January 2011

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Labor-Wide Service

L.U. 1 (as,c,ees,ei,em,es,et,fm,i,mt,rts,s,se,spa,st& ws), ST. LOUIS, MO—Local 1 wishes a happy new year to all!

In September 2010, at the 25th Biennial Convention of the Missouri AFL-CIO, IBEW Local 1 Pres. Tom George was unanimously re-elected as Missouri AFL-CIO vice president. Tom was appointed to that position more than 10 years ago and has since been re-elected at every election cycle. Tom is also vice president of the IBEW Conference of the State of Missouri. He serves on the St. Louis Labor Council executive board, and is a member of the state building trades.

During his time in the Missouri Legislature as state representative, Tom served as chairman of the Labor Committee, chairman of Job Training, and was the lead Democrat on the Utilities Committee. Local 1 congratulates Pres. George for his re-election to the Missouri AFL-CIO, and for all his tireless work on behalf of Local 1 members.

We mourn the following members' deaths: Walter Kemper, Tony Cracchiolo, Richard Condon Jr., Allen Barnes, Frank Page, Benson Berry, James Hubbert, John Weller, Frank Kofron and Buss Paar.

Matt Gober, P.S.

IBEW Local 1 Pres. Tom George was re-elected as Missouri AFL-CIO vice president.

Great Day for Union Picnic

L.U. 11 (i,rts&spa), LOS ANGELES, CA—The weather was perfect at the 2010 local-wide picnic. Members and their families enjoyed a fun-filled day of music, food, games and prizes. Two In-And-Out Burger trucks were brought in to serve their famous hamburgers. Thank you to the generous sponsors and volunteers who made this event enjoyable for everyone.

IBEW/NECA sponsored an impressive booth at Solar International held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The size and scope of this event prove that solar is here to stay. A VIP reception was sponsored at the Los Angeles Athletic Club on day two of the three-day event.

Local 11 volunteers made 150,000 phone calls to union households urging support for labor-friendly candidates in the November midterm election. Our efforts using the new predictive dialer system installed at the Commerce union hall is believed to have made the difference in several close state and local races.

Students at Foshay's Elementary Village located in South Central Los Angeles thanked the Electrical Workers Minority Caucus for their generous donation of backpacks and school supplies. Elementary school students at a recent assembly held up hand-painted signs to show their appreciation.

Bob Oedy, P.S.

Local 11 Bus. Mgr. Marvin Kropke (front row, left) and Bus. Rep. Mitch Klein (front row, second from left, in pirate costume) join children of members at the local-wide picnic.

Utility Local Update

L.U. 15 (u), DOWNERS GROVE, IL—On the generation side, Local 15 and Midwest Generation (owner of six of our fossil stations) reached agreement on a five-year package covering benefits. The package includes some retiree health care coverage for a number of employees who did not have any company subsidized coverage upon retirement. On the safety front, Will County Station approached 1,000 days without an OSHA recordable. Dominion-owned Kincaid Station achieved another year with no OSHA recordable injuries.

The nuclear side has also been very busy with Exelon. The local is discussing Operating and Maintenance packages, including schedules and fire brigade issues. They have agreed to a Master Craftsman Award Program and extended the Radiation Protection and Travel Agreement packages.

The overhead area completed Line Schools at Joliet and Rockford. A group of overhead members donated line work to help a disabled Iraq war veteran. A new overhead group, The Aerial Specialist Group, was formed to regain our work on overhead transmission lines utilizing helicopters.

The clerical area held a stewards meeting at Local 15 to discuss specific areas of concern.

The local held another Stewards School to train stewards. We also sent our members to the Membership Development Conference, Sixth District Women's Conference, Utility Workers Coalition Conference and the Illinois State Conference.

Doug Vedas, P.S.

Facing Challenges Ahead

L.U. 17 (catv,em,lctt,o&u), DETROIT, MI—This past November's election was a disaster for the labor movement in Michigan. For the first time in decades the Republican Party will have the governorship, a majority in both houses and the Michigan Supreme Court. A bad economy and weak jobs growth will certainly fuel legislation for a "right to work" Michigan. All labor organizations will face this and other very serious challenges as we watch the Republican Party blame labor for everything that's wrong in this country.

On Aug. 2, 2010, Local 17 proudly recognized its first group of line clearance tree trimmers to complete their apprenticeship under the guidelines and recognition of the U.S. Department of Labor. The DOL apprenticeship standards of training were established by the Local 17 Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee.

The work picture for our contractor work force is starting to show some signs of life. As of this writing, we have 41 members on book 1.

Local 17 mourns the death of retired friend and Bro. Charlie MacKay.

Congratulations on their retirement to Bro. Bill Butler, a 41-year IBEW member, and Bro. Jay Sharkey, a 25-year member.

Dean Bradley, P.S.

Local 17 congratulates line clearance tree trimmers on completing their apprenticeship. From left are: Brad Holdorf, Apprentice Instructor Jason Dupuis, Bus. Mgr. Kevin Shaffer, Jason Bagnell, David Redlowsk, Larry Powers, LCTT Committee Rec. Sec. Mike Masterson, Asst. Bus. Mgr. and LCTT Committee Chmn. Don Thoel, Ryan Ford, Ryan Thoel, Brendan Schneider, Clay Carlson, Mike Horner, Andrew Laesser, Randy Wollet and Apprentice Instructor Winston Likert.

Remembering 'Mother' Jones

L.U. 21 (catv,govt&t), DOWNERS GROVE, IL—On Sunday, Oct. 17, 2010, IBEW Int. Pres. Edwin D. Hill came to Illinois, attending three separate events held by labor in honor of the tough-as-nails, nationally known labor organizer Mary Harris "Mother" Jones.

Int. Pres. Hill, IBEW Sixth District Int. Vice Pres. Lonnie R. Stephenson, Illinois AFL-CIO Pres. Michael Carrigan, unionists, historians and friends attended a memorial service at the Mother Jones Monument located in the Union Miner's Cemetery, in Mt. Olive, IL.

During an afternoon reception, Int. Pres. Hill, Stephenson and Carrigan met with union members and their families at IBEW Springfield, IL, Local 193. That evening, Pres. Hill was featured speaker at the 25th Annual Mother Jones Dinner, held at the University of Illinois at Springfield.

Pres. Hill spoke about many things on this great October day—the importance of knowing our own labor history, and how things repeat over time. Most important, Pres. Hill stressed that we must do more. Building worker power, organizing and mobilizing are what's needed, at an even more accelerated rate, taking it to the streets all across the globe. To survive, we must all fight this fight together, as one.

Mother Jones (1837-1930) gave blazing speeches in her day, rallying workers to powerful actions against the exploitative power of their employers. Her rallying cry was: "Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living." This was her day. This is our time.

Thomas Hopper, P.S.

International Lineman's Rodeo

L.U. 37 (em,o&u), FREDERICTON, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA—After qualifying at the New Brunswick Power Lineman's Rodeo, five Local 37 linemen recently travelled to Kansas to compete in the 27th Annual International Lineman's Rodeo. They were journeymen Blayne Morrissey, Shawn Doyle, Heath Peterson and apprentices Marty Cole and Mark McCann. They were accompanied by members Frank Jewett, who was selected to go as a judge, and Jerry McCann, New Brunswick rodeo organizer.

The pool of competition included 156 journeyman teams and 209 apprentices. Although it had been close to 20 years since NB Power had a team entered, the team competed very well and gained a lot of experience.

"We knew it was going to be tough," said Jerry McCann. "They participated in some events that were new, but they watched others and were able to complete the events; many teams didn't even finish. Now that we know what to expect, I believe that we will improve our chances in all categories in the future," McCann said.

Apprentice Marty Cole thoroughly enjoyed the competition, where he won fifth place in the Overall Apprentice Award in the Municipal Division.

"It was a very rewarding experience and to get an award was icing on the cake," Cole said.

Ross Galbraith, B.M.

Among members from Local 37 who traveled to the 27th Annual International Lineman���s Rodeo were, from left: Marty Cole, Frank Jewett, Mark McCann, Shawn Doyle, Heath Peterson and Blayne Morrissey.

A Few Projects Scheduled

L.U. 43 (em,i&rts), SYRACUSE, NY—At the time of this fall 2010 writing, as with most other areas, the work had started to slow up. However, what was different in 2010 was that as of press time we had a few projects that were scheduled to start hiring during November or December 2010 and continue through the winter—allowing some of our members to stay at home for a while instead of hitting the road seeking employment.

Our October 2010 union meeting was also the annual retirees dinner. The membership honored 18 recently retired brothers. Several special service awards were also presented. Shown in the accompanying photo receiving service awards are 55-year member Pete Olivia and 50-year member Charlie Knapp.

Again during the 2010 midterm election cycle, our local was very active. On Nov. 2, the membership development committee had members on the streets helping the candidates who support our issues. We sent a newsletter out with a list of 25 candidates endorsed by Local 43. As of this writing, 19 of those candidates had won election.

Jim Corbett, P.S.

Local 43 Bus. Mgr. Don Morgan (center) presents service awards to 55-year member Pete Olivia (left) and 50-year member Charlie Knapp (right).

Strong Work Picture

L.U. 47 (lctt,mo,o,u&uow), DIAMOND BAR, CA—Happy new year! The work picture at Local 47 remains strong. In outside construction, the books are moving and four substantial transmission projects will begin soon.

