January 2010

Register Your IBEW Membership Card Today
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Go to www.ibew.org

The new year will bring some new developments at my.ibew.org.

Since high-tech, "smart" membership cards were mailed to members last summer, more than 20 percent of you have registered at the site. The IBEW is encouraging all members to register to take full advantage of soon-to-come features, including tracking your history of NJATC and Code of Excellence training and more.

Why should I register?

More than 150,000 of your union brothers and sisters are already using the portal to calculate projected I.O. pensions, verify or change beneficiaries and manage personal information. More features will be added this year that will streamline and enhance your experience as a member.

I have my card, but I'm not that familiar with computers. What should I do?

Visit https://my.ibew.org to view a short tutorial on how to navigate the page. Follow the prompts and you'll be registered in no time. We can also offer additional phone or e-mail support (see below).

I no longer have my card. Can I get a new one?

Yes. Visit my.ibew.org and click on the link that says "Having technical issues?" Fill out the online form and someone will either contact you or a new card will be sent to you.

I never received a card. What now?

Your address needs to match the info we have on file. Contact the I.O.'s Per Capita Department at (202) 728-6263 and we will update your information and send you a replacement card.

Any other questions? Call (202) 728-6231 or send an e-mail to myibew@ibew.org.