April 2011

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Veterans Center Constructed

L.U. 6 (c,i,st&u), SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Our veterans give everything they have to keep us safe, and members of Local 6 gave of themselves for our veterans in return. Local 6 members donated their time and expertise to help construct a veterans center at the Community College of San Francisco. This will provide our veterans with a lounge and conference room for study, as well as a counseling center. Our thanks go to Steve Powers and Barrett Stapleton for heading the venture, as well as Paul Mitchell and Conrad Grass from McMillan Electric for providing a service van to assist the volunteers.

Local 6 members also participated in powering up the East Bay Stand Down, an event that provides food, clothing, medical, dental and other services to homeless veterans. Thanks go to Bill Green and Jim Mitchell for coordinating the effort. All the volunteers are commended for reaching out to help our veterans.

Phil A. Farrelly, Pres.

Work Picks Up

L.U. 8 (as,em,i,mar,mt,rts,s&spa), TOLEDO, OH—As spring begins, it is getting warmer and work is picking up. Now that gambling is legal in Ohio, a Hollywood Casino is currently being built in Toledo and is putting our members to work. A steel mill is going up in Leipsic, OH, which is also providing jobs.

We thank the members from different jurisdictions for coming to Toledo and taking the Local 8 Wind Training Certification Program. Their new skills will make them the best trained individuals in this advancing new field and assist the IBEW to effectively capture this wide open market.

Local 8 appreciates all of the locals that have put our members to work. We thank you all.

Terry "Shorty" Short, P.S.

Awards Banquet Celebration

L.U. 12 (i,o&se), PUEBLO, CO—Local 12's annual awards banquet for members and apprentices was Feb. 19. Our four graduating apprentices were recognized: Doug Leiting, Bob Morris, Tim Quintana and Tom Toussaint. Congratulations to these fine brothers for their hard work. Local 12 also recognized more than 65 service-pin recipients.

A special award went to Bro. Ralph Montera, who received his 70-year pin to a standing ovation. "We are so proud of all our recipients, especially Ralph �Ķ who is an inspiration to all," said Bus. Mgr. Dean Grinstead. Ralph Montera started his electrical career in 1937 and became an apprentice in 1941. He served in World War II and later owned his own business, Ralph's Neon and Electric. Ralph's son Charlie and grandson Jayme followed him in the trade.

We were pleased to have in attendance IBEW Eighth District Int. Vice Pres. Ted C. Jensen, Int. Rep. Guy Runco and retired Int. Reps. Jim Ozzello and Don Shaputis. Also among labor and political leaders attending were: Colorado House Minority Leader Sal Pace, Colorado Building Trades Council Bus. Mgr. Neal Hall, Colorado AFL-CIO Executive Dir. Mike Cerbo, IBEW Local 111 Asst. Bus. Agent Jim Thorpe, IBEW Local 68 Bus. Mgr. Jim Mantele, and Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 58 Bus. Mgr. Ron Lenz and Organizer Terry Kershaw. Many other local officers and contractor representatives also attended the celebration.

Clif Thompson, A.B.A.

Int. Vice Pres. Ted C. Jensen (left) congratulates Local 12 retired member Ralph Montera (second from right) on his 70-year award. Among Bro. Montera's family members in attendance are his grandson Jayme Montera (right), son Charlie and daughter-in-law Terri.

Workers Rally in Indiana

L.U. 16 (i), EVANSVILLE, IN—Local 16 members demonstrated their abilities and helped clients of the Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center through work on the 17th Annual Ritzy's Fantasy of Lights. For more than two months union volunteers hauled, set up and maintained displays that allowed the Rehabilitation Center to raise more than $140,600. These funds will help underwrite physical, occupational and speech therapy for needy tri-state children and adults. Since its inception, Fantasy of Lights has generated more than $2,233,700.