Congratulations to our members who competed in the International Linemen's Rodeo. The following IBEW Local 47 members brought home trophies: Ryan Aruajo, Andy Cervantes, Juan Romano, Bruce Thompson, Dale Lorz, Richard Jimenez, John Satterfield, Lorenzo Deliso, Clayton Loback; and in the apprentice arena, Enoc Verdin Jr., Marc Ewalt, Randy White and Jestin Cornelison took 2nd place overall.

We held our 7th Annual Brotherhood Motorcycle Run. More than 150 members, families and friends participated.

Bus. Mgr. Pat Lavin was appointed to a panel by the CPUC to investigate the tragic San Bruno gas transmission line explosion.

We continue to have organizing victories despite the difficult economy. We won three NLRB elections in the last four months. We have also completed first contract negotiations with two line clearance companies and are nearing completion with a third.

We are sad to report the passing of James Bumpas, Ron Pendergrass, Terry Wilson, Greg Best, Bernell "Whitey" Johnson, Doug Nelson and Carlos Ramsey. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families.

Live safe, live well, work union!

Stan Stosel, P.S.

Bro. Roger "Cy��� Tempel (right), retired IBEW journeyman lineman from the city of Anaheim, receives his 50-year service pin from Local 47 Pres. Ron Delgado.

Work Picture Improving

L.U. 51 (catv,lctt,o,ptc,rtb,t,u&uow), SPRINGFIELD, IL—Local 51 wishes all IBEW members and their families a safe and prosperous new year as we begin the year 2011.

Local 51 and Exelon-Clinton Power Station reached a tentative four-year agreement. The local thanks Bobby Dean, Ken Frick, Bill Corley and Karen Underwood for their efforts during negotiations.

Negotiations continue for Asplundh (LCTT & Outside Power), Nelson Tree, Wright Tree, American Line Builders (LCTT & Outside Power), L.E. Myers Mechanics, Henkels & McCoy (Teledata and Outside Power) and Donco Electric (meter readers).

Thank you to the Decatur, IL, Unit membership for their generous donations toward Sister Brittney Delgado's wheelchair ramp, to be constructed by volunteers from Decatur Trades & Labor Assembly.

As of this writing, our work picture continues to improve. Hopefully, all of our traveling members will be able to find employment within our jurisdiction by spring. Local 51 thanks all the locals that have been able to offer employment opportunities to our members.

Dan Pridemore, B.R.

Working on Exelon-Clinton Power Station negotiations are, from Local 51: Ken Frick (left), Bobby Dean and Karen Underwood.

Best to All for 2011

L.U. 53 (lctt,o,rts&u), KANSAS CITY, MO—Our outside construction has been slow for the past year, and at this writing it doesn't seem that will change in the near future. Our local utility normally puts some work out in the fourth quarter but as of this fall writing, it did not appear that would happen in 2010. Recently we have seen layoffs in our line clearance/tree trimming also. Thanks to all the locals that have provided work for our traveling members in line construction and line clearance/tree trimming.

Local 53 participated in the 2010 Labor Day parade and picnic for our first time and we had a great turnout. I thank all the volunteers; we couldn't have done it without you. A special thanks to Rob Doran for chairing the Parade Committee and to Bruce VanCompernolle for assisting him. Great job, guys. There are a lot of good pictures from the parade on our Web site www.ibewlocal53.org. We look forward to next year and an even bigger turnout.

Best wishes to all for a happy and prosperous new year ahead!

Robert E. Stuart, B.M./F.S.

Local 53 members and families gather for Labor Day parade and picnic.

A New Year

L.U 57 (lctt,mo,o,t&u), SALT LAKE CITY, UT—The holiday season is over and a new year is here. A change in the political climate is coming. The Brotherhood must continue to move forward, no matter what the outcome. I read the following in the November 2010 Electrical Worker, in Local 449's Local Lines article, and find it worth repeating:

"Keep the Brotherhood alive in everything you do. A strong union insures a future where members can work their careers, raise their families and retire with security. As we close out this year, let's pledge to support our union, organize the unorganized, create harmony within the ranks, and work for a better future for ourselves and our posterity."

The membership ratified a two-year contract extension with Rocky Mountain Power. The extension runs until January 2013.

The work outlook for outside construction remains steady, with enough projects to keep most of our members working. The workload is forecast to increase substantially in early spring, due to the number of impending bids that are out.

Scott Long, P.S.

Line Crew Rescues a Family

L.U. 77 (lctt,mt,o,t&u), SEATTLE, WA—A Grays Harbor PUD (Public Utility District) line crew of IBEW Local 77 members saved the lives of two adults and six children, who were endangered by a house fire in Aberdeen, WA.

The line crew was returning to the utility around midnight on Oct. 25, 2010, when they saw flames pouring from a nearby home.

"We immediately reported the fire and pounded on the front door of the house," said line foreman Dale Benner. "A man answered and it appeared that we woke him up. We could see kids sleeping in the front room" and it was smoky inside. The crew of seven quickly evacuated all eight residents. "No one hesitated," Brenner said. "We were going in and out of the house and doing head counts. We wanted to make sure everyone was out."

The Aberdeen Fire Department credited the line crew for their quick action to save the lives of the family.

The Grays Harbor PUD line crew included line foreman Dale Benner, journeyman linemen Justin Mills and Steve Tobin, line equipment operator Natheon Camus, head groundman Steve Button and flaggers Toni Fairchild and Rachel Fredrickson.

"Everybody pulled together," said Benner. "We were just glad we were there to help."

[This article and photo courtesy of Grays Harbor PUD.]

Lynne Moore, P.S.
Patrick Darling, P.S.

An IBEW Local 77 line crew with Grays Harbor PUD rescued a family from a fire. From left are: flagger Rachel Fredrickson, line foreman Dale Benner, journeyman lineman Steve Tobin, flagger Toni Fairchild, journeyman lineman Justin Mills, head groundman Steve Button. Not pictured: line equipment operator Natheon Camus. [Photo courtesy of Grays Harbor PUD.]

NY State Utility Labor Council

L.U. 83 (u), BINGHAMTON, NY—This past legislative session was a special one for the men and women who work in utility call centers across New York state. Precedent setting legislation was passed to help keep utility call centers within the utilities service area and the borders of New York state. The IBEW utility unions of New York came together to form the New York State Utility Labor Council, to work to pass laws to help our members and stop laws that would hurt us. The Utility Council chairman is Danny E. Addy, president/business manager of Local 83; council secretary-treasurer is Michael Malek, business manager of Local 2032. Addy and Malek run the council with help from Third District Int. Rep. Dominick Macchia. It has been a success.

At this writing, Local 83 was busy working on the 2010 midterm elections. We have utilized our "Members Only" official e-mail for the hard working members of Local 83, which goes directly to the members' personal e-mail from the local weekly or biweekly with important information.

Don S. Tuttel, P.S.

Negotiations & Elections

L.U. 97 (u), SYRACUSE, NY—Apologies for the long absence from "Local Lines." The local has been very busy with contract negotiations and extensions. The local also held elections last year. Our business manager/president for the past six years, Dave Falletta, has retired. Best wishes to Bro. Falletta for a happy retirement and many thanks for his leadership.

Local 97 officers elected in 2010 are: Bus. Mgr./Pres. Theodore J. Skerpon, Vice Pres. James J. Zabinski, Rec. Sec. Susan E. Sweeney and Treas. Ronald A. Gosson. Executive Board members: Zaffran F. Davis (National Grid P&M west), Robyn M. Palmer (National Grid TOC west), Thomas J. Ontano (National Grid P&M central), Gina D. Clifford (National Grid TOC central), George P. Squires Jr. (National Grid P&M east), Jill M. Duff (National Grid TOC east), Shaun P. Deasy (Constellation Nuclear), James K. Yerdon (Entergy Nuclear), Gustav J. Potkovick (NRG), Donald Netto (Brookfield), Michael J. McGuiness (PSEG, NYISO, Service Employees, St. Lawrence Gas, Town of Worcester).

Though many races were contested, all of the candidates have united behind our new leadership to work for the betterment of our members as we continue the ongoing battles for good contracts.

Upcoming contract negotiations for this year include service employees in January; St. Lawrence Gas and NYISO in February; Constellation Nuclear in June; NRG, Entergy and National Grid 97C in September; and Town of Worcester in December.

The local has much work ahead. Let's support our leadership team by attending our monthly meetings and volunteering to help. Together, we make the union!

John E. Delperuto, P.S.

New InterLink Transit Hub

L.U. 99 (govt&i), PROVIDENCE, RI—The new InterLink multi-modal transportation facility at T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, RI, had its grand opening Oct. 27, 2010. The InterLink transit hub is deemed a rousing success, connecting the railway with our state airport. This project, which includes a new multi-storied parking garage and car rental locations, is considered the most technologically advanced transportation hub in New England.

More than 100 Local 99 members worked on the InterLink project with several signatory contractors. Some 30 members worked for contractor James J. O'Rourke on the Customer Service Operations Building and the moving sidewalk. Rossi Electric worked on the parking garage installing 20-plus miles of rigid metal conduit. Contractors Sullivan & McLaughlin developed fueling stations at the parking garage and VDV contractor SYnet handled security and teledata work. The project showcases our versatility.

