March 2010

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‘Adopt-a-Family' Program

L.U. 1 (as,c,ees,ei,em,es,et,fm,i,mt,rts,s,se,spa,st& ws), ST. LOUIS, MO—In December 2009, Local 1 initiated an Adopt-a-Family program to help some of the many members struggling with unemployment during these hard times. The goal was to give members unemployed for a long period the opportunity to provide their families a happy holiday season. The program allowed members to "adopt" other families, request that their family be "adopted," or simply make contributions for those in need. Special consideration went to those with a disability or on the out-of-work list for an extended time. Families in need received funds to purchase gifts for their children, gift cards for the children's use and funds for other necessities.

Overall, more than 170 families were assisted by Local 1, in addition to numerous families helped by other individual members on their own. The support and generosity were overwhelming, and a true testament to Local 1 members. The local thanks all who contributed.

We mourn the following members' deaths: Jeffrey Martchink, Ralph Spitz, Wayne Atchisson, Robert Voss, William Harding Jr., Stanley Dampier, Harold Ragan Sr., Evelyn Parker, Robert Fleming, Andrew Gerber Sr., Aloysius Lipinski, Roy Weaver, Jimmie Lancaster, Lester Cordes, Clarence Daskoski, Eugene Landwehr, Richard Dickinson, Darrell Lachance, Edna Earley and David Shanks.

Matt Gober, P.S.

Embracing Green Technology

L.U. 11 (i,rts&spa) LOS ANGELES, CA—Congratulations to Local 11 members at Steiny and Company Inc. for their skills and expertise at installing sustainable energy technology on the rooftop of the company's Baldwin Park warehouse. The solar panels will provide power and lighting for years to come. We salute the company's efforts to offset its carbon footprint and are hopeful this example will convince other businesses to do the same.

We are proud to report that U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis visited the Electrical Training Institute along with other high-ranking Obama administration cabinet members as part of the president's plan to put America back to work. Solis toured more than 50 classrooms and state-of-the art labs while speaking with students and posing for photos.

Solis praised the Local 11 leadership for taking an active role in promoting green jobs. She acknowledged the ETI as the premiere training facility for green careers in the United States and marveled at the nearly 500,000 kilowatt photovoltaic array installed by Local 11 members. Solis was joined on the tour by Marla Elena Durazo, executive secretary-treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO.

Bob Oedy, P.S.

Los Angeles Local 11 members installed a rooftop solar array at a Steiny and Company Inc. warehouse. From left, back row standing, are: Casey Britt, Mark Jacqmin, Dion Mau, Roy Cheaney; front row, Dave Mojica, Wayne Tesoriero, John Garduno and Jose Peregrina.

Tremendous Generosity

L.U. 15 (u), DOWNERS GROVE, IL—Local 15 sends good wishes to Bus. Reps. Ron Welte and Dave Mullen. Bro. Welte retired after 37 years of service. Bro. Mullen was appointed International Representative assigned to the IBEW Utility Department in Washington, D.C. Local 15 will miss their extensive experience.

Thanks to our members, we exceeded the collection goal for the United Way 2009-2010 campaign. Together, the union and management contributed more than $2,530,000!

In our nuclear stations, we reached agreement with ComEd on Travel Agreements for 2010 and are working on other packages. Some members helped with an outage at Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station in Pennsylvania and were welcomed by Local 777.

Local 15 is installing smart meters under an AMI pilot program; the goal is to install 131,000 meters in the next few months. The Systems Services Group Agreement with ComEd was overwhelmingly approved by affected members by a vote of 70-1.

We reached an agreement with Exelon on a new clerical aptitude entry test—Support Administration Selection System—replacing the EEI test. This will cover new hires with ComEd, Exelon and BSC.

In our fossil stations, the Midwest Generation employees heard from CEO Ron Litzinger the harsh reality that the stations' futures depend on how climate control legislation turns out—a reminder that elections are important! In June, our benefits package with MWGen expires, so we will provide "change forms" for members' input.

Douglas Vedas, P.S./B.R.

Tribute to a Union Brother

L.U. 19 (u), AURORA, IL—We are deeply saddened to report that Gary Cichy, a Nicor Gas field employee and a member of the IBEW for more than 30 years, was fatally injured at a work site on Nov. 23, 2009.

Gary began his career at Nicor in 1979 and worked as a distribution technician out of the Naperville reporting center. Outside of work, Gary was an avid fisherman and very talented in creating unique, true-to-life wood carvings depicting aquatic nature.

Gary is survived by his wife, Janice, and their sons, Matt and Brian. Gary is deeply missed by his many friends and co-workers.

Chris Harris, B.R.

‘National Broadband Plan'

L.U. 21 (catv,govt&t), DOWNERS GROVE, IL—The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was signed into law by Pres. Obama on Feb.17, 2009. Over the last year, the Federal Communications Commission has been working with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to perform the FCC's role under the Recovery Act. Part of the Act requires that a National Broadband Plan be completed by Feb. 17, 2010. The Act also funds initiatives that are planned to speed up deployment in unserved, underserved and rural areas, providing important public benefits while also increasing jobs. Stay tuned.

At this writing, member education continues on health care reform and the fight for passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. Helping to pass laws to improve jobs, the economy and the everyday lives of all working families will continue to be a priority in 2010.

We highly encourage all members needing work boots to take advantage of a 27 percent discount on 100 percent American made, union-made work boots at www.TheUnionBootPro.Com. Use discount code Be0021mD. Buy American. Buy union. Save money!

Local 21 continues to expand our means of communicating with our membership. Follow us now on Twitter at

Thomas Hopper, P.S.

Political Involvement

L.U. 43 (em,i&rts), SYRACUSE, NY—Local 43 has a long tradition of political involvement in our jurisdiction and this past year was no exception. Because of term limits the incumbent mayor of Syracuse had to vacate his seat in 2010. This caused a battle for the open position. Both the Democratic and Republican parties started early with hotly contested primaries. Our local stood behind Stephanie Miner, union labor attorney and city councilwoman.

Bus. Mgr. Bill Towsley asked Bro. Al Marzullo to act as our political coordinator. With door to door canvassing, literature drops, phone banks, fundraising and human billboards, Al had the members deeply involved. Miner won her primary and then won the general election over her Republican opponent by a large margin.

We also had three members run for public office. Bro. Jim Corbett—for Onondaga County Legislature, Bro. Jeff Currie—for Cortland County Legislature and Bro. Bill Kuhn—for councilor, Town Of Elbridge. Both Corbett and Currie won election. Many thanks to all those who helped on Election Day, including political coordinator Marzullo, JATC instructor Dave Nichols and many journeymen and apprentices.

Jim Corbett, P.S.

Union volunteers turn out on Election Day to help elect Local 43 Bro. Jim Corbett to public office. Among those joining Corbett are political coordinator Al Marzullo, JATC instructor Dave Nichols, and journeymen and apprentices.

New Year's Resolution

L.U. 51 (catv,lctt,o,rtb,t&u), SPRINGFIELD, IL—As we welcome the new year ahead and a new decade, let us not forget the importance of community and the sacrifice of those who have given their time to make life better for union members and society in general. Being a member of the largest electrical union in the world means more than just paying dues. Every one of us should understand the importance of community building and each of us should find a way to do our part.

Our current work load has slowed somewhat with nine journeyman linemen on Book 1 and 67 on Book 2. We are hopeful that as spring arrives our work outlook will improve.

As of this writing, negotiations continue with American Line Builders (NECA), Henkels & McCoy, Asplundh (power & LCTT), Nelson Tree and Wright Tree Services, Corn Belt Energy and Frontier Communications.

We have reached agreements with the L.E. Meyers Shop and WICS-TV.

Remember to work safe; give eight hours' work for eight hours' pay; and attend your union meetings.

Dan Pridemore, Pres.

