November 2009

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Union Sportsmen's Alliance

L.U. 1 (as,c,ees,ei,em,es,et,fm,i,mt,rts,s,se,spa,st &ws), ST. LOUIS, MO—At this season of the year, many members look forward to outdoor activities. The St. Louis region offers an abundance of activities for outdoorsmen, and many members are passionate about deer hunting, duck hunting and even fall bass fishing.

The IBEW, along with several other AFL-CIO affiliated unions, belongs to the Union Sportsmen's Alliance. The Alliance, in partnership with the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, provides valuable information for conservation-minded union members, retirees and families who hunt, fish and enjoy the outdoors. TRCP is a coalition of the nation's leading conservation organizations, labor unions, and individual hunters and anglers working together to "guarantee all Americans a place to hunt and fish." To join other union members and gain information about all things outdoors, from hunting/fishing trips and tips to special offers on gear, visit Web site Good luck out there and be safe!

We mourn the following members' deaths: Leatha Stanley, Raymond Kyle, Jerry Hayes, Fred Thurauf Jr., Walter Benwell, Lloyd Magruder, Clarence Gaylord, Earl Myers Jr., Paul Neal, Joseph Marciante, Glendon Shockley, George Gilltrap, Matthew Wahlig, Michael Newton, James Casper, Adell Emerson, Audrey Mae Risher and Gerald Solmonson.

Matt Gober, P.S.

Marshall Goldblatt Mourned

L.U. 11 (i,ts&spa), LOS ANGELES, CA—Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was our special guest for the Annual Industry Barbecue held at the Electrical Training Institute. An official ribbon-cutting ceremony was held for the new auditorium.

The mayor spoke of his commitment to Local 11 union members and the success of project labor agreements. He congratulated Bus. Mgr. Marvin Kropke for his outstanding leadership and for expanding apprenticeship training opportunities to so many during the economic downturn. We thank the members and contractors who helped make this event a great success.

The ETI is holding classes for members interested in solar training and certification. Many members have become California solar-installer certified. Opportunities abound in photovoltaic and other fast-growing green industries where demand for qualified union electrical workers exists. To receive this high-level training, sign up today to take this exciting course.

We are saddened by the passing of retired Bro. Marshall Goldblatt. Marshall was a longtime assistant business manager and also served at the Los Angeles Electrical Workers Credit Union. At Marshal's memorial service, many rose to speak of his dedication to Local 11 members and the IBEW. May God bless Marshall Goldblatt. He will be missed.

Bob Oedy, P.S.

Local 11 mourns retiree Marshall Goldblatt, former assistant business manager.

Midwest Generation Contract

L.U. 15 (u), DOWNERS GROVE, IL—On Aug. 13, our members at Midwest Generation LLC overwhelmingly ratified a two-year contract extension that provides for a 6 percent wage increase and some changes to work practice rules. The next milestone for this group is the pension/medical package negotiations in 2010.

Also in August, Midwest Generation dedicated the installation of one of the first activated carbon injection systems at its Joliet and Will County generating stations. The system is designed to greatly reduce the amount of mercury emissions to the atmosphere.

To celebrate our union office "mortgage burning," the local provided each member an opportunity to receive "free-of-charge" a Local 15 shirt to commemorate the occasion.

Our local continues to deal with the new fatigue rules outlined by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for enforcement and how this relates to our contractual provisions.

With the downturn of the economy and the housing market, as well as more late payments (or non-payment) of electric bills to ComEd Energy Delivery and other factors, our local is working hard with Exelon management to secure job protection and keep the work in-house as much as possible.

Our goal is: "Our Work; Our People."

We have great hopes that 2010 will be a much better year.

Ronald V. Welte, P.S.

Regional Utility Training Center

L.U. 17 (catv,em,lctt,o&u), DETROIT, MI—Local 17 is proud to announce the grand opening of the IBEW's fourth Regional Utility Training Center and also the success of the NJATC ���s National Training Institute earlier this summer. Several IBEW representatives as well as IBEW Sixth District Int. Vice Pres. Joseph F. Lohman attended the celebrations. When the recession ends the IBEW will be on track to advance its proud tradition of providing a well-trained and qualified work force of choice thanks in part to these two great institutions.

Our 6-17-A construction work force is half of what it was just one year ago. Detroit Edison is making cuts we haven't seen in 20 years. The work picture is expected to remain poor throughout this year.

As of press time, we anticipate a tough round of contract negotiations on several agreements including: the 6-17-A, City of Wyandotte, Thumb Co-op and Line Clearance Tree Trimmer agreements.

Another proud development for our local recently is the recognition of our Tree Trimmer Apprentice program by the Department of Labor.

We mourn the loss of: Bros. James Casey Jr., John Dernberger, Marcel Coulombe, Ed Falls, Arnold Tillman, Paul Mitchell, Tim Renner and Richard McCleery.

Dean Bradley, P.S.

Bus. Mgr. Plumbo Retires

L.U. 23 (u), ST. PAUL, MN—Bus. Mgr. Joseph "Joe" Plumbo retired from Local 23 on Aug. 11 after dedicating 31 years of service to the membership.

The Executive Board appointed Bro. Mike Hoppe to fill the position of interim business manager until the next election in 2011. In addition, Bro. Brian Wald was appointed as recording secretary and Bro. Plumbo was appointed as a member of the Executive Board to continue his service to our membership.

Joe began work in 1968 as a laborer at the Gas Street section of Northern States Power Company (Xcel Energy, Inc.) and advanced to gas operations dispatcher. He was elected to the Executive Board in 1978 and as business manager in 1981. In his 28 years guiding our union through mergers, downsizing and contentious negotiations, he always had the best interests of our members at heart.

Joe's participation in the labor movement extends beyond our local. He participated on many labor-wide and community service committees, including International, IBEW state council and United Way committees.

We are pleased by the appointment of Bro. Hoppe and we know he will continue Joe's dedicated service to Local 23 members.

Bruce Ohmann, P.S.

Reliant Energy Negotiations

L.U. 29 (u), PITTSBURGH, PA—Over the summer, we held our annual events, our golf outing, the annual picnic/meeting in the park and our traditional Beaver Valley corn roast. These events are always a great success.

We are also very busy on the business side. At this writing we are in negotiations with Reliant Energy. A federal mediator was called in to help move things along. Among multiple take-backs the company wants to eliminate seniority. It appears we have a long road to travel in these negotiations. At press time, a five-year proposal had just been rejected by the membership.

Our Community Service Committee held a carnival at the Auberle House, a home for disadvantaged children. In November a gun bash fundraiser is planned. Its success will enable the local to continue its much needed help in the community.

Our political team is always on the scene in Washington, D.C., and in Harrisburg. It appears our team spends as much time in the capitol as our legislators do.

Thanks to everyone who marched in the annual Labor Day parade.

Kim Washburn, R.S.

Milestone Safety Record

L.U. 37 (em,o&u), FREDERICTON, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA—Recently, the employees of NB Power's Grand Lake Generating Station celebrated a wonderful milestone of 10 years without a lost-time accident. A number of safety records have been reached by IBEW Local 37 members and their employers; however the achievement of the Grand Lake employees is especially noteworthy.

Grand Lake Generating Station is the oldest thermal plant in the NB Power system, and it has been scheduled for closure. As a result, workers have had the multiple challenges of an aging plant that requires significant manual operation, as well as reduced staffing levels as some workers were released for opportunities in other locations. Despite these challenges, employees have shown their commitment to the principle that the most important thing is for workers to be able to go home safely to their families at day's end. By working together, they have achieved this excellent safety record, and they can be an inspiration to all of us.

To commemorate this achievement, a barbecue was held at the local community centre for plant staff. At this event, Local 37 Bus. Mgr. Ross Galbraith presented members of the Grand Lake Joint Health and Safety Committee a certificate recognizing the employees' commitment to safety.

Ross Galbraith, B.M.

IBEW Local 37 Bus. Mgr. Ross Galbraith (fourth from right) presents a certificate of achievement to all employees of Grand Lake Generating Station. Accepting on behalf of the employees are JH&SC Chairperson Kenny Fraser (third from left) and committee members.

Benefit Fundraiser Milestone

L.U. 41 (em,es,govt,i,se&spa), BUFFALO, NY—Local 41 was fortunate this past summer to have a decent work picture. Thank you to our traveling brothers and sisters who helped us fill the calls for manpower. Although our work has slowed, there are jobs waiting to start or getting ready for bid. We hope we can weather the fall and winter season with low unemployment.

I thank all our members and their families who participated in the Labor Day parade. The Executive Board's idea to display our mini wind turbine in the parade was a great idea.

Our annual outing, once again, was a great success. It is always a pleasure to get together with our brothers, sisters, friends and guests for a day of fun, food and brotherhood. Thank you to all who made this great day possible.