Local 99 is also working to capture the renewable energy market. We provided wind turbine training to some 60 members through our green energy grant by sending members to sister Local 8, Toledo, OH. Bus. Mgr. Allen P. Durand is working to secure wind turbine jobs for our members at the Fields Point Narragansett Bay Commission, as well as with our Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation (RIEDC), which is partnering with a wind turbine project in the Tiverton Industrial Park.

Also with the RIEDC Local 99 was selected to use our members on the "38 Studios" company's video game enterprise being developed by former Red Sox ace Curt Schilling. Local 99 was chosen for our skilled labor and track record of being "on time and on budget."

S. P. Callaghan, P.S.

IBEW Local 99 members worked on construction of the InterLink transportation hub at T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, RI.

'Focus on Moving Forward'

L.U. 125 (lctt,o,t&u), PORTLAND, OR—Midterm elections of 2010 have concluded, and it's now time to focus on moving forward. Whether your preferred candidate won or desired initiative passed, please direct your attention toward issues that will shape 2011. This is not the time to hold grudges; it's time to demand accountability.

Volunteers donated many hours to advocate for candidates and issues during this election cycle because they wanted to make a difference. Often, candidates assume office then "forget" their campaign promises. While we must recognize that an elected official may not vote in our favor on every issue, we do have the ability to demand accountability. Jobs and the economy were the driving themes of most platforms. We need to monitor officials' actions on these and other priority issues.

Our members must make their voices heard. Your local may ask you to call, e-mail, or write to your legislators. We may request your attendance at hearings, public meetings, and other activities. Get involved and help us protect your wages, hours and working conditions. The elections may have ended, but the work is just beginning. For more information on political and legislative issues affecting IBEW Local 125 members, visit www.ibew125.com.

Marcy Putman, P.S.

CPR Training Saves a Life

L.U. 153 (em,i,rtb,rts,se,spa&st), SOUTH BEND, IN—On Oct 25, 2010, while bowling at Maple City Bowl in Goshen, IN, an announcement over the PA system asked if anyone knew CPR. I looked across the bowling alley and saw someone lying on the floor.

I knew the CPR/First Aid classes I had attended might help out, so I hurried over to help. A young lady was trying to give CPR to her mother. The young lady was crying and I noticed that her compression strokes were too slow as her mother's face looked bluish gray.

I remembered my CPR class instructor Ed Higgins say to always ask first if you can help, which I did. After getting the OK, I started compression strokes. I applied CPR for about 10 minutes until the EMTs from Goshen Fire Department arrived.

I felt relieved that I had the CPR training. I can't thank Local 153 enough for the training we take every two years. The bowling alley owner told me the next day that Jan Birr was recovering well and had a pacemaker installed. Doctors said that if CPR had not been applied she would have died.

They called me a hero, but without the training I've received, I could not have done it. I urge all IBEW members to continue taking these classes. One never knows when the training may be needed.

Bruce Clark, R.S.

'A Wake-Up Call'

L.U. 159 (i), MADISON, WI—Midterm elections took a toll on Wisconsin politics, with the loss of our state governorship to Republican control and the loss of longtime Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold to an unknown Republican businessman. This is a wake-up call as to what else could lie ahead, not only for Wisconsin but also for our nation.

As we enter a new year, we must re-energize our base and fight for those labor-friendly candidates who will work for the issues of middle-class Americans: health care, Social Security and living wage jobs. We can't afford to be complacent and allow the continued destruction of the working class. The construction industry has faced tremendous challenges, and we will only be heard if we are involved in the process.

On a brighter note, we celebrated our 22nd year bringing Fantasy in Lights—our free outdoor holiday light display at Olin Park—to the community. We have gone green with our displays, using only LED bulbs. This event gives the IBEW and NECA members a great deal of positive exposure and is appreciated and enjoyed by all.

On the job front, the work picture remains slow at this writing. We expect to see some improvement as we get into the new year and toward spring. We will hopefully get some of our members returning to work and see better days ahead.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011.

Joe Kapusta, B.A.

Chugach Industries Contract

L.U. 191 (c,i,mo,rtb&st), EVERETT, WA—Thanks to the members for all their hard work at the Naval Air Station on Whidbey Island in Washington state. On Oct. 1, 2010, Local 191 members began working under a new three-year contract with Chugach Industries Inc., which has a multiple-year contract with the U.S. Navy. Chugach is responsible for maintenance and small capital projects at the Navy base.

A longtime member and shop steward at the Navy base for Chugach Industries Inc., Art Morris retired after 14 years of excellent service. Local 191 thanks him for all his hard work on behalf of the local and the Brotherhood. Members like Art help make the IBEW stronger. Sidney Jetton has taken on the challenge of serving as the new shop steward. Thanks, Sidney, for stepping up to serve.

We appreciate all that the members did to get out the vote for the 2010 midterm election. The "Labor to Neighbor" program was a success. Volunteers are always appreciated for many different events; for volunteer opportunities please contact the Everett Hall at (425) 259-3195 for more information.

Rob De Velder, P.S.

Local 191 shop members at Chugach Industries include: from left, Rob Van Dyk, Roger Rice, Ken Sousa, Rey Canosa, Steve Batts, Sidney Jetton, then-shop steward Arthur Morris, Shop Lead Foreman John Hawkes, Gerry Hollman, Ted Boyer and David Stasel.

Int. Pres. Hill Keynote Speaker

L.U. 193 (i,lctt,o,rts,spa&u), SPRINGFIELD, IL—IBEW Int. Pres. Edwin D. Hill spoke at the new Local 193 hall, rolled up his sleeves, and had a nice meet-and-greet with the rank and file. Pres. Hill was the keynote speaker at the 25th Annual Mother Jones Dinner at the University of Illinois at Springfield and visited the Mother Jones Monument with Local 193 members. Pres. Hill gave a riveting speech on elections and labor issues, and received a standing ovation. Sixth District Int. Vice Pres. Lonnie R. Stephenson also attended supporting labor in this area.

Electrical labor was donated at Mission School, St. Patrick's and the 10th Street Homeless Shelter. Local 193 thanks Marcus Kolis, Glenn Baugh, Paul Moore and Jim Tomasko. Material was donated by Springfield Electric Company, a true community leader with that "Springfield Spirit"!

Contract negotiations are upcoming with Nelson Tree Service and Sangamon County Central Dispatch System. All are to be tight and intense.

The 2010 midterm elections were unkind to labor, as many anti-union candidates were swept into office nationwide.

The following members have passed away: Jerry Bumgarner, Marty Turasky, Duane Peterson and Waldo Davis. Condolences go to their family and friends.

Hunting season is upon us sportsmen. Always be safe in the field, and enjoy the outdoors.

Don Hudson, P.S.

Int. Pres. Edwin D. Hill (fourth from right), Sixth District Int. Vice Pres. Lonnie R. Stephenson (left), Illinois AFL-CIO Pres. Michael Carrigan (second from right) and Local 21 Bus. Rep. Rosetta Shinn (right) join Local 193 contingent at the Mother Jones Monument. Also attending are: Matt and Danielle Dannenberger, Rick Shereda, Neil Hervey and Mike Lautermann.

Members Serve Community

L.U. 197 (em&i), BLOOMINGTON, IL—As winter arrives, the work outlook remains slow in our area.

We are proud that our members are active with community projects in these tough times. Recently we had five teams raise money during a day of bowling for the Great Plains Life Foundation, a nonprofit service organization. The event was open to all the local trade organizations and a few area businesses. Our local fielded the most teams, and Bro. Steve Rousey won a prize for most money raised by an individual. Bro. Shawn Dehaven won a prize for highest bowling score.

Additionally, the apprentices are holding a food drive during the holidays for a local food pantry. They invite members to drop off canned goods at the hall.

Also, we have another group of volunteers helping with the Festival of Trees.

We are saddened by the recent loss of two retired members. Let's keep the families of Al Fogler and Bill Pillow in our thoughts.

We thank all the military veterans for their service. Recently, teledata apprentice Sean Tibbs awarded a flag to our local during a union meeting. The flag was flown in a combat mission by a Blackhawk squadron in Afghanistan. Sean spent time in Afghanistan protecting our country serving in the Marine Corp, and we are happy to have him home.

We wish all a happy new year! Remember to get involved and stay involved in your local union.

Mike Raikes, P.S.

Local 197 teledata apprentice Sean Tibbs (center) presents IBEW Local 197 with a flag that was flown in a combat mission over Afghanistan. From left are: Local 197 Rec. Sec. Angie Miller, Treas. Terry Spencer, Tibbs, Pres. Rich Veitengruber and Bus. Mgr. Lance Reece.

Politically Active Season

L.U. 237 (i), NIAGARA FALLS, NY—Autumn was busy for Local 237. Several members attended the big One Nation Rally in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 2, 2010. The rally was held to support putting America back to work, equal justice and quality public education. The International welcomed us and our sister locals and the march was well attended by the IBEW and other advocates of labor. See video on the IBEW Web site www.ibew.org.

Our union has been politically active supporting candidates who support labor. For the New York state governor's race in particular, our local stepped up for Democratic candidate Andrew Cuomo. We attended a rally for Cuomo the weekend of Oct. 16. Due to the show of Local 237 members, the Democratic Committee asked if we would host Cuomo on Oct. 25. We said yes and it was an exciting day.