Attending Local 51's staff Christmas luncheon are, from left: Local 51 member Mike Bradshaw, Bus. Mgr. Jim Bates and Tom Peterson, retired business representative.

Trap Shoot Day

L.U. 57 (lctt,mo,o,t&u), SALT LAKE CITY, UT—The local held its annual Trap Shoot at the Lee Kay Shooting Center in West Valley, UT, on Nov. 21, 2009. Thirteen teams participated. Tom Baker won "High Gun" and Dave Vega, Drue Palmer, Bill Walker, Wade Palmer and Jeremy Price won the Men's Division. Danielle Palmer won "High Gun" in the Lady's Division while Porter Baker and Jesse Sainsbury tied in the Junior Division. This event continues to grow, as it is a great time for family and fellow employees to spend a day together. A special thanks to Mass Electric, Sturgeon and Black and McDonald for all the great prizes.

The Shelley, Idaho, Unit of Rocky Mountain Power held its 4th Annual Christmas Food Drive. This drive continues to grow and in 2009 helped feed 1,500 families in the region. We thank all members for assisting those less fortunate in these tough economic times.

The Populus/Terminal Transmission/Substation project is winding down and ahead of schedule. The work outlook should improve this spring as the weather improves and impending transmission projects get out to bid.

Be safe. Stay strong. Stand together.

Scott Long, P.S.

Winning Team at the Local 57 Trap Shoot, from left: Dave Vega, Wade Palmer, Bill Walker, Jeremy Price and Drue Palmer.

World-Class Training Facility

L.U. 77 (lctt,mt,o,t&u), SEATTLE, WA—After a long, hard battle, on Nov. 13, 2009, the purchase and transfer of the National Utility Training and Education Center, located at 2800 Horn Rapids Road, Richland, WA, to IBEW Local 77 was finalized.

The prior NUTEC Inc. board of directors was unable to develop the NUTEC site and training facilities, mainly due to lack of corporate/business membership funding. Instead of the site reverting back to desert, with a total loss of a training site, Local 77 saw an opportunity to continue the vision of establishing a much-needed center.

Thus Local 77 made an offer to purchase the 70-acre facility from the old NUTEC board in January 2009. The transfer required Local 77 to engage with the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Energy (former owner of Hanford training site), the State of Washington, and Benton County. The process began by a vote of the membership in 2006.

After months of hard work by Bus. Mgr. Don Guillot and the local's property attorney, Cindy Thomas, Local 77 will partner with the IBEW Utility Training Trust, HAMMER Training Facility, electrical utilities, and line construction contractors to have a world-class, inclusive utility industry training facility.

Pat Darling, P.S.

Attending the NUTEC signing are, from left: Local 77 Pres. Rick Johnson, Bus. Mgr. Don Guillot and Bus. Rep. John Trumble.

‘All-Members Meeting' in June

L.U. 125 (lctt,o,t&u), PORTLAND, OR—On June 12, 2010, Local 125 is hosting an All-Members Meeting at the Embassy Suites Hotel located near the entrance to Portland International Airport. With our multi-state jurisdiction, we have individual unit meetings to make attendance convenient for our members. We are going to hold this meeting and capture the true spirit of our brotherhood, provide a "state-of-the-union" address, and share strategy for dealing with upcoming challenges. IBEW Ninth District Int. Vice Pres. Michael S. Mowrey and International Executive Council member Pat Lavin are scheduled to join us.

We'll also use this opportunity to provide training for our shop stewards, unit chairmen, and unit recorders on June 11. These unit leaders will have an opportunity to attend our unit chairman/recorder, shop steward, or advanced shop steward classes.

There will be a buffet dinner for members and a guest on the evening of June 11. Lodging will be provided for those selected to attend training. Additional details will be posted on the local's Web site and shared at unit meetings in the coming weeks. For more information or to RSVP, please call the Local 125 business office at (503) 262-9125.

Marcy Putman, P.S.

President Visits Jurisdiction

L.U. 129 (i,mt&spa), LORAIN, OH—We had the great pleasure of a visit by Pres. Obama to our jurisdiction on Jan. 22 for a town hall meeting and a tour of some of our local businesses. He spoke of some very positive things that will influence our area and state greatly.

Work in our local remains slow. We do expect some projects to start this spring including a $100 million Cleveland Clinic project and a Wal-Mart project. Additionaly, we have received grant money for training our members to build wind turbines. Also, as a reminder to our members—there is a sign-up sheet at the hall for the fire alarm test.

Dennis Pedings, P.S.

Stimulus Package Benefit

L.U. 145 (em,i,o,rts,spa&u), ROCK ISLAND, IL—Local 145 wishes to acknowledge retirees Ron Peters and Larry Hoffman for their continued endeavors to promote a positive union image through community service. Again last year, they led the efforts of several union brothers and sisters, including retirees, to bring power to the Symphony of Lights holiday display in Clinton, IA. At more than a mile long, the display includes over half a million individual lights and is known regionally as "the" holiday destination.

Despite the economic downturn facing the country last year, Local 145 was able to keep most of our journeymen working. Locally, we continue to benefit from the Obama administration's stimulus package through several government contracts in the Quad Cities. The construction of a flagship biodegradable plastics plant for ADM Company also kept many members on the job late into the year.

2010 promises to bring more work to the area. Making national headlines, the Thomson Prison will be converted to a super maximum security facility to house detainees from Guantanamo Bay. Also, Western Illinois University has begun efforts to expand campus facilities in Moline. The annual outage at our Cordova nuclear facility will also provide jobs for electricians in early 2010.

Steve Long, P.S.

2009 Projects Successful

L.U. 153 (em,i,rtb,rts,se,spa&st), SOUTH BEND, IN—As 2009 wrapped up so too did two large projects that helped Local 153 get through this economic slowdown.

In September 2008, at the American Electric Power D.C. Cook Nuclear Plant in Bridgman, MI, there was a mechanical failure in Unit 1. One of the turbines threw a blade causing some damage and a minor fire. The damage was labeled a catastrophic incident by AEP. The IBEW was instrumental in turning this around. For 15 months Local 153 members put in long hours, seven days a week. The entire project resulted in more than 180,000 hours through the 15 months. The repair job was finished up on schedule and the unit was returned to the power grid on Dec. 23, 2009.

In the fall of 2006, construction began on the new St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Mishawaka, IN. The 633,000 square-foot hospital opened its doors on Dec. 14, 2009. The project was built by all union construction workers. Over 3.5 million hours were worked by members of the St. Joseph Valley Building & Construction Trades over the course of the $365 million project. On Dec. 5, 2009, the hospital hosted an open house for the contractors and trades workers. The St. Joseph Valley Building & Construction Trades was happy to present the hospital charitable foundation with a small token of its gratitude in the form of a check for $10,000.

Troy D. Warner, B.R.

IBEW Local 153 Bus. Mgr. Michael Compton presents a $10,000 check to Nancy Hellyar of St. Joseph Medical Charitable Foundation on behalf of the St. Joseph Valley Building Trades.

Community Service Recognized

L.U. 163 (ees&i), WILKES-BARRE, PA—Local 163 grieves the passing of Bros. Carl Olshefski and past training director Michael J. Shannon.

Apprentices and journeymen participated in community service this summer at the Ferrwood Music Camp near Hazleton, PA. The volunteers donated their time to upgrade and repair sections of the camp buildings; the work included switching circuits, exit signs and energy efficient lighting. The Greater Hazleton Area Can Do Community Foundation presented Local 163 JATC with a resolution recognizing the efforts.

A dinner dance was held in October 2010 for retirees and their guests. Local 163 Bus. Mgr. Michael Kwashnik hosted the evening's festivities along with Executive Board members and officers to honor the many years of service and dedication by our retirees.

The annual children's Christmas party last December was a big success due to the hard work of Bro. Eric Grohowski and all his elves.

