April 2011

Indiana Right-to-Work Effort Derailed by
Labor Pushback
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In the face of massive protests in Indianapolis, Republican leadership in the Indiana General Assembly drew back from its efforts to pass right-to-work legislation in February.

"This is a big victory for all working people," says South Bend Local 153 Membership Development Director Troy Warner. "This 'right-to-work-for-less' bill would have weakened the voice of working families in Indianapolis while strengthening the power of big corporations."

Mass rallies at the capitol against the legislation attracted thousands of Hoosier State residents from all walks of life, convincing many legislators to abandon the bill.

"When the rallies started on Monday Feb. 22, we had more than 2,000 folks at the capitol," Warner says. "By Tuesday, it was up to 3,500 and by Wednesday it was 6,000."

Warner also credits protests in Wisconsin and Ohio in helping to convince Gov. Mitch Daniels and other elected officials to back off their threats to go after workers' rights.

A diverse coalition aligned against the legislation—representing academics, civil rights organizations, community activists and labor unions—despite GOP efforts to divide labor against itself.

"Initially the GOP told the building trades that they would exempt us from the right-to-work law and they would even leave project labor agreements alone if we didn't protest," Warner says. "Well, I believe in united we stand and divided we fall and an attack on workers' rights anywhere is attack on working people everywhere, so we weren't buying it."


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Thousands of Indiana residents flood the state capitol in late February to tell their legislators to vote no on 'right-to-work-for-less' legislation.

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