We developed a Phone Tree that lists every member of the local. With the Executive Board reaching active members; retired member David Saph reaching retirees; and Apprentice Pres. Joshua Walker reaching apprentices—we had great results. The Phone Tree was a big success in organizing these political events. Thank you to all of Local 237 members, the Executive Board, retired member Dave Saph and Apprentice Pres. Joshua Walker for your support!

Russ Quarantello, B.M.

D. Kennedy Building Dedication

L.U. 269 (i&o), TRENTON, NJ—Former business manager Donald J. Kennedy was honored at a special dinner Oct. 22, 2010. At the ceremony Bus. Mgr. Steve Aldrich unveiled a bronze placard of Bro. Kennedy's likeness. The plaque was installed at Building 3 of Local 269's campus. Attending the dedication were both active and retired members, labor and community leaders, as well as Third District Int. Reps. Randy Kieffer and Wyatt Earp as well asInt. Vice Pres. Donald C. Siegel, who spoke of Bro. Kennedy's dedication, hard work, integrity and outstanding leadership in the labor movement.

Donald Kennedy was initiated into Local 269 in 1956. He served as business manager from 1967-1996 and also was Mercer County Building Trades president.

On Nov. 2, 2010, Local 269's entire membership mobilized to get the vote out for midterm elections. Members worked hard to make their voices heard at the ballot box. Bro. Mark McTamney organized packets full of maps, instructions and door hangers. The packets were distributed to captains of the ten-member teams. Our teams hit the pavement in Mercer, Bucks and Burlington Counties with labor-to-labor walks, knocking on doors and manning phone banks. We did a great job, brothers and sisters. Your hard work will help create new opportunities for our local and our communities to grow.

D. Brian Proctor, P.S.

Local 269 officers, joined by IBEW Third District guests, gather at ceremony to honor former Local 269 business manager Donald J. Kennedy (front row, third from right). Front row, from left: Local 269 Asst. Bus. Mgr. Wayne DeAngelo; Pres. Clifford R. Reisser; Carles Martiante, former business manager; Carl Kraemer, former president; Kennedy; Third District Int. Vice Pres. Donald C. Siegel; and Int. Rep. Wyatt Earp. Back row: Local 269 Bus. Mgr. Stephen M. Aldrich and Int. Rep. Randy Kieffer.

Boise State University Project

L.U. 291 (i,o,rtb&rts), BOISE, ID—On Aug. 5, 2010, our newly elected officers were sworn in for a three-year term. Elected were: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Aaron White, Pres. Dea Roth, Vice Pres. Jon Starke, Rec. Sec. Ron Ely, Treas. Shawn Evins; Executive Board members Aaron Alloway, Jesse Busack, John Ostolasa, Cary Sims; and Examining Board members Alex Kelly, Joe Longshaw and Lonny Wearin. Congratulations to all. Your dedication to Local 291 is appreciated.

Another successful summer picnic was held July 24, 2010, at Boise's Municipal Park with some 200 in attendance. Thanks to Mike Gregory, Dea Roth, Greg Oyama, Shawn Evins, Rick Badely, Dennis Andersen, Ron Ely and many others who showed up at 5 a.m. to get it rolling. Everyone had a great time.

Our work outlook is still not very promising. At this writing, we have 256 on Book 1. The Boise State University College of Business and Economics project is just getting underway, and some new residence halls on campus are in design stage. Hopefully the proposed additions and expansion to Bronco Stadium get started soon. Many thanks to Bob Bodell and Local 449 for providing work for some of our members.

Thanks to all who contributed to the recent Habitat for Humanity project. Our next Habitat project should be underway by press time.

Congratulations to Joe Schneehagen on his I.O. appointment as construction lead organizer.

Here's to a happier, more productive 2011.

Ron Ely, R.S./P.S.

2010 Annual Picnic

L.U. 351 (c,cs,i,it,lctt,mt,o,se,spa&t), FOLSOM, NJ—We held our annual picnic last year at Morey's Pier in Wildwood, NJ. Again, we topped our previous year's attendance. We had more than 430 door prizes. The weather was great and everyone had a wonderful time. Special thanks to our picnic committee; they worked very hard to make sure everything ran smoothly.

Daniel Cosner, P.S.

IBEW Local 351 picnic committee members, from left: Ray Listman, Wayne Bumm, Vince Torelli, Ed Reiser, T.J. Wolfe, Duke Collins, Ken Jones, Jim Fletcher, Bill Hosey, Buddy Blatcher, Ron Shaiko, Frank Hannum, Joe Trumbetti, Dan Cosner, Greg Berwick and Sean Newlin.

Tram Cars Installed at Airport

L.U. 357 (c,i,mt&se), LAS VEGAS, NV—On Sept. 23, 2010, Morse Electric and members of IBEW Local 357 installed six electric tram cars, provided by Bombardier, in the new ATS Tunnel at the McCarran International Airport Terminal 3 Project. The rigging, direction and setting of the six 40-ton electric motor powered trams were accomplished flawlessly by IBEW trained journeymen and apprentices.

Once the trams were lowered into the tunnel and set on the concrete tracks, the wiremen and apprentices installed guide wheels on the trams and pushed them into the loading platforms to make room for the next car. The process was completed in an 8-hour work day and was closely observed by officials from the Department of Aviation, Bechtel, Perini, and Bombardier. This represented a unique installation for the members of Local 357 and shows what training and cooperation with our NECA contractors can accomplish in this jurisdiction.

Congratulations to those involved for a job well done: Foreman Steve Beasley; journeymen Todd Diller, Josh Dillon, Wayne Glenk, Anthony Kline, William Vincent and Rowdy Wright; and apprentices Danny Haugen, Jon McCoy, Kevin Mundo, Salvador Robles and Caleb Rose.

Gary Pitts, A.B.M.

IBEW Local 357 members installed six Bombardier electric tram cars in the new ATS Tunnel at McCarran International Airport.

Louisville Arena Project

L.U. 369 (em,es,i,lctt,o,rtb,rts,spa&u), LOUISVILLE, KY—The new University of Louisville basketball arena is a reality. The KFC Yum Center, as it is called, recently opened its doors to the public. IBEW Local 369 members did the electrical work on this project. It is a stunning building with views overlooking the city skyline, the Ohio River and southern Indiana. The open house was so well attended that two additional days of viewing were scheduled. The band My Morning Jacket rocked the house on Oct. 29, 2010; the lead singer is the son of a Local 369 member. The arena will be a center of attraction for years to come.

On Oct. 30, 2010, Local 369 held a celebration for its first 100 years of existence. The original charter was reinstated Dec. 7, 1910. I thank all those members who sacrificed much to propel us to this stage in our history. Without their courage and hard work we would not be here today. History tells us it was a rocky road to get to the first 100 years. Our task is before us and we must not waver in the sight of adversity; we must take on all challengers that would jeopardize our way of life. For without the union movement, there is no telling where the middle class of America would be today!

Here's hoping everyone has a happy new year.

John E. Morrison Jr., P.S.

IBEW Local 369 members helped build the KFC Yum Center, shown here three weeks before it opened.

Tribute to Dedicated Service

L.U. 375 (catv,ees&i), ALLENTOWN, PA—Local 375 held its election of officers in June 2010. Congratulations to: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Brett Helfrich, Pres. David Reichard, Vice Pres. Craig Siegfried, Rec. Sec. Bruce Snyder, Treas. Alan Rex and Executive Board members Michael Alabovitz, Andrew Kubik, Al "Chick" Moyer and Wayne Muffley.

The entire local extends sincere appreciation to retiring business manager William Newhard and retiring assistant business manager/JATC training director Bruce Carney for their longtime dedicated service to the local membership and the labor movement. May your retirement years be filled with good health and happiness.

The local's 53rd Annual Clambake was held at Willow Tree Grove in Orefield on Sept. 11, 2010. It was a great day for horseshoes, volleyball and camaraderie. Food and beverage were plentiful as always, and everyone had a great time.

At the general membership meeting last September, Bus. Mgr. Brett Helfrich and JATC Training Dir. Paul Anthony presented awards to Bros. Matt Woodside and Chris Zippel. Bro. Woodside received an IBEW gold wristwatch for attaining the highest cumulative GPA for the apprenticeship class of 2010. Bro. Zippel received a Klein tool kit for achieving the second highest GPA for the class of 2010. Local 375 wishes all the graduates a successful and prosperous career.

Alan Rex, P.S.

Local 375 Bus. Mgr. Brett Helfrich (left) and Training Dir. Paul Anthony (right) present awards to members Christopher Zippel (second from left) and Matthew Woodside.

70-Year Member Honored

L.U. 413 (em&i), SANTA BARBARA, CA—Despite threatening weather our annual barbeque and picnic was held Oct. 23, 2010, at Nojoqui Falls Park. Bus. Mgr. Chuck Huddleston presented Bro. John Roberts his 70-year membership pin, and Local 413 members celebrated John's 100th birthday along with John's wife, Gladys, and their family. Our two local union softball teams also faced off that morning, with the north barely edging the south by one run. Our Northern team was this seasons' summer league champion in their division. Golf tournament organizer LeRoy Villa was the "Low Gross" winner with a 65; Pres. Joe Furino Jr. took "Low Net" honors with a 61; and Lee Peneranda had the best "Low Calloway" score with a 71. E-board member Rockie Ginter won the Beau Ray/Ron Verbyke Trophy.

We have been blessed in this down economy. We thank all the traveling brothers and sisters who have worked in our jurisdiction. We are told there is a lot of "green work" on the horizon; we may be competing with other unionized crafts for that work by all indications. We hope 2011 is better for all IBEW members.