John T. Nadolny, P.S./Training Dir.

Local 163's October 2009 dinner dance for retirees and guests is well-attended.

Membership Development Effort

L.U. 177 (bo,ees,i,mo,o&pet), JACKSONVILLE, FL—Retired member Bro. Bill Gehm celebrated his 34th year in the red suit at our annual children's Christmas party last year. Santa gave out gifts to approximately 250 kids that day as they enjoyed games and refreshments. Both the children's party and the retirees' Christmas party were big successes, thanks to the help of many volunteers.

Work in the Jacksonville area remains dismal at best. The Membership Development Volunteer Committee (MDVC) remains energized and is still monitoring the progress of the new county courthouse being built nonunion. The new $430 million Greenland Energy Center was awarded to H.B. Zachary and will be built nonunion as well, thanks to the Jacksonville Electric Authority. The MDVC plans to monitor the project and the use of undocumented workers on it.

Alan Jones, Pres.

Santa Claus (retired member Bill Gehm) hands out gifts at Local 177's children's Christmas party in 2009.

Honoring Our Members

L.U. 191 (c,i,mo,rtb&st), EVERETT, WA—The Retiree and Service Pin Dinner was held in December 2009 at the Cotton Tree Inn in Mt. Vernon, WA. Thanks to all who helped and attended, it was a great afternoon of fun, food, games and prizes.

Among the many service pin recipients were: for 50 years' service—Andrew Desrosier, Robert E. Johnson, Wallace S. Mason, Dorrell B. Quinton, Bing G. White, Reider R. Hammer; for 55 years—William M. Rockwell; for 60 years—Wayne J. Deming; and for 65 years—Stanley S. Schneller.

Congratulations to recently retired brothers: Kent Barnes, George Brattain, Ronald Davison, Ronald Evans, Richard Jubie, John Hovey, Gary Lakey, John Palm, Dennis Patterson, Michael Potter, Gary Smith, Melvin Taylor and Tommy D. Tomlinson. Thanks to all members for your continued service. The IBEW is a better place because of you. We wish you all a happy retirement.

The LMCC hosted foreman classes at the Everett union hall in December with an overwhelming response. The Electrical Project Supervision Program consists of three integrated levels. It's open to all members and contractors. Please contact the Everett hall for more information.

Rob De Velder, P.S.

Several Local 191 retiring members gather for celebration: front, center, Ron Davison; back row, from left, Mike Potter, Dennis Patterson and George Brattain.

Holiday Food Drive

L.U. 197 (em&i), BLOOMINGTON, IL—We celebrated a happy holiday season. Our apprentices did a fine job collecting canned food for the needy during the 2009 holidays.

We held our annual Christmas party, and everyone had a good time. Service pins were awarded to: Dave Cooprider (10 years of service), Scott Taylor (10 years), Shawn Dehaven (15 years), Russell Roberts (35 years), Dave Ashenbremer (40 years) and Elmer Alsene (retiree). Congratulations, brothers, and thanks for your commitment to the IBEW and our local. Door prizes were awarded and good food and drink were served.

As we move forward into 2010 we wish our members good luck in the year ahead. This is another contract year so we must be diligent in attending journeyman classes to continue to hone our skills.

This is also an election year for many local and state candidates. If anyone wants to help, walking precincts or getting involved with candidates who are friends of labor, please call the hall.

We wish Sean Tibbs, who is serving in Afghanistan, a safe and speedy tour.

Remember: take pride in the union, get involved, and stay involved.

Mike Raikes, P.S.

Service pins are awarded at Local 197 holiday party. From left are: Bus. Mgr. Lance Reece, Pres. Rich Veitengruber, and award recipients Elmer Alsene, Dave Cooprider, Shawn Dehaven, Scott Taylor, Russell Roberts and Dave Ashenbremer.

New Union Hall/JATC Facility

L.U. 229 (em&i), YORK, PA—Local 229 officers are proud to announce that on Dec. 21, 2009, the local settled on a new union hall/JATC training facility. The new facility will be located at 555 Willow Springs Lane in East Manchester Township, only 2 miles off the Emigsville, PA, exit off Interstate 83. The building is more than 18,000 square feet and is situated on 6.13 acres.

The officers and JATC committee are working with architects and contractors to get the necessary renovations underway as quickly as possible; we hope to have the facility ready by late spring.

The primary motivation for the purchase of this facility was the need for more space for our apprenticeship training program. We now have the facility to give all Local 229 apprentices the opportunity to learn with every piece of electrical equipment necessary for them to "top out" as the best trained electrical workers in the industry!

We have much work ahead of us and we will need members' participation to accomplish it.

Mark Tomes, P.S.

Retirees Donate to Worthy Cause

L.U. 257 (em,i,rtb,rts,spa&t), JEFFERSON CITY, MO—Local 257 retirees met on Dec. 8, 2009, for a Christmas meal provided by the local. This year, in lieu of a gift exchange, the retirees decided to contribute to a worthy cause.

Retirees donated $800 to a Local 257 member's family to assist with their son's needs. Local 257 journeyman wireman Brian Kaiser's 2-year old son, Brayden, was born with a kidney disorder and has needed a kidney transplant. There has been a two-year wait for the transplant and the family has spent countless hours in doctors' offices, hospitals and dialysis clinics. We commend the Local 257 retirees for helping Bro. Kaiser's family. The Kaisers thank everyone for the prayers and contributions.

Last November, CenturyLink (created by the merger of CenturyTel and Embarq) employees negotiated a new three-year contract. The negotiation committee consisted of Local 257 Bus. Mgr. Don Bruemmer, Chandra Sullivan, Dale Adams and Greg Phillippe. The telephone business is constantly changing, which made negotiations for this contract very hard. The union will monitor CentruryLink's progress over the next three years.

Our condolences go out to the families of deceased members Jeff Boehm, Reed Creath, Wendell Gilbert, Norman Hart, Orville Lenger, Harold Rackers and Willie Schulte.

Support your local—help keep our unions strong.

Ryan Buschjost, P.S.

Local 257 Retirees Club Pres. Jerry Rehagen (left), Heather Kaiser and Brian Kaiser with son Brayden.

Airport Control Tower Project

L.U. 291 (i,o,rtb&,rts), BOISE, ID—Work remains slow here in southwest Idaho with more than 260 book 1 hands still out of work. Local 291 extends a big thank-you to sister IBEW Local 449 and Bob Bodell for providing work for many of our members over in the eastern side of the state. Ongoing work at Sorento Lactalis, the Boise State University Science Building, and Middleton High School continues to provide some work for our members. Lea Electric's Tony Keen and many Local 291 hands recently finished up the new Boise Airport/FAA control tower. At 290 feet, the tower is the tallest structure in the state of Idaho.

Our condolences go to the family of Irene McMillin, who passed away Nov. 21, 2009. She was an IBEW member for 55 years and was Local 291 office manager for 37 years. She is missed by all.

Congratulations to Bro. Lonny Wearin on the birth of a new son. We thank Randy and Melanie Cope for their efforts putting on our 2009 Christmas party. Great job.

Ron Ely, P.S.

Local 291 members completed work on a new Boise Airport/ FAA control tower.

Hope for Spring Upturn

L.U. 309 (i,lctt,mo,mt,o,rts,spa&u), COLLINSVILLE, IL—The economic downturn that has hit too many locals unfortunately has now touched ours. The Inside branch is currently suffering unemployment since the completion of our two largest projects, Suncoke at U.S. Steel and Abengoa Ethanol Plant in Granite City. The Outside has slowed down a little, but we hope for a brighter spring.

2010 looks to be a busy year as numerous labor agreements are set to expire. We are always looking for members who have not served on negotiating committees to step up and help out with new, fresh ideas.