Organized labor in Indiana has been facing some of the strongest opposition it has seen for generations. "Right-to- work" legislation (HB 1028 & HB 1043) has been strongly opposed by this hall and by members who are aware of its ramifications. Desperately needed unemployment insurance funds are being challenged and likely reduced, and prevailing wage laws are also facing attack. The governorship and both state legislative bodies are not labor-friendly. Without action from each individual in the form of letter-writing, calls, visits and contact with legislators, these battles and current working standards that are enjoyed today could easily be lost.

[Editor's Note: For detailed reports on the situation in Indiana, see news articles in this issue of the Electrical Worker and on the IBEW Web site www.ibew.org. As reported: "More than 25,000 Hoosiers rallied at the state capitol �Ķ to tell legislators to oppose "right-to-work" legislation. Republican leadership in the state senate announced �Ķ that it was withdrawing the controversial bill, but activists say they will remain vigilant and mobilized until all anti-working family bills are withdrawn."]

Donald P. Beavin, P.S.

Historic Election of Officers

L.U. 24 (es,i&spa), BALTIMORE, MD—On Oct. 26, 2010, Local 24 held a swearing in ceremony for recently elected officers at the monthly membership meeting. Sworn in to office were: Bus. Mgr. Roger M. Lash Jr., Pres. Pete Demchuk, Vice Pres. Frank Voso, Fin. Sec. Thomas S. Benjamin, Rec. Sec. Neil E. Wilford, Treas. Robert D. Hastings; Executive Board members Anthony A. Decint, Timothy W. Medford, Joseph R. Mills, John L. Rankin and Carmen D. Voso; and Examining Board members Norman B. Bage Jr., Michael J. Taylor and Corey V. McCray. Fourth District Int. Rep. Brian G. Malloy administered the oath of office.

Thanks to all the members who came out to vote in both our historic elections, and special thanks to Election Judge Ray Henderson, who worked tirelessly through the most difficult election process in our history. Special thanks also to the Election Day tellers for their dedication and professionalism in both elections, held June 12 and Sept. 11, 2010. Special thanks also to Fourth District Int. Rep. Kenneth W. Cooper, who advised the local union during the challenged election process. The second election produced the largest turnout of voters in our local's 50-year history.

Roger M. Lash Jr., B.M.

DAD's Day Golf Outing

L.U. 26 (ees,em,es,govt,i&mt), WASHINGTON, DC—At last—springtime in Washington, D.C.! It's been a long winter, but we're hopeful that employment opportunities will start to bloom just like our annual cherry blossoms do!

Reminder to all: The upcoming Dollars Against Diabetes golf outing will be Monday, June 13. Please send in your registration form as soon as possible if you wish to participate. Forms are available in our quarterly magazine or online at www.ibewlocal26.org. Also, mark your calendars for this year's picnics: the Manassas, VA, picnic will be held June 18, and the picnic in Edgewater, MD, on Aug. 6.

Several members passed away since our last article: Barry N. Belcher, Philip Place, Cecil R. Hall, Nelson F. Morris, William W. Hurley III, James C. Hipsley, Robert Lohr and Dominick Dell'Erba.

Best wishes to the following new retirees: Steven M. Laffoon, Willie J. Arnold, Michael F. Hamby, Simon P. Nina, James W. O'Hara, David M. Sheffield, Melvin D. Humphries Jr., Richard B. Maines Sr., Thomas A. Miller, John A. Morrison, William G. Proctor Jr. and Walter G. Williams.

Charles E. Graham, B.M.

IBEW Line Clearance Crews

L.U. 42 (catv,em,govt,lctt&o), HARTFORD, CT—At press time, we have 359 Lewis Tree Service Inc. members in IBEW Local 42. They are currently working in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The line clearance tree trimming crews have been very busy and at this writing are working hard with lots of cleanup from all the storms we've had. They are doing removal of dangerous trees and tree limbs trying to keep all of the areas clear for the Outside electrical workers. They have been working an average of 40 hours a week in all types of weather, such as rain, sleet, snow and even in temperatures of 20 below. Keep up the good work and be safe.