Chuck Huddleston, B.M./F.S.

Local 413 Pres. Joe Furino Jr. (left) and Bus. Mgr. Chuck Huddleston (right) present 100-year-old member John Roberts (center) his 70-year membership award, in addition to a "residential meter��� trophy from Local 413 members and a plaque from the Labor-Management Cooperation Committee celebrating his 100th birthday.

Politics Central

L.U. 441 (as,i&rts), SANTA ANA, CA—As the 2010 midterm political season was in full swing, Local 441 was a headquarters for getting union members out to vote. Since mid-September, several labor unions set up base at our local in hopes of getting labor friendly candidates elected on Nov. 2. The Orange County Federation of Labor, Alliance for Better California, Local 441 Bus. Mgr. Doug Chappell and Political Dir. Doug Mangione were all instrumental in coordinating precinct walkers and phone-banking volunteers daily. Every Saturday in September and October, the local was the staging area for local politicians to knock on doors and canvas their districts with union members spreading our message.

Everyone's hard work paid off, and labor proved influential in getting pro-labor candidates elected or re-elected in 2010—including Gov.-elect Jerry Brown, Sen. Barbara Boxer and Rep. Loretta Sanchez (who is the only Democrat in the U.S. House elected from Orange County).

A special thanks and congratulations to all our volunteers, members and staff who gave their time and energy for this election!

Rich Vasquez, B.R.

Local 441 Bus. Mgr. Doug Chappell (left) and Asst. Bus. Mgr. Richard Samaniego greet U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez.

Fortunate Work Picture

L.U. 449 (catv,em,i,o,rtb,rts,spa&u), POCATELLO, ID—We have been very fortunate with our work picture this past year and wish to thank all the traveling brothers and sisters for helping us staff our work.

As of Nov. 1, 2010, we have signed up 73 new members and lost 33. At the time of this writing, our membership is at the highest level in our local's history. As organizing is a top priority, retaining membership is as well.

Mentoring, encouraging members to get involved and participate in meetings, attend local union functions and events—as well as volunteering on community projects—are all good tools for retaining membership.

We are in the early stages of starting a club to educate spouses of members on our agreements, health insurance, pension, and local union functions. We are receiving positive feedback from the membership on this idea as our livelihood includes our whole family, and we feel this will strengthen our local on many levels. As the wider labor movement fights to survive challenges—from political foes, negative news media and an often uninformed and unrepresented work force—we need to understand issues and work together to strengthen our own survival.

Congratulations to Bro. Terence Fitzpatrick on his retirement.

Mike Lee Miera, V.P./Organizer

Union-Built Web Site

L.U. 453 (govt,i,rtb,rts&spa), SPRINGFIELD, MO—Best wishes to everyone for a happy new year. With the powerhouse finishing up, news is scarce right now so I will give an update on the local's Web site. We have developed a new Web site using a union Web host and their built-in modules. Our site now rivals the best and is union built! We can enter our endorsements, re-sign online, do secure online voting, blogs, classified ads, message boards, and mass e-mails to the membership. There is a secure log-in area for members only. Now instead of having to program special features, we can e-mail the Web host to install them. Our site is www.ibew453.com. Special thanks to Eugene Long for his help and knowledge selecting this Web host.

Please welcome our first-year apprentices: Skylar Ingle, Nathaniel Oster and Charles Young.

Regular union meetings are the second Thursday of each month at 6:30p.m. Please try to attend.

Kevin McGill, P.S.

Bike Run & Golf Outing

L.U. 503 (t&u), MONROE, NY—The Local 503 inaugural charity bike run and barbecue was held Sept. 19, 2010, at the American Legion Post 488 in Monroe, NY. Although crews had been sent to Queens and Staten Island to lend mutual aid following a storm that interrupted power to thousands, and other motorcycle events were also taking place in the area—we still had a great turnout and a good time.

The event started at the Legion Hall and wound through the scenic countryside of three counties ending 70 miles later back where it started. All other proceeds went to benefit The Wounded Warriors Project, which provides programs and services to severely injured service members during their transition from active duty to civilian life.

On Sept. 20, Local 503 held its 11th annual golf outing to benefit the local's holiday gift basket program. The program provides food baskets to needy families in Orange and Rockland Counties during the holiday season.

Brothers and sisters from Locals 503, 363 and 1249 along with management representatives from Orange & Rockland Utilities Inc. and Con Edison attended. The charity event hosted some 80 golfers, even though many crews were away on mutual aid. Those who made it enjoyed a wonderful event with great food, prizes, and a terrific day for golf.

Judd Pollack, P.S.

Kudos to Volunteers

L.U. 551 (c,i&st), SANTA ROSA, CA—Happy new year to all. November's elections fared well for us here in California. With our new governor we are hopeful that 2011 with will bring us a new year with good prospects of jobs for our members.

We worked hard to get our labor friendly candidates elected. From rallies, to phone banking and knocking on doors day in and day out, we got the job done. Thank you to all our members who volunteered. You did it!

Organizer John Lloyd is helping to host an Hour Power episode. They will be filming Montgomery High School on the installation of LED replacement lighting with local company Greenray Lighting. Greenway manufactures LEDs to replace fluorescent fixtures. In one recent test performed by Local 551, fluorescent lights measuring 690 watts dropped to 366 watts after a retrofit in a local nursing home.

We are working on two solar homes for Habitat for Humanity in Healdsburg. Volunteering for this organization is always rewarding. We also recently broke ground for two additional solar homes in Sebastopol. If you're an apprentice this is a great opportunity to sharpen your skills!

Denise D. Soza, B.R./P.S.

Labor Day Fundraiser

L.U. 553 (i,mt,o&ws), RALEIGH, NC—We thank the brothers and sisters who attended our first annual Labor Day cookout. Thanks to funds raised by brothers and sisters attending, we were able to send small contributions to assist two widows and a brother recovering from hip replacement surgery.

Several members from Local 553 attended the big One Nation Rally held Oct. 2, 2010, in Washington, D.C. Joining a large IBEW and labor-wide contingent attending the rally to speak out for jobs and workers' political issues were: Local 553 Bus. Mgr. Ron Cockman, Pres. Bill Koonce and myself.

We are saddened by the loss of member Gary "Candyman" Jensen. We send our condolences to his family. He will be missed.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year to all.

David A. Ingram, P.S.

Attending the Local 553 Labor Day cookout are: front row, from left, David Brewer, Press Sec. David Ingram, Jeff Dickson, Executive Board members Tony Allen and Stewart Monroe; middle row, Examining Board member Jerry Williams, Pres. Bill Koonce, Executive Board member Blake Edwards, Joe Boyette; back row, Mike Carrol and Executive Board member Matt Dickson.

Business Manager Transitions

L.U. 569 (i,mar,mt,rts&spa), SAN DIEGO, CA—With more than 40 years of union activism, Al Shur served as Local 569 business manager from 1995-2010. Al's extensive contributions to the IBEW and the labor movement are impressive.

Al became an IBEW member in 1967 and quickly distinguished himself through his political involvement as a rank-and-file member. His activism and vision led him to serve on our Executive Board and then as business manager. IBEW 569 became a player in San Diego political circles with Al's vision and hard work. In 1997, Local 569 was one of the first training centers in the U.S. to establish a solar PV and energy efficiency curriculum. Al believed that a sustainable environment mandates union jobs in a sustainable economy. He was instrumental in equipping our training center with an 80 kW photovoltaic system, and our union hall with a 90 kW photovoltaic system. He was a founding member of California Unions for Reliable Energy (CURE) and the regional Apollo Alliance. Al was the main reason that a project labor agreement was secured for the ballpark where the San Diego Padres play.

Thank you, Al, for your many great achievements as a union leader.

David Taylor, P.S.

Former Local 569 business manager Al Shur.

Newark AirTrain Contract

L.U. 589 (rr), JAMAICA, NY—It was a busy summer last year for Local 589. Our local organized and negotiated a contract for the employees of Newark AirTrain service. The contract was ratified and Local 589 now has some 85 new members to represent. Congratulations and welcome to our newest members.

Also last year, Local 589 was represented at the UTU-BLE (United Transportation Union—Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers) "Weekend at Bernie's" fundraiser/golf outing in upstate New York. It was a great time for a very good cause.

Our Fin. Sec. Steven Schmitt organized a basketball tournament "Hoops for Hope." This was a fundraiser for a local student injured in an accident. Our Gen. Chmn. Rick Sanchez, Pres. Glen Chandler and our Executive Board members participated, and a good amount of money was raised. One fact was clarified—our union officers need to stay with representing electrical workers, and forget about basketball! It was a very successful function. Thank you to all.

Have a safe and happy new year.

Augie Maccarone, R.S.

Thanks to all Volunteers!

L.U. 595 (c,govt,i&st), DUBLIN, CA—On Nov. 2, we all cheered when our IBEW-endorsed candidates swept the Nov. 2 elections in California. We had a tremendous outpouring of labor support in the last weeks of the campaign and our members really got engaged to send a message from California: "No to a hostile corporate takeover of California!" Billionaire Meg Whitman spent more than $160 million trying to buy the governor's mansion, but labor-endorsed Gov.-elect Jerry Brown won overwhelmingly.

