October 2010

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Election of Officers

L.U. 8 (as,em,i,mar,mt,rts,s&spa), TOLEDO, OH—Congratulations to Joe Cousino on his election as the new business manager of Local 8. Best wishes, Bus. Mgr. Cousino, for much success in your new position. Congratulations also to the following newly elected officers: Pres. Eric Grosswiler, Vice Pres. Lee Arnott, Rec. Sec. Greg Hammer, Fin. Sec. Mike Brubaker, Treas. Tom Enright; new Executive Board members Bill Box, Charlie Condon, Shaun Enright, Kevin Hurley, Shawn Robaszkiewicz; and new Examining Board members Josh Abernathy, Carl Cochenour, Nate Eaton, Mike Klocinski and Terry Short.

Thanks to all who participated in the election process. To those of you who ran for an office and did not win, we appreciate your interest in serving your union brothers and sisters.

Thanks to former business manager Jim Kozlowski for all his years of service. Bro. Kozlowski, we appreciate everything you've done for this local serving on the various committees and in offices held. Best wishes on your future endeavors.

Congratulations to the 32 Inside apprentices and seven Teledata apprentices who recently graduated. As you move forward in your new career, please take advantage of the continuing education courses available through our JATC.

Ben "Red" Tackett, P.S.

North Texas JATC Graduates

L.U. 20 (em,i,mt,spa,t&u), DALLAS/FORT WORTH, TX—The North Texas Electrical JATC held its Annual Completion Dinner at the Sheraton Grand Hotel on June 4.

IBEW Local 20 and the North Texas Chapter NECA both give an Outstanding Apprentice Award to a graduating apprentice for an overall outstanding performance. This year, both awards were presented to David Thetford.

Awards are presented to apprentices for outstanding performance at school and on the job. Taken into consideration are their grades, attendance, job evaluation, attitude and community involvement.

Award recipients were as follows:

• Local 20 Gold Pliers Award: Ronald Pratt Jr. (1st year), Jason Raburn (2nd year), John Moncevais (3rd year) and James Irvin (4th year).

• NECA Achievement Award: Timothy Vernon (1st year), Jason Raburn (2nd year), John Moncevais (3rd year) and James Irvin (4th year).

• The Local 20 Dallas Federal Credit Union Award: Ronald Pratt Jr. (1st year), Charles Towb (2nd year), Kenneth Branson (3rd year), Augustin Montoya (4th year) and James Flowers (5th year).

• The Fort Worth Local 116 Federal Credit Union Award: David Thetford and James Flowers.

• Perfect Attendance Award: James Flowers, Freddie Lopez, Michael Martinez, Timothy Martinez, Walter Maultsby, David Sanchez, David Thetford and Pablin Vela Jr.

A.C. McAfee, B.M.

Local 20 North Texas JATC 2010 graduates and committee members attend apprenticeship completion dinner. From left, front row, Pablin Vela Jr., David Thetford, David Sanchez, James Rudolph, Kevin McGarity, James Pringle, Samuel Peacock and Taylor Parish; back row, committee members Kent Pippin and Lyndon Hanson, Stephen McDonald, Antonio Vital, Walter Maultsby, Alberto Martinez, Timothy Martinez, Michael Martinez, Alfred Maldonado, Freddie Lopez, Andrew Jones, Daniel Cruz, James Flowers and committee member Karsten Frentrup.

National Training Institute

L.U. 24 (es,i&spa), BALTIMORE, MD—Local 24 proudly attended the National Training Institute again this year. The Baltimore JATC had 14 people attend a wide variety of courses at the Training Institute, held at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. NTI is a very educational and impressive program. Our participating members look forward to the program every year. I hope everyone had a great summer. Stay cool and stay safe.

Gary R. Griffin, B.M.

In attendance at the NTI are union members from IBEW Local 24 and the Baltimore JATC. From left are: Instructors Tim Medford, Jim Smith, Dave Springham; Local 24 Bus. Mgr. Gary Griffin; JATC Dir. Dave Norfolk; Instructors Jack Ryan, Chris Ardoin; Training Coordinator Neil Wilford; and Instructors Larry Ryan, Mike Maksim and Ray Starks. Also attending, but not pictured: JATC Committee member Curtis Reed and Instructors John Dalfonzo and Anthony Enfield.

Re-elect Friends of Labor

L.U. 26 (ees,em,es,govt,i&mt), WASHINGTON, DC—I would like to remind everyone of the importance of the midterm elections on Tuesday, Nov. 2. It is extremely important that you help re-elect our friends in the national, state and local races.

Local 26 elections were held in June, and pictured (on pg. 9) is the swearing in of the newly elected officers at our union meeting held July 9. The swearing in was performed by now-retired brother and former business manager Cecil H. "Buddy" Satterfield Jr., who prior to his retirement was special assistant to the International President.

The following members passed away since our last article: Michael B. Mang, Paul C. Tomlin, William F. Hauhn, Larry T. Hill, Bruce C. Smith, John E. Hannon, John R. Nalley and William F. Durnbaugh Jr.

Best wishes to recent retirees: Ronald L. Bloss, Joseph F. Bohon Jr., Fred K. Bowers, Terry W. Cox, Timothy O. Foster, Garry H. Griffis, Carlos W. Altizer, Eugene G. Burgan, Neal J. Gregory, Anthony C. Smith and Stephen E. Webb.

Charles E. Graham, B.M.

Local 26 officers are sworn in, from left: Executive Board member Mike Hoyt, Examining Board members Melvin Cherry and Lorne Seay, Executive Board members Joe Dabbs and John Collins, Fin. Sec. Mike Shoemaker, Examining Board member Walter Carroll, Bus. Mgr. Chuck Graham, Executive Board members Jerry Lozupone and Jerry Lewis, Vice Pres. Larry Greenhill Sr., Rec. Sec. Frank Laddbush, Pres. Butch Ramos, Executive Board members Steve Zimmerman (partially obscured) and George Hogan.

Renewable Energy Facility

L.U. 38 (i) CLEVELAND, OH—Construction has started at the new $100 million Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District's Renewable Energy Facility project. The project will include a new 53,000- square-foot multistory building that will contain the following processes: chemical dewatering of biosolids, fluid bed incineration of biosolids, and energy production utilizing steam produced via heat transfer technology in the incineration process.

The three-year project includes work throughout the plant totaling more than $12 million in electrical work, which will provide many man-hours for our membership.

Local 38 officers have been meeting and speaking with elected officials about various proposed projects. It appears that work will finally be starting in the near future on some of the larger projects, such as the Medical Mart and Convention Center and the Phase One Casino Project at the Higbee Building.

Dennis Meaney, A.B.M.

Local 38 members employed by ESI Inc. standing in front of the new Renewable Energy Faciilty at the Southerly Wastewater Treatment Plant are, from left: Paul Wadle, job steward Mike "Rambo" Krieger, Rich Bruner and foreman Jim Svab.

Memorial Monument

L.U. 42 (catv,em,govt,lctt&o), HARTFORD, CT—IBEW Local 42 erected a new monument in memory of our departed members. Once a year every fall, we will add the names of members who passed during that year.

We extend special thanks to Jean Risley, wife of Local 42 Treas. R. William Risley Jr., for all her time and effort planning and researching for the memorial project. Jean worked closely with the engravers to create a beautiful monument, located outside Local 42's union hall.

We also extend special thanks to the Retirees Club for their assistance with the researching of members' names. Finally, we thank Susan Davis at the I.O. for her help with researching the names of all departed Local 42 members.

Jacquelyn Moffitt, Mbr. Services

IBEW Local 42 memorial monument in tribute to departed members.