The Local 41 Annual Golf Outing to benefit Mercy Flight hit a milestone this year. All foursomes were sold out, and to date we have raised more than $40,000. We all hope we never need its medical transport services, but it is great to know Mercy Flight is there in case we do. Thank you to all who work so hard every year to make this golf outing a success.

In solidarity, be safe and stay united!

Anthony S. Coppola, B.M.

Memorial Golf Tournament

L.U. 43 (em,i&rts), SYRACUSE, NY—Jobs were steady throughout July and August but by September the work picture was slowing down. Most of our summer work involved schools and colleges; as the schools started to open, more members were finding their way back to the hall.

We recently held our 14th Annual Frank Kite Memorial Golf Tournament. It was a beautiful day and over 64 golfers participated. Once again the proceeds from this event will be used to award college scholarships to three graduating high school seniors—two for Chittenango High School, in memory of Bro. Frank Kite, and one for Hamilton High School, in memory of Bro. Austin Joerger. This is a fitting way for us to honor these two fine brothers for their contributions to our industry. Thanks to all who helped make this event a huge success. This year's golf tournament winners are pictured in the photo.

Jim Corbett, P.S.

Local 43 golf tournament winners, from left: Mark Blakeman, Pete Olivia Jr., Danny Olivia and Pete Olivia Sr.

SCE Agreements Ratified

L.U. 47 (lctt,mo,o,u&uow), DIAMOND BAR, CA—Happy Thanksgiving and special thanks to all military veterans, especially those in the IBEW, for your service to our country.

We congratulate Liz Shuler on her election as AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer. Shuler is the first woman ever elected to that office.

Our Southern California Edison members ratified a successor benefits agreement this summer.

A new SCE unit on Catalina Island ratified a first-ever agreement. Local 47 welcomes the new members into the Brotherhood. The local signed several contractors to our Outside Construction Unit as part of a project labor agreement with SCE on commercial solar projects. The PLA includes language ensuring that the majority of this work will be done by our sister IBEW locals' members in Southern California.

We won an NLRB election with Guzman Gardens, a line clearance contractor.

Our municipal utilities members are struggling with the economic downturn that has afflicted all levels of government throughout southern California.

At the IBEW Membership Development Conference in Las Vegas, it was reported that Local 47 had the largest membership gain in the IBEW over the last five years.

We are saddened by the passing of Bros. Patrick McCord and Gary Sunderland. Our prayers are with their families.

Stan Stosel, P.S.

Labor Day in Bloomington

L.U. 51 (catv,lctt,o,rtb,t&u), SPRINGFIELD, IL—On Sept. 5, 1882, the first Labor Day was celebrated in the United States. The holiday for workers was basically a reconciliation effort by the government with labor, following the loss of life by workers engaged in union activities. Although the character of Labor Day has changed through the years, the effort of working families to make the American dream a reality remains the same.

One of the biggest Labor Day celebrations in the Local 51 jurisdiction is held in the Bloomington—Normal area. This year there were more than 100 parade entries, and 3,000 union members and their families participated. Local 51 thanks members of the Bloomington Unit as well as all union members and their families who took time to pay tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our great nation.

As of this writing, our work scene is steady with five journeyman linemen on Book 1 and 86 on Book II. We hope 2010 will bring the projects needed to return to the levels of employment we were experiencing nationwide prior to the financial meltdown. For our manpower needs, check out the jobs board at

Remember to work safe, give eight hours' work for eight hours' pay and attend your union meetings.

Dan Pridemore, Pres.

Local 51 members and their families march in the Bloomington, IL, Labor Day parade.

Election of Officers

L.U. 81 (i), SCRANTON, PA—Local 81 held its election of officers on Saturday, June 13. Jack Flanagan was re-elected to his seventh consecutive three-year term as business manager/financial secretary.

Also re-elected to their seventh terms were Pres. Richard Schraeder and Treas. Gino Arcurie. Paul Casparro was re-elected as vice president, and Jason Walsh was re-elected as recording secretary. Newly elected to the Executive Board were: Michael Brust, Thomas J. Joyce, Michael McDermott, Kevin Shaughnessy and Kenneth Weiksner. Bros. Flanagan and Schraeder were also elected as Local 81 delegates to the 2011 IBEW International Convention. Bro. Casparro was elected as alternate delegate.

Kevin Bartell, P.S.

Local 81 officers are sworn in. From left, seated, are: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Jack Flanagan, Pres. Rick Schraeder, Treas. Gino Arcurie and Vice Pres. Paul Casparro. Standing: Local 81 member Dick Kearney, who administered the oath of office; Executive Board members Ken Weiksner, Mike Brust, Kevin Shaughnessy and Tom Joyce; Rec. Sec. Jason Walsh; and Executive Board member Mike McDermott.

Legislation Passed

L.U. 83 (u), BINGHAMTON, NY—On July 2, the New York State Legislature delivered to Gov. David Paterson "Hot Stick - Gloving" legislation to be signed. Bill S2577 was sponsored by Sen. David Valesky and A6530 by Assemblyman William Magnarelli.

Gov. Paterson signed the bill into law, which "makes permanent Chapter 206 of the laws of 1974, relating to industry work practices, procedures and standards applicable to energized high voltage lines." Basically, the law sets a limit of 15 kV that can be gloved from a bucket and 4,800 volts from a pole. Hot sticks must be used for higher voltages.

Justification for the bill was safety: "The men and women who, day in and day out, work on high voltage lines do so realizing it is a very dangerous profession. These individuals deserve not only our praise and thanks but also our best efforts in ensuring that they are provided with the tool they need to make this job as safe as possible."

Special thanks to Sen. Valesky and Assemblyman Magnarelli for sponsoring the legislation, and to Gov. Paterson for signing the bill.

Don S. Tuttel, P.S.

Five-Year Contract Ratified

L.U. 111 (em,govt,lctt,mt,o,rtb,spa&u), DENVER,CO—Our PSCO members successfully ratified a new five-year agreement with Public Service Company of Colorado (Xcel Energy), after the company presented its last, best and final offer, narrowly escaping interest arbitration. Some of the highlights include: a wage increase of 2 percent, 4 percent and 4 percent in the first through third years, respectively, with a wages-only opener for the final two years of the agreement; changes to the retirement multiplier for employees hired after Jan. 1, 2010; and changes to the retirement calculator for persons retiring after Jan. 1, 2012. This process took 23 negotiation sessions, two sessions with a mediator, and the union filing for interest arbitration before the company proposed its last, best and final offer.

Dennis Z. LeTurgez, P.S.

Shuler Elected AFL-CIO Officer

L.U. 125 (lctt,o,t&u), PORTLAND, OR—On behalf of our members, staff and Executive Board, congratulations to Liz Shuler for her election as secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO. In July, the Oregon AFL-CIO formally endorsed the Richard Trumka, Shuler, and Arlene Holt Baker ticket. Trumka was elected AFL-CIO president to fill the position vacated by John Sweeney, who retired, and Arlene Holt Baker was re-elected as executive vice president. The new officers were voted in at the AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention held Sept. 13-17 in Pittsburgh.

Prior to serving as executive assistant to IBEW Pres. Edwin D. Hill, Liz worked as an organizer and political director for our local. As she moves into her role at the AFL-CIO, we know she is up to the many challenges facing today's labor movement. Liz has our confidence and trust that she will never forget her IBEW roots. Good luck, Liz!

Marcy Putman, P.S.

Apprentices Graduate

L.U. 145 (em,i,o,rts,spa&u), ROCK ISLAND, IL—Our local proudly announces the recent inside journeyman wireman graduating class. This class graduated in style as their graduation ceremony/dinner was held at a recently completed $150 million land-based gambling casino. IBEW members performed all the electrical and communications work on the casino under a project labor agreement. We welcome the graduates to an industry where their skills and contributions will be needed to help meet the ever-increasing and constantly changing demands.

Local 145's annual picnic held Aug. 1 was well-attended. A petting zoo was fun for the little ones and there was Bingo for the big ones! Special thanks to the Picnic Committee for another job well-done.

Inside journeyman wireman work remains slow and we do not anticipate getting into Book II until the upcoming outage at the Cordova Nuclear Plant scheduled for March 2010. The Outside lineman work is starting to pick up, with some work for a few Book II members. Our Residential and Teledata work has remained steady.

Our prayers are with our recently deceased members and their families.

Alan Anderson, P.S.

Local 145 apprentice graduating class, from left: Cory Tarchinski, Elin Serrano, Shanon Weninger, Curtis Bealer, Benjamin Abbott, Michael Hurt, Troy Gustafson, Jeffrey Edmondson, Robert Helms, Steve Long, Amanda Piper, Jeffrey Johnson Jr., Joel Dwinal, Matthew Hancks, Grant DeSmith, Brian Beadle, Michael Guldner, Brad Childs and Lucas Radech.

