recreation time and strive for high standards in your work practices.

In Arizona, a “right-to-work” state, organizing nonmembers is ongoing. This quarter we welcome new members: Clarissa Avalos, Cory Nagle, Bret Larson, Michael Williams, Peter Krause, Art Lyon, Nicholas Finch, Marcor Haws, Mike Padilla, Larry Maennche, Dustin Shupe, Kyle Swesey, Joseph Harris, Adam Hogan, Danny Rowe and Robert Tyler.

Check those labels before you buy; let’s make an effort to “Buy American” every chance we get.

Don’t forget our servicemen and women. When you see a military veteran, if you wish to let them know you appreciate them one way to communicate that message, even when in crowded or noisy surroundings, is to place your hand over your heart and then extend your hand outward; it’s a silent way of saying thank you.

R. Cavaletto, P.S.

Generosity on Big Island

L.U. 1186 (as,catv,ees,govt,i,mar,o,rts&spa), HONOLULU, HI—Big Island Bus. Rep. Donn dela Cruz conveyed a special “mahalo” to all who participated in the “Labor a Good Neighbor Food Drive” to benefit the Hawaii Island Food Bank’s Food Basket.

A total of 4,432 pounds of food and $1,635 in cash and checks were donated by the generous and caring people of our Big Island. “Thanks for the great effort and for Labor Working Today for a Better Tomorrow,” said Bro. dela Cruz.

Brian Lee, P.S.

Local 1186 Big Island Bus. Rep. Donn dela Cruz (right) and retired IBEW member Andy Aquino, originally from Local 639 and now residing in Hawaii, volunteer their time for community service as Salvation Army bell ringers.

1220 ‘Scholarship Build-Out’

L.U. 1220 (rtb), CHICAGO, IL—Much is said about getting our country back to work, and the construction trades are a big part of any prosperity. But there is another build-out that strengthens our country’s future, and that investment is in the education of our people. Local 1220 is offering its own college scholarship administered by labor educators of DePaul University.

The Executive Board voted on the scholarship, the members passed it at the general meeting and it was immediately announced in the March newsletter. “Our no frills fiscal plan through the years made it possible to both reduce dues and offer this scholarship,” Bus. Mgr. Madeleine Monaco said. “We found that there is more financial help in the early years of college and less available to finish—we corrected that by making eligibility for any year as well as for college-bound high school students.”

One scholarship requirement is a 250-word essay on “How IBEW Local 1220 has helped me and my family.” In this way, Local 1220 hopes a new generation will see the benefits of organized labor to ensure a just workplace. Although for a small amount this first year, we hope this program will grow and benefit our members and their children.

Jim Sterne, P.S./B.R.

Festival Parade Float

L.U. 1316 (i&o), MACON, GA—Local 1316 took a very active part in Macon’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival. The city of Macon has been recognized as “the Cherry Blossom Capital of the World” and celebrates with an annual two-week festival. The theme of this year’s festival was “the pinkest party on earth.” To promote our local union we entered a float, decorated with a rock ‘n’ roll theme, which included a jukebox and a larger than life Elvis. Rock ‘n’ roll music accompanied 30 partygoers comprising union members, their children and grandchildren. Participants wore pink IBEW T-shirts with white Union Yes hats.

Local 1316 Bus. Mgr. Johnny Mack Nickles said, “The exposure our union and the labor movement received was exceptional, especially with the coverage on local newscasts and the half-page photo in our area newspaper, The Macon Telegraph.”

Michael Gardner, Org.

In Macon, GA, the IBEW Local 1316 parade float contingent makes a strong showing at the Cherry Blossom Festival.

2009 Election of Officers

L.U. 1900 (so&u), WASHINGTON, DC—Local 1900 officers were elected on March 7 by an overwhelming majority of the votes cast by the membership. Re-elected to a three-year term were: Bus. Mgr./Pres./Fin. Sec. John Holt, Vice Pres./Executive Board Chmn. Greg Waller, Treas. Ernie Harrison, Rec. Sec. Karl Furbush; and Executive Board members Randy Bunch, Joe DiMarco, Jessica Clayton, Linda Eastwood, William Miller, Jack Hennessey, Steve Sanner and Lionel Briscoe.

Special thanks to our election judge, Carolyn Otts, as well as to election committee members Barbara Debose and Judy Stewart, who worked with Carolyn throughout the process. Let’s not forget our tellers who worked throughout the day: Brandon Ahakuelo, Jean Caldwell, Nick Folden, Shirley Gilmore, Armon Hawthorne, Rosalind Hollis and Edna Luckett. Thanks also to Carol Robertson for lending her assistance to Carolyn and her committee throughout the entire process.

Now with the election of officers behind us, the real work lies ahead. The union will enter negotiations this year with Potomac Electric Power Company (Pepco) and Washington Gas—Frederick Division; and next year with Mirant Mid-Atlantic LLC.

In conjunction with negotiations we will call on our members to contact their state and federal representatives on issues dealing with infrastructure of the electric system, global warming and re-regulation in Maryland, to name a few.

Karl Furbush, B.R./R.S.

Negotiations & Elections

L.U. 1944 (t), PHILADELPHIA, PA—Contract negotiations are being worked out between the New Castle Unit of Local 1944 and AT&T Company. Many thanks to the negotiation team of Bus. Mgr. Joyce Scott, Vice Pres. Sandy Thomas and the rest of the New Castle negotiation team. The union members of 1944 wish New Castle the best and hope they negotiate a great contract.

At this writing, Local 1944 was gearing up for the June election of local union and unit officers, following nominations held in April. By the time this article is published, Local 1944 will have elected officers and I will try and announce the results in the August edition.

Continue to support the AFL-CIO, as well as Pres. Obama, in making the Employee Free Choice Act a reality. Remember to write your elected House and Senate members, and remind them to vote the good of their constituents.

George Greiner III, P.S.

Tribute to Leadership

L.U. 2150 (govt,lctt,o&u), MILWAUKEE, WI—On March 31, Dan Sherman stepped down as business manager for Local 2150 due to health reasons. Since 1987, when he was appointed business representative, Dan has dedicated head, heart and soul to the well-being of Local 2150 members and workers in the labor movement. In 1998, he was appointed assistant business manager. He was appointed business manager in 2004. Bro. Sherman became an advocate for those without a union and fostered a strong organizing program. He was one of the first to recognize the coming shortage of skilled workers who keep utilities operating 24/7.

Also on March 31, Asst. Bus. Mgr. Joe Koehler retired. He began his IBEW career in 1984 as a tree trimmer with former Local 377, which subsequently amalgamated with Local 2150. After five years in the industry, Joe was placed on Local 2150’s staff as business representative. In 2004, he was promoted to assistant business manager. Jo became a valuable advisor to Bus. Mgr. Dan Sherman and helped guide the union through initial contracts with the recently organized Waukesha Electric Systems.

As leaders of Local 2150, Dan and Joe helped make Local 2150 the respected, successful labor organization it is today. They will be missed by all who had the honor of working with them.

Nancy Wagner, P.S.