Rally at Seattle's City Hall

L.U. 46 (as,c,cs,em,es,et,i,mar,mo,mt,rtb,rts&st), SEATTLE, WA—Nearly 200 union members from the construction trades packed Seattle City Council's house in July to weigh in on the Deep Bore Tunnel construction project that officials approved in January 2009. The current seismically unsound viaduct has been in need of major repair for nearly 10 years, but the debate on how and when to replace the ailing structure continues.

Local 46 member Shannon Hagen spoke to the city council stating, "We have taken ample time to evaluate all possible [known] issues, but spending any more time creating problems that cannot be foreseen will only stalemate this project and we need jobs now!"

Members mobilized because we need these jobs. "I'm a member of Electrical Workers Local 46 and I'm looking for work," said Benjamin Arron, who received overwhelming applause in response to his statement. The city council will postpone the vote until February 2011, but the state may still award contracts.

The city council is in favor of this project, but the new mayor is creating roadblocks to keep the project from moving forward. As the debate continues, we are working toward more public-action efforts to make the statement to our city mayor that this project needs to happen now.

Angela Marshall, P.S.


Step Up for Midterm Elections

L.U. 68 (i), DENVER, CO—At the Aug. 21 annual picnic, Local 68 members, their families and guests enjoyed a wonderful day of bright sunshine, barbecue, beverages and brotherhood. Photographs are available at the local's Web site www.ultimateelectricians.com.

Wayne Shelton won the horse shoe tournament. And every kid in attendance won the kids games. Wiremans' Brotherhood Fund was on hand to liven up the festivities even more, with 50-50 tickets, positive vibes and popcorn! (Not to mention selling a few hundred shirts and hats for fundraising to benefit the WBF.)

Get ready for November midterm elections! Make sure your voter registration is OK for your current address. We truly need a worker-friendly majority in political offices throughout the nation. Please do your part to make it so! For more information, visit Web site www.sos.state.co.us or send an e-mail to edk@ibew68.com or tomr@ibew68.com.

COPE: Two cents is all it takes. Are you putting in your two cents worth? Add it up and donate at the dues window. Two cents for each hour you work would total $41.60 per year for COPE! These moneys help support local candidates and issues that are good for our cause. Please give your two-cents worth!

We extend condolences to the families of our recently deceased brothers: William Hughes, James Berger and Howard Blair.

Ed Knox, Pres.

At the Local 68 picnic, Kathy Jordan (gesturing) directs children of members in a rousing game of Tug-O-War.

Work Outlook Improves

LU. 80 (i&o), NORFOLK, VA—The work outlook has continued to improve over the fall. Currently, several projects are moving forward to keep our members busy. Our contractors are still diligently working to secure more work for the future.

Congratulations to those who received service pins this fall. We thank you all for your many years of service. We would not be where we are today without your hard work over the years.

Thank you to Terry and Maureen McPhillips for another successful picnic. Everyone seemed to truly enjoy themselves once again. It was good to see so many familiar faces as well as some we have not seen in a while.

Local 80 wishes to remind anyone who plans to travel and sign Book II here that you must be registered on ERTS prior to signing.

The officers and staff of IBEW Local 80 wish everyone a happy, safe and prosperous season ahead.

W. Dennis Floyd, A.B.M.


Solar Training Grant

L.U. 90 (i), NEW HAVEN, CT—Gov. Jodi Rell signed our solar bill into law at the state capitol. This law will remove barriers that were in place that hindered our contractors from securing rebate money from the state. Among those attending the signing ceremony were Michael Moconyi, Connecticut Chapter NECA executive director; Local 90 Pres. Sean Daly; and several state senators who helped pass this legislation.

Recently, we also secured a grant from the state for $100,000 for solar training. Thanks to our JATC Dir. Paul Costello.

Local 90 held an election of officers in July. We wish our officers the best in all their efforts. Elected were: Bus Mgr. Frank Halloran, Pres. Sean Daly, Vice Pres. James Malone, Rec. Sec. Mike Crisci, Treas. Robert Wytowich, and E-Board members Steve Asplund, Russ Cooper Jr., James Fainer, Eric Meliso and Thomas Ryan.

Our business manager for the past 15 years, Kenneth King, retired. Local 90 thanks Bro. King for all his hard work and leadership. He was a member for 47 years and was an officer in the local for more than 20 years. He can now enjoy the benefits in retirement that he fought diligently to protect for all. He will be missed by us all. Enjoy, brother—you deserve it.

Sean Daly, Pres.

Connecticut Gov. Jodi Rell (seated) signs solar bill into law. Among those in attendance are: IBEW Local 90 Pres. Sean Daly (back row, right) and Michael Moconyi (back row, left), executive director, Connecticut Chapter NECA.

Local 94 Labor Candidates

L.U. 94 (lctt,nst&u), CRANBURY, NJ—Four Local 94 members are running for public office this November. No one can represent working families and their unions better than working people themselves. We ask all IBEW members to vote this November. Support your local brothers.

The Local 94 candidates are:

• H. Kirk Craver—for Pittsgrove Committee

• George Fecanin—for Rutherford Council

• Sherman Wood—for Salem County Freeholder

• Robert Breslin—for Lower Alloways Creek Committee

We thank these brothers for taking time to represent the membership and the community. We wish you all the best of luck.

When we vote we win!

Chip Gerrity, P.S.

Reminder to Vote

L.U. 96 (i), WORCESTER, MA—Local 96 welcomed some hot summer fun with a picnic and Worcester Tornadoes baseball game in June. Although our hometown team fell short of victory, Chris Colabello had his 511th hit, with a home run in the first inning, taking the lead for most career hits in the history of the Can-Am League.

Members are reminded to vote. Elections are Nov. 2, 2010. To learn more about candidates the local is endorsing or to volunteer as a supporter, contact the hall or visit us online at www.ibewlocal96.org.

In tribute to those we've lost, this article is in memory of brothers who passed away earlier this year: John Buffone, Ralph Giangrande, Michael Lennon, Wilford Rock and Robert Zinckevich. Our thoughts are with their families.

Luke E. Carpenter, Treas./P.S.


Statewide Election Nov. 2

L.U. 100 (c,em,i,rts&st), FRESNO, CA—The statewide general election is Tuesday, Nov. 2. Election registration deadline is Oct 18. Please do your part in the political process! Help with a phone bank and/or walk a precinct. It is in your best interest to get involved; and it's an excellent opportunity to further spread our labor message, which will strengthen our ability to provide our communities with a living wage, pension and health care.

The State Federation of Labor supports Jerry Brown for governor, as does our local Central Labor Council.

Efforts are ongoing to build the heavy maintenance facility for the California High Speed Rail system in Fresno.

Local 100 is proud to announce Bro. Richard Tuck will receive his 75-year service pin award.

Local 100 election results: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Kevin Cole, Vice Pres. Christian Howell, Pres. Stefan Davis, Rec. Sec. Michael Caglia, Treas. Ronny Jungk; and E-Board members Lou Gutierrez, Bob Anderson and Chuck Stanton.

Attend your local union meetings on the second Tuesday of each month, 7 p.m. at the Training Center.

Think safety always.

M.A. Caglia, R.S.

Local 100 retired member Joe Chirchirillo (center) celebrates his 89th birthday. Extending congratulations are Richard Gillingham (left) and Paul Boele.

Pres. Corrigan Graduates NLC

L.U. 102 (c,catv,i,it,o&t), PATERSON, NJ—On June 26, Pres. Bernard T. Corrigan attained a Bachelor of Arts degree in union leadership and administration from the National Labor College.

Originally called the George Meany Center for Labor Studies (founded as a training center by the AFL-CIO), the National Labor College is the nation's only accredited higher education institution devoted exclusively to educating union members, leaders and staff.

