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Poll Shows Bipartisan Support for Domestic Manufacturing

July 7, 2010

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Listen to some so-called political experts and they’ll tell you that only unions or Democrats or citizens of the Rust Belt are concerned about rebuilding our nation’s manufacturing base. A new survey says they are wrong.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing asked two of America’s leading pollsters , Democrat Mark Mellman and Whit Ayres, a Republican, to find out what 1,000 likely voters from both parties think about the economy, manufacturing, competition from China, Buy America and trade.  The March poll was conducted in Richmond, Va., Chicago and Los Angeles.

The poll results clearly show that Democrats and Republicans alike consider those issues more important   than government debt, the high cost of health care, illegal immigration and terrorism.        

When asked about prospective economic solutions, pro-manufacturing policies won overwhelming support across demographics including nonunion households, independents, union households and Tea Party supporters.

Other highlights of the poll include: 

    • A majority believe the U.S. no longer has the world’s strongest economy – a title they want to regain; two-thirds of voters believe manufacturing is central to our economic strength.
    • Fifty-seven percent believe manufacturing is more central to our economic strength than high-tech knowledge or financial service sectors;
    • Voters are anxious about the economy – specifically America’s debt to China debt and loss of manufacturing.

View the complete results of the poll.

View a video explaining the poll results.