Our "Fifty-Year Dinner" was again held at Sunset Hills Country Club. As always it was well-attended. Special congratulations to Carl W. Chesser and Robert L. Hartman Jr., our 70-year honorees.

Scott Tweedy, A.B.M.

Holiday Party

L.U. 351 (c,cs,i,it,lctt,mt,o,se,spa&t), FOLSOM, NJ—Our annual children's Christmas party was held on Dec.13, 2009. Again, it was a wonderful celebration for the kids. Thanks to all the committee members who made it a huge success. They are: Duke Collins, Kathy D'Alonzo, Dan Cosner, John Biondi, Bill Hosey, Jim Bresch, Joe Trumbetti, Chuck Dellavecchia, T.J. Wolfe, Ed Reiser, Dennis Kleiner, Ray Listman and Sean Newlin.

Daniel Cosner, P.S.

Local 351 Christmas party committee members gather.

Care Packages for the Troops

L.U. 369 (em,es,i,lctt,o,rtb,rts,spa&u), LOUISVILLE, KY—The Local 369 office staff collects $1 for every T-shirt, hat, etc. they sell throughout the year—then during the holidays they locate charities and needy members to assist.

For 2009, the staff spearheaded a project to prepare care packages for military personnel stationed overseas who are deployed from this state. With the help of they found several troops from this area to send the packages.

Joanne Caple, Ronda Goodin, Kay Profitt and Debbie Roby shopped for items requested by the soldiers. Word of this undertaking spread and the retirees decided to help. Tommie Humphreys, through his connections with Dare-to-Care, acquired 150 cases of snacks, toiletries, etc.

Tommie recruited other retiree buddies with trucks and they delivered four skids of boxes. Several business agents unloaded this massive shipment and the race was on to package everything for shipping to the soldiers for Christmas. We contacted the post office, which brought in extra help to handle approximately 200 care packages for the troops.

Thanks to office staff, business agents, retirees and a few kind citizens, the packages were shipped out in time. Most of all we thank the troops, who risk their lives to keep this country safe. We salute the troops and their families. Godspeed.

John E. Morrison Jr., P.S.

Some of the volunteers who helped prepare Local 369 care packages for the troops gather at the union hall. From left are: Bill Weiter, Buck Buchannon, Bill Mattingly, Fred Gammel, Jim Spalding, Dave Evans, Jim McNay, Tom Mattingly, Joanne Caple, Kenny Freibert, Mike Whelan, Steve Silliman, Louie Killmeier, Sammy Scott, Suzanne Whelan and Norma Whelan.

Promoting the IBEW

L.U. 379 (i,o&rtb), CHARLOTTE, NC—On Aug. 1, 1926, our brothers signed the local union charter application at the historic Hotel Charlotte. On the same date in 2009, officers and members kicked off a new cross promotion with the Hotel Charlotte Restaurant.

Located on South Sharon Amity Road, this staple restaurant of the Queen City for the past 30 years is owned by Steve Black. It has hosted many dining celebrities, most recently Federal Reserve Chmn. Ben Bernanke, named Time magazine's 2009 Person of the Year. This establishment is adorned by many items from the Hotel Charlotte dating from the 1920s—including the original mahogany bar and solid cherry valet doors. Local 379 historic pieces continue to be added along with other IBEW items, including the Brotherhood's decals on the front door!

We have established the Local 379/IBEW discount, extended to all members of our Brotherhood! A paid-up union dues receipt is all you need to show your server to receive the discount. Since the beginning of this cross promotion, Local 379 has held numerous gatherings at the Hotel Charlotte, and the upcoming charter party will be held there in August. When visiting Charlotte, NC, stop by and bring your local's wares for display in the restaurant!

Guy B. DePasquale, Historian

"The Founders" of the IBEW cross promotion are, from left: Local 379 Bus. Mgr. Bob Krebs; Steve Black, owner of Hotel Charlotte Restaurant; and Local 379 Historian Guy DePasquale.

LEED Design-Build Project

L.U. 449 (catv,em,i,o,rtb,rts,spa&u), POCATELLO, ID—Balanced Rock Electric, a signatory contractor in Twin Falls, Idaho, participated in a design-build project for the College of Southern Idaho to build the Health Science and Human Services Building. This innovative and energy efficient 72,270 square-foot building has space for health care technician programs, classrooms, lecture halls, computer rooms, simulator rooms, a dental lab, X-ray rooms, numerous offices and support spaces.

This building sets a new level of expectation for design, one that is high-performance from the user's perspective, as well as from an energy efficient perspective. Occupancy sensors control the lighting, HVAC, and general-use receptacles. Daylight sensors control lighting levels to allow natural sunlight to be utilized. When natural light is not sufficient, lighting levels automatically adjust to assure that lighting levels never fall below 36 foot-candles. The lighting in the common areas and lecture halls is computer controlled for day and night and different scenes.

Energy savings on the lighting alone is figured at 164,000 kilowatt hours annually, a saving of 50 percent. This building is a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) project and scored 48 points, well into "gold" level.

Twelve journeyman wiremen and seven apprentices from Local 449 worked on this Code of Excellence project.

Robert J. Bodell, B.M.

Local 449 members worked on a LEED design-build project for the College of Southern Idaho.

Linemen Brighten Holidays

L.U. 457 (u), MERIDEN, CT—In December 2009, linemen from Local 457 brightened the holidays for patients at Connecticut Hospice in Branford by stringing lights on the trees on the property after receiving a request for assistance with decorating the grounds for the holidays. [See photo, below.] The IBEW members volunteered to give up a Saturday morning to work outside in the freezing cold to make a difference in the lives of others. Their generosity is an example of what the holiday season is truly about.

Rich Sank, B.M./F.S.

Local 457 linemen volunteers who installed holiday lights at the Connecticut Hospice in Branford are, from left: T. Kinne, W. Quattlebaum, B. Hawkins, E. Mosca, J. Tucker, B. Mehrtens, J. Bullis, M. Hartley, F. Curcio, R. Rizzitello and C. Richards.

Service Award Honorees

L.U. 545 (i), ST. JOSEPH, MO—At this writing, work remains slow. The Lost Creek Wind Farm has helped to ease a slow winter for us. New projects in this area are finally starting to bid.

Local 545 held our annual retirees meeting on Dec. 3, 2009. At that meeting we awarded several service pins to our retirees with 50 or more years of service. Receiving 50-year pins were: Martin Lajoie, Henry Ruhnke and Roy Wood. Awarded 55-year pins were: Aubrey Anderson, Frank Roth III and Roger Schultz Sr. Awarded 60-year pins were: Robert Gilmore and Carl Schweder. Martin Logan Sr. received his 70-year pin. We are very fortunate to have so many healthy retirees in our local.

We are saddened by the passing of Bro. Gary "Gar" Keene, who passed away in August 2009 at age 60. Our prayers are with his family.

Greg Logan, B.M./F.S.

Local 545 retired member Martin Logan Sr. (third from left) receives his 70-year service pin. Joining him are family members following in the IBEW tradition: grandson Blain (15-yearmember), and sons Greg (28-yearmember), Martin Jr. (47-year member) and John (40-yearmember).

2010 Election Cycle

L.U. 551 (c,i&st), SANTA ROSA, CA—We have a brand new year and decade ahead of us to make positive changes. We are in an election cycle with seats to fill, from City Council all the way up to the governor's seat. We will install a brand new phone bank system at our union hall. It's going to be real busy here. With the great bunch of union volunteers who are glad to take action and get involved, it's going to be good times with strong grass-roots activity. I have a great feeling that our members will help elect candidates who are friends of labor in 2010.

We had a tough winter with many of our members out of work. Bus. Mgr. Jack Buckhorn established a Benevolent Fund in 2004. It has helped some of our distressed members. Recently with these funds the Executive Board ordered the issue of Safeway grocery cards to all of our out-of-work members for several past winter months.