At our July union meeting, retired member and former IBEW business manager Andrew Cuvo presented Bernie with a plaque from our membership in honor of his achievement. Andy was in fact the first IBEW member to graduate from the Meany Center in partnership with Antioch College back in 1979. Bro. Cuvos was business manager of former Local 367 and later business agent at Local 102.

We are proud of these two brothers and their commitment to acquire the highest levels of leadership skills.

Patrick R. DelleCava, F.S.

Local 102 Pres. Bernard Corrigan (left) accepts plaque presented by retired former IBEW business manager Andy Cuvo.

2010 Apprentice Graduates

L.U. 130 (i), NEW ORLEANS, LA—Greetings, union brothers and sisters.

Bus. Mgr. Clay Leon, officers and members congratulate the 2010 class of apprentice graduates: Kenneth J. Bauer, Dale M. Delpit, Scott V. Fontaine Jr., Kenneth C. Jackson, Michael C. Martin, Viet H. Sam, Terron J. Williams and Joshua J. Wismer. Brothers and sisters, if you are on the job with one of these members take a moment to thank them for their hard work and dedication; they are our future.

M.J. Branighan, Local 130 training director, reports that Kenneth Jackson was selected as NOJATC outstanding apprentice for 2010 and that Kenneth attended the statewide competition held May 12, 2010, in Shreveport, LA. Kenneth also participated in the 21st annual National Training Institute at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Best wishes to all the graduates for a successful career in the electrical industry.

Bro. Leon reminds all our new journeymen that: You are the future of this local, and to keep this local strong and vibrant you must be willing to give back, get involved, attend union meetings, become an activist, and educate your families and friends about organized labor. Talk to your political representatives; make them aware that the union supports working families, who are the true backbone of our great country.

Sandra Theriot, R.S.

Officers Training Course

L.U. 146 (ei,i&rts), DECATUR, IL—We held our annual Labor Day parade and picnic in September and once again it was a huge success. Everyone had a great time, thanks to the Labor Day committee.

All the officers and Executive Board members recently attended an officer training course conducted by IBEW Int. Rep. Dave Ruhmkorff.

The work picture has not improved as the three major jobs we were hoping for have not materialized i.e., Secure Energy, Future Gen, and Tenaska.

We thank the other locals that have been able to put some of our members to work.

Condolences to the family of Ammon "Digger" Odell. Digger was a 61-year member of the IBEW and will be missed.

Don't forget to check us out at Web site www.ibew146.com and also on Facebook.

Rich Underwood, R.S.

Labor Day Picnic

L.U. 158 (i,it,mar,mt&spa), GREEN BAY, WI—Local 158 held its election of officers in June. Congratulations go out to all who won. It was good to see some new members get involved. The election judge and tellers did an excellent job and should be commended.

Work has slowed up quite a bit. We hope for some work to develop for the fall and winter. We are optimistic that 2011 will be a banner year for work. But 2011 is still some time away and we have too many people unemployed!

Once again a Labor Day picnic was held at Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay, and it was well attended by our local. We had food, refreshments, games, rides and other entertainment. Many politicians also attended. It's that time once again! Hope everyone had a great summer.

Donald C. Allen, B.M.

Election of Officers

L.U. 176 (es,i,rts&spa), JOLIET, IL—Our local officer election was June 5. Newly elected officers were sworn in at the July meeting by past president Bill Koehler. Thank you to Gregg Vershay, who served as election judge and oversaw a completely smooth and fair process.

After serving 21 years as an assistant, Steve Magruder was elected to his first term as business manager. Returning as Steve's assistant business managers: Jim Conness, Jim Kollman, Dale Magruder, Jim Watters and Matt Kenney.

Jim Ryan was re-elected president (second term) and will be assisted by new Vice Pres. Joe Dubrovich. Running unopposed were: Rec. Sec. Mark Ferry (first term), Treas. Fred Kempes (second term) and Fin. Sec. John Warren (fifth term).

Jerry Sheedy (fifth term) and Steve Newcomer (third term) are joined on the Executive Board by new members Jeff Farrar, Bob Jimenez, Chuck McBroom, Tom Thrush and Billie Van Duyne. New Examining Board members Mike Barnes, Kurt Rohrbach, Jeff Tutt and Victor Woods join Clay Schulte, who returns for his fourth term. Local 176 delegates to the IBEW International Convention in Vancouver: Steve Magruder, Jim Ryan, Fred Kempes, John Warren, Steve Tutt and Joe Van Duyne. Alternate delegates: Jerry Sheedy and Bob Battistelli.

All officers attended training on July 29.

Thank you to all who participated in the local election as voters, candidates and on the Election Board.

Mark Ferry, R.S.

Local 176 newly elected officers were sworn into office in July.

Work Picture

L.U. 180 (c,i&st), VALEJO, CA—As reported in the past, the lack of credit emptied our pipeline of work. Our area had a number of large projects that were completed just before and just after the credit crunch began.

Future predictions are as follows. Private business remains in capital preservation mode, if not survival mode. Public works (when there is funding) bids are far below the engineer's estimate. Bidders reduce prices far below reasonable efficiencies and go bankrupt halfway through the project.

The only large project, Valero Refinery, is fully staffed with a peak of approximately 180 electricians. Valero will be winding down when you receive this issue. Many waited two years for the project to start. Many traveling members signed and made numerous re-signs only to see a few job calls hitting the top of Book Two.

We thank the travelers who helped us staff the Valero Refinery, and we are heavy hearted for those who came very close to landing a job call. Regrettably, we sadly report that it took well over two years for a job call to hit Book Two, and we foresee the same from this point forward. Please be so advised when signing our books—it will be a very long wait.

Michael C. Smith, B.A.

Cast Your Ballots for Workers

L.U. 196 (govt,mt,o,t&u), ROCKFORD, IL—As we near another "most important election of our lives," I hope all IBEW members in the U.S. exercise their right to vote.

In the Illinois governor's race the GOP candidate, Bill Brady, is a nonunion home builder who has voted against prevailing wage laws, wants to lower the minimum wage by $1/hour, has opposed "Equal Pay for Equal Work" legislation and voted against safety requirements and standards on construction projects.

Is this what any of us want from a governor? I, for one, can say "No." Brady also voted against the "Illinois Jobs Now" capital bill, which has created work for an estimated 500,000 unemployed working class men and women in Illinois through a terrible economy.

Vote for candidates who support working class citizens.

Our local is working with the Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service office in our area to help improve and build upon the relationships we have with several municipalities in our jurisdiction by becoming more pro-active in avoiding problems instead of reacting to them. Responses from city and village leaders have been very positive. Your union needs you!

Kudos to Steve Jones, who won a trophy at the 35th IBEW Fishing Tournament held in Pierre, SD. His winning walleye weighed 4 lbs. 2 oz. The trophy will reside at the Local 196 union hall for another year!

Eric Patrick, B.M.

Local 196 journeyman lineman Steve Jones (left) displays his winning trophy as Bus. Mgr. Eric Patrick extends congratulations.

Community Service

L.U. 234 (i&mt), CASTROVILLE, CA—Our local supports working families and their children. In this effort, on May 18, Local 234 Bus. Mgr. Ken Scherpinski gave a presentation to the YMCA Board of Directors of San Benito County along with a contribution of $250 for their annual Community Support Campaign. These funds are used for after-school care, "camperships," sports, activities and many other programs for all ages—a real benefit to our community. Our members are proud to make contributions to worthy area organizations and look forward to a better economy when our gifts may increase.

As of this writing, we were looking forward to our annual barbecue on Sept. 25, 2010, at Toro Regional Park on Highway 68. This event is a fun time for all members and their families. We were again teaming up with our brothers and sisters from UA Local 62.

Stephen Slovacek, P.S.

