September 2010

Letters to the Editor
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A November Plea

Please help me to convince all IBEW members to vote to prevent the Republicans from retaking Congress in November. Many are forgetting that it was their policies and overwhelming greed that got us in the mess we are now in!

Dennis Stover
Local 8 member, Toledo, Ohio

Credit Where Credit is Due

I really enjoyed the article "After the Flood, Union Members Help Re-energize Cedar Rapids" July 2010, The Electrical Worker. I would like to point out a couple of other guys that deserve the credit for the work that was done at Alliant Energy's Prairie Creek powerhouse. It was Local 405 member Garry Wagner who led the reconstruction on the powerhouse. He was on site the first day I arrived as soon as the water was down enough to safely work. I spent the next 11 months working for him. I stopped back a couple of months later and he was still leading the charge for Acme Electric –finishing up the minor details and doing all the extras that Alliant wanted. Garry also received additional help from Steve Hauschild during the project.

Mike Mueller
Local 159 member, St. Paul, Minn.

Retirement: A Primer

I am recently retired and have noticed some changes in my life. I have written down a few of my favorites. I hope you find the list entertaining. It brings smiles to the faces of everyone I share it with.

You Might Be Retired If:

1. You watch all four quarters of Monday Night Football

2. You put the trash out a day early

3. You forget where you put your lunchbox

4. You are watching "Regis and Kelly" while eating breakfast

5. You have refolded all of your sweaters for the second time

6. You have to buy your own wire nuts and electrical tape

7. You are being tailgated by someone with their high beams on

8. You use less sandwich bags and plastic wrap

9. You ran downstairs to get a tool, and when you get there, you forgot what it was

10. You have to buy your own Christmas ham

11. You forgot how to set your alarm clock

David P. Ordakowski
Local 24 retiree, Baltimore, Md.

Jobs for America

I feel that the jobs issue within Michigan and the United States needs urgent attention, so I sent a letter to Michigan legislator Kenneth Horn, a Republican. His response was weak and lacking any substantial direction. There is all kinds of talk about the United States from our members in Congress. So far, that's all it is, just talk. The "service economy" they speak of will not support the American worker's lifestyle.

We need to turn this thing around beginning yesterday, last week or last month! I know what we had and I know what we're losing. I am a retired member of Saginaw Local 557, master electrician, prior electrical inspector and former recording secretary, press secretary, treasurer, organizer, assistant business agent. I am currently the charter chairman of the Saginaw Union Label & Service Trades Dept. AFL-CIO, representative on the Saginaw Labor Council AFL-CIO and chairman of the Saginaw County Board of Canvassers.

Michael R. Smith
Local 557 retiree, Saginaw, Mich.