January 2011

Now What?
How Will 'Wave' Election Affect Workers?
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The midterm elections are over. Our nation's democratic process has resulted in divided government.

On Capitol Hill, big money campaign contributors to candidates from both political parties have wasted no time knocking on doors asking for support from new legislators.

Everyone has a stake in the outcome of an election, but none more than working families. The question for all of us—no matter how we voted—is what will be done over the next two years to put our nation back on the road to good, family-sustaining jobs and economic recovery?

We don't claim to have all of the answers. But the IBEW, our members in every branch and the North American labor movement have generations of experience in what works for us and what doesn't.

In this issue of the Electrical Worker, we discuss the immediate tasks facing us and our elected leaders—building good jobs, defending our gains and promoting economic patriotism here at home by insisting upon fairness for workers, retirees and those who are still jobless.

Our government may be divided, but on the important issues of the day, we cannot afford to be. Let others speculate and bicker. We have work to do.

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