NJATC Apprentice Graduates

L.U. 246 (ees,i,rts&spa), STEUBENVILLE, OH—At the time of this writing our work is slow, but we have been very fortunate over the last couple of years due to a large project at the W. H. Sammis Plant for First Energy. That project is now on line and we thank all from the IBEW who participated.

We congratulate our 14 newest journeyman wiremen, who successfully completed the NJATC training. All 14 also earned enough credits to be awarded an associate degree of technical studies through Eastern Gateway Community College. Adam Maruca received the John Habash award for Outstanding Apprentice and attended the National Training Institute in Grand Rapids, MI.

Please keep our brave military men and women in your thoughts and prayers, especially IBEW members. One of our own, first-year apprentice Ryan Omaits, recently was deployed to Iraq. Now he works as hard for the citizens of the United States as he has and will for the IBEW.

Kyle N. Brown, B.M.

Local 246 new journeyman wiremen: from left, seated, Scottie Smith, Greg Bellville, Adam Maruca, Kim McCalla, Rob Parrish, Chris Basich; standing, David Pietro, John Fenske, David Osaba, Eric Nutter, George Zatezalo, Jason Keffer, Adam Firm and Dan Voght.

Local Mourns Eric Rose

L.U. 280 (c,ees,em,es,i,mo,mt,rts&st), SALEM, OR—Our members mourn the loss of Bro. Eric Rose, 38, who died in a tragic accident loading a celebratory cannon that exploded. Eric leaves behind a wife and two children. Our local will miss him greatly. Eric joined Local 280 in 2008 and worked for Dynaelectric and was regarded highly by all. Also, Bro. Randy Rasher, 78, passed away recently and we send his family our condolences.

Please check out the new links at our Web site www.ibew280.org! Our fantastic secretaries, Donna Evans and Sherri Wallman, have done an outstanding job of installing links to our own classified section, 401(k) calculator, Health and Welfare information, etc.

Kudos to Local 280 members who participated in the United Way Golf Tournament including: Trace Privratsky, Mike Sliper, Pete Parker, Bill Kisselburgh, Joe Rundle, Josh Miller, Chris Bate and Travis Johnson.

As of this writing in August, work has picked up in our local but nothing will get to Book II in 2010. Jobs at Facebook, Salem Mental Hospital, Home Depot Distribution Center, and EWEB have started to get our out-of-work list moving, but we still have more than 200 on Book I.

The good news is that all our apprentices are currently working, after some of them had been unemployed for almost a year. Many thanks to Locals 12, 60, 112, 340, 424 and others for the work during these hard times. Please work safe!

Jerry Fletcher, P.S.

Local 280 members taking a break at the United Way Golf Tournament are, from left: Trace Privratsky, Mike Sliper, Pete Parker, Bill Kisselburgh, Joe Rundle, Josh Miller, Chris Bate and Travis Johnson.

Union Utilities Recognized

L.U. 300 (govt,i,mt&u), MONTPELIER, VT—Local 300 employers Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee and Green Mountain Power were recently listed among the 15 best places to work by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce and Vermont Business Magazine.

Companies that make the cut undergo a two-part assessment which compiles information about wages, benefits, employee engagement and satisfaction, company policies, demographics, training, leadership and planning. Up to 400 companies are randomly judged each year.

"This award recognizes what those of us in organized labor have always known: Union shops are the healthiest environments to work in," said Bus. Mgr. Jeffrey Wimette. "IBEW employers are some of the most socially responsible businesses around and believe the first step to success is treating employees well. We are enormously proud."

Green Mountain Power is Vermont's second largest electric utility, serving 90,000 customers. Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee produces one-third of the state's electricity and employs 650 people. Several hundred IBEW members work for both companies.

Matthew Lash, P.S.

Back to Business

LU. 306 (i), AKRON, OH—Our local's summer activities were a great time for all! The annual picnic at Clay's Park and the golf outing at Mayfair were well attended and we thank the respective committees for a job well done.

A special thanks to our members who volunteered at the Furnace Street Mission First Responder Counseling Clinic and the Equine Rescue Center. More than 500 hours were donated to these great humanitarian efforts.

Work is slow but slowly improving, a story heard around our nation and certainly not new. This fall we will continue to look for work as we head to the polls to cast our votes. The negative TV ads began in June, each party blaming the other for the tanked economy and massive manufacturing job losses. The banking industry, wallowing in TARP dollars, spins blarney about how banking and citizenship are one and the same. The truth is out there, but I wouldn't look for it on the World Wide Web.

We mourn the loss of retired Bro. Thomas Kost.

Work safe and work smart!

Bob Sallaz, P.S.

Relay for Life Fundraiser

L.U. 322 (govt,i,it,lctt,o&u), CASPER, WY—In July, the local sponsored a team to walk in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life in Casper, WY. The event was held July 30-31 at the Natrona County High School football field in Casper.

Team captain was Chris Morgan. Fifteen people were on the Local 322 team—nine local union members and six family members, who in total spent 17 hours on the NCHS football field and walked 75 miles.

The Local 322 team raised $2,000 through donations and on-field fundraisers. Some of the money was raised at the Casper picnic by having a dunk tank where Bus. Mgr. Charlie Dockham volunteered to be dunked. This was the second year Local 322 sponsored a team, and the local surpassed the goal of $1,500 set last year.

The Casper event raised a total of $110,000 to help fight cancer. Big thanks to all the members and their families who walked and those who donated to a worthy cause.

Local 322 will hold a food drive during October to help the needy. In 2009, the local collected more than 3,500 pounds of food donated for distribution to food banks in the Casper area.

Chris Morgan, P.S.

IBEW Local 332 wiremen/musicians with the Kavanaugh Brothers Celtic Experience band entertained at the Ninth District Progress Meeting.

Wiremen/Musicians Perform

L.U. 332 (c,ees,i&st), SAN JOSE, CA—The Local 332 Annual Picnic was a big success. More than 1,300 members and their families attended this year's picnic at Coyote Ranch. The food lines were long but everyone did get a steak or hot dog. Many thanks to all the volunteers who made this a great event. Don't miss next year's picnic at Coyote Ranch. It is always the second Saturday in July.

At the recent IBEW Ninth District Progress Meeting in Anaheim, CA, IBEW 332 was represented by a group of wiremen who are also musicians. The Kavanaugh Brothers Celtic Experience band was hired by I.E.C. member/Local 47 Bus. Mgr. Pat Lavin to play at the reception for all the delegates and families. The band brought the house down with their rousing interpretation of Irish songs with some Grateful Dead mixed in. The band members are: Asst. Bus. Mgr. Sal Ventura, Vice Pres. Kevin Kavanaugh, Rec. Sec. Alan Wieteska, E-Board member Mark Cosentino, IBEW 332 journeyman wiremen Tom Kavanaugh and Tim Kavanaugh, and Tim's sons Nate and Sean. Check them out on Facebook.

Gerald Pfeiffer, Pres.

Election of Officers

L.U. 340 (i,rts&spa), SACRAMENTO, CA—As a result of our June local union elections, the following were given the oath of obligation at the July membership meeting: Bus. Mgr. A. C. Steelman, Pres. Tom Meredith, Vice Pres. Andrew Meredith, Treas. Doug Larson, Rec. Sec. Ray Romo; Executive Board members Brian Bailey, Heerey "Charlie" Gaston, Gregory Larkins, Thomas Okumura, Michael Williams; and Examining Board members Tim Bailey, Ralph "Scott" Beasley, Cynthia "CC" Moore, Jason Prasad and Ignacio "Iggy" Rodriguez. Delegates to the 2011 International Convention are: Toby Anderson, David Bianco, Paul Bianco and Tim Wyatt. I look forward to working with this fine group for this next term!

Running for office is not always easy—but in the end, when the members make their decision, I've always found it worth the effort to serve the union cause. I commend all the local members who ran for an office in June and I also thank the outgoing officers for their years of dedication to the local.