Seasonal Lighting Display

L.U. 159 (i), MADISON, WI—The work picture in the Madison area is still slow. Even with our aggressive targeting practices, things haven't improved as much as we would like. A couple of projects on the horizon give me some hope. We'll see if our contractors can land them.

On July 12, more than 600 members and their families attended our annual IBEW Local 159 Day at the Mallards, our local semi-pro baseball team. Everyone had a good time. Also in July, we held our annual golf outing to benefit our Suchoman Scholarship fund.

By the time you read this article, we will be preparing for our annual Holiday Fantasy In Lights. Local 159 takes our Olin Park in Madison and puts up seasonal lighting displays. This is a free, drive-through event that is our gift to the community. This year we are going green by replacing and using LED lights for our displays. If you're in the area, check it out.

Throughout the upcoming holiday season, please remember safety first, at home and on the job.

Joel Kapusta, B.A.

Membership Development

L.U. 177 (bo,ees,i,mo,o&pet), JACKSONVILLE, FL—Recently, more than 100 unemployed members attended the Membership Development Volunteer Committee meeting. A salting orientation, as well as a résumé and application class, was presented and a great barbecue lunch was enjoyed.

With the leadership of Bus. Mgr. Russell Harper and Organizers Joe Roberts, Bill Stuart and Carlos Nunez, on a recent Saturday morning more than 60 unemployed members attempted to make application with a nonunion electrical contractor that has the contract on the new courthouse project. This project will be watched closely by the organizing staff.

The work outlook in the Jacksonville area remains bleak. I thank those locals that have been able to employ our traveling members in these hard times.

Alan Jones, Pres.

Organizers present a salting orientation class to the Local 177 Membership Development Volunteer Committee.

New Video Scoreboard

L.U. 191 (c,i,mo,rtb&st), EVERETT, WA—Local 191 and NECA, in partnership with the LMCC, are proud to be part of the new video scoreboard at the Everett Memorial Stadium for the Everett AquaSox minor league baseball team.

How fitting that the video scoreboard was finished and debuted on Union Solidarity Night. The structure is 44-feet high and 40-feet wide, with a LED video board that is 16-feet high and 26-feet wide. Financing for the project was made possible through a six-year corporate partnership agreement with NECA Cascade Chapter, IBEW Local 191 and other corporate partners. The new video board, reportedly the largest in the Northwest League, will add many new features to the game-day experience for fans. Cameras allow for instant replays and increased fan interaction. Several popular in-game promotions will utilize the new technology as well. Thanks to everyone involved in this project. It's a great investment in our community.

The local is still experiencing a slowdown. Special thanks to all the travelers for your help.

Robert De Velder, P.S.

IBEW Local 191 and NECA logos are prominently displayed on the new state-of-the-art video scoreboard installed at the Everett, WA, Memorial Stadium for the AquaSox minor league baseball team.

Habitat for Humanity Projects

L.U. 193 (i,lctt,o,rts,spa&u), SPRINGFIELD, IL—The Local 193 Labor Day picnic for members and their families was a great success.

Labor Day was enjoyed at the Lake Beach House in Springfield. IBEW Locals 193, 15 and 21, along with the building trades, celebrated and marched in the annual downtown Labor Day parade. Solidarity forever!

Inside Books 1 & 2 are slow, as is the work scene. The new Stratton Office Building is awaiting stimulus money. We hope the project will start by late winter.

Dec.12 is the date for the Christmas Dance at the Secret Recipes Banquet Hall—and the estimated completion date for Local 193's new union hall!

Local 193 contractors Haenig Electric and Lewis Electric are highly skilled at solar photovoltaic installation. Please promote IBEW Local 193 contractors in this exciting new "green" sector of our industry.

Habitat for Humanity completed four homes recently, and 20 are in the works for 2010. Thanks to Local 193 contractors and members for a nice job.

The Rick Ross Memorial Golf Outing was held Sept. 26 at Country Hills Golf Course. Money was raised for the H.E.L.P. Fund. Rick, as always, is still smiling!

The 193 softball team finished a respectable 3-2 in the IBEW State Tournament! Congratulations to all.

Please remember our brother William A. Ryan, who passed away.

Don Hudson, P.S.

Marriott Hotel Project

L.U. 197 (em&i), BLOOMINGTON, IL—Work in our area picked up over the summer. As fall approached, some projects were finishing up. At press time, the Marriott Hotel and Conference��Center��in Normal, IL, were nearing completion.��Anderson Electric had the inside work on the job.

Ken McLean, a 32-year member, was��general foreman on the project. Bro. McLean retired Oct. 1 and the local wishes him a happy retirement. We will see him often, as he will be a teacher at our JATC.

Our apprentices are ready for a new class year. Congratulations to second-year apprentice Jacob Goar, who received a UL Scholarship. He was nominated by Local 197 Training Dir. Renee Riddle.

This summer, our local's softball team represented us well. They travelled to tournaments hosted by Chicago Local 134 and Champaign-Urbana, IL, Local 601.

Our team received the traveling Sportsmanship Trophy in remembrance of Sandy Robertson, who suddenly passed away this summer.��Bro. Robertson is sadly missed. He was the ultimate "Brother."

Our golf committee of Jack Roberts, Robin Roberts and Dan Uhlir did another fine job organizing our annual golf outing at Fair Lakes Golf Course.

We welcome Kurt Neulib back home safely from Afghanistan. Sean Tibbs and Frank Harold are in our prayers as they continue to serve in Afghanistan.

Mike Raikes, P.S.

IBEW Local 197 Anderson Electric crew displays IBEW banner at the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center project in Normal, IL.

Tribute to a Union Brother

L.U. 225 (u), BURLINGTON, KS—Local 225 suffered a huge loss with the death of Bro. Les Mead on June 14 following a vehicle accident. Les was laid to rest in Garnett, KS, with a military gravesite service. His "last ride" through town was escorted by 150 riders of the Patriot Guard. It was an awesome sendoff for an awesome brother. God bless the Mead family and all who have lost loved ones.

At our July meeting, new officers were sworn in by then-Int. Rep. Duane Nordick. Duane announced his retirement effective July 31 and received well wishes from the local membership. He served as International Rep for 16 years and is a 40-plus year IBEW member. We appreciate his support, leadership and guidance.

Newly elected Local 225 officers are: Bus. Mgr. Doug Morris, Pres. Ray Rogers, Vice Pres. Ricky Yeager, Rec. Sec. Pam Handley, Fin. Sec. Angela Johnson, Treas. Stacie Parks; and E-Board members Steve Dawson, Craig Barbee, Tim Burger, Brian Goddard and Bernie Handley.

A big welcome to our new members. It is good to have the participation of our new brothers and sisters at the local meetings. We hope and believe this trend will continue and encourage all members to share the benefits of IBEW membership.

Albert R. Halfmann, P.S.

Projects in Planning Stage

L.U. 291 (i,o,rtb&rts), BOISE, ID—Work in the Treasure Valley area is slow with nearly half our members out of work. Several good-size projects are planned; we hope they start sooner rather than later.

Congratulations to Local 291 Organizer Joe Schneeh��gen on organizing S.C. Jones Services Inc. of Yorktown, VA, a service contractor providing military housing maintenance at Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho.

Local 291 is also pursuing the new Gateway West Transmission Line project stretching 1,150 miles from Glenrock, WY, to Murphy, ID. This joint project between Idaho Power and Rocky Mountain Power is scheduled for completion in 2014.

Congratulations to Local 449 on winning the annual 449/291 Golf Shootout in Jackpot, NV. Also great fun for all was the Local 291 golf tournament on Aug. 8 at Warm Springs Golf Course in Boise.

Many thanks to the Negotiating Committee. After taking our case to the CIR, we were able to walk away with a salary freeze.

Our ongoing Code of Excellence classes presented by Int. Rep. Benny Antunes draw a good turnout and benefit our craft.

Thanks to Shawn Evins, Mike Gregory, Bus. Mgr. Greg Oyama, Toby Groves, Pres. Dea Roth and all who came to Municipal Park at 5 a.m. to cook for the terrific summer picnic. Service pins and prizes were awarded.

We thank the locals providing work for our members on the road.

Ron Ely, P.S.

Code of Excellence Class

L.U. 307 (ees,es,i,o&u), CUMBERLAND, MD—Local 307 officers and Western Maryland JATC instructors recently completed the Code of Excellence Training Class put on by Int. Rep. Mike D'Amico. The class was well-presented and packed full of information on how we can do our part to build and improve relationships with the customer.