As of press time, we're hoping to get calls in soon for our Humboldt Power Plant job. The job hit a snag as the generators' weight caused concern that the roadways would fail in transport. So, at this writing, the generators are sitting in a holding facility until repairs or improvements happen to the roads.

Denise D. Soza, P.S.

Generators needed for a Local 551 Humboldt Power Plant job await transport.

Graduation Celebration

L.U. 553 (i,mt,o&ws), RALEIGH, NC—IBEW Local 553 recently held a graduation celebration for five students who completed their journeyman inside wireman apprenticeship.

John Martin, Eric Cousins, Stephen Baker, James Poplin and Alton Lynch all met the required classroom criteria to complete their apprenticeship. Their dedication to the program, the local union and the organized electrical industry is evident by their success.

The celebration included a southern-style pig roast barbecue dinner prepared by local IBEW/NECA contractors. Door prizes were donated by Local 553, the Raleigh Durham Electrical JATC, and area IBEW/NECA contractors.

The graduates, their families, JATC Committee members, other Local 553 apprentices, supportive NECA contractors and IBEW members all joined in the celebration fun.

Ronald L. Cockman, B.M.

Local 553 congratulates recent JATC apprentice graduates, fromleft: John Martin, Eric Cousins, Stephen Baker, James Poplin and Alton Lynch.

Prospective New Companies

L.U. 557 (i,mt,rts&spa), SAGINAW, MI—The prospect of new companies entering the Saginaw area is a bright light at the end of a long winter tunnel. Some solar cell companies have shown an interest in possibly calling Saginaw their new home to manufacture components geared toward America's new focus on green energy.

No doubt that the recent work at the Hemlock Semiconductor facility has shown new companies that this area can still support some substantial economic growth. Couple this new work with additional pending expansion due in Hemlock, and things can start to look a bit more optimistic than in previous months. It is no secret that much of the state of Michigan has struggled with a major downturn. Optimism must prevail in order to weather the difficult winter. Frozen temperatures may chill us for now, but let's try to stay warm in the long run.

Our local was saddened by the sudden death on Nov. 23, 2009, of Bro. Scott MacArthur. He was 54 and suffered a fatal heart attack. Bro. Scott was a remarkable union member and did wonderful things for the IBEW and its members in his time on Earth. He is truly missed.

Evan Alardyce, P.S.

Celebrations a Success

L.U. 569 (i,mar, mt,rts&spa), SAN DIEGO, CA—Our annual San Diego holiday party was held Dec. 9, 2009. The IBEW hall was filled to capacity with members and their families. We were also joined by numerous elected representatives. Office manager Dana Morgan again provided the children with delicious homemade cookies, and the kids had fun customizing them with frosting and sprinkles. Santa also delivered gifts and took pictures with the children. All had a great time.

Also, on Dec. 16 our annual holiday party was held at our new Imperial County Office and Training Center facility for the first time. A big thanks to IBEW Local 47, which not only donated the use of their impressive grill on wheels, but also assisted in preparing a tasty carne asada dinner for our members and guests. Santa handed out gifts to the delight of the children. California Assembly member Manuel Perez was on hand to give his vision of bringing jobs to the Imperial Valley. Thanks to the local staff for making both holiday parties a success.

Nicholas J. Segura Jr., P.S.

Joshua Miranda (left) visits with Santa at the Local 569 Imperial County holiday party.

Steady Work Picture

L.U. 611 (catv,es,govt,i,lctt,o,spa,t&u), ALBUQUERQUE, NM—The local's 2009 family Christmas party was a huge success. Each year the parties seem bigger and better and last year was no exception. The kids took pictures with Santa and we had a face painter and other activities. Thank you to the committee members who put this great event together—your time and effort are appreciated.

On Jan. 9, the membership for the second time in three months voted down our latest contract proposal by a margin of 12 votes. At the last meeting as of press time, there were 305 people who signed in but only 240 voted. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens next.

As of this writing, work has been steady with a few calls coming in here and there.

Local 611 extends condolences to families of the following who passed away: Donald E. Leahy, Nicholas M. Veroche, James A. Wiley Jr. and Manual "Ted" Cordova.

Darrell J. Blair, P.S.

IBEW members attend the Local 611 family Christmas party.

Red Seal Journeyman Status

L.U. 625 (ees,em,i,mar&mt), HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA—The new location for our local's annual Christmas dinner and dance was a hit last year and all who attended enjoyed the meal and live band. Atten-dance was up to about 180 people. Word of mouth should put that number over 200 next December.

At the end of 2009, seven more members got their Red Seal Journeyman status. This brings 2009 numbers up to 35! Congratulations to Bros. Joe McCarthy, Chad Richardson, David Joyce, Art Billard, John Shorter, Scott Coulter, Jamie Gilby and Adam Corporon. Job well-done.

Congratulations and best of luck to Ross MacKenzie on his retirement from the local in January.

It is with a heavy heart that I note the passing of retired Bro. Ambrose Richard Cole, 86, on Jan. 4, 2010. Ambrose was the father of two other Local 625 members, retired member Lenny Cole and active member Roger Cole. Our condolences go out to all the family.

2009 was a very slow year for Nova Scotia as well you all know. All indications are for a better 2010 with several good-sized projects in Halifax and one hospital in Truro coming soon. At this writing, we have 450 journeymen and apprentices on the books.

Tom Griffiths, Pres.

Looking to Spring

L.U. 683 (em&i), COLUMBUS, OH—Our Annual White Castle/Christmas Light installation and breakfast event was Nov. 14, 2009. The crew was: Mario Ciardelli, Dennis Nicodemus, Rick Deime, Joe Biser, Carmella Biser, Dan George, Skip Teaford, Bill Davies, Steve Smith, Gary Grcic, Margie Richards and Committee Chair Ed Moore. Thanks to Roberts Electric for use of the bucket truck.

The retirees luncheon on Dec. 5, 2009, was well-attended and everyone enjoyed the occasion. Local 683 officers appreciated the invitation to attend and enjoyed the get-together and the great food.

At the Dec. 10 union meeting/Christmas party, many prizes were given away including: money, blue jackets and OSU h ockey tickets, a rifle, a shotgun and a year of paid dues to some lucky members. Rod Sumner received the Volunteer of the Year Award.

We extend condolences to the family of Robert L. Griffin, who passed away Nov. 19, 2009.

We hope this spring our IBEW membership will see an increase in employment to get all members back to work. We also thank the locals that are helping our traveling members with job opportunities.

Rick Deime, V.P./P.S.

Local 683 crew members gather for the Annual White Castle/Christmas Light installation.

697 ‘LEEDS' The Way

L.U. 697 (c,es,i,mt&se) GARY AND HAMMOND, IN—IBEW Local 697, NECA's Northern Indiana Chapter and the Lake County JATC broke ground for a new Training and Administration Center located in Merrillville, IN, on Sept. 29, 2009. [See photo, pg. 13.]

The facility combines the Local 697 business office, apprenticeship training center, benefit trust funds office and credit union. This 40,000 square-foot structure will be the first privately owned LEED certified building in Lake County. It is on track for LEED "silver" level certification, and has potential to make "gold" level.

Local 697 is committed to new technology and training in alternative energy for photovoltaic and wind energy. The project qualified for a $75,000 matching grant from the State of Indiana for a 21.5 KW photovoltaic system supplying "green" power to the site. Local 697 member and LEED accredited professional Tracy Hall helped spearhead aspects of the project. Infrastructure for a future wind turbine is also planned.

The facility features glass walls showcasing main switchgear and low voltage mainframes, with video screens monitoring building performance. The JATC section includes an open-air, third-floor classroom with the photovoltaic arrays manufactured by IBEW members at the Sharp factory in Tennessee and installed and maintained by training center students. LEDs will be used in all exterior fixtures. Completion is scheduled for fall 2010. Progress of the project can be accessed through a link from our Web site to a real time Webcam onsite.

