June 2010
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Une section locale du Nouveau-Brunswick a recours aux m├ędias sociaux afin de mobiliser ses membres

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The unveiling of the IBEW's utility Code of Excellence more than two years ago opened up a new chapter in labor-management relations in the North American power industry.

Building on the Code of Excellence in the construction branch, the utility code is a call for all IBEW utility members to meet the challenges of a changing industry—an industry that is confronting a generational turnover, a struggling economy and a growing alternative energy economy.

"The code is a bold restatement of the most fundamental principles of our union: a fair day's work for a fair day's pay and a commitment to excellence in everything we do," said International President Edwin D. Hill.

From redoubling members' commitment to safety and quality work to developing a nonadversarial relationship with management, locals across the United States and Canada are taking up the Code of Excellence with members and management as a first step in guaranteeing good union jobs for utility workers now and in the future.

A Wake-Up Call

For Madison, Wis., Local 965 Business Manager Tony Bartels, the Code of Excellence was a "wake-up call."

Bartels says he was concerned that many members had grown complacent, taking for granted a secure role for the IBEW. "If we want the IBEW to be part of the future of the industry, we have to recommit ourselves to excellence on a daily basis."

His interest in the code began soon after it was unveiled in construction in 2007, a year before it rolled out in the utility branch. Bartels set up a meeting with management at Alliant Energy to talk about implementing its principles.


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