The work picture in our jurisdiction has slowed recently. We do have a few projects that are very slow in getting started and some that are out for bids. Let's hope this dry spell will be short-lived.

The local's annual family picnic was held Aug. 22 at the Hidden Valley Campgrounds. We had good food, gorgeous weather, a terrific turnout and everyone had a great time. Special thanks to everyone who worked hard to make the picnic enjoyable.

The Children's Christmas Party will be Dec. 6, and the Holiday Social is Dec. 19. Hope to see you there! Local 307 officers and members extend warm wishes to all for joyous holidays.

Jon "Rosey" Rosenberger, R.S.

IBEW Local 307 officers and Western Maryland JATC instructors attend a Code of Excellence class taught by Int. Rep. Mike D'Amico (front row, left).

Work Picture Update

L.U. 309 (i,lctt,mo,mt,o,rts,spa&u), COLLINSVILLE, IL—Our work picture on the inside should remain good for the remainder of the year with the two major projects in Granite City, IL, starting to wind down in mid- to late fall.

Both projects were built with 100 percent union labor, in part because of the strong relationship between our building trades and labor friendly local and state elected officials.

Work on the outside remains steady, as maintenance on Ameren properties continues and the 345-kV project in Red Bud, IL, progresses.

Gov. Pat Quinn's veto of a bill to allow the use of STAR bonds jeopardizes plans to move on a $1.5 billion retail and entertainment district in Glen Carbon, IL. As of press time, the legislation had to wait for the general assembly to convene in October for a veto session. Approximately 10,000 construction jobs were estimated to be needed for the project.

Special thanks to Kevin Williamson and all who helped make the annual picnic a success.

Scott Tweedy, A.B.M.

���Solidarity in Hard Times���

L.U. 313 (i&spa), WILMINGTON, DE—Congratulations to the 2009 apprentice graduates. Special recognition goes to our two top apprentices, Sister Terri Thomas and Bro. Mathew Weaver. Graduates are: Joseph K. Peeke, Andrew S. Johnson, William J. Orga, Charles L. Bull, Brian J. Markowitz, Matthew J. Weaver, Joseph A. Zoladkiewicz, Douglas V. Ware, Timothy C. McDevitt, Terri L. Thomas, Julius T. Inge, Mark A. Foster, Michael P. Klosowski, Kevin A. Kaiser, Michael J. DeLuca, Justin D. McClure, Shane B. McCollum, Tyrone Robinson, Tobie S. Bennett and James P. Brainard.

Thanks to all who showed up in Wilmington to march in the annual Labor Day parade. The large turnout showed your support for organized labor and reminded us of the importance of solidarity in hard times. Always remember, united we bargain and divided we beg.

Local 313 congratulates retirees for their loyal IBEW service. Bus. Mgr. Doug Drummond, Pres. Paul Campbell and Retirees Club Pres. Francis "Moe" McKinley recently presented service pins. Among the recipients were: 50-year members William Alls and Ivan Smith, and 55-year member Martin Mulrooney.

Congratulations to the Local 313 golf tournament champs—Robert Scott, John Abegglen, David Hayes and Alan Billingsley. Thanks to our entertainment committee for a nother great tournament. We showed that even when times are tough we can enjoy brotherhood, have fun and stick together.

Robert MacLennan, P.S.

Labor Hall of Fame Inductee

L.U. 317 (i,o,rts,t&u), HUNTINGTON, WV—Local 317 is proud to congratulate Bro. Pete Vaughn on his induction into the Southwestern District Labor Council Hall of Fame. Pete has been very active in Local 317 for more than 30 years. He is a longtime advocate for union workers on the political front and currently holds the office of registrar.

We are also pleased to announce the ongoing growth of Local 317 with our new construction taking place. We are building a new facility to house apprenticeship training and journeyman upgrade courses.

This year social activities for our members continued to grow. The annual golf outing drew a record crowd. Most recently, our annual picnic was also rewarding. We had another great turnout from apprentices, active members, retirees and families.

Work is currently steady for our local but we anticipate a decline due to the current economy by the end of the year. Our outside jurisdiction continues to look good with the current work in the mid- to northern part of the state.

Charles Shane Wolfe, Pres.

Voice Your Support

L.U. 347 (em,i,mt,rtb,rts&spa), DES MOINES, IA—Local 347 has the same economic issues that most locals are facing presently with commercial, industrial and residential construction work in a decline. It seems to me this is a good time to remind our elected representatives in Washington, DC, as well as here in Iowa, what organized labor expects of them. Instead of letting the paid lobbyists frame and package the issues, we must make our voices heard.

Voice your strong support for the Employee Free Choice Act, a major priority for working people and organized labor. We were disappointed that card check was removed in committee. The only way we can counter the opposition of corporate lobbyists is by speaking loudly and frequently.

We must send a message to the lawmakers: this is not a country of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations, but of the people, by the people and for the people. Let your congressional representatives know that labor is watching their performance on the issues and we don���t want to be forced into downsizing them.

Mike Schweiger, P.S.

Great Picnic Attendance

L.U. 351 (c,cs,i,it,lctt,mt,o,se,spa&t), FOLSOM, NJ—Our annual picnic was Saturday, Aug. 1, at Morey���s Pier in Wildwood. It turned out to be our best-attended picnic ever. We had more than 530 members attending and 2,240 in total attendance.

Our contractors donated 371 door prizes, ranging from $25 gift cards to $500 gift certificates. The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time. Special thanks to the picnic committee members, who helped make the day a success.

Daniel Cosner, P.S.

Local 351 picnic committee members: seated, Buddy Blatcher, Greg Berwick. Ken Jones, Sean Newlin, Ed Reiser, Dennis Kleiner, Vince Torelli and Dennis Abriola; standing, Ray Listman, Wayne Bumm, Joe Trumbetti, Dan Cosner, Frank Hannum, Bill Hosey, T.J. Wolfe, Duke Collins and Ron Shaiko.

New Union Hall Under Way

L.U. 357 (c,i,mt&se), LAS VEGAS, NV—On Sept. 3, in celebration of Nevada workers, IBEW Local 357 and the Southern Nevada Building Construction Trades Council put together a Labor Day rally for union members and their families. There was music, free food, and activities for the kids. Mayor Oscar Goodman and several other local politicians were also present. U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was also there to discuss issues concerning working people.

As many of you already know, our local has outgrown our current location. We are building a new hiring hall, which should allow us room to grow. This new hall will be almost 35,000 square feet and it is designed to be a convenience for the members. It will house a satellite office for Zenith Administrators so the members will be able to take care of their Trust Benefits, such as Health and Welfare, or pension without leaving the building. The new hiring hall is being built one block north of our current hall and JTC, at 808 North Lamb Blvd.

Tim Bolton, P.S.

Local 357���s new union hall is under construction.

Officers Sworn In

L.U. 363 (catv,em,govt,i,t,u&ws), NEW CITY, NY— We recently swore in our newly elected officers for a three-year term: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. John Maraia, Pres. A. Peter Kazolias, Vice Pres. Gary Colandrea, Treas. Edward Lewis, Rec. Sec. John Leichter; Executive Board members Gary DiMatteo, John Dispensa, Francis A. Dollbaum Jr., Richard Gilmore, Joseph M. Hillman, Richard McGinley, Robert Nigro; and Examining Board members Paul Romeo, Philip J. Rotella III and John Wilson.

Timothy Poulin, P.S.

Orange County JATC Graduates

L.U. 441 (as,i&rts), SANTA ANA, CA—In June, Local 441 and the Orange County JATC honored the 63 graduating apprentices of 2009. Graduates listed below with an asterisk (*) were "Outstanding Achievement" winners.

Inside graduates—Jason Blee*, Kevin Cariveau, Timofey Dobrenen, Hector Madrigal, Scott Manning, Robert Morales, Ed Munson, Luan Nguyen*, Larry Sicat, Scott Westland, Luis Arostigue, George Butcher, Ruben Gonzalez, Robert Gutierrez, David Kessel*, Michael Klein, Christopher Landay, Mike Manley, Wes Packard, Ryan Powell, Joshua Vaxmonsky, Omar Vazquez, Danny Zuniga*, Rodrigo Arrua, Rick Bartos, Chad Bradley, Kyle Calley, Shawn Darak, Mark Ferguson, Neil Hamre, Travis Heathington, Victor Hernandez, Stelian Jejeran, Andrew Kim, Joshua Landers, Russ Meyer, Javier Perez, German Ramirez, Chris Rose, Frederic Watson, Wade Wieding*, Frank Bravo, Brandon Cecil, Brian Donohue, Nelson Fonte, Joseph Horspool, Kenneth Lincicum, Emanuel Petruescu, Lance Privett and Robert Salcedo.