Congratulations to all Local 595 members and friends who walked, phoned and got the vote out for labor. Labor-endorsed candidates prevailed across the state. As we went to press, U.S. Rep. Jerry McNerney had also won his bid for re-election to California's 11th Congressional District. That district was targeted by groups hostile to labor, and the union movement in Alameda County mounted a huge effort to return McNerney to Congress.

At year's end, we had some exciting events scheduled to close out 2010: Old Timers Night for our pin recipients; volunteer recognition night at our December general membership meeting; our retiree's holiday luncheon; and our fantastic "Santa at the Hall" events in Dublin and Stockton.

We recently celebrated the groundbreaking for our new JATC building. The new facility almost doubles the training space and is a huge investment for the future of our IBEW.

Tom Mullarkey, B.R.

At the East Oakland Sports Center job site, Local 595 members showed they were "Down for Brown" for the Nov. 2, 2010, election.

Wind Tower Projects

L.U. 601 (i&rtb), CHAMPAIGN-URBANA, IL—Local 601 had its Annual Golf Outing with 16 foursomes participating and everyone had a great time. The winning foursome comprised Orcutt family members (Bud, David, Don and Phyllis Orcutt) with a score of 14 under par. After the golfing, a great meal was served followed by a 50/50 drawing. We thank everyone who helped with the golf outing and meal preparation.

At press time, there are 71 members on Book I; 313 members on Book II; and 14 apprentices out of work. We do see a light at the end of the tunnel with the work situation in our area starting to perhaps look better for the year ahead. Several wind tower projects are expected to start soon, with the second phase adding another 200 towers. We thank Rockford, IL, Local 364 for providing Local 601 with a course in High Tower Rescue Training. At this writing, the first class was scheduled for November 2010.

Dan Hatter, P.S.

The Local 601 annual golf outing winning foursome are, from left: Don, Bud, Phyllis and David Orcutt.

Foreman Development Classes

L.U. 611 (catv,es,govt,i,lctt,o,spa,t&u), ALBUQUERQUE, NM—As of this writing, work has been slow with about 180 members on book 1.

Since July the hall has been putting on Foreman Development classes at the JATC. They are two-hour modules that start with the "Role of the Foreman" and wrap up with "Project Closeout." The classes are on weekends and last about six weeks. There is no cost for these classes but advance registration is required. If you attend four two-hour modules, you can apply eight hours toward your continuing education credits.

If you are thinking of becoming a foreman or already work as a foreman, these classes are definitely worthwhile. The classes are put on by Tom Ross and James "Little Greek" Anagnostelis. Call the JATC for further information.

The 2010 apprentice lineman of the year is Daniel Trujillo. Daniel also placed first at the outstanding apprentice competition for outside linemen in the Seventh District.

Local 611 sends condolences to the families of recently deceased members Tony W. Bruce, Ruben W. Salazar and Charles W. Wethington.

Best wishes to all for a happy new year ahead.

Darrell J. Blair, P.S.

Local 611 Asst. Bus. Mgr. Jim Baca (left) and Bro. Joe Padilla (right) congratulate apprentice lineman of the year Daniel Trujillo.

New Training Facility

L.U. 613 (em,i,o,rts&spa), ATLANTA, GA—Local 613 AEJATC and the Atlanta Electrical Contractors Association recently had a grand opening of our new apprenticeship and training facility. It is a beautiful, spacious 33,000 square-foot building located on the northeast side of town, just minutes from our hall. We are glad to have enough room to give our apprentices a well-rounded education. There is also enough room for future expansion and journeyman training.

We were joined for the occasion by local members, contractors, venders, instructors, a host of friends and our U.S. Rep. Henry "Hank" Johnson. With the new training facility, students have enhanced opportunities for valuable hands-on training. The labs are spacious and each student gains experience with solving realistic work problems in a training setting.

One of our instructors, Bob Foster, a 42-year member, has been teaching "fire alarm" for some time. He gives each student an opportunity to work with this application of study.

Beatrice Andrews, A.B.M.

Local 613 instructor Bob Foster demonstrates fire alarm board.

In Tribute to a Brother

L.U. 617 (c,i,mo&st), SAN MATEO, CA—The local recently lost Scotty Turner, 40-year member and past SMJATC training director and instructor, after a long and courageous battle with cancer.

As a JATC instructor for 22 years, Scotty's sense of humor and wit kept many an apprentice on his toes. He was the classic storyteller and made the curriculum more interesting with his usual narrative flair. Scotty served as training director from 1996 to 2003, and retired afterward.

Scotty is remembered, by many of us who worked with and learned from him, as a man of strong character with clear principles. He was an individual with great integrity and maintained a positive outlook on life, even as he faced a particularly difficult struggle with cancer. We miss you, brother. �Ķ

The membership was at its best once again as we approached the recent local and state elections. Phone banks and precinct walks saw a big turnout of union volunteers and our hall was again the hub of election activity in San Mateo County.Four local school construction bond measures passed, translating into $400 million in future renovations and a light at the end of the recession tunnel. Prop 23 took on big oil to further California's leadership role in clean energy production.

Dan Pasini, V.P.

Happy New Year to All

L.U. 625 (ees,em,i,mar&mt), HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA—Season's greetings from Local 625 members on the mainland of Nova Scotia to all the brothers and sisters everywhere in North America. Here's to a happy and prosperous new year for everyone.

The work situation slowed in the last quarter of 2010, but it looks promising for the second quarter of 2011 with some work locally and hopefully some work on the road coming soon.

Bro. Sheldon Thomas retired in October. We wish Sheldon good health and good times.

Retired Bros. Clarence "Tony" Marks and Norman Wright passed away in February 2010. Also last year: Bro. Ian MacDougall, 53, passed away April 3; Bro. Joel Hatt, 23, passed away April 20; retired Bro. Frank Holman, 68, passed away July 9; Bro. Norbert Beamish, 57, passed away Aug. 8; and retired Bro. Doug Gloster, 64, passed away Oct. 23. Members in attendance at union meetings in 2010 observed a moment of silence for these brothers.

Our Retirees Banquet in October 2009 was well attended with 112 members and guests. Music was presented by "Time Machine" with Bro. Fred Stratten on lead guitar and his wife, Nancy, as lead singer. All retirees are urged to attend next year.

Tom Griffiths, Pres.

Retired Bro. Phil Wallace and partner Shirley Burris attend Local 625���s annual retirement party. Phil and Shirley created and maintained Local 625���s Web site for eight years. Phil is currently Executive Member-at-Large.

Golf Scramble a Success

L.U. 681 (i,o&spa), WICHITA FALLS, TX—We recently held our first Golf Scramble to help our Brotherhood grow and the event was a great success. We had 12 teams play. The winning team included Bro. Charlie Morath, Larry Cargal, Rinnie Morath and Bro. Chuck Howard. Second place: Bros. Regis Cannon, Tim Flaherty and Bud Young. Everybody had such a good time they are ready to do it again. We plan on making this an annual event.

The work situation is a little slow, but we are hopeful it will turn around soon.

Leland Welborn, A.B.M.

Several Local 681 members gather for the Golf Scramble event.

IBEW Service Pins Awarded

L.U. 683 (em&i), COLUMBUS, OH—Hope you got out to vote in the November midterm election. As a majority we voted for hope and change but we can't seem to be patient enough to let it play out. Real change takes time, planning and participation. We thank those members who manned the phone banks to get out the vote.

On Sept. 10-12 last year, a two-day free camping trip was held at Alum Creek State Park. Also, the retirees had a wiener roast at the home of the Maurey's.

We congratulate members who have taken their pension as of Aug. 1, 2010: Jeffrey Bender, Paul Falk, Keith Fitzpatrick, Darrell Howell, Andy Jacobs and Russell Mall.

The Annual 25-Year Club Dinner & Dance was held Oct. 15 at the Villa Milano. Also 5-, 10-, 15- and 20-year pins were given out at the Sept. 9 union meeting. Congratulations to all.

We extend condolences to the families of our recently deceased members: Robert L. Nunley, Dale Metcalf, Lee Creiglow, Joshua C. Owen, William A. Schirtzinger, David West, Billy J. Walden, Andrew J. Shaffer, Wallace D. Watkins Jr., Ralph L. Jordan and Edwin E. Schneider.

Again we thank other locals that have helped our traveling members, especially Charleston, WV, Local 466.

Rick Deime, V.P./P.S.

Legacy of A Centenarian

L.U. 697 (c,es,i,mt&se), GARY AND HAMMOND, IN—These thoughts come from Bus. Mgr. Raymond E. Kasmark.

With great sorrow we acknowledge the passing of Larry "Buster" Pelka on July 27, 2010. Buster was our oldest member at age 101. He was born in 1909, two years before this local union was chartered. He was initiated in 1927 and retired in 1973. We honored him at our 2006 Member Awards Night banquet and he was a big hit. I also had the pleasure of attending his 100th birthday celebration and a photo of us at that event appeared in this publication shortly thereafter.

As recently as this summer, Buster visited the construction site of our new Training and Administration facility. He engaged the site superintendent in a conversation about the building and took some photo ops. Buster was very active even at his advanced age. He will be missed and we extend condolences and prayers to his sorrowing family.

Heritage by definition is a legacy, or inheritance handed down from one generation to another. This holiday season let us truly give thanks for the legacy that has been given to us and let us diligently work to preserve that legacy to pass on to our next generation.

Have a blessed new year!