For the near future, Local 42's Membership Development Rep. Jeffrey Neurath and Asst. Membership Development Rep. Patrick J. Navin are also working very hard with ongoing campaigns.

Also, Local 42 recently concluded negotiations with Philips Lighting/Lightolier group.

Jacquelyn Moffitt, Mbr. Services

IBEW Local 42 members on a Lewis Tree Service crew perform roadside line clearance in Meriden, CT. From left: Joel Aponte, groundman; Lamont Priest, lead foreman; Javier Martinez, foreman; and Nelson Rodriguez, trimmer 1.

LED Lighting for Parking Lot

L.U. 68 (i), DENVER, CO—Local 68's parking lot is adorned with a new addition—three of them actually. (The wind turbine was installed some years ago as a project of the local, with Local 68 members and Golden Solar doing the work. Recently, three totally self-contained parking lot light poles were installed by Local 68 members and Gard Construction Services. These poles feature LED lighting powered by batteries kept charged by solar photovoltaic panels. All components of the pole lights are made in the United States!

Our referral procedure for inside wiremen has changed. Effective March 7, 2011, signing of the Day Book for inside wireman calls will be from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., with dispatch beginning at 9 a.m. Refer to the Web site

UltimateElectricians.com/jobcalls, then click on Inside Job Calls.

The Wireman's Brotherhood Fund Bowling Tournament was held Feb. 19. This annual event is one of the well-attended "FUNdraisers" for the WBF, and lots of fun! If you're not a WBF member, consider joining! It's a great way to help members in need.

The Annual Summer Picnic will be Aug. 20, noon to 3 p.m., at the Westminster Elks' Lodge. The Horseshoes Tourney begins at 11 a.m. Mark your calendars!

Condolences to families of our recently deceased brothers: Timothy J. Makinen, Ronald T. Kennedy, William K. Millsap, Richard A. Sandoval, Robert E. Hartman, Vernon D. Vogel and Mark Goulet.

Ed Knox, Pres.

Local 68 members installed light poles that feature solar-powered LED lighting for the parking lot area. A wind turbine, installed previously, also graces the lot.

'Attack on Labor'

L.U. 90 (i), NEW HAVEN, CT—The toughest winter in memory is finally behind us and some much needed projects are starting to break ground.

Our new 1st year apprentice class has started and we wish our new apprentices luck in their journey to become proud union journeymen and women. This year's class is small due to the economic climate and work picture, but better days are coming.

The legislative session is in full swing with a large orchestrated attack on organized labor. When we lose seats to the unfriendly side, look out. They all want to fix the budget problems (market collapse) by taking more from the working class.

At press time, there are reportedly 43 bills alone to get rid of prevailing rate, 33 bills to get rid of the state employees' pensions. We are fighting against a tide of union busting politicians with their corporate/ profit building agenda. The session ends in June and we are hopeful not to lose anything we already have.

[Editor's Note: For reports on grassroots union rallies across the country to fight anti-worker lawmakers' attacks on working families, see news articles in this issue of the Electrical Worker and on the IBEW Web site www.ibew.org.]

Sean Daly, Pres.

Meeting of Officers & Stewards

L.U. 94 (lctt,nst&u), CRANBURY, NJ—On Dec. 13, 2010, the local held a meeting for all the officers and stewards. This was the first of its kind. The meeting was designed to inform all the representatives of the financial status of Public Service Electric & Gas Company and what it means to all of us. The top leaders of PSE&G answered questions submitted by the union. The financial world is complex, and the local wanted make sure that our representatives got the relevant information to relay to all the local members.

Carla Wolfe, P.S.

NH Union Rally against 'Right-to-Work' Legislation

L.U. 104 (lctt,o&u), BOSTON, MA—Hundreds of union members gathered in Concord, NH, on Feb. 3 to oppose an anti-union "right-to-work" bill, HB 474, in the New Hampshire House of Representatives that would end the practice of requiring nonunion members to pay a share of collective bargaining costs. Similar bills have come up about a dozen times in New Hampshire's history in the last 30 years. But with a new Republican majority in the House, bill sponsors said they are hopeful for a win this time. Among the unions represented at the rally were the IBEW, Firefighters, Teachers, Teamsters, Pipefitters, Painters and state employees—all speaking out in opposition to the bill.