Our new home will serve as another proud symbol of our great Brotherhood, and partnership for generations to come.

Raymond E. Kasmark, B.M.

IBEW Local 697, NECA'S Northern Indiana Chapter and Lake County JATC break ground for new Training and Administration Center.

Career of Service

L.U. 723 (em,govt,rtb,rts&t), FORT WAYNE, IN—Local 723 sent our good friend Executive Board member and steward Jon Burkhead on his next adventure of retirement.

Jon served selflessly as a steward for more than 20 years at United Telephone, Sprint, Embarq, and later at CenturyLink. Local 723 would like to recognize Jon as a valued member and friend. We wish him good luck and happy adventures in his retirement.

Michelle Barbour, Exec. Board

National Gas Rodeo Team

L.U. 753 (u), SPRINGFIELD, MO—The Gas House Gorillas team of City Utilities of Springfield, MO, swept four out of five events, while tying for first place in the remaining event at the National Gas Rodeo held Sept. 25, 2009. Teams from across the United States attended the event, hosted by Midwest Energy Association. The team won events that comprised cutting a 6-inch pipe by hand with a wheel cutter; running a gas service; building a meter set; hand digging a vault with shovels; and a relay composed of numerous job-related tasks.

Making it to the rodeo, let alone winning it, was in question shortly before the event. The original team of IBEW Local 753 members Dana Underwood and Adam Joy had been practicing for weeks with coach Steve Holt (who is on honorary withdrawal from Local 753). Underwood and Joy had established the times needed to win the competition and were gearing up to compete when Joy sustained an injury forcing Joy to withdraw and Holt to replace him. This proven ability to work together speaks well for the relationship between Local 753 and City Utilities of Springfield, MO.

Dick Wilson, P.S.

Local 753 Gas Rodeo team members display trophy. From left are: Local 753 Bus. Mgr. Bradley Stokes; rodeo team members Dana Underwood and Steve Holt; and IBEW Eleventh District Int. Rep. Jim Lynch.

Wind Farm Projects

L.U. 773 (as,em,i,mo&o), WINDSOR, ONTARIO, CANADA—Our work picture will improve in 2010, with manpower on four major wind farm projects. Black and McDonald will finish up at the Harrow Wind Farm, and will start soon on Port Alma phase 2; Henkels & McCoy Inc. and K Line are busy at the Raleigh Wind Energy location. Motor City Electric and Mid South Contractors are working at the Comber Wind Farm site.

Other projects include a $90 million University of Windsor engineering building, St. Clair College upgrades, and a new Leamington, Ontario, municipal building. The government's Economic Action Plan dollars will start to put some IBEW people to work due to the funding of some major water treatment projects.

It's a bargaining year for the construction trades in the Province of Ontario and when you read this, hopefully the IBEW will have reached, or be close to, an agreement.

Local 773 is honoured to be hosting the 47th Annual OPC-CCO Hockey Tournament in April at the WFCU Centre sports arena. We hope all the teams have a great tournament and enjoy themselves in Windsor.

David Spencer, P.S.

Solidarity & Fellowship

L.U. 915 (i&mt), TAMPA, FL—Local 915 hosted its annual Christmas party in December 2009. The event was chaired by Roberto Rosa and with the help of so many volunteers, it was a smashing success. To have so many brothers and sisters bring their families and gather together in solidarity and fellowship was inspiring. It was a tough year for so many of our members and to be able to put that aside to share in the Christmas spirit is truly a gift. Attendees ranged from retirees and members with more than 50 years in the Brotherhood, to new apprentices with only a few months of service.

The children enjoyed fun activities, and so many door prizes were given away it was hard not to win something. The big prizes were two flat-screen TVs and a special hand-made fishing rod. The dinner was of Cuban fare and we had delicious desserts.

Our sincere thanks go to Roberto and his wife, Diana, and to all the volunteers who helped make this an event to remember.

Theresa King, P.S.

Local 915 members and their families enjoy 2009 Christmas party.

Office Building Investment

L.U. 965 (em,govt,ptc&u), MADISON, WI—Local 965 made a bold investment in its future on Dec. 4, 2009, when it signed an agreement to purchase an office building located at 701 Watson Avenue, Madison, WI, after approval was granted by the rank-and-file as well as the International Office.

Key elements in the decision to make the purchase were the favorable real estate market, low return on the local's current investments and a beneficial savings over the current cost of renting office space.

The purchase is a single-story commercial office building, approximately 7,400 square feet, with a partially exposed lower level. Building features include a glass atrium entrance, vaulted ceiling, first-floor bank vault and a walk-out deck. There are 24 onsite parking stalls along with ample street parking in this industrial neighborhood. The building will provide office space for the business manager, assistant business managers and office administrator, as well as meeting rooms for the Executive Board and chief stewards.

The intent is to occupy the building by the end of March 2010. As of this writing, plans are in place for some minor work needed on the building to be accomplished by member volunteers during February and March.

Kurt Roberts, P.S.

‘A Better Tomorrow'

L.U. 1015 (em&i), WESLACO, TX—Local 1015 members attended their first Code of Excellence class on Nov. 21, 2009. Bus. Mgr. Sergio A. Salinas was the instructor.

"Because of the excellent training and material I received at the Seventh District Train the Trainer class, we received positive feedback from the 21 members who participated," Bus. Mgr. Salinas said. He notes that the COE will not only benefit existing signatory contractors, "but also prospective new contractors in the Rio Grande Valley."

Among the 21 participants were 13 first-year apprentices. Bro. William Balsells, one of the first-year apprentices attending, received an outstanding evaluation report from his employer, L&O Electric. L&O supervisor Eric Parrot stated, "Apprentice Balsells is a hard worker with great potential as he begins his career as a union electrician." We are grateful to our signatory contractors who recognize the hard work Local 1015 and the RGV/JATC are doing to recruit and train the best workers in the Rio Grande Valley.

Special thanks to the Seventh District office and local unions on the Texas Gulf Coast for their continued support for Local 1015.

Ray Duran, P.S.

Local 1015 participants attend a Code of Excellence class. From left, front row, are: Hector Banda, Lupe Hernandez, Jesse Sanchez, Ramon Martinez, Genaro Alvarez, Carlos Ingles, Aaron Buchner; middle row, Roberto Lara, Juan Benitez, Emmanuel Yanez, Doroteo Marez, Mike Sauceda, Aaron Bazan, Bus.Mgr. Sergio A. Salinas (instructor); back row, Jonathan E. Robles, Miguel Sanchez, WilliamBalsells, George Cepeda and Ruben Garza. (Ray Duran snapped the photo.)

A Successful Year

L.U. 1049 (lctt,o,u&uow), LONG ISLAND, NY—2009 was another successful year for Local 1049. With the sale of former IBEW 1381's building, we enhanced our General Fund and created a larger, stronger voice for our members. Bus. Mgr. Robert Shand has allocated some of the monies to improve the flow of information for more effective communications with the membership. Future improvements will include a new media center and a memorial garden, where members can reflect on the contributions of past members, as well as contemplate their own role in building the union for present and future members.

We ended 2009 by negotiating a new contract for our Line Clearance Tree Trim members. The three-year agreement includes general wage increases and an employer-funded increase to the Medical Fund. We also successfully expanded our jurisdiction to include Tree Trimming along the Long Island Railroad.

2010 will be challenging as well. The Long Island Power Authority will put the Maintenance Services Agreement out for bid and National Grid is actively seeking buyers for its Generation and Home Energy Services Divisions. We will also negotiate new contracts for our members who work for National Grid Home Energy Services, Waste Recycling Solutions, and National Grid.

Remember to stay informed: attend the general meetings, visit our Web site, and sign up to receive the "Hot Wire."

Thomas J. Dowling, R.S.