Sound graduates—David Duarte*, Jeffrey Klein, Sergio Laris, Jordan Nelson, Nelson Pleitez, Octavio Sanchez, Garrett Whalen, Daryl Baker, Roman Cisneros*, Dale Flees, Octavio Murillo, Trevor Staiger and Jason VanMalsen.

On Aug. 22, Local 441 held its annual deep sea fishing trip out of Newport Beach, CA. Several members were able to bring family with them. Everyone had a great time.

Richard Vasquez, B.R.

Santa Ana, CA, Local 441���s annual deep sea fishing trip was a great success.

Health Care Reform Now

L.U. 449 (catv,em,i,o,rtb,rts,spa&u), POCATELLO, ID—Our members attended picnics, baseball games, fishing derbies and golf outings over the summer and enjoyed each other���s company at these events. I thank all the volunteers who helped make these functions a success.

Our government needs to make health care reform a reality. As union members, we pay a premium for our health care; in the last nine years our premiums have tripled. Contact your U.S. representatives and senators and tell them we want health care reform now.

Keep the Brotherhood alive in everything you do and be a mentor to your union brothers and sisters on and off the job. The union is only as strong as its members. When the membership works together, the union���s value is stronger. When our members tell friends and neighbors the value of the union, then the community believes in the value of the union. When the community believes the union has value, then the union is strong in helping working people obtain a better life for themselves and their families. It all starts with believing. Let���s be believers.

Local 449 extends condolences to the family of Bro. Richard Murray, who passed away. He will be remembered.

Bob Bodell, B.M./F.S.

Golf Tournament Benefit

L.U. 455 (em&u), SPRINGFIELD, MA—The fourth annual Dave���s Scramble Fore Cancer Golf Tournament was held May 30 at St. Anne���s Country Club.

This annual tournament put on by Executive Board member and cancer survivor Dave Brodowski was once again a huge success. This year 133 golfers and an additional 32 people attending the banquet raised $8,475 for The Cancer House of Hope.

Congratulations to Dave and all those who helped put together the tournament. A great time, once again, was had by all.

Jim Dibernardo, P.S.

Local 455 Exec. Board member Dave Brodowski speaks at golf tournament benefit event.

Officers Sworn In

L.U. 457 (u), MERIDEN, CT—Local 457 officers were installed at the July 2009 Executive Board meeting.

Sworn in to office were: Bus. Mgr./ Fin. Sec. Rich Sank, Pres. John Fernandes, Vice Pres. Paul Gagnon, Treas. Dave Smigel, and Rec. Sec. Steve Ryder. Executive Board members are: Tom Penfield, Jeff Burnham, Fred Andrulat, Frank Markey, Jr., Dalton Strom, William Storey, Larry Polaske, Patrick Hoban, Ed Chviek Jr., and Mike Violette.

The officers look forward to working together for the good of the union and its members.

Rich Sank, B.M./F.S.

Local 457 officers��were sworn in on July 28. They include, from left: Treas. Dave Smigel, Bus. Mgr./ Fin. Sec. Rich Sank and E-Board member Ed Chviek Jr.

Strong in Solidarity

L.U. 459 (ees,em,govt,so&u), JOHNSTOWN, PA—Local 459 recently had a labor dispute with Penelec/First Energy. The local represents 28 units in all, and Penelec/F.E. is the second largest with approximately 520 members. On May 21, 2009, with an expired contract, Local 459 members employed by Penelec voted to strike. The members stayed together and fought hard to protect their jobs. After 59 days, the members voted to return to work after the company removed language that affected our hours of work.

We had a lot of support from other local unions and surrounding IBEW locals as well. The rest of our membership also gave strong support to the striking members.

Local 459 thanks all the locals that supported us, and we also thank our other unit members for their strong support and encouragement.

Kenneth L. Richards, Pres./A.B.M.

Report at Year���s End

L.U. 499 (u), DES MOINES, IA—This year is one that will live on in most of our members��� minds for their whole career. It started off with our office manager, JoAnn McKibben, retiring after 40 years of working for Local 499. At the same time, we entered into negotiations with Chariton Valley rural electric cooperative and MidAmerican Energy.

The negotiations at the REC were handled differently this year, with the REC bringing in a new attorney to do its negotiating. A new agreement was ratified in late February. We thank Brad Sinclair, lineman, for serving on the union negotiating committee.

MidAmerican Energy was a whole different story. The company gave the union a lockout notice early in negotiations and it went downhill from there. The company gave the union a last, best and final offer, which was taken out for a vote with a "no" recommendation. The company had hired 1,600 people to come in as replacement workers if the contract was rejected. Our membership had a choice: to be locked out and maybe permanently replaced or live to fight another day. They chose to live and fight another day.

Donald D. Krause, B.M./F.S.

Holiday Food Basket Fund

L.U. 503 (t&u), MONROE, NY—This year���s 10th Annual Golf Outing in August��was yet another successful event for the local. Everyone had a great time, and the committee raised plenty to donate toward the Family Holiday Food Basket Fund.��Special thanks to Bros. Brian Hutchings, Tom Arone, Pat Grieven and Rob Decker for a job well-done, and to Jackie Sanchez for the photography posted on our Web site

The Toys-For-Tots Drive is always a success due to the generosity of our members. Let���s make this year no exception by continuing to help those less fortunate. Drop-off points are clearly marked throughout the facilities.

Bro. Steve Altieri���s recovery is a slow and painful process, but he���s a real trooper. His positive attitude will get him through this, along with the support of his wife,��Lisa,��his infant��son, Anthony, the��entire��Altieri family, as well as his��Local 503��family. We all look forward to his full recovery and return to work.

The officers wish all IBEW members a happy holiday season with your families and friends. Much��happiness, health and success in the upcoming year for��us all!

Mary M. Casey, P.S.

���Best in the Desert��� Champ

L.U. 543 (mo&t), SAN BERNARDINO, CA—In January 2009, Chris Willing of Local 543 was in Nevada and saw an advertisement for the "Best in the Desert: Vegas to Reno—The Long Way" racing competition.

Chris approached his friend Dave Richardson about entering the race as a team. The race would be daunting, and entering as an amateur in the "Iron Man" competition would make it even more intimidating, as they would ride the entire 1,000 miles without switching riders.

Dave accepted the challenge and arranged the logistics to get sponsors and recruit pit crew members, many of whom were fellow Verizon employees. August rolled around, and although Dave���s bike had mechanical issues during the race, Chris finished not only in first place as an amateur Iron Man, but also first overall for Iron Man quads, beating out the pro-class riders on his first competitive desert race!

Congratulations, Chris! Fellow Verizon employee and off-road enthusiast John Humphrey was team manager and contributed enormous time and energy to the success of the "CnD" racing team. To read more about Chris and Dave, visit

Local 543 thanks Heather Fatzer, a ���CnD" team member, for writing this article.

Jerry Koger, B.M.

Local 543 "Iron Man" racing champ Chris Willing (right) crosses the finish line.

���A Busy Place���

L.U. 551 (c,i&st), SANTA ROSA, CA—The annual Labor Day pancake breakfast was well-attended by area politicians and union members.

Recently, we helped move our North Bay Central Labor Council, with CLC Executive Dir. Lisa Maldonado, into a vacant office space at our Local 551 building. Thanks to our IBEW volunteers, with their cool trailers and trucks, for making the move possible in half a day. Also in the building is Michael Allen, former eight-term CLC president, now running for State Assembly. We have a busy place and we are honored to share the space with shakers and movers.

As of press time, we expect to soon have work again at the Geysers Power Plant, as Local 551 Bus. Mgr. Jack Buckhorn negotiated a project labor agreement for this project.

More work on the horizon—the Sonoma County Water Agency will hold public meetings to outline plans to put electricity producing wave generators in the ocean.

Congratulations to Bus. Mgr. Buckhorn on his election as North Bay CLC president.

Congratulations to Organizer John Lloyd, who received the Above and Beyond Award from the International office for his achievements for the union.

Also, congratulations to Bus. Rep. Denise Soza on receiving the Women of Labor Award presented by state Sen. Patricia Wiggins.

Denise D. Soza, P.S.

Volunteers turn out to assist with the CLC move to its new location. From left, back row: Local 551 members Craig Foley and Bill Farman, Bill Manners of the Carpenters, Local 551 members Sam Wimmer and Charlie O���Neil; front row, Local 551 members Eamon O���Halloran (kneeling), Larry Albini and Dee Soza, business representative.

���Some Winter Work���

L.U. 557 (i,mt,rts&spa), SAGINAW, MI—Rain and cool temperatures dominated mid-Michigan this summer. At our annual picnic in late August, the weather was cold and rainy so attendance was low.