I wish I could change this statement, but once again I have to report our work picture is very slow. We hope things turn around soon!

I'm saddened to report retired Bro. Clarence Van Hoy passed away on July 4 this year.

A.C. Steelman, B.M.

Several Local 340 officers gather for a photo. From left, seated, are: Examining Board member Ralph "Scott" Beasley, Rec. Sec. Ray Romo, Executive Board members Greg Larkins, Charlie Gaston and Brian Bailey; standing, Examining Board members Cynthia "CC" Moore and Tim Bailey, Bus. Mgr. A. C. Steelman, Vice Pres. Andrew Meredith, Executive Board member Mike Williams, Pres. Tom Meredith, Examining Board member Jason Prasad, Treas. Doug Larson and Executive Board member Tom Okumura.

NSA Data Center

L.U. 354 (i,mt,rts&spa), SALT LAKE CITY, UT—Midterm elections are coming up soon; make sure to vote for candidates who support labor's cause.

Newly elected officers of Local 354 are: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Rich Kingery, Pres. Steve Woodman, Vice Pres. Mike Barney, Rec. Sec. Manya Blackburn, Treas. Tyler Judd; Executive Board members Boyce Christensen, Alan Peterson, Russell Lamoreaux, Mike Meredith, Dale Evans, Aaron Bottrell; and Examining Board members George Halliday, William Jacobs and Mike Pennie. Congratulations to all.

The National Security Agency data center project at Fort Williams in Utah will be awarded late in the year. It is not known at this time how many wiremen will be needed. If we need any help from our traveling brothers and sisters, we will make it known on the IBEW jobs board.

The hard times across the country have made it difficult for all of our IBEW family members, whether working or not, but let's not forget who we are and what we stand for. Bless all of those who are struggling; know that your brothers and sisters care about you. Call your union hall if you need help. We have resources available, and most have access to food banks or additional support for you and your family.

Manya Blackburn, R.S.

‘Get Out the Vote' Drive

L.U. 364 (catv,ees,em,es,i,mt,rts&spa), ROCKFORD, IL—Finally, work is picking up a bit in our area although there may not be calls for Book II until the Byron Nuclear Plant refuel outage coming in early spring 2011.

It is the season here again in Illinois. Not football season, rather the political season. Local 364 has been working diligently to register every member of our local to vote. We are at well over 90 percent registered and will be working to make that 100 percent by registration deadline.

Following the membership voter drive, we will refocus on the upcoming midterm elections, which take place Nov. 2 in Illinois. It is expected that this will be a down year for voter turnout, which is why it is important to work hard to get union members out to the polls.

Local 364 Bro. Ray Pendzinski is running for Illinois state representative in our area, and we are working hard to make certain he is elected along with other Illinois candidates friendly to working families such as Gov. Pat Quinn and U.S. Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias. Remember to do your part to get out the vote. One of the jobs you save by doing so may well be your own!

Charles Laskonis, B.A./Organizer

Wisconsin AFL-CIO Award

L.U. 388 (em,i,rts&spa), STEVENS POINT, WI—Local 388 congratulates Luke Wachowiak, one of our signatory contractors, on receiving the prestigious Ralph A. Jirikowic Award for community service presented by the Wisconsin AFL-CIO. The state AFL-CIO seeks nominations from its affiliates and after careful screening presents the annual award to one individual who has demonstrated dedication to the labor movement and commitment to the community.

Luke has volunteered and donated much time and talent to numerous organizations throughout the Stevens Point area over the years. Luke believes in giving back to the community that has given so much to him and his family.

The work picture for our area is very slow, not much different from what we are hearing from around the country. We look forward to next spring when we anticipate the construction of a new bio-mass facility in our jurisdiction.

Local 388 is saddened by the death of Bro. James Schreiter, who passed away in July at age 66. Condolences go out to his family.

Guy LePage, P.S.

Local 388 signatory contractor Luke Wachowiak (right) receives the Ralph A. Jirikowic Award presented by Wisconsin AFL-CIO Pres. David Newby.

Apprentice Graduates

L.U. 440 (i,rts&spa), RIVERSIDE, CA—Local 440 congratulates our 2010 class graduates. Nineteen journeyman wiremen and three Sound and Communications installers received their certificates of completion on June 12. [See photo below.]

This class is a perfect example of the excellent career path created by the IBEW and the apprenticeship to train the future work force of our industry. Some of the graduates have served our country in one branch or another of the military, and some entered the apprenticeship through the Helmets to Hardhats program.

Two of the students who received awards for the Inside Wireman program are Helmets to Hardhats participants Candida Spicer and Arnulfo Magdaleno. Joel Espinoza, a Sound and Communications Systems graduate, received the "Outstanding Apprentice of the Year" award. To our graduates: We are proud of you all and know that you will do your part to keep our local strong and continue in the tradition of training future apprentices.

Bernie Balland, Organizer

Local 440 Class of 2010 apprentice graduates: from left, back row, Robert Reyes, Deonte Walker, Candida Spicer, Kacey Wooldridge, Gregg McDaniel, Alex Guerrero, Travis Riner; front row, Mike Maddox, Ed Mansfield, Sean Canaday, Michael Lopez, Arnulfo Magdaleno, Eli McLees and Christoper Roehm. Graduates not pictured: Robert Canales, Joshua Cross, Danny Esau, Pablo Gil, Daniel Guerro, David Weinbrenner, Joel Espinoza, Adam Gomber and Steve Lemm.

Traverse City Solar Project

L.U. 498 (c,catv,em,i&spa), TRAVERSE CITY, MI—At this writing the work outlook in our area appears challenging. On the positive side, service work and oil field work have been steady.

We congratulate Voltage Electric, which recently completed a large solar installation on top of the new parking structure in Traverse City.

Our annual picnic was Aug. 21 and we extend our thanks for all those who volunteered time and energy for the event.

The fourth-year inside apprenticeship class, in partnership with Voltage Electric, recently completed another Habitat for Humanity home in our area. Thanks to all those who assisted!

We send a hello to our members traveling around the country and overseas.

On a sad note, our local recently lost member Scott Miller in a tragic motorcycle accident. Our condolences go to his family.

Timothy R. Babcock, P.S.

Local 498 congratulates its most recent group to complete the Inside and Residential apprenticeship training: from left, Ben Brandt, George Shumar, Brandon Ingersol, Gary Downey and Kris Weathers. Not pictured: Aaron Vineyard.

Big Solar Farm Project

L.U. 530 (i,o&rtb), SARNIA, ONTARIO, CANADA—On July 25, Local 530 held our annual summer picnic at Bluewater Fun Park. All members, along with their spouses and children, were invited to enjoy the park's swimming pools, bumper boats and waterslides. Hot dogs, hamburgers and pop and chips were provided and as usual everyone who attended had a great time.

Huron Oaks Golf Club was the site for Local 530's annual golf tournament on Aug. 6. Semi-pros and hackers alike enjoyed 18 holes of golf followed by a steak dinner and prizes for all. The winning team this year: Bros. Nick Powell, Derrick MacKinley, Kevin Morgan and Dave Rand, with a best ball score of -14.

By the time this article is printed, Canada's largest solar farm will be complete. We thank all the members from Ontario who helped us complete this project. With their help a total of 80 megawatts of green energy was completed by the people who should be building Canada's new energy projects.

Local 530 is saddened by the recent passing of Bro. Dario Maola, who was the owner of DMW Electrical Instrumentation, Inc.

Al Byers, P.S.

Wind Turbine Training

L.U. 538 (i), DANVILLE, IL—Work in our area remains slow. We are grateful for the locals that have provided jobs for our members.