David A. Soderquist, P.S.

Local 697 honors the memory of centenarian Bro. Larry "Buster" Pelka.

Newly Elected Officers

L.U. 753 (u), SPRINGFIELD, MO—Local 753 is proud to introduce our newly elected and re-elected officers and board members. Local 753 was also honored to have International Sec. Emeritus Jack F. Moore swear in the officers.

Officers elected are: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Dick Wilson, Pres. Tony Parrish, Vice Pres. David Johnson, Rec. Sec. David Beahan, Treas. Craig Rost; and Executive Board members Jimmy Foster, Gregory Johnson, Larry Maric, William Nichols, William O'Neal, Shannon Vaughn and Darrell Walker.

We thank those who helped and participated in the Labor Day parade and cleanup day.

Remember, our Local 753 meetings are the third Thursday of every month. Hope to see you there.

Brian Brawley, P.S.

Attending swearing in of Local 753 officers are, from left: Local 753 Pres. Tony Parrish; Executive Board members William Nichols, Shannon Vaughn and Greg Johnson; Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Dick Wilson; Int. Sec. Emeritus Jack F. Moore; Executive Board member William O���Neal; Vice Pres. David Johnson; Executive Board members Darrell Walker and Jim Foster; Treas. Craig Rost. Not pictured: Executive Board member Larry Maric and Rec. Sec. David Beahan.

Business Plan

L.U. 827 (catv&t), EAST WINDSOR, NJ—Last April, Vice Pres. Joe Penna and myself met with Verizon leaders to discuss a business plan. This plan will increase the Verizon FiOS customer base in New Jersey. FiOS is a great product for voice, data and video. I have often said that Verizon designed a Cadillac, yet markets and maintains it like a Volkswagen.

By 2012, Verizon in New Jersey will have passed over 18 million homes with fiber, yet as of November 2010, only 300,000 customers are on the new network. Today's customers want good service. We have provided a business plan to the employer that will increase the workload and keep the customer base. It includes a partnership with the New Jersey AFL-CIO and other IBEW locals in New Jersey. In a year of corporate downsizing our goal is to increase membership. Let us hope the corporation can get past the bottom line and see the bigger picture with the potential for additional customers, which in turn should increase the membership.

Local 827 officers and business agents wish everyone a happy, prosperous new year.

Bill Huber, Pres./B.M./F.S.

Fight for Working Families

L.U. 915 (i&mt), TAMPA, FL—The midterm elections turned out to be brutal for working families in the state of Florida. Many of our most intelligent and passionate supporters lost their campaigns. The new cabinet and legislature leaders have made their disdain for the labor movement common knowledge. Now we surely must fight for the benefit of our members and all of Florida's working families, use this experience as a wake-up call, and mobilize like never before.

During one of our local's labor walks to union members' homes, we were honored to have in attendance at our hall Int. Pres. Edwin D. Hill and Fifth District Int. Vice Pres. Joe S. Davis. Pres. Hill rallied the volunteers before the walk, boosted morale and gave encouragement that our efforts are never in vain. It was a good day for brotherhood and solidarity.

Bros. Felix Gonzalez andJon Dehmel held Local 915's first Halloween party. It was well attended and the kids both old and young enjoyed themselves. Thank you to these brothers and their volunteers for giving our families a safe place to celebrate this occasion.

Theresa King, P.S.

IBEW Int. Pres. Edwin D. Hill (fifth from right) and Int. Vice Pres. Joe Davis (second from left) join officers and members from Locals 915 and 606. From left are: Local 606 member Emmanuel Joseph; Int. Vice Pres. Davis; Local 915 member Tim McMurry; Local 915 Bus. Mgr. William Dever; Local 915 members Jon Hendley (Executive Board), George Thompson (Executive Board), Bruce Barrow (assistant business manager) and Louis Fuselli; Int. Pres. Hill; Local 915 members Tom Bedwell (Executive Board), Kim Fuselli, Rodney Alvarez and Felix Gonzalez (organizer).

Community Service Award

L.U. 965 (em,govt,ptc&u), MADISON, WI—In 2010, Local 965 began recognizing active and retired members who give back to our communities by volunteering. We established the "Charlie Award," which is named in recognition of the first recipient, Charlie Wilhelm. Charlie inspired the need to recognize members giving back to our communities through his involvement with Habitat for Humanity and other charitable activities. Any member who knows of a fellow active member or retiree who gives back to our communities through volunteering can submit an application to the local union office. The Local 965 Executive Board will select the applicant they believe is most deserving at the January Executive Board meeting.

In addition to individual volunteering, the different units of this local are authorized to request charitable contributions to be made by the local union to various organizations and charities in and around the communities served by those units. Local 965 is proud of the membership's approval of these requests that come from their unit meetings over the course of the year. In these hard economic times, caused by the greed of a few, it is more important than ever that we extend a hand to those organizations that do so much in our communities.

Kurt Roberts, P.S.

Local 965 Bus. Mgr. Tony Bartels (right) and Retirees Club Pres. Gene Samuelson (left) present community service award to member Charlie Wilhelm (holding plaque.)

National Grid Agreement

L.U. 1049 (lctt,o,u&uow), LONG ISLAND, NY—"Information, Communication, Education"—that is the longtime mantra of Bus. Mgr. Bob Shand. Utilizing our new state-of-the-art media center, we invite guest speakers to our general meetings who inform members on benefits, community events and political issues. A recent guest was U.S. Rep. Steve Israel.

We completed negotiations with our largest employer, National Grid. Chief negotiator Bob Shand led the main Negotiating Committee and several subcommittees. Our union negotiators secured additional security for the membership by negotiating a four-year agreement. We created new jobs and new career paths. The agreement includes a no-layoff clause, general wage increases of 2.5 percent in each year of the contract and other economic enhancements. We protected retiree medical and pharmaceutical coverage. Additionally, the company agreed to more accurately calculate the pensions for our members who collect shift premiums.

Concurrently, we negotiated new contracts for our members covered under our "Temporary Labor Restricted to Flagpersons" Agreement and another for those who are employed by Riggio Valve. Our flaggers have a new three-year agreement with general wage increases of 8.26 percent compounded. For our members employed by Riggio Valve, we negotiated a four-year agreement with general increases of 3.5 percent, 3.5 percent, 3.5 percent and 4 percent. There will also be a 3.5 percent increase in their annuity. At this writing, we are negotiating with Waste Recycling Solutions Inc.

See you at the next general meeting.

Thomas J. Dowling, R.S.

'Rank and File Support'

L.U. 1245 (catv,em,govt,lctt,o,pet,t&u), VACAVILLE, CA—Seventeen apprentice linemen from Outside Construction, NV Energy, the City of Lodi and PG&E gained a new appreciation of the union when they traveled to Kansas for the 27th Annual International Lineman's Rodeo in October 2010.

Stevey Bennett Jr., a sixth-step apprentice at NV Energy, said the rodeo showed him that "all the locals are fighting for the same rights, the same benefits, all over the country. The union is part of what we do."

A journeyman team from Turlock Irrigation District took first place in a journeyman "mystery event," as well as third place overall in the municipal utility division. Modesto Irrigation District's journeyman team also performed extremely well.

Massive rank and file support helped power the negotiation of a new tentative agreement for clerical members at Pacific Gas & Electric. A large majority of the 2,500-member unit signed a petition opposing company proposals for two-tier wages and the contracting out of IBEW work—management withdrew those proposals. If ratified, the agreement provides wage increases of 9 percent over its four-year term.

Local 1245 retirees at NV Energy protested reductions in their medical benefits with a large rally at the utility's Las Vegas headquarters. The union recently published another series of full-page ads in the state's leading newspapers, produced and aired a 60-second commercial in Nevada's major TV markets, and continued a Web-based campaign of Google ads that feature a three-minute video of retirees telling how they feel about losing medical benefits after longtime service to the utility. A poll commissioned by Local 1245 shows NV Energy customers are deeply dissatisfied with the utility's service. The local petitioned the Nevada Public Utilities Commission to investigate work force shortages at the utility.

Eric Wolfe, P.S.

Local 1245 apprentices gather at the 2010 International Lineman���s Rodeo. Standing, from left: Josh Ramos (Lodi); Steve Eaton, Mason Grammar, Jacob Kleinbach, Chris Tate, Nathaniel Mora, Chris Henry and Aaron Tulchinsky (Outside Line); Stevie Bennett, Jr. (NV Energy); and Cyrus Riley (Outside Line). Kneeling: Anthony Robbins (Outside Line), Jeff Deweese (NV Energy), Romanic Martinez (PG&E), Brandon Gonzales (Outside Line), Jason Borsini (NV Energy), Cody Ellis (Lodi), and Kyle Hermansen (NV Energy).

Maine IBEW Locals Meet

L.U. 1253 (i), AUGUSTA, ME—Local 1253 was pleased to host an Oct. 13, 2010, meeting of the Association of Maine Paper Mills. Thanks to the mill locals for the invitation to all Maine IBEW locals. The interaction at this meeting between the 10 locals in attendance—representing maintenance and operations, telephone, utility, railroad, inside and outside—was invaluable.

In addition, the opportunity was taken by all to endorse U.S. Reps. Chellie Pingree and Mike Michaud in their bids for re-election. We are happy to report the success of both.

William Gifford, P.S.

