April 2010
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Comcast Workers Choose IBEW Local 827

Mississippi Shipyard Workers Maintain Amphibious Transport
Dock Ships

Union Plus Benefits Help Ease Medical Expenses

Hard-Hit Detroit Construction Local
Looks to Future

Political Action Spells
‘J-O-B-S' in Cleveland

Maine Local Gets Ready for Wind-Energy Revolution

Ontario Locals Pitch in
for Volunteer Work

North of 49°
Ontario IBEW Renews
‘Win-Win' Bargaining Partnership

Au nord du 49° parallèle
La FIOE renouvelle son partenariat du système de négociation gagnant-gagnant en Ontario

Annual Funding Notice



See the Future



High-Speed Rail to Bring Jobs, Challenges For IBEW

People with big dreams about an American high-speed rail network see grand things in the nation's not-too-distant future.

By 2020, they envision trains moving at more than 200 miles an hour through California's Central Valley between Los Angeles and San Francisco. They see passengers transported at breakneck speeds across the seemingly endless miles of Illinois cornfields that connect Chicago and St. Louis. And they dream of trains gliding effortlessly across the marshy land that lies between Orlando and Tampa, with a stop just miles from Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

The bold plans are closer to reality than ever before, thanks to President Obama's January announcement of $8 billion in high-speed rail grants. While challenges lie ahead for unions trying to get their fair share of the work, new and upgraded train lines could mean tens of thousands of new jobs for IBEW members in construction, rail maintenance, communications and related fields.

"Getting people back to work is the highest priority," IBEW International President Edwin D. Hill said. "High-speed rail creates jobs and puts us on the forefront of a whole new transportation infrastructure for America."

The largest chunks of the railway stimulus money will go to projects in California, Florida and Illinois, with smaller amounts awarded to 28 other states. No area will get enough money to fully fund its project right away, but the federal government promises more rail dollars in the years ahead.


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