September 2010
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Ore. coal plant pits IBEW, environmentalists

Manufacturing plant expands in Wis.

North of 49°
IBEW Fights to Uphold Red Seal Standards

Au nord du 49° parallèle
La FIOE mène une lutte afin de maintenir les normes interprovinciales Sceau rouge

American Indian Pre-Apprenticeship Program Prepares for Work Spike




In Calif., D.C., the Right Pushes ABC's Agenda

In the past year, two California municipalities have passed anti-union initiatives that have many construction workers throughout the state worried about their jobs and future.

Proposition G, passed this June, prohibits Chula Vista—a small city south of San Diego—from using project labor agreements on government-funded projects, giving low-wage nonunion contractors an advantage over union ones.

"This is a blow that will reverberate across the country," said San Diego Local 569 Organizer/Political Director Jennifer Badgley.

Southern California is ground zero for the open-shop Associated Builders and Contractors' legislative campaign against PLAs, a campaign which is increasingly taking on national dimensions as Republican candidates running for office across the country—from the state house on up—pledge to end the use of PLAs on both federal and state projects.

PLA opponents have been successfully tapping into voters' concerns about tight government budgets and declining revenues to convince many of them that taxpayers can't afford PLAs. Proposition G was spearheaded by ABC and the Coalition for Fair Employment, an anti-union group run by GOP operative and former George W. Bush fundraiser Eric Christen.

Chula Vista is ABC's second big win after Orange County voted to ban PLAs last year. And now the group is gunning for bigger victories.


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July 2010

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