Union Workers Mobilize

L.U. 1245 (catv,em,govt,lctt,o,pet,t&u), VACAVILLE, CA—More than 400 retired and working members set up the first picket line in the local's 62 years of representing workers at NV Energy. The informational picket, at the company's Reno headquarters, protested the company's announced intention of eliminating contractual protections for retirement medical benefits during negotiations for a new contract. The picket action was followed by a candlelight rally with speeches by clergy members and other unions. Although the company and union agreed to a temporary extension of the contract beyond its Dec. 31, 2009, expiration date, NV Energy has shown no inclination to change its position on retirement medical benefits. The union increased pressure on the company over the Christmas 2009 holiday season by placing full-page ads in all the major newspapers in northern Nevada. In the ad, headlined "NV Energy: Honor Your Promise to Workers," leaders of Nevada's faith community called on company executives to "keep their word."

The local is gearing up for bargaining over the clerical agreement with Pacific Gas & Electric, which expires at the end of 2010. The bargaining committee met to strategize for mobilizing members, and the union plans joint educational meetings with company negotiators to study issues underlying the negotiations. Members can submit bargaining proposals this spring at unit meetings.

The local's mobilization against privatization at the City of Redding helped force the city council to back off of a sweeping plan to outsource IBEW jobs to the private sector. The union engaged in a wide-ranging campaign against the privatization plan, including radio talk shows, paid radio ads, a city hall rally, testimony before city officials, etc. The local remains on high alert in Redding, where some city leaders are still pursuing an outsourcing agenda and where two proposed ballot measures would target retiree benefits.

Eric Wolfe, P.S.

Local 1245 line workers from nearly 20 employers gather at Weakley Hall in late 2009 for a two-day safety summit, convened by Bus. Mgr. Tom Dalzell in the wake of three jobsite fatalities during the year. During a general discussion, Local 1245 Safety Committee member and SMUD electrician Art Torres, standing at right, offers his perspective to the group.

Training Success

L.U. 1253 (i), AUGUSTA, ME—Congratulations to Rick Broad, Pat Dauphinee and Harry Lyons for their success on the EPRI certification exam taken on Dec. 12, 2009, following the JATC sponsored instrumentation course.

Twelve Local 1253 members had the opportunity in December to participate in comprehensive wind turbine tower training sponsored by signatory contractor Larkin Enterprises Inc. and Maine's North Star Alliance. Training consisted of composite and safety training, both in the classroom and hands-on. This included tower rescue, thanks to access provided by First Wind. Participants included: Justin Alberico, Tim Bickford, Pat Cameron, Larry Drake, Chris Dunlop, Tim Dyer, Pete Fish, Steve Foster, Tom Graham, Chris Moore, Pete Poulin and Steve Tracey.

Recent retirees include Greg True, Everett Scott, Dave Weed and Tom Smith. We thank each for their many years of dedicated service to the local union and the industry.

William Gifford, P.S.

Augusta, ME, Local 1253 members Shane Jordan and Steve Krapf terminate control transformers for signatory contractor Northline Utilities at Stetson Mountain wind farm.

Election of Officers

L.U. 1307 (u), SALISBURY, MD—On Nov. 12, 2009, officers were elected for a three-year term. Local 1307 officers are: Bus. Mgr./Pres. David Adkins, Vice Pres. Lindley Hudson, Rec. Sec. Debbie Fidderman, Fin. Sec. Michele Horner, Treas. Andy Genga; and E-Board members Mark Derrickson, Chuck Harris, Vaughn Horner, Jack Sturgis, Ginny Williams, Heather Adkins, Billy Swift, Bob Weyant and Eddie Sparks.

We thank outgoing E-Board members for their service to the local: Clarence Fletcher, Curt Hudson, Dawn Furlough, Jane Daisey and Richard Adkins.

Local 1307 congratulates four members who retired last year: Hubert "Pie" Phillips, William Moore, Linda Hardesty and Donna Sterling.

Bro. Phillips began work at Delmarva Power as a meter reader in 1974. He took a utility service position in 1994, later transferred to Centreville District, and retired Feb. 1, 2009.

Bro. Moore started at Delmarva Power as a meter reader in 1972, advanced to engineering fieldman and retired June 1, 2009.

Sister Hardesty worked at Delmarva Power since 1972. She retired as a clerical associate in Fleet Services and the Substation Department on June 1, 2009

Sister Sterling started at Delmarva Power in 1966. She most recently worked as a protective equipment tester in Salisbury and retired on Feb. 1, 2009.

Best wishes to all for a happy retirement.

E.D. Sparks, P.S.

Hawaiian Telcom Update

L.U. 1357 (t), HONOLULU, HI—Hawaiian Telcom filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on Dec. 1, 2008, in an attempt to reorganize and reduce its debt. On Nov. 13, 2009, bankruptcy judge Lloyd King ruled to confirm Hawaiian Telcom's proposed Plan of Reorganization, without modification. The confirmed "Reorganization Plan" will reduce the debt from $1.5 billion to $300 million and will assume the collective bargaining agreement, as well as the funding of the pension plan. This will make the company a more vibrant competitor as it emerges out of Chapter 11. Local 1357 Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Scot Long stated, "We've always supported the business plan. The longer we are in Chapter 11, no one benefits."

By the time you receive this, Local 1357 will have elected local union and unit officers for the 2010-2013 term of office, as well as delegates to the 38th IBEW International Convention. We wish Godspeed to our staff and elected officials, and we welcome the chance to continue to build strong leaders and a strong work force for Local 1357. With contract negotiations and state elections coming up soon, 2010 will be a busy year for us, and we look forward to working with Hawaiian Telcom and IT&E.

Karenann Wedge, P.S.

A ‘Living Local'

L.U. 1439 (u), ST. LOUIS, MO—We at Local 1439 are a part of what I like to call a "Living Local." Our membership is working to assist, support and encourage those in other locals who are laid off, while being friend and family to our own local members. Generosity is a beautiful blessing for both the giver and recipient.

We are still looking for experienced relay technicians. These are good jobs with great pay and benefits. We seek to increase our membership with qualified craftsmen. Even in this market, we have trouble filling these positions. If you know a qualified relay technician, please pass this message on.

We also strive to be a leader in safety. The Blue Hat safety program is being implemented on Entergy-Arkansas and Alliant properties due to its success in 1439's jurisdiction on the Ameren, Missouri, property. Increased partnerships with the employers foster a better relationship with the employees and members.

We have excellent leadership in St. Louis and throughout Local 1439. Without the skill and dedication of the rank and file, our local could not thrive. We are proud of the Local 1439 members. They are generous, people of character and committed to making the IBEW better, one good job, one good deed, at a time.

Please remember all those bravely serving our country to protect these inalienable rights.

Ken Carroll, P.S.
Michael Walter, B.M.

Officers Elected

L.U. 1501 (ees,em,mo,pet,rts&t), BALTIMORE, MD—Our local held its election of officers in December 2009.

Local 1501 officers elected to guide the local for the next three years are: Bus. Mgr./Pres. Dion F. Guthrie, Vice Pres. Fred Richards, Treas. George Fulton, Fin. Sec. Jamie Ripley and Rec. Sec. Thomas Rostkowski. Elected to the Executive Board: William Iasielo—Western Central District; Jeffrey Dunn—Northern District; Robert Denhardt—Mid-Eastern District; and Anthony Behrens—Southern District.

Local 1501-2 officers are: Chm. Fred Richards, Vice Chmn. Jason Strawhorn, Recorder Robert Taminelli; and Executive Committee members Neil Becker, Delaney Burkart, Bob Denhardt, Walter Plesniak and John Phillips.

Our thanks to Election Committee members—Earl Brown Jr., Kathy Doyle, George Noble and John Zebraski—for their time and hard work.

