May 2010
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The IBEW Logo—Protecting A Proud Symbol

Health Care Reform:
What it Means for You

North of 49°
New Ontario Law Confronts On-the-Job Violence

Au nord du 49° parallèle
Le gouvernement de l'Ontario adopte une nouvelle loi pour combattre la violence au travail

Minutes and Report of the International Executive Council's Regular

Young IBEW Members Speak Out at AFL-CIO Forums

"Workplace Democracy: Corporate Style" Video Shows Who the Real Intimidators Are




IBEW Customer Campaigns in South Stir Interest

Instant success is a rare event in any organizing campaign. But, with good planning, magic can strike.

While 30 organizers fanned out in late February to advertise the savvy and competitiveness of IBEW labor to 330 Atlanta-area end-users of electrical services— customers from hospitals to architects, engineers and general contractors—phones started ringing with new business for signatory contractors. That's welcome news for a 3,800-member local with 40 percent of its electricians out of work.

The "end-user blitz," initiated by Atlanta Local 613 Business Manager Gene O'Kelley and Jed Dunagan, the local's membership development coordinator, assisted by organizers from Fifth District locals and the International Office, was based on similar successful efforts pioneered in south Florida as part of the Florida Initiative.

End-user Campaings—
'The Next Logical Step'

Setting the stage for more nonunion worker and contractor contacts, this kind of organizing goes straight to the customer—the company, firm, institution or municipality—and sells them on the benefits of IBEW labor, namely a highly-skilled work force with the work ethic and professionalism of the Code of Excellence.


Real Recovery Means Growth

Canadian Members Use Unique Skills

The Value of History;
Made Where?;
The Stimulus: Fact
or Fiction?

Buddy Satterfield,
Kirk Groenendaal, and
Lloyd R. Lynch

Iowa Utility Workers

March 2010

A Second Chance
for Taylor