November 2010

Roadblock to Recovery: 'Made in China'
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In our November cover story "Roadblock to Recovery: 'Made in China,'" we inadvertently reported that North Canton, Ohio, Local 1985, where generations of IBEW members once produced Hoover vacuum cleaners, was defunct. We regret the error.

In a call to the International office, Local 1985 Business Manager Nick Tomey, a 34-year Hoover employee, said, "We still have 120 members. We've taken a lot of cuts. We're no longer making vacuum cleaners, but we're here and doing our best to move forward." Even though some of Hoover products are made outside of the U.S., says Tomey, "We encourage consumers to continue to purchase Hoover products to support workers who are still on the job."

Most of the remaining Local 1985 members work in Jackson Township in Hoover's distribution center, now owned by TTi Floor Care North America, a China-based firm. They receive and send out products that arrive from China, Mexico and Texas. Others work in a plant producing disposable paper bags. Still others assemble and package about 100 commercial sweepers a day with parts made elsewhere.

"So far, we have had a good relationship with TTi," says Tomey, who blames the Hoover plant shutdown and outsourcing on misguided governmental policies that encouraged corporations to relocate operations. "We kept asking for help and support, but not enough people in power were listening," says Tomey.

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