Great participation by 10 IBEW locals was noted at the October 2010, Association of Maine Paper Mills meeting. Among attendees were, from left: IBEW Int. Rep. Paul Ward; Dave Boudreau, Local 1768; Cam Gallo, Local 1750; Calvin Murphy, Local 1253; and Jenn Nappi, Local 2327.

A Brother Mourned

L.U. 1307 (u), SALISBURY, MD—Local members were saddened by the recent death of Bro. Mike Healey, following an illness with cancer. Bro. Healey was hired by Delmarva Power in 1983 as a journeyman lineman in the Exmore District. He advanced to lead lineman and later became a trouble serviceman in the Salisbury District. In 2008, Mike became a protective equipment tester, the job he held when he passed away Sept. 24, 2010. Mike will be missed. We extend condolences to his family and friends.

On Oct 12, 2010, members of Local 1307 employed by Choptank Electric Co-Op ratified a new five-year contract. The contract includes wage increases of 3 percent, 3 percent, 3 percent, 3.25 percent and 3.25 percent. There were changes in the lineman training program and the FR (flame resistant) clothing provision. Changes were also made in vacation and sick leave. The negotiating committee was made up of Pres. David Adkins, E-Board member Ginny Williams, members Chuck Dean, Marvin McDonald, Buster Nelson and Mark Nicolle, assisted by Int. Rep. Kenneth W. Cooper. We thank this group for a job well done.

Until next time: save jobs, limit imports.

Edward D. Sparks, P.S.

Rich in Service to the Union

L.U. 1439 (u), ST. LOUIS, MO—Former business manager Tom Fagan proudly accepted his 50-year award from current Bus. Mgr. Mike Walter. St. Charles was Tom's home district where he worked as a journeyman lineman for Ameren/UE. Tom served as a steward, Executive Board member, and business representative until taking the helm as business manager from 1996 to 2000. During his tenure as political director for the St. Louis Labor Council, Tom used his expertise in the political field to help educate and cultivate candidates with labor's best interest at heart. Tom is currently busy with all "retiree duties" including those of "grandpa."

We had a good showing at the 27th Annual International Lineman's Rodeo in Bonner Springs, KS. Apprentice Chad Zust won third place and one of our journeyman teams (Greg Tall, Ed Guehne and Jeff Welker) took fourth place. Congratulations to all for a job well done. All of our contestants work for Ameren/UE in St. Louis, MO.

Michael D. Walter, B.M.

Local 1439 Bus. Mgr. Mike Walter (right) presents 50-year award to former business manager Tom Fagan.

1501 Update

L.U. 1501 (ees,em,mo,pet,rts&t), BALTIMORE, MD—Voters in Maryland's Anne Arundel County approved a slots parlor at Arundel Mills Mall. The Maryland Jockey Club had threatened closure of Laurel Race Track and to operate Pamlico, home of the world famous Preakness, for only 40 days a year. The Cordish Co., which holds the license to build the 4,700-machine slots parlor as part of a billion-dollar entertainment complex, countered by stating it would buy the racetracks and return Maryland horse racing to national prominence, if the Jockey Club attempted to close them.

Space supporters worry that NASA's 2011 budget could be reduced below its 2010 level, which could scrap the planned space shuttle launch for 2011 as well as needed modernization of the Kennedy Space Center. A shuttle launch would cost $500 million or more.

Our local's extended three-election cycle was completed with no changes. Our Bus. Mgr./Pres. Dion F. Guthrie spoke for all of us when he extended heartfelt thanks to our Election Committee for their work in this long, arduous task. Election Committee members: Earl Brown Jr. (judge), Webster Burrier (judge), Kathy Doyle (teller), George "Pete" Noble (teller) and John Zebraski (teller).

Thomas J. Rostkowski, R.S.

Four-Year Contract Ratified

L.U. 1505 (em), WALTHAM, MA—A four-year contract was ratified unanimously with an roar of applause at the special meeting held Oct. 2, 2010, at the LowellAuditorium, in Lowell, MA.

In these difficult economic times when so many in the labor movement are being laid off, Bus. Mgr. David Johnson led the negotiating committee and was able to negotiate an 11.25 percent pay increase over the life of the contract, along with a substantial ratification bonus. Negotiations also secured a yearly company-funded Flexible Spending Account to offset rising medical costs. A first in this company!

Bus. Mgr. Johnson also negotiated advantageous contract language for our probationary members. An additional bonus goes to members who volunteer to go on a biweekly pay schedule. Our defined benefit pension plan was increased by $4 per year of service, effective immediately. Shift differentials were also improved. Program assurances were retained, with enhanced seniority rights, as well as an historic agreement for our licensed trades to perform work in the Pelham, NH, facility, expelling nonunion contractors from that site!

Looking to the future, Bus. Mgr. Johnson notes that there will soon be many opportunities for advancement and negotiated in-house training programs for those members seeking an opportunity to advance within the union's job structures.

Congratulations to Bus. Mgr. Johnson and the entire negotiating team for a job well done!

Bob Garnhum, V.P./P.S.

Our Next Generation

L.U. 1523 (u), WICHITA, KS—As I pondered writing this article, the recent 2010 midterm election came to mind. That made me think about our union participation.

How many of us realize how important it is to vote? We complain about how things are and we talk about how things should be. But what are we doing to make things better in our workplace? We have the opportunity to make changes for the better by stepping up to participate.

I know that when the leaders of our country entered politics they also pledged to work to improve life for the future of the country and our families.

This is what the founding fathers of IBEW did and at great risk of their lives. They stepped up and worked to improve working conditions for families and future generations. We're now reaping the benefits of those risks. The founders risked their lives for us, for the next generation.

What are we doing as union members to reach out to the next generation? We can listen to them, talk to them, explain to them what the union has done for us. We can be politically active and vote. This participation will keep us strong and on the right track for the next generation.

Candy C. Cruz-Dodd, P.S.

Training Facility Proposed

L.U. 1579 (i&o), AUGUSTA, GA—Bus. Mgr. Ken Ward reported at the October 2010 union meeting that he is exploring the possibility of a new training facility. He said research is underway and this is something the local should have done 25 years ago.

We currently have a great relationship with Augusta Tech for our apprenticeship training, but are limited. This new training facility will help us give our apprentices a better education, as well as continuing education for our journeyman. We will surely continue our relationship with Augusta Tech, as having those facilities available is always a plus.

The work situation looks good. Everyone on Book I who wants to work is currently working and we have some Book II members working as well. Upcoming work in 2011 looks as if it should also be steady.

As we begin the New Year, I would like to ask that everyone make a commitment to have a financial plan. Much of the upcoming work will have overtime involved. Keep in mind that this work will be good for the next few years, but it won't last forever. If you are already used to living on 40 hours, why not save that extra overtime money for a secure financial future.

Local 1579 officers and staff wish all a happy new year.

Will Salters, A.B.M.

Local 1579 Bus. Mgr. Ken Ward is on hand for a soil test at the possible location of a proposed new training facility.

Awards & Appointments

L.U. 1701 (catv,ees,i,o&u), OWENSBORO, KY—Retired Bro. John "Verne" Bethel received the Governor's Citation of Excellence award in May 2010. Bro. Bethel began volunteering with Habitat for Humanity more than 10 years ago and volunteers his skills to help low-income families. Congratulations, John.

Local 1701 member and Owensboro Labor Council Pres. Donna Haynes was master of ceremonies at the 2010 Labor Day picnic in Owensboro. Local 1701 was well represented again this year. At the event, Local 1701 then-Bus. Mgr. Gary Osborne received the J.R. Gray Labor Person of the Year award. (Gray, former state representative and a strong labor supporter, is secretary of the Kentucky Labor Cabinet.) We congratulate Bro. Osborne, and we thank Sister Haynes for organizing the event.

Bro. Osborne stepped down as business manager effective Nov. 1 to accept an I.O. appointment as an IBEW state organizing coordinator. Gary has opened a lot of doors politically at the state and local level, has improved relations with our NECA contractors and Big Rivers, and will be missed.

Local 1701 Pres. and Membership Development Coordinator Larry Boswell was appointed by the Executive Board to fill the unexpired term as business manager. We wish both brothers well in their new positions.

We mourn the passing of retired Bros. Howard T. Jones and Archie Newcom. May they rest in peace.

Tim Blandford, R.S.

IBEW Local 1701 then-Bus. Mgr. Gary Osborne (left) accepts the J.R. Gray Award presented by Mark Brown, deputy commissioner of Kentucky Labor Cabinet.

IBEW OPC Baseball Tournament

L.U. 1739 (i&o), BARRIE, ONTARIO, CANADA—The 2010 IBEW OPC baseball tournament was hosted by IBEW Local 1739 in Barrie, Ontario, on Sept. 17-18.

The weekend involved 16 teams that played games on Friday and Saturday and ended in championship games in both an "A" and "B" Division. Congratulations to IBEW Local 105 from Hamilton for winning the "A" Division, and to IBEW Local 530 from Sarnia for winning the "B" Division.

Special thanks to all the teams that attended: IBEW Locals 530 Sarnia, 105 Hamilton, 586 Ottawa, 804 Kitchener, 353 Toronto, 894 Oshawa, 1687 Sudbury, 115 Kingston, 120 London and 303 St. Catharines. Special thanks also all the Local 1739 members who worked very hard to put on this tournament.

Frank Kastle, P.S.

Local 1739 hosted the 2010 IBEW OPC baseball tournament in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.