IBEW Local 104 Bro. Brandy Rossman spent 10 hours waiting his turn to speak before the House Labor Committee at the New Hampshire State House in opposition to the "right-to-work" bill. On Feb. 15 the New Hampshire House of Representatives let us down by voting against New Hampshire unions and passing the 'right-to-work' (for less) bill by 221 to 131. Thanks to the hard work of all the union members in New Hampshire, we were able to get 40 Republicans to vote no.

[Editor's Note: As of press time, New Hampshire Democratic Gov. John Lynch has pledged to veto the bill if it passes the state senate. Activists are meeting with legislators, lobbying to secure enough votes to sustain a veto. For detailed reports, see news articles in this issue of the Electrical Worker and on the IBEW Web site www.ibew.org.]

Chris Blair, P.S.

IBEW Boston Local 104 member Brady Rossman testifies at the State House in Concord, NH, in opposition to a "right-to-work" (for less) bill before the New Hampshire legislature.

Solar Training Begins

L.U. 120 (c,i&o), LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA—With anticipation of solar projects in our jurisdiction upcoming, Local 120 held its first Solar Training course on Jan. 27 and 28. Special thanks to all who participated, and also to Peter Olders from IBEW Construction Council Ontario for a very informative and engaging course.

Local 120 is proud to be hosting the 48th Annual IBEW OPC Hockey Tournament this year on April 29 and 30, and we look forward to having IBEW members from Ontario, Michigan, Ohio, New York and Massachusetts participating. Truly an International event! A thanks goes out to all the volunteers and to the Recreation Committee for all their hard work and dedication. We know it will be a great success.

We look forward to the start of the Parkwood Hospital project this summer, and overall the work picture looks to improve compared to last year. Thanks to our sister Locals 303, 529, 804 and 2038 for the calls over the past few months.

Paul Dolsen, V.P.

IBEW Local 120 members participated in solar training in January this year.

Battle for the Working Class

L.U. 124 (ees,em,i,mar,rts,se&spa), KANSAS CITY, MO—Here we go again—"right-to-work" (RTW) for less is the next battle in the epic war of the right wing versus labor. We prefer to call it "right to wreck." The bill's advocates won't stop until all working-class wages and benefits as well as environmental laws resemble those of China.

"Right-to-work" legislation introduced in the Missouri Senate is Senate Bill 1. Right wingers have made this top priority for 2011, using "job creation in a down economy" as an excuse. Two thoughts: The bad economy was caused by pro-corporate, pro-banking policies—and make no mistake about it, this is a direct attack to weaken the power of organized labor.

Many right wingers have no idea of the benefits derived from unions: Unions have always fought for tougher health and safety standards; the rate of workplace deaths is 51 percent higher in RTW states; and Missouri, Kentucky and Illinois have higher worker productivity than their RTW neighbors. The average worker in a RTW state makes approximately $5,333 a year less than those in fair-shop states.

Missouri Senators Victor Callahan and Tim Green are fighting hard for working-class people, but they need our help. Let your elected representative hear from you. Let's stop this "crush the working class" campaign.

[Editor's Note: For reports on grassroots union rallies across the country to fight anti-worker lawmakers' attacks on working families, see news articles in this issue of the Electrical Worker and on the IBEW Web site www.ibew.org.]

Steven Morales, P.S.

TEC Project Stopped in Senate

L.U. 146 (ei,i&rts), DECATUR, IL—We wish we had better news about the Tenaska Taylorville Energy Center project, but unfortunately the state legislation needed to move the $3.5 billion project was stopped in the Illinois Senate. There were not enough votes to pass the bill. Our own downstate Republican senators all voted against the bill, even after pledging in their November campaigns they would support the TEC project. We believe the Illinois Senate gave in to powerful special interest groups that hid behind inflated rate increase scare tactics, when in fact it was their own economic fortune and fear of competition from an out-of-state company that was their only concern.