Results of our June election of officers: Bus. Mgr. Jim Bailey, Pres. Terry Crawford, Vice Pres. John Gallez, Treas. Larry VanVickle, Rec. Sec. Schuyler Bailey, and Executive Board members Jeff Owen, Luke Modglin and Matt Hinchee. Thank you to all members who ran for office.

We mourn the loss of William Schingel and Michael Noel Jr. Bill worked as an electrician for 32 years. He volunteered with Lynch Area Fire Protection District and was a veteran of the Boy Scouts of America. He is survived by his wife, Dorothy, four children and seven grandchildren.

Mike was starting his fourth year of apprenticeship. He was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and avid community volunteer. Mike is survived by his wife, Amanda, and four children.

Congratulations to Matt Hinchee on completing wind turbine training. Matt will instruct the upcoming course in Danville. Please contact the JATC office if you wish to take this class.

The JATC congratulates Mark Price on completing his apprenticeship. Mark is the son of retired inside wireman Gene Price. The JATC also thanks Jack Land and Gary Pollard for their recent donations.

The local picnic will be Oct. 9 at Forrest Glen Preserve. See you at the union meetings: third Tuesdays at 7 p.m. (CST).

Kathie Porter, Training Dir.

Local 538 apprentice Michael Noel Jr.
(June 8, 1981 – June 19, 2010).

Officers Elected

L.U. 558 (catv,em,i,mt,o,rtb,rts,spa&u), SHEFFIELD, AL—Our spring picnic on April 10 was a great success and attendance was wonderful. We had Swamp John's Restaurant catering, a car show (won by IBEW retiree Billy West, with a beautiful 1956 Chevy convertible), and live music from the band "Park The Car," made up of IBEW members. Thanks to all who helped make the day a success. [See photo, pg. 13.]

Our Local 558 election of officers was June 4. Elected were: Bus. Mgr. Steve Crunk, Pres. Ralph Mayes, Vice Pres. Tony Quillen, Rec. Sec. Todd Osborn, Treas. Charles Lamon; Executive Board members: Ron Weaver, Russ Allen, Ken Bratcher, Jim Wallace, Neal Quinn, Gary Dale Blackstock, and for our Decatur-Huntsville Unit—Eric Embry. Examining Board members: Bros. Tim Montgomery, wireman examiner; Mark Massey, lineman examiner; David Millsaps, maintenance wireman examiner; and Tony Rutledge, instrument mechanic examiner.

Delegates to the International Convention are: Bros. Mac Sloan, Ron Weaver, Tony Quillen, Mac McCreless and David Crunk. Congratulations to all!

Mac Sloan, Mbr. Dev.

Sheffield, AL, Local 558's spring picnic was a great success.

Local 576 Apprentice Graduates

IBEW Alexandria, LA, Local 576 congratulates recent apprentice graduates. From left: Donny Hudnall, Keith Davis, Willie Brown, Jamie Brown, Lee Vaughn, Martin Sanders, Robert Brister and Will Sanders.

JATC Graduates Welcomed

L.U. 584 (ees,em,es,i,rts,spa&u), TULSA, OK—Local 584 welcomed its newest group of journeyman wiremen at a ceremony on June 4 during our regular monthly union meeting. As graduates of the Northeast Oklahoma JATC Training Program, they were presented with American-made, union-made Carhartt jackets bearing the IBEW symbol, each with the recipient's name stitched on it. Each graduate was also given a commemorative medal signifying their advancement to journeyman status.

Members of the graduating class were: James Carman, Eric Hopkins, Brandon Hernandez, Jeff Sims, Krystle Watson, Stan McElmurry, Joe Burnside, Martis Overstreet, Ken Cohenour and Bonnie Super. Bro. Ken Cohenour was selected as this year's Outstanding Apprentice and will represent Local 584 in the Seventh District Apprentice Skills Competition.

We wish each of our new journeyman wiremen the best of luck.

Johnny Patterson, A.B.M.

Some of the graduates from Local 584's JATC class of 2010 gather for a photo. From left are: James Carman, Eric Hopkins, Brandon Hernandez, Jeff Sims, Krystle Watson, Stan McElmurry, Joe Burnside and Martis Overstreet.

Report From the Front Lines

L.U. 636 (as,catv,em,spa&u), TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA—Congratulations to our new and returning officers and representatives, who will share their time and talents in pursuit of justice. It was a busy election year with members choosing a leadership team that includes fresh and familiar faces in units across our local and at the provincial Executive Board table. As we move forward, we say thanks to all the activists whose courage, commitment and support have brought us to where we are and those who will take us where we need to go.

Our local is especially grateful for the sacrifices and lifelong service of leaders such as John and Lori Thornton, Brenda Boles, Jane Dusome, Wendy Dunford and Larry Collins. Throughout their careers, these sisters and brothers have served the IBEW with honour and distinction. As they step away from center stage, we applaud their contributions and wish them happiness and success in future endeavours.

We are proud to announce the appointment of Sister Linda Georgiu to the Executive Board of the Ontario Federation of Labour. This marks the first time that a member of our local has been selected for this prestigious post. An advocate with unparalleled passion, Linda will add the voice of the IBEW to the chorus in the ‘House of Labour' and help influence positive change for all workers.

Paddy Vlanich, Ed. & Training

Local 636 Executive Board Reps Cecile Pawlak (second from right) and Linda Georgiu (third from right) share a smile with First District Int. Vice Pres. Phillip J. Flemming and sisters attending the IBEW Women's Conference hosted in Washington, D.C.

Officers, Grads & Retirement

L.U. 654 (i), CHESTER, PA—Officers elected for the term of 2010-2013 are: Bus. Mgr. Paul Mullen, Pres. James Russell, Vice Pres. William Adams, Rec. Sec. James Thompson Jr., Fin. Sec. Thomas Edgcumbe, Treas. Edward Kikut; Executive Board members Karl Blaier Jr., David Bonaventure, John Bondrowski, Thomas Heron, Brian Kelly; and Examining Board members Kevin Anderson, Louis Freeman and William Sweeny. Congratulations, gentlemen, and thank you for your willingness to serve the local.

Our local also congratulates our newest journeymen from this year's apprentice graduating class: Mike Garvey, Cory Goebel, Ryan Hughes, Greg Kowall, James Lafferty, Brian Paul, Kevin Robinson, Michael Smith and Ben Tyson.

We also thank Bus. Mgr. Steve McNally for his years of service to the local. The devotion he has shown to our organization throughout his career is unparalleled. The innovation and tireless effort he has demonstrated over the years has certainly benefited our members and their families. His retirement is well earned and we wish him all the best.

Jim Russell, Pres.

Annual Awards Banquet

L.U. 666 (i,mt&o), RICHMOND, VA—The Centennial Picnic held June 19 at Cobblestones Park was a great success! There were 634 members and their families in attendance. Thank you to all the brothers and sisters who made this event possible.

In July, the International Office hosted the 2010 IBEW Women's Conference in Washington, DC. Highlights included beneficial workshops and interesting speakers.

Mid-term elections are looming. We have only a few weeks left to make a difference in the election. Please get involved! The work situation in our area remains dismal. Thank you to all the locals putting our members to work.

Congratulations to recent retirees: H. Paul Powers, William "Bill" Powell, Jerry D. Robinson and Michael Wirt. We mourn the passing of Bro. John W. Hall Jr.

The annual award ceremony and banquet was Sept. 17 at the Virginia Crossing Resort.

Congratulations to all award recipients. Awarded 50-year service pins were Stewart Bell, James Joyner and Leroy Vanfossen; 55-year pins—Louis Bernier, Robert Gilley, Benjamin Goins, Donald Lipe, Ernest Martin, Edward Stephens and Beverly Taylor; 60-year pins—Emmett Alcock, Fontaine Bowles, J. Irving Jamerson and James Ligon; and a 65-year pin—Thomas W. Stone Jr. Ten members were recognized for 25 years of service and 24 members for 40 years' service.