As of the summer, calls were not coming in for long-term employment and more than one-third of the local hands were laid off here, even with some school remodeling in the area. Future jobs are anticipated as the semiconductor plant expansion continues; but as of press time no hiring had begun.

It is nice to have a new building project at the airport, an armory, and a new nursing building at Saginaw Valley State University—some winter work that surly will put a few hands to work, as well as more expansion work at Hemlock Semiconductor.

Kudos to recent apprentice graduates Daniel Alcock II, David Hayward, William Miner, Todd Cramer and Richard Dilts.

Our health plan encourages periodic physicals and I encourage all to participate. Use your benefit and the plan may help prevent serious illness and the need for costly treatment.

Have a safe and healthy holiday season.

John E. Clemens, P.S.

Training Center Grand Opening

L.U. 569 (i,mar,mt,rts&spa), SAN DIEGO, CA—On Aug. 21, our local held the grand opening of our new Imperial Electrical Training Center in Imperial County.

Our local���s jurisdiction includes San Diego and Imperial Counties. Imperial County is being touted as the renewable energy capital of the nation with many projects in the planning stages to utilize the area���s abundance of sun, wind, geothermal and biomass.

Our goal is to provide our Imperial County members and future members with the best electrical training available to wire these projects—and to be able to perform much-needed energy efficiency audits and retrofits on buildings throughout Imperial County.

Many area elected officials praised our efforts and commitment to the Imperial County work force with our state-of-the-art training center. U.S. Rep. Bob Filner of California stated, "This is a win-win for the working people, the local community and green energy business. As the green economy ushers in new opportunities, I am working to ensure we are creating good jobs with health care, skilled training and benefits here in the Imperial County. IBEW Local 569 will be a great partner in this endeavor."

The new 5,000 square-foot training center houses our JATC classrooms, labs, and offices to service our Imperial County members.

Nicholas J. Segura Jr., P.S.

San Diego Local 569 celebrates the grand opening of the new Imperial County Electrical Training Center. From left are: Local 569 Organizer Daniel Machain, Local 569 Bus. Mgr. Allen Shur, U.S. Rep. Bob Filner and Local 569 Pres. Nicholas Segura.

Champions Again!

L.U. 595 (c,govt,i&st), DUBLIN, CA—Local 595���s annual picnic at Rowell Ranch in August was a tremendous success. Congratulations to our picnic coordinator extraordinaire, David Nelson, his committee, and all the volunteers. Thanks also to all the members and their families for coming out and enjoying the event.

California���s 10th Congressional District held a Sept. 1 special primary election to fill the seat vacated by former U.S. Rep. Ellen Tauscher. We are pleased to have a strong Democratic candidate, current Lt. Gov. John Garamendi, as top-vote getter. John will run against his Republican opponent in the November general election, and Local 595 is working hard to elect this friend of labor to Congress.

These are very difficult times for our out-of-work members as our unemployment rate is unprecedented. We hope 2010 brings a strong turnaround for construction in California and across the country.

Local 595���s softball team is again the champion. The IBEW Ninth District Softball Tournament was held Aug. 9-10 in San Diego. Our team won their sixth championship, going undefeated and narrowly holding off Orange County Local 441���s A team to win the final game. We thank San Diego Local 569 for hosting a fine tournament and we���ll be ready to do the same next summer as we defend our championship!

Tom Mullarkey, B.R.

Local 595 softball tournament champs are, from left: Matt Murchison, Al Brady, Anthony Lociero, Jacob Brahmst, Rick Mayer, Jesse Martinez, Team Mgr. Gary Damele, Justin Furtado, J.D. Taylor, MVP Jason Kaneko, Travis McIntyre, Mark Davis, Derrick Branco, Anthony Martinez, Herman Tovar, Felix Sifuentes and John Small.

Softball Tournament

L.U. 601 (i&rtb), CHAMPAIGN-URBANA, IL—IBEW Local 601 held its 33rd Annual Invitational Softball Tournament on Aug. 8-9. Sixteen teams were invited and 15 were able to attend. Participating were: IBEW Locals 34 Peoria, 117 Elgin, 134 Chicago, 146 Decatur, 150 Waukegan, 176 Joliet, 193 Springfield, 197 Bloomington, 309 Collinsville, 364 Rockford, 461 Aurora, 538 Danville, 649 Alton, 701 Lisle (Dupage County) and 725 Terre Haute.

We had a great group this year. Tournament winner was Waukegan Local 150, and Peoria won the consolation bracket. We thank everyone who helped make the tournament a success.

Our work is holding its own. We have 20 members on book one and approximately 496 on book two. The wind turbine projects are continuing and are fully staffed at this writing. LaSalle Nuclear Power Plant is scheduled for the shutdown in February 2010. For several other projects, we are waiting on the funding to keep all our local members working.

Dan Hatter, P.S.

Local 601 softball team: front row (L-R), Shawn Davis, Ryan Logsdon, Matt Logsdon, Blake Withers, Dave Logsdon; back row, Cody Nichols, Ryan Kelly, Shane Street, Mark Lowry, Ted Burgin, Keith Grob, Mike Siems, Doug Dahl, Kenny Schrock, Bob Kacich, Rick Mueller and Tony Hubbard.

Awesome Annual Picnic

L.U. 611 (catv,es,govt,i,lctt,o,spa,t&u), ALBUQUERQUE, NM—We had a great turnout for the IBEW annual picnic, the largest in recent memory. As usual there was plenty of food, entertainment for the kids and lots of prizes. Many thanks to all on the picnic committee for such an awesome job: Paul Kress, Randy Cummings, Pete Trujillo, CarlCondit, Alan Shepherd, Terry Peters and Nicholas Konwin.

As of this writing, the work picture has been steady with calls to Los Alamos, Albuquerque and Eunice. In case some haven���t heard, the local now has only one union meeting in Albuquerque—on the third Saturday of the month.

Local 611 extends condolences to the families of members who recently passed away: Henry "Hank" Carnell, Mike Barrera, James W. Tate, Patrick G. Duffy, Sherwell S. Buoy, Alvin Steen Jr., Mike Salway, Wayne Faul, Harold L. Law, Leo Victor Jones and Willard J. Cook.

Darrrell J. Blair, P.S.

Local 611 members Joe Blea (left) and Carl Brown attend union picnic.

Apprenticeship Program

L.U. 681 (i,o&spa), WICHITA FALLS, TX—The work situation remains slow but steady. As of press time, we���ve had one large Inside job finish up and a couple of Outside jobs that are nearing completion. There is talk of a couple of jobs on the horizon, and we anticipate that we should get some of the future line work that is supposed to happen in Texas in the next few years.

We are starting our new school year and we have more apprentices than ever. The program is doing very well due to the quality of applicants we have been getting; it makes the selection process difficult but we are able to turn out quality journeyman electricians, which is the ultimate goal of the program. Our apprenticeship program is very proud to have two first-year students in the Abilene, TX, area—which is a sign of a new beginning for the IBEW in that region. We are accomplishing this by a distance learning program over the Internet.

Leland Welborn, A.B.M.

���Replace Jobs Lost���

L.U. 683 (em&i), COLUMBUS, OH—Would bringing casinos to Ohio help? Maybe casinos could help��the IBEW��get back to work and put others to work as well. If people are going to spend their money on gambling in other states, why not keep the money here in Ohio? We need to replace the jobs lost��from outsourcing somehow and this could be a start to recovery; and the tax dollars wouldn���t hurt.

Congratulations to the following Local 683 members who won the Golf League Championship: Wil Wilhelm, Fred Moore, Jim Laemmle, Mark Brigner and Bob Liston.

Also, congratulations to the winners of the Pheasant Hunt Raffle: Mario Ciardelli, Gary Hurst, Ted Glass and James "Bulldog" Jenkins.

Members should be aware that to take a referral to a contractor in the OSHA Partnership, you will need to have OSHA 10, NFPA-70E and Code of Excellence classes.

We extend condolences to the families of recently deceased members: Larry R. Brown, James A. Rogers, Michael P. Haines and John J. Mancini.

Rick Deime, V.P./P.S.

Going Green in Tampa

L.U. 915 (i&mt), TAMPA, FL—IBEW Local 915 goes green! Florida Power and Light picked Arcadia, FL, as the site for a 25 MW solar generation station. This was Phase 1 of the Desoto County Solar Array System—with the job going to a successful union contractor, Newkirk Electric Associates. This employer is based out of Muskegon, MI, with an office in Sarasota, FL.

This job was targeted using the Florida Small Works Addendum. The client, Sun Power Corp./ FP&L,��was impressed with the way Local 915���s dispatcher, organizers and our apprenticeship director rallied the manpower in very short order even with the remoteness of the project.