Tenaska is now evaluating its next course of action and we hope to do everything we can to see that this project and its economic impact have a chance to move forward. We thank everyone who sent e-mails, made phone calls and attended rallies to support this project. Thanks also to IBEW Int. Vice Pres. Lonnie R. Stephenson, the many area business managers, and building trades and councils for their support; and to Illinois AFL-CIO Pres. Michael Carrigan and Illinois AFL-CIO Sec.-Treas. Tim Drea for keeping the legislation moving despite obstacles. On a positive note, the Macon County Board voted to implement the new sales tax that will allow area schools to improve their facilities.

In recent months we lost members Joseph Dittamore, Darrell Rhoades, Michael Allen and Dominic Rigoni. We extend condolences to their families. They will be remembered.

Rich Underwood, R.S.

Convention Delegate Nominations

L.U. 150 (es,i,rts&spa), WAUKEGAN, IL—Nominations for delegates to the 38th International IBEW Convention will be held at the May meeting. The election of delegates will be at the June meeting. Please be in attendance if you wish to be nominated, nominate someone else or just to see how the process works. The convention will be held in September in Vancouver, British Columbia, so all delegates will need passports to attend. The convention is held every five years and this year we will be celebrating the 120th Anniversary of the IBEW. During these conventions business concerning all locals is completed along with setting policy for the next five years.

As usual, the JATC is offering a variety of classes for all members to upgrade their skills and learn some new aspect of our craft. Please try to take advantage of one or two of these awesome classes! It will only benefit you.

We have had a total of 16 Local 150 members receive their Associate Degrees in conjunction with College of Lake County and our JATC program. Congratulations to all!

We need a new chairman for the Jubilee Days Parade. Please consider stepping up and working on this once-a-year event. Our annual picnic will be held on Aug. 20, 2011.

Wendy J. Cordts, P.S.

Visiting Union Delegation

L.U. 164 (c,em,i,o&t), JERSEY CITY, NJ—In December 2010, a delegation of trade unionists from Hubei Province, China, representing eight various trade councils, visited IBEW Local 164 headquarters. The delegation, headed by Chmn. Han Chun Xin, was part of the group that has visited Local 164 for 10 consecutive years. They were hosted by Local 164 Pres./Training Dir. John DeBouter.

As always the visit included a swapping of ideas. The guests learned about the structure of the IBEW, and we in turn learned how their unions operate. There is a vast difference.

On Jan. 19, another delegation of 16 trade unionists from Shaanxi Provence, China, visited Local 164 for the first time. This delegation, headed by Chmn. Wu Quinyiang, was greeted by Local 164 Asst. Bus. Mgr. Thom Misciagna. The group wishes to establish a relationship of mutual exchange and cooperation of ideas. After an exchange of warm wishes and gifts, the group visited the IBEW Local 164 Training Facility. There they asked many questions of the instructors and the students through the interpreter Han Chun Xin. Han Chun has visited Local 164 many times and has become a good friend of the local.

Thom Misciagna, A.B.M.

Local 164 Asst. Bus. Mgr. Thom Misciagna (front row, center) greets Chmn. Wu Quinyiang (front row, third from right) and members of the Shaanxi Provence trade union delegation.

Work Outlook Promising

L.U. 222 (o), ORLANDO, FL—Greetings from sunny Florida. Our work has held steady; however, we continue to have a few on Book 1. The outlook for work is promising in the second quarter of the year.

Local 222's January membership meeting was held in south Florida, where Bus. Mgr. Mike Bell presented Bro. Gary Brown with his 40-year service pin. Gary has served the IBEW in many capacities over the past 40 years. He now works for a local utility and continues to participate in local union activities.