Please attend union meetings held the second Friday of each month at 8 p.m.

Kendra Logan, P.S.

Election Season

L.U. 692 (i,,mt&spa), BAY CITY, MI—At this writing, we have 120 on Book 1. There are 971 on Book 2. Book 1 may pick up in late 2010. We do not foresee getting into Book 2 in 2010.

Our June membership election results are: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Mark Bauer, Pres. Brian Klele, Vice Pres. Karl Shawl, Treas. Tom Barbeau, Rec. Sec. Tammy Gottleber; Executive Board members Ron Eurich, Jeremy Kiley, Howard Renigar, Tim Rupp, Rich Rytlewski, Mark Thompson; and Examining Board members Todd Aultman, Travis Aultman, William Nutt, Randy Rippee and Jeff Wilcox. Appointed were: Asst. Bus. Mgr. Jack Tobias and Director of Membership Development Jess Peil.

Most of these positions pay no salary and all require dedication and time to serve the local. We congratulate the officers and thank them for commitment and service.

With Virg Bernero running for governor, we have a chance for the middle-class to be heard with his fierce determination. But you have to help. Remember to vote. Despite any inconvenience voting may be, you will feel proud walking from the booth.

A continued thanks to all our brother locals for helping keep our members employed in these times.

Our condolences to the family of retired Bro. Doyle E. Terry, who recently passed away.

Tom Bartosek, P.S.

Golf Outing Fundraiser

L.U. 702 (as,c,catv,cs,em,es,et,govt,i,it,lctt,mo,mt, o,p,pet,ptc,rtb,rts,se,spa,st,t,u,uow&,ws), WEST FRANKFORT, IL—Our Annual Golf Outing on June 18 held at the Franklin County Country Club was a huge success. We raised more than $10,000 for the Poshard Foundation for Abused Children. A good time was had by all for a good cause.

Local 702 hosted the Outside Business Manager's Conference held July 28-29 at the Rend Lake Resort and Conference Center. Presentations were given concerning outside construction work, and vendors exhibited their tools of the trade. We thank everyone for their attendance at these informative and important meetings.

At the Lively Grove Project (Prairie State Energy Campus), we currently have 430 wiremen working. The entire project has worked more than 2.5 million consecutive hours without a lost time accident.

The summer heat was ruthless on our members, so much so that the Lively Grove and Baldwin projects shut down for a couple of days with heat indexes at 121 degrees.

Marsha Steele, P.S.

Participating in the Local 702 Annual Golf Outing are, from left: Tom Trammel, Jim Holderfield, Hal Nicholson, John Howat, Mick Emery and Jack Stilley.

50-Year Member Awarded

L.U. 704 (catv,em&i), DUBUQUE, IA—Bus. Mgr. Dan Hammel presented Bro. Stan Thor with a 50-year service pin and certificate. Bro. Thor was initiated into Local 740 on Oct. 10, 1960. We congratulate Stan on his 50 years of service. This is something we all hope to achieve.

At press time Thermofisher Scientific, a manufacturing branch of Local 704, was scheduled to cease production in mid-September of this year. Thermofisher manufactured laboratory equipment used to perform scientific research. Production will be moved to other plants, with a substantial portion of the product to be built in Shanghai, China.

Bus. Mgr. Hammel stated it was great working with all of the 290 former Thermofisher employees. In a "right-to-work" state, this group had a 100 percent membership in the IBEW! The employees' commitment to loyal membership was quite impressive. We will miss their contribution to the local and wish them the best in future endeavors.

At the time of this writing, work is slow with approximately 25 percent of our membership laid off and recorded on Book One.

Ronald C. Heitzman, P.S.

Local 704 Bus. Mgr. Dan Hammel (left) presents Bro. Stan Thor with his 50-year service award.

Your Right to Vote

L.U. 716 (em,i,lctt,rts&spa), HOUSTON, TX—Greetings, brothers and sisters. I hope all are well and working. The work situation in Houston is still holding its own.

Local 716 recently participated in the Harris County AFL-CIO Labor Day Celebration and Barbecue cook-off. We had a great turnout from the membership as well as elected officials and candidates for the upcoming November elections. The food was great and everyone had a good time. Thanks to the cooking team as well as the volunteers, who also helped with making the Labor Day celebration a success.

We welcome all our new members who just made membership, including the second-year apprentices. We encourage our new members to stay informed by attending union meetings.

Local 716 also completed our voter registration drive to ensure that all members have the opportunity to exercise their right to vote in the November elections. Please exercise your right and encourage your family members to do the same. We have got to get our labor-friendly candidates elected.

Local 716 encourages all members to contribute to the PAC Fund, and also to participate in the Local Union Death Benefit Fund and the Sick and Needy Accident Fund.

John E. Easton Jr., B.M./F.S.

Labor Day Picnic

L.U. 756 (es&i), DAYTONA BEACH, FL—The Volusia/ Flagler Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, held its annual Labor Day picnic on Sept. 6 in the City of South Daytona.

IBEW Local 756 was one of many affiliated labor unions in the council that participated in the afternoon of fun and brotherhood. Other unions and locals represented included the Teachers local and support staff, Postal Workers, AFSCME, Police, Firefighters, UAW, CWA, IBEW utilities local, Sheet Metal Workers and the UA as well as retirees from various unions.

Approximately 1,200 union members and their families attended. There was entertainment for all with live music, and water slide and bounce house for the kids.

Special thanks go to our CLC picnic coordinator Lu-Ann Blankenship, educational support staff, for pulling off another successful picnic. Another shout-out to our fearless cooks: Tom Remigio (IBEW utility Local 1066), Andrew Spar (Volusia Teachers president), Rusty Olsen (Postal Workers), and Gary Wells (UAW) for manning the grills.

Along with the fun and brotherhood there was politics. As usual, local politicians and our endorsed candidates were all invited. Our annual picnic has become a hot spot for politicians to see and be seen. Gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink, U.S. Rep. Suzanne Kosmas and Florida attorney general candidate Dan Gelber all gave brief speeches to the crowd. We endorsed U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek for U.S. Senate. Labor supports candidates with a record of standing up for working people.

Daniel Hunt, P.S.

‘Get Out & Vote'

L.U. 776 (i,o,rts&spa), CHARLESTON, SC—The upcoming November election could not be more important to the issues at hand. Our issues. Not just here in South Carolina, but nationwide. It seems the hurdles never end as we race from one election to another. We have asked for and received COPE/PAC funding for the candidates we endorsed; we have taken the photos and shook hands; we have sent out newsletters—but now the effort falls on each of us to stand in line and cast our vote.

If we want our voices heard, our way of life continued, the American dream renewed, then let's remember our Brotherhood—train together, work together, vote together.

Chuck Moore, B.M.

Lance London Awards

L.U. 824 (t), TAMPA, FL—Every year, Local 824 presents the Lance London Award to a union member who has shown outstanding effort and dedication to educate, inform and involve fellow union members.

At the May 7, 2010, general meeting Bus. Mgr. Robert Prunn announced two members had earned the Lance London Award. Sister Tina Tyler and Bro. Dan Wagner have made significant contributions to bringing union members together in solidarity and commitment.

Sister Tyler, a union member since 1998, has served as steward and chief steward. Tina serves on the Solidarity Committee, where she helped organize the Family Fun Day. Tina worked researching information to assist Bus. Mgr. Prunn and Asst. Bus. Mgr. Dan Wagner to design Membership Training Classes. By helping with membership training and sharing her personal experiences, Tina showed new members how important union membership is.

Bro. Wagner, a loyal union member since 1997, has served as steward, chief steward, negotiation committee member, executive board member and is now an assistant business manager. Dan worked with Robert and Tina to organize the membership training and he conducts the Local 824 training classes. More than 600 members were trained in the last nine months.