This project is the first of its kind in our area. The peak manpower was 107 electricians, apprentices, CEs and CWs. The $5 million project utilized more than 100,000 man-hours worked. IBEW members installed approximately 88,000 photovoltaic cells on the 400-acre site.

The superintendent says the success of the project is due to the quality of the people who were referred from the very start. The job showed no lost man-hours and will meet the deadline. This is the beginning of the future for electrical energy and Local 915 is proud to be a part of it.

Theresa King, P.S.

Arial view of��25-megawatt solar generation station��project in Arcadia, FL. IBEW Local 915 members installed approximately 88,000 photovoltaic cells for the project.

Fall Contract Negotiations

L.U. 953 (catv,em,lctt,o,spa,t&u), EAU CLAIRE, WI—At press time, Local 953 has 17 contracts coming up for negotiations this fall. Eight are municipal contracts, eight are Rural Electric Cooperatives (RECs), and one is a Telecom Unit. As we start these negotiations, management representatives across the board are asking for concessions, give backs, or one-year extensions of existing contracts.

In further news, we filed with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission for intervener status on Xcel Energy���s rate increase. As a local, we are concerned that Xcel has a plan in place to deal with the aging work force in the company���s request for the rate increase.

As a community service and for the good of the union, Local 953 Bros. Dennis Luehman, Chad Bilderback, Todd Bergmann and Ed Mathys volunteered to paint and assist in wiring a Habitat for Humanity house in Amery, WI. Congratulations to all on a job well-done and appreciated by your fellow union members.

Arlin Ziemann, B.M./F.S.

Local 953 volunteers Dennis Luehman, Todd Bergman, Chad Bilderback and Ernie Mathys performed electrical work on a Habitat for Humanity project.

Contracts Ratified

L.U. 1049 (lctt,o,u&uow), LONG ISLAND, NY—In late August, we concluded negotiations on behalf of members who work under our Direct Hire and Transfer Agreements for National Grid Home Energy Services. Negotiating a new bargaining agreement in today���s economy presented unique challenges for the Main Negotiating Committee. Despite these challenges the committee, under the leadership of Bus. Mgr. Robert Shand, brought back contracts that were overwhelmingly ratified by members.

At this writing, we are preparing for contract negotiations in our Line Clearance Tree Trim Division. Since the merger with former IBEW Local 1381, we have successfully negotiated four bargaining agreements.

The sale of former IBEW Local 1381���s union hall is completed. The money from the sale will be used to make improvements to our union hall and to enhance our ability to service our members.

Local 1049, along with Locals 3 and 25, recently hosted the 39th Annual IBEW Softball Tournament. Despite heavy rain Friday and Saturday, teams from across the U.S. and Canada played a single elimination tournament on Sunday. It is always great to see our Brotherhood come together at this event. Local 3 took first place in the upper bracket and Local 1049 placed second. Lower bracket champions were Local 102, and Local 3 apprentices placed second.

Thomas J. Dowling, R.S.

60-Year Service Award

On July 24, retired Bro. Randolf Howell of Demopolis, AL, Local 1053 was presented with his IBEW 60-year service award.

NV Energy Negotiations

L.U. 1245 (catv,em,govt,lctt,o,pet,t&u), VACAVILLE, CA—Members of Local 1245 hunkered down for a tough confrontation in Reno as NV Energy set the stage for negotiations by announcing the closure of all but two customer service offices statewide. The company���s opening bargaining proposals took direct aim at retiree medical benefits and attacked contractual protections on several fronts.

"The company proposal cuts out retirement medical for anyone hired after the next agreement takes effect," said Brian Ralston, a transmission dispatcher. Another major issue in the negotiations is wages for clerical members, who have not had a general wage increase in four years.

The poor economy has produced confrontations with management at many of the local���s public sector properties, including City of Roseville, City of Ukiah, City of Redding and Alameda Municipal Power.

Members at Pacific Gas & Electric overwhelming ratified a new benefits agreement that will increase company contributions to medical premiums for current retirees and establishes Retirement Medical Savings Accounts to improve medical benefits for future retirees.

Safety remains a major concern, Bus. Mgr. Tom Dalzell told the local���s Advisory Council. The local knows of four recent instances where employees refused to work in dangerous situations, and in some cases "they were disciplined for refusing to perform unsafe work," Dalzell told the council. Recent trends in hiring at PG&E suggest that the company is failing to maintain proper staffing levels. In recent months staffing has fallen for both gas and electric.

In Outside Construction news, negotiations are underway for first contracts with several companies. Work has been slow in 2008 but hopes are high for a much better year next year.

Eric Wolfe, P.S.

At Local 1245, Sean Kimble, Damond Piere and Jahmari Butler, who are among approximately 80 new members at Underground Construction, take the IBEW oath at a special meeting after work. Administering the oath was Asst. Bus. Mgr. Ron Cochran.

Union Blood Drive

L.U. 1253 (i), AUGUSTA, ME—We welcome a new class of apprentices and wish them success.

Local 1253 joined with the Red Cross on Sept. 5 at the Greater Bangor Area Labor Temple in Brewer, ME, to host a blood drive. Challenges were issued to locals of other union affiliations to help make the day a success.

Members of Locals 567 and 1253 met with U.S. Rep. Michael Michaud on Aug. 20 on Peaks Island, ME. It was a good opportunity to discuss issues dear to working people in Maine and across the country.

We mourn the loss of retired member Marlin Taylor and active member Brian "Stretch" Bradstreet, who succumbed to leukemia. They are missed by all. Please keep their families in your prayers.

William Gifford, P.S.

Local 1253 Bro. Brian "Stretch" Bradstreet (1951-2009) was a proud IBEW member for 34 years. He was always there for anyone who needed his help.

Kudos to Utility Retirees

L.U. 1307 (u), SALISBURY, MD—We congratulate the following members on their retirement: Donna Wadkins, William West, Michael White, Lawrence Wright and Herman "Dickey" Dickerson.

Sister Adkins began work at Choptank Electrical Co-Op in 1989. She worked as consumer account clerk, customer service rep and office specialist. She retired in November 2008. Donna was financial secretary for former Local 1707 prior to that local���s merger into Local 1307.

In 1987 Bro. West started with Choptank Electrical as an apprentice lineman and advanced to chief lineman. He retired Nov. 1, 2008.

Bro. White worked as a chief tree trimmer with Choptank Electrical from 1989 until his November 2008 retirement.

Bro. Wright began at Choptank Electrical in 1973 and advanced to engineering fieldman. He retired November 2008.

In 1969 Bro. Dickerson was hired by Delmarva Power. He worked at the Indian River Power Plant, the Salisbury station and the Vienna Power plant. He began as a laborer and advanced to a qualified electrician, and later to controls specialist. In February 2009, he retired from NRG Energy, which earlier purchased the power plants from Delmarva Power. He served Local 1307 on several committees and was elected treasurer and E-Board member.

May these retirees enjoy a happy retirement.

Edward D. Sparks Jr., F.S.

���In and Around St. Louis���

L.U. 1439 (u), ST. LOUIS, MO—Local 1439 was very visible in the annual Labor Day parade. IBEW Locals 1, 2, 4, 1439 and 1455 jointly celebrated at the local park with entertainment for the kids, including pony rides and a petting zoo. We had a "washers" tournament, live music, food, refreshments and attendance prizes.

Contract negotiations were completed with the City of Potosi. This bargaining unit went with the IBEW Medical Plan and continues to give it rave reviews.

We are currently in negotiations with Entergy.

As of this writing, we have put together what we hope is another winning team for the 2009 Lineman���s Rodeo as well as three excellent apprentices to represent the local and the Eleventh District.

Utility company Ameren/UE has hired 28 apprentice linemen and we have seen several journeymen transfers from other utilities come into our jurisdiction. Presently we have 100 overhead apprentice linemen on Ameren���s property.

Ken Carroll, P.S.

Working to Save Jobs

L.U. 1501 (ees,em,mo,pet,rts&t), BALTIMORE, MD—Although Amtote negotiations concluded April 15 and the company signed the agreement, Amtote subsequently has taken the position that because of bankruptcy proceedings it cannot persuade parent Magna Corporation to approve the labor agreement. Local 1501 differs with that position—we plan to file NLRB charges and, if necessary, take legal action.

Unfortunately for our members in the racing industry, the Maryland General assembly has fouled up any attempt to put slots at racetracks in Maryland, but we will not give up while there is a glimmer of hope. We need strong leadership from Gov. Martin O���Malley to utilize slots to save horseracing in Maryland. We are pursuing every avenue to save the industry and the jobs of union members.