We are in the process of adjusting the Code of Excellence to include the employers and management personnel. We all feel the program should make a difference to our customers when choosing contractors, and also provide a safe working environment for our members. In order for it to be effective everyone, both labor and management, must buy into the program.

We regret the recent loss of several brothers who were sort of legendary in Florida: Bros. Tommy Davis, Ron Cowart, Bill Hancock, Vernon Nickolas and Joe "Little Nick" Nicolas.

Attend union meetings and support your local!

Bill Hitt, A.B.M.

Local 222 Bus. Mgr. Mike Bell (left) presents 40-year service award to member Gary Brown.

Report of Busy Year

L.U. 234 (i&mt), CASTROVILLE, CA—The past year for our mostly rural tri-county local has been a very busy one despite the pitiable economy and impoverished conditions our many brothers and sisters are finding everywhere. Between a grueling and crucial mid-term election, installing an on-premises electric vehicle charging station, implementing CALCTP for energy savings through advanced lighting controls, upgrading our hall and thereby attaining LEED Gold status, supporting our out-of-work apprentices with gift cards, sharing our limited resources with various local charities that in turn benefit our many local families, establishing the mandated recovery program to regain market share, and countless other undertakings—we are just now able to proudly announce publicly the results of our local's 2010 election of its officers, held last June.

Elected were: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Ken Scherpinski, Pres. Andy Hartmann, Vice Pres. Chris Kiner, Rec. Sec. Stephen Slovacek, Treas. Dennis "Mike" Inhot, and Executive Board members Anthony Davis, Andy Gattis, Rick Keaton and Richard "Rip" Smith. Congratulations to all those elected.

Stephen Slovacek, P.S.


Local Wins PWR Appeal

L.U. 280 (c,ees,em,es,i,mo,mt,rts&st), SALEM, OR—Oregon State Prevailing Wage is a very important factor for our signatory contractors to compete on a level playing field. It was a shock to all of us when it was found out the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) did not "prevail" us in Lane County. We knew we had the majority of the market share but according to the surveys handed out to electrical contractors it said otherwise.

This put Bus. Mgr. Tim Frew and Assistants Tom Baumann, Bill Kisselburgh and Lance Zifka to work going to our signatory shops to make sure the surveys were done correctly and turned in. After many painstaking hours of collecting data and turning these into BOLI, it was proven that we have the majority of the market share! This means Local 280 prevailed and our wages/benefits will be the benchmark that all contractors, union or nonunion, must bid with. Many thanks to our staff for protecting the hard fought wages/benefits that our forefathers earned.

We mourn the losses in 2010 of Bros. Arthur Brinkman, Orvil Mitchell, Randy Rasher, Alan Schmidt, Walt Talley, Gerald Deems, Gail Milsap, Eric Rose and James Bolton. We thank them for sacrifices they made for us and future generations!

Jerry Fletcher, P.S.

Local 280 members stand in front of the Facebook data center project jobsite in Prineville, OR. Steward Jeff Fowlds is fifth from left.

United Way Labor Kickoff

L.U. 304 (lctt,o&u), TOPEKA, KS—A United Way Labor Kickoff was held at Local 304's hall Sept. 2, 2010. With this event, the United Way thanks labor members for their help and asks for continued support. Volunteers cooked brats and hot dogs and served refreshments. Participants included union members from Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Topeka Transit, Firefighters Local 83, IBEW Locals 304 and 226, USW-Goodyear, Plumbers Local 441 and Graphic Printers Local 49C.

United Way presented the Nathan Cave Award at the Labor Kickoff. Instituted in 1984 by the Topeka Federation of Labor and the Labor Participation Committee of the United Way of Greater Topeka, the awards were named after the late Nathan Cave, a union member who died at age 30. Cave led a short, yet inspirational life of selfless giving and is remembered for his commitment to helping those less fortunate.

