October 2010
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Labor College Grad Brings Honed Safety Skills to OSHA Position

Notice to Employees Covered by IBEW Union Security Agreements: Fee Payers Objection Plan for 2011

North of 49°
IBEW Connects with Next Generation of Workers

Au nord du 49° parallèle
La FIOE se rapproche de la prochaine génération de travailleurs au Canada

Early Voting by State

Fla. Verizon Workers Ratify Three-Year Contract, Build

Battleground Races '10




Our Jobs, Our Future, Our Choice

So it's come down to this.

The cable TV anchors and pollsters are claiming that millions of Americans will protest against unemployment and a bad economy by sending incumbent members of Congress back home in the upcoming mid-term elections—no matter what their records have been or where they stand on the important issues.

Maybe they are right. But men and women who organize unions or stand up for their rights on the job and in the community-at-large aren't easily sold a bill of goods or a lot of smoke.

For this issue of The Electrical Worker, we talked to grassroots activists and local union leaders across the country about the critical issues in the upcoming elections and which candidates are on the side of working families in these difficult times—based upon their records and accomplishments in and out of office.

More information and grassroots stories from battleground states across the country are provided on the IBEW Web site, www.ibew.org/election2010.

Today, some wealthy business groups are pouring money into the campaigns of anti-worker extremists. These candidates—if they win—say they will roll back everything from health and safety regulations in the workplace to measures that have put jobless Americans back to work rebuilding our nation's infrastructure. They praise some of the same policies and thinking that nearly dragged our national and global economy into another Great Depression.

The stakes are high. But activists we interviewed for this issue believe it���s not too late for good choices and good candidates


Partisan Hype or Real Solutions?

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August 2010

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