December 2010
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Alberta Unions Counter Anti-Worker Political Shift

Au nord du 49° parallèle
Mobilisation des syndicats en Alberta afin de s'opposer au virage anti-syndicaliste

Manufacturing makes a comeback

IBEW Founders' Scholarship awardees

IBEW Organizers Talk Union at International Lineman's Rodeo




IBEW Charts Path to Recapture Construction Market

These are trying times for members of the IBEW's construction branch. Record unemployment, declining membership and an increasingly aggressive nonunion sector are slowly eroding IBEW's share of the market we once dominated. Lost work, declining wages and shrinking treasuries threaten the future of the Brotherhood.

In response to these challenges, the IBEW launched a new recovery program that is a blueprint for locals to help recapture the market niches that have been lost and to develop long-term strategies to go after the work our members are not currently doing. At its core is a new workplace model that reflects the reality of the 21st century construction industry—a model which is already translating into more jobs, more members and more work for the local unions that have implemented it.

Controversy accompanies any major change in most organizations. The IBEW's recovery program, which includes the use of construction wiremen and construction electricians (CEs/CWs) inside the electrical trade, is no different.


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October 2010

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