The 2010 Nathan Cave Honoree is Ginger Smoot, of IBEW Local 304. Ginger was honored for her commitment to the community as illustrated through her work with Heartland Shares, volunteering with Park Clean-up, the United Way Labor Participation Committee, Special Olympics and the Labor Day parade activities. "This community is a better place because of Ginger's work for others," said Dan Woodward, vice president, AFL-CIO Community Services liaison. "She motivates those around her and truly exemplifies what it is to live united."

Paul Lira, B.M.

Local 304 Rec. Sec. Ginger Smoot (second from right, holding plaque) and family attend the United Way Labor Kickoff event.

JATC Renewable Energy Classes

L.U. 322 (govt,i,it,lctt,o&u), CASPER, WY—The Wyoming Electrical JATC will conduct a Renewable Energy course during the 2011 and 2012 training cycles. The first classes were held in February in Casper, and in March in Sheridan; a class is scheduled in Jackson during April. The class covers the principles of photovoltaic systems and how to incorporate photovoltaics into stand alone or interconnected electrical systems. The class is approved for 16 hours of code. It is free of charge. Take advantage of the next round of classes to improve your skills. Our industry is ever evolving, and it is important that we take every opportunity to enhance our skill set.

During 2011, Local 322 and the membership will participate in many community service events. The local will do a Biker Rally for Kids in May, have a team in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life in July, and hold the Third Annual Fall Food Drive starting in October. Don't miss your chance to help fellow brothers and sisters do our part to assist those in need. Please contact the hall for more details.

Chris Morgan, P.S.

IBEW Local 332 members participate in a CALCTP class.

Training for the Future

L.U. 332 (c,ees,i&st), SAN JOSE, CA—Our IBEW local is part of the California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (CALCTP), administered and managed by ICF International. The training program is a statewide initiative aimed at increasing the use of lighting controls in order to reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings.

Our JATC is providing training and certification of union electrical contractors to install, commission and maintain advanced lighting control systems. This is being done in anticipation of new energy rebates that will be offered to customers with the provision that the work be performed by an approved contractor and an electrician with the appropriate training.

CALCTP has developed an Advanced Lighting Control training program that includes testing, designing, installing and troubleshooting of lighting control systems. The JATC is doing this training with a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor—and when the energy rebates become available it will give our contractors and members an opportunity to take advantage of this market.

Daniel Romero, Training Dir.

Pin Presentation

L.U. 340 (i,rts&spa), SACRAMENTO, CA—In January we had a Pin Presentation lunch to honor 2010 recipients of 50-, 55- and 60-year pins. It is great to see members reconnect with their old "toolies" and share recollections as well as catch up with what they're doing now. Due to the loyalty and dedication of these retirees, we've been able to enjoy a better life for many years. These members went through "lean times" as well, but stuck with the IBEW and got through those times to later enjoy a good retirement! They paved the way for us and we are grateful. It was an honor for Local 340's officers and business office staff (organizers and representatives) to serve the retirees and their families lunch and recognize their service. Special thanks to Ninth District Int. Vice Pres. Michael S. Mowrey and Int. Rep. Brother Michael B. Meals for their help with the presentations.

Like many other locals, we have never seen such a bleak work picture. With more than 350 on Book 1, 50 Inside apprentices and 30 Sound & Communication workers waiting to go to work, every day is a challenge; but as always, we will continue to "fight the fight"!

We mourn the passing of retired Bros. Gary Cecchettini, George Korte Jr., Alfred E. Hopkins and Stan Mulock.

A.C. Steelman, B.M.

Local 340 service award recipients are honored at luncheon attended by local and International officers. Back row, standing are: Local 340 Pres. Tom Meredith (left), Int. Rep. Michael Meals (right), Ninth District Int. Vice Pres. Michael S. Mowrey (fourth from right), and Bus. Mgr. A.C. Steelman (sixth from right).

New Journeyman Electricians

L.U. 350 (i), HANNIBAL, MO—Congratulations to the four new journeyman wiremen in our local. Local 350 had a graduation dinner (see photo) for the new wiremen on Sept. 10, 2010. The graduates are: Daren Adair, Glenn Johnson, Bob Kramer and Aren Schneider.