Sister Tyler and Bro. Wagner continue training and reaching out to new members. They lead by example, which helps keep the local strong.

Dawn Livingston, P.S.

Summer Work Picture Good

L.U. 910 (ees,i&t), WATERTOWN, NY—Work in our local has been good as of this summer writing. Many area schools have had new construction and/or renovation. Fort Drum construction has been slow as of summer. Many other work projects have helped keep our members working.

This last spring, seven new journeymen completed their apprenticeship training. Congratulations to all apprentices for their hard work. Kudos to: Bryan Frank (high average, Plattsburgh), Steve Young (high average, Watertown), Nathan Irwin, Jason Kemp, Daniel Ossant, Michael Roy and Justin Sixberry.

Local 910 recognizes Pat Travis, Whitney Chambers and Ben Wood for their efforts attempting to save the life of a custodial worker at the General Brown School district, where they were working for Billitier Electric. Journeyman Pat Travis and apprentice Whitney Chambers performed CPR on the man, who had collapsed with a heart attack and was unresponsive. Ben Wood called 911 and the three worked to help the sick man until paramedics could arrive and get him to the hospital. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to save the patient, but he was given a chance at survival due to the quick actions of these Local 919 members.

Roger LaPlatney, P.S.

Kudos on Appointment

L.U. 1096 (em), BLAIRSVILLE, PA—We are pleased to have our own former Local 1096 business manager/president, Phil Horrell, advance to the position of IBEW Third District International Representative.

Phil was at our manufacturing facility that produces nuclear fuel tubes for 42 years. He led Local 1096 for the last 18 years. Through six contracts, he kept his members' interest at the forefront. Always the good listener, fair with all, and with a long range vision, he moved our union forward. We are all thrilled that he has moved into the International family. A large party was given to commemorate the occasion and was attended by approximately 140 people.

The attached photo shows some of our members wishing Phil good luck at his last local union meeting. Best wishes, Phil, from your Local 1096.

Mark Schrack, Treas.

Local 1096 members congratulate then-business manager Philip H. Horrell (front center, in white shirt) on his appointment as IBEW Third District International Representative.

Apprentice Graduates

L.U. 1116 (em,lctt&u), TUCSON, AZ—The following six members finished their apprenticeship this summer: from Tucson Electric Power—Randy Bartlett and Francisco Abarca (journeyman substation technicians), Jesus Martinez and Gerron Graham (journeyman relay technicians), and Ron Breaux (journeyman HEAT Operations); and from Trico Cooperative, Inc.—Steve Wilson (journeyman lineman). These new journeymen represent a work force dedicated to safety, quality and pride in craftsmanship. Keep up the tradition!

Meanwhile, practicing under the watchful eyes of Bros. Mike Maibauer and Mike Morrissey for the competition in this year's Kansas City, MO, Linemen's Rodeo are: Bros. Lucas Cummings, Joe Breda, Leander Johnson, Matt Halbur and Mike Halbur—all working on their skills. We wish them good luck!

Welcome to new members: Charles Hastings, Lacinda Irvine, Vincent Waters, Michael Craig, Dana Brumett, Steven Schofield, Israel Zazueta, Keane Cucuel and Samuel Fullen.

R. Cavaletto, P.S.

Morgan Bowen Mourned

L.U. 1316 (i&o), MACON, GA—With great regret we announce the passing of Morgan H. Bowen, former Local 1316 business manager/financial secretary. Bro. Bowen passed away July 15, at age 83.

Bro. Bowen joined the U.S. Navy in 1945. Following military service, he entered the Local 1316 apprenticeship program and was initiated into the IBEW in 1947. He was appointed to the JATC committee in 1956, became local union president in 1958, and was appointed business manager/financial secretary in 1961. Bro. Bowen served as business manager/ financial secretary for 31 years until his retirement in April 1992.

Bro. Bowen also served on the Advisory Council for the Georgia Department of Labor. He was secretary/treasurer of the Macon Federation of Trades and Labor Council and served on the City of Macon Electrical Examining Board. He was vice-president of the Georgia AFL-CIO; vice president of the Georgia Electrical Workers Association; served on the National Electrical Code Panel and on the Selective Service Appeal Board.

Bro. Bowen was a visionary and saw the needs of his membership years ahead of most people. He was instrumental in establishing Local 1316's first local pension plan and health insurance plan.

Bro. Bowen was a proud 63-year member of Local 1316. He will be missed, but his accomplishments and legacy in the IBEW will live on.

Mike Gardner, P.S.

The late Morgan H. Bowen, labor leader and former business manager of IBEW Local 1316.

Election of Officers

L.U. 1466 (u), COLUMBUS, OH—On June 16, elections were held for both local officers and for delegates to the IBEW 2011 International Convention, to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Elected to office: Bus. Mgr./Pres./Fin. Sec. Charles "Chuck" Tippie, Vice Pres. Kent Cline, Rec. Sec. Dan German and Treas. John Biskner. Elected to the Executive Board: Shane Cooke (Columbus), Bill Buzzard (Conesville), Rod Cockrell (Chillicothe), Larry Douglas (Ohio Power Units 1 & 2), and Andy Matson (Athens). Kim West-Herhalt was appointed assistant business manager. Members elected as delegates to the International Convention are: Kent Cline, Shane Cooke and Barry "Bubba" Hickle. Congratulations to all those elected. Your dedication to the local is greatly appreciated.

We also say thank you and good luck to brothers and sisters who recently retired due to the AEP buyout program. A union is only as strong as its members, and your years of service helped make this local what it is today.

James T. Jette, P.S.

Five-Year Contract Ratified

L.U. 1900 (so&u), WASHINGTON, DC—The Local 1900 negotiating committee representing our four generating stations from Mirant Mid-Atlantic LLC negotiated a five-year contract, which was ratified May 27. The local's negotiating committee was led by Bus. Mgr./Pres./Fin. Sec. John Holt and included Vice Pres. Greg Waller Sr., Rec. Sec./Bus. Rep. Karl Furbush, Jameta Rose (Potomac River), Jeff Harris (Dickerson), Joe DiMarco (Chalk Point) and Tommy Swann (Morgantown).

Contract highlights include: a 21 percent general wage increase over the five-year term, a 15-cent increase on the company match on the 401(k), one additional floating holiday, six weeks' vacation at 30 years of service, an increase on our shift differentials, a choice of two medical plans under United Health Care for our active members and retirees with caps on premium increases, and an option for our members to opt out of the medical plans and receive $1,000 per year. We also have a union-sponsored Supplemental Benefit Program administered by National Group Protection.

At Potomac Electric Power Co. (Pepco), we are in the second year of a three-year contract. Along with the contractual obligation to hire 120 new bargaining unit members in operations, we have established joint company/union committees on selection of leads and overtime disputes. Also at Pepco we have started a process, which was already in place at Mirant, in which stewards, management and union representatives meet monthly to discuss and resolve departmental issues.

Despite the bleak economic climate, we still have contract language insuring job security and defined benefit pension plans at both companies, thanks to the membership's support.

Karl Furbush, R.S./B.R.

Officers Elected

L.U. 2084 (ees&em), SYRACUSE, NY—On June 22, 2010, we held our election of officers for the next three years. Elected were: Pres. David Pickard, Vice Pres. Pete Desimone, Rec. Sec. Harold Mosher, Fin. Sec. David Phillips, Treas. William Annicharico, Bus. Mgr. James E. Jackson Jr.; and seven Executive board members, John Annal, Sylvester Beeles, Patrick Hadley, William Paninski, Robert Robinson, Don Steinbaugh and Lynn Taylor. Congratulations to all.

James E. Jackson Jr., B.M.