With the successful launch of space shuttle Discovery, our members employed by Analex at Goddard Space Flight Center are proud to be part of America���s space program; however, Local 1501 is concerned about Analex���s move to open the agreement at this time. We doubt Analex is doing so to help our members. We suspect the company���s goal is to attempt to take back hard-won negotiated benefits. Bus. Mgr. Dion Guthrie stated, "We have a strong, motivated membership and we will strongly resist any attempts to force concessions."

Thomas Rostkowski, P.S.

Local 1501 Bus. Mgr. Dion Guthrie spoke recently at a Boy Scouts Eagle ceremony. Guthrie noted that the Scouts have produced great leaders both within the IBEW and the larger American society.

���Work for Our Membership���

L.U. 1505 (em), WALTHAM, MA—In today���s tough economic defense budget environment, it is critical to seek those shrinking appropriations dollars that are available. Bus. Mgr. David Johnson has been meeting regularly with our congressional delegation to secure additional work for our membership.

Raytheon Company has positioned itself well with respect to new program development. Bus. Mgr. Johnson is working tirelessly to demand that we receive our share of the new programs as well as lobbying for additional Patriot Missile Systems to be produced in our union-represented plants.

Bus. Mgr. Johnson is happy to announce that new member hiring continues and has actually increased in intensity. Our local is unique in that despite the dramatic loss of manufacturing in the region, we are actually growing. Because of the policies and leadership of our administration, our membership once again has reason to feel secure with respect to their jobs and their future

Bob Garnhum, V.P.

Go Green!

L.U. 1523 (u), WICHITA, KS—Approximately 40 labor, civic and community leaders came together��for a presentation by Katie Gulley with "Blue Green Alliance" on renewable energy sources. Blue Green alliance is a partnership of local unions, community��and farm organizations, and environmental groups promoting programs and��policies to develop a more green economy—"blue collar jobs, with a green��purpose." As a union, it���s our obligation to think of future��generations and come together to support the Blue Green Alliance and other environmentally friendly organizations.

As we come to the end of another safe and productive year, we need to remember that it took all of us to get here. You may think your business manager, officers and stewards are the voice of the union, and they do speak for us. But it���s your voice that makes things happen. Attend your monthly meetings and let your voices be heard.

Big thanks to Local 1523 members for their United Way contributions. We did a��great job for a great cause. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Candy C. Cruz-Dodd, P.S.

Tribute to a Pioneer

L.U. 1547 (c,em,i,o,t&u), ANCHORAGE, AK—Former Local 1547 business manager and telecommunications hand Isaac "Ike" Waldrop Jr. died Aug. 1 at��his home in Tyler, TX. Hewas 76. Bro. Waldrop moved to Alaska after serving in the U.S. Army, stationed in Korea. He served as business manager from 1969 to 1980. He was instrumental in implementing the Alaska Electrical Pension and helped steer the fund from 1969-1996. Bro. Waldrop served on the Joint Electrical Apprenticeship Fund and the Health and Welfare Fund. Upon his retirement from Local 1547 in 1980, he went to work for the Alaska Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association and shortly thereafter became chapter manager.

At NECA, Ike was a pioneer in improving labor-management relations. He continued his work in maintaining the quality and value of benefits earned by participants in the Pension, Health and Welfare, Legal, and Apprenticeship Funds. Ike always recognized the value of strong labor-management relations and the mutual interests that both sides needed to recognize and develop to be successful. In good and bad economic times, Ike never lost his drive and determination. Bro. Waldrop will be missed.

Melinda Taylor, P.S.

Former Local 1547 business manager Isaac "Ike" Waldrop Jr. passed away Aug. 1, 2009.

Support Your Union

L.U. 1579 (i&o), AUGUSTA, GA—As IBEW members we are very fortunate. We have the ability and the resources available that our nonunion counterparts don���t have. We elect our own officers and can attend union meetings where we can address our concerns. We have the ability to affect our future wages and benefits. Without a union, we would have to negotiate our wage with every job and hope for the best on benefits.

As with any organization, lack of participation would cause us to lose what we have. If we do not support our union, we are doing what corporate America wants. Anyone who will bad-mouth their union without doing anything to help is a hero to antiunion corporate management.

Always remember, your family depends on you to provide and protect them. Be a good IBEW member and be thankful for Local 1579. Keep in mind that your union is only what you put into it. Supporting your union is supporting your family.

Will Salters, A.B.M.

New Projects Anticipated

L.U. 1701 (catv,ees,i,o&u), OWENSBORO, KY—Congratulations to Bros. Alan Daniel, Ed Rice and Sam Girten, who passed the journeyman wireman exam.

The Executive Board in June appointed Bro. Kenny Woodward Local 1701 president to fill the unexpired term of Bro. Richard Thomson, who retired. Bro. Tim Blandford was appointed recording secretary following the death of Bro. Mike Roby. We thank Bro. Thomson for his service and wish him luck in his retirement.

Bro. Neil Mattingly signed a letter of assent and opened a shop, Neil���s Electric. Congratulations, Bro. Mattingly. We look forward to working with you.

Turner Construction was awarded the Owensboro Mercy Health System���s new hospital project, locating on Daniels Lane and projected to start in early 2010. Bus. Mgr. Gary Osborne is working to get a PLA agreement for this project.

The Code of Excellence program is also being promoted in hopes of securing our work. All local union officers and several members will be trained as stewards for the program.

Kentucky Fuels Association broke ground in August for a coal to diesel plant. The Owensboro Wal-Mart expansion was awarded to Broadway Electric, a union contractor from Knoxville, TN. Cash Creek power house is still a go, although funding has been a hold-up.

We mourn the passing of retired members Leo Evans, James Rowan and Joe Vittitow. May they rest in peace.

Tim Blandford, R.S.

Barbecue at Kempenfelt Bay

L.U. 1739 (i&o), BARRIE, ONTARIO, CANADA—Local 1739���s barbecue held on Aug. 29 at Oro Park on beautiful Kempenfelt Bay was a great success. The children in attendance also enjoyed special activities planned for their interest (see photo). Thank you to Blaine Neville, Donna Marriott and Jeff Burns for organizing a fun day for all. We look forward to next year���s event.

Frank Kastle, P.S.

At the Local 1739 barbecue on Kempenfelt Bay in Barrie, Ontario, children in attendance watch intently as they learn about reptiles.

Boston Rally for Jobs

L.U. 2325 (t), WORCESTER, MA—Local 2325 participated in a march and rally for jobs in downtown Boston on Oct. 1. The intent of the rally was to inform the public of the despicable behavior of Verizon. Verizon is proceeding with plans to lay off approximately 300 IBEW members in New England, as well as many more union members nationwide. This is in spite of the fact that Verizon made over $3 billion in profit in the second quarter of 2009 alone.

A number of our members made the trip into Boston to join the rally. Framingham Executive Board member Dan Manning, who is facing potential layoff, addressed the crowd on behalf of IBEW members subject to layoff. Dan gave a rousing speech calling for an end to corporate greed and asking for greater participation from our younger members. Our leadership and members proudly marched through Boston���s financial district carrying signs demanding an end to Verizon���s greed and heartlessness.

The rally was one part of a multifaceted campaign conducted by Local 2325 and System Council T-6 aimed at stopping this unnecessary layoff. Special thanks to our COPE Committee for its tireless work rallying political support against Verizon. We also wish to recognize our junior members for their solidarity and courage in the face of this intolerable injustice by Verizon.

Paul Mark, P.S.

IBEW Local 2325 members join Boston rally for jobs. From left, front row, are: Executive Board member Dan Manning, Press Sec. Paul Mark, Rec. Sec. Dawn Nelligan Rosa, Bus. Mgr. Dave Keating; back row, member Mike Hills and Pres. Keith Herrick.

���Thank you, Mike Flanagan!���

SYSTEM COUNCIL U-7, JOHNSON CITY, NY—A celebration was held in western New York, Sept. 16 in honor of recently retired Int. Rep. Michael Flanagan. Bro. Flanagan retired Aug. 1, following more than four decades of IBEW service. Many family, friends and co-workers attended. Local 97 organized the event, and Local 97 Bus. Mgr. Dave Falletta and Vice Pres. Kevin Long started the celebration off. Longtime friend Local 2199 Bus. Mgr. Bill McMahon remembered events from over the years.

From SCU-7, Council Pres./Local 83 Bus. Mgr. Danny Addy spoke, as well as Local 249 Bus. Mgr. Mark Valerio. Also attending from SCU-7 were: Local 83 Vice Pres. Gary Bonker, Local 966 Bus. Mgr. Michael Lutz, Local 966 Vice Pres. Chris Fox, Local 249 Vice Pres. Pat Stein, and Local 83 Bus. Agents Tom Addy and Don Tuttel.

A special thank-you, Bro. Flanagan, from all of us for all you have done for us over the years, professionally and as a friend. Mike is definitely a full-service rep!

Don S. Tuttel, P.S.