Bus. Mgr./Pres. Guthrie states that the officers and stewards of the local will continue to do the utmost in protecting the jobs and working conditions of our members. He also stated he is proud to have won by such an overwhelming majority (3 to 1) and has just successfully stood for his 14th straight election covering more than 40 years.

Thomas Rostkowski, R.S.

Union Solidarity

L.U. 1523 (u), WICHITA, KS—I know it's early but we go back to the negotiation table in one year, and a year can go by quickly. Get out your contract book and read it; it is your lifeline to your job benefits. Back when our local was started, a lot of time was spent putting our first contract together. So start thinking about it for the good of the union. Without your input there would be no union. Without your solidarity, there would be no union. We the members are the union. With the economic slowdown, things are tight. So far we have weathered the storm. We all have things that we would like to have in the contract for the better of the union. The earlier we begin, the better we will come out next year.

The IBEW members with the electrical department of the City of Coffeyville, KS, ratified their new contract unanimously, with a slight wage increase on their "wage only" third-year opener. The city was hit hard with the flood of 2007 and is still recovering.

Congratulations to Amy Pointer, a new apprentice meter person. Good luck on your new venture, Amy.

Candy C. Cruz-Dodd, P.S.

Awards Presented

L.U. 1547 (c,em,i,o,t&u), ANCHORAGE, AK—Bus. Mgr. Larry Bell recently presented an inscribed gold pan to Bill Pedersen, a longtime IBEW power lineman who retired after 33 years of service. Bro. Pedersen was employed by Chugach Electric for many years.

Congratulations also to Local 1547 retired electrician Karl Schroeder, who recently received his IBEW 50-year pin. Unit 102 Executive Board member Tom Minder presented that award.

Melinda Taylor, P.S.

Local 1547 Bus. Mgr. Larry Bell (right) presents plaque to power lineman Bill Pedersen, who recently retired.

‘Actions Can Solve Problems'

L.U. 1579 (i&o), AUGUSTA, GA—IBEW has the best electricians a contractor could ever want. We learn a variety of skills within the electrical industry and we pass those skills to our apprentices. If only being the best in what we do would count for 100 percent of the grade.

Our IBEW members are well-trained—that is not a problem. The problem is sometimes coming in late, leaving early, not showing up at all and complaining about working outside. Electrical work is everywhere and we don't have bankers' hours.

If we all showed up to work on time, did our jobs and went home at the end of the day, that would help strengthen union contractors, increase our market share and benefit our membership.

In the nonunion world, the electricians are not trained to do quality electrical work. However, they are good at working every day and not complaining about where they work. In the Augusta area, they have the largest market share.

We can help solve our problems by simply doing what we are supposed to do. There are very few in the IBEW that this applies too, but one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.

Until next time, God bless.

Will Salters, A.B.M.

New Projects Scheduled

L.U. 1701 (catv,ees,i,o&u), OWENSBORO, KY—Pres. Kenny Woodward and Bus. Mgr. Gary Osborne awarded service pins at our December 2009 monthly meeting. Awards ranged from 20-year to 60-year pins. We also recognized members who retired in 2009: Ernie Casey, Charlie Daugherty, Harold Hancock, Joe McBride, Chuck Payne, Gordon Payne, Gerald Ralph, Ron Rummage, Darryl Self, Richard Thomson and Ron Townsend.

The Owensboro Mercy Health Systems' new hospital project was awarded to Downs Electric from Nashville, TN. Our own Beltline Electric will supply local manpower to Downs for this project.

The Owensboro Downtown Development project is underway; a new hotel and attached sports arena will be built; and the Owensboro Public Works building renovations are upcoming. Two union general contractors were low bidders. We have commitments from local leaders that all these projects will be done with our local labor work force.

Membership Development Coordinator and JATC Sec. Larry Boswell reports that renovations have begun on our new training center located at 224 Ewing Road in Owensboro. To volunteer some time for the cause, contact the hall.

Bro. Boswell also reports that 2010 Continuing Education class schedules were mailed out to all. Reminder: You must have six hours of continuing education each year to keep your Kentucky state electrical license valid. Contact the hall for registration.

In sadness we report the passing of retired Bro. Bob Renfrow. May he rest in peace.

Tim Blandford, R.S.

Local 1701 members Bill Dixon (left) and Richard Thomson receive 35-year service pins at the December 2009 monthly meeting.

Funds Raised for Food Bank

L.U. 1739 (i&o), BARRIE, ONTARIO, CANADA—IBEW Locals 1739 and 1687, Sudbury, presented a donation of more than $1,300 raised by fellow IBEW electricians for the community of Callander, Ontario, Food Bank. The donation was presented during a Christmas party held at Lulu's Bar.

Tradesmen working at the new North Bay Hospital organized the event to help those less fortunate. This was the second year in which union electricians were able to assist the local community of Callander. A big thank-you goes out to everyone who attended the event and contributed to the fund-raiser.

Frank Kastle, P.S.

Local 1739 member Frank Kastle (center) and Local 1687 Steward Mike House (second from left) present IBEW contribution of $1,300-plus to the Callander, Ontario,
Food Bank.

Tennessee Election Year

L.U. 1749 (u), NEW JOHNSONVILLE, TN—Bro. George Potter, a 40-year IBEW member, Executive Board chair, and steward at Tennessee Valley Authority's Cumberland Fossil Plant, received a plaque for his service to the TVA Veterans Chapter. George previously served as a chapter officer and will be missed. Congratulations to George on his retirement.

Bro. Steve Hughes, a 30-year member, also retired from TVA. He passed the IBEW torch on to his son Brandon Hughes, also a TVA employee and Local 1749 member. Congratulations, Steve.

Remember to register and vote this year. 2010 is a very important election year for working folks in Tennessee. We need to capture three House seats or the opposition will redistrict the state, which could cause us to lose three very important friends in Congress and set the party of the working class back 20 years.

Tennessee primary elections are Aug. 5. Three friends of labor are candidates in the primary race for governor: Jim Kyle, Kim McMillan and Mike McWherter. For U.S. Congress, as of press time, candidates include: for the 8th Congressional District—state Sen. Roy Herron; and for the 7th District—Greg Rabidoux, law professor at Austin Peay State University. At this writing, we don't have an announced candidate for retiring Rep. Bart Gordon's 6th District seat. I will post updates as available. For voter registration information, visit the Local 1749 Web site and click on "political links."

Mark J. DeJuliis, P.S./E-Board

Local 1749 Bro. Steve Hughes (seated), a 30-year member, retired from TVA. Extending congratulations are, fromleft, Steve's son Brandon (left), also a TVA employee and Local 1749 member; wife Sharron; and son Derrick.

Generosity of Membership

L.U. 2325 (t), WORCESTER, MA—Bus. Mgr. Dave Keating thanks all Local 2325 members who participated in or donated to the 2009 Toys for Tots campaign. The generosity of our membership during the 2009 holiday season surpassed all our previous efforts. Local 2325 raised more than $5,000 and donated some 600 toys to the program. Thank you to the U.S. Marine Corps for its ongoing work with this wonderful program.

We also thank our COPE Committee for their hard work during the 2009 municipal elections and the Massachusetts special election for U.S. Senate.

A highlight of our COPE efforts was the election of Local 2325 member Dave Cormier to the City Council in Leominster. The election of union members to political office is the only way to ensure unwavering political support for the labor movement. The best way to get our members elected is by supporting the IBEW's COPE efforts.

Political action must be part of a greater overall strategy if we have any hopes of holding on to what we have earned and securing greater gains in the future. Get involved in your local and remember that our union is only as strong as our weakest member.

Paul Mark, P.S.

Local 2325 Executive Board member Dan Manning (left) and COPE Chmn. Paul Mark (right) are joined for a photo by former Massachusetts governor Mike Dukakis (second from left) and U.S. Rep. Mike Capuano.