Local 350's work picture is slow as of this writing, but should pick up this year with a windmill farm in the area. Other small projects are in the works.

The Local 350 election of officers will be held in June.

We mourn the loss of Bro. Bill Behymer, who passed away in 2010.

William Tate, B.M.

Local 350 honors new wiremen at apprentice graduation dinner. From left, front row: Local 350 Bus. Mgr. William Tate; Robert Killday,TH&N Electric; and Dave Shaw, St. Louis Chapter NECA. Back row: apprentice graduates Bob Kramer, Aren Schneider and Daren Adair; and Tom Fletcher, apprentice committee. Not pictured is graduate Glenn Johnson.

Volunteer Organizing Committee

L.U. 440 (i,rts&spa), RIVERSIDE, CA—On Dec. 21 last year, members shown in the accompanying photo gathered for a meeting of the Local 440 Volunteer Organizing Committee—showing their commitment to being part of the committee. Because it was a night of extremely heavy rainfall in southern California, the overall turnout was lower than the actual number of brothers and sisters who are signed up for this committee.

With various tasks, activities, and events to participate in throughout our county, members' help on the Volunteer Organizing Committee will be greatly appreciated. Thank you to all who have expressed interest in this effort. If others are interested, your participation is always welcome.

Bernie Balland, Organizer

Local 440 members serve on the Volunteer Organizing Committee.

L.U. 498 (c,catv,em,i&spa), TRAVERSE CITY, MI—At this writing the work outlook in our area remains challenging.

Thank you to those members who helped make the annual Christmas party a great success last year; it was a great time for all.

Remember to save July 23 for the Local 498 picnic this summer.

The inside apprentice classes last year helped wire three Habitat for Humanity homes and the 4-H barn at the fairgrounds. Thank you to all for helping!

We wish to say hello to our members traveling around the country and overseas.

On a sad note, our local recently lost retired members John Antaya and Ray Anderson. Our condolences go out to their families.

Timothy R. Babcock, P.S.

April 28 Commemoration

L.U. 530 (i,o&rtb), SARNIA, ONTARIO, CANADA—April 28 marks Canada's National Day of Mourning, a day to remember all workers who died on the job or from occupational illness. We hope to see as many members as possible across the country take part in their communities, to not only remember the past but also strive for a better future.

With few jobs to report and nothing currently upcoming on the horizon, Local 530 wishes to thank Locals 804 Kitchener, 303 St. Catherines, and 2038 Regina for employing our members.

Local 530 is saddened by the recent passing of Bro. Frank Riley.

Al Byers, P.S.

April 30 Spring Picnic

L.U. 558 (catv,em,i,mt,o,rtb,rts,spa&u), SHEFFIELD, AL—Greetings. Thanks to members, our 2010 Christmas float was a great success. Local 558 participated in several parades last Christmas, receiving awards ranging from third place up to one grand prize for a best overall. The local thanks everyone who helped with building the float and participated in parade activities.

At press time, plans are being finalized for the local's 2nd Annual Spring Picnic. The picnic will be April 30 at Gattman Park in Muscle Shoals, AL. A catered dinner will be furnished and T-shirts will be given away to commemorate the special event. A newsletter will be sent out to the membership with further details of activities. Members can also visit our Web site www.ibew558.org for more details. Looking forward to seeing and visiting with all members and their families.

Mac Sloan, Mbr. Dev.

Local 558's prize-winning Christmas float was entered in several holiday parades.

Service Pins Awarded

L.U. 570 (i,mo,spa&u), TUCSON, AZ—We finished out 2010 with members and family having an opportunity to meet Santa and take part in the Pima Area Labor Federation Softball Tournament. Thanks to all the members who participated. IBEW Local 570 rallied to take first place in the tournament.

As we enter 2011, work is still slow in southern Arizona. Spirits were lifted at the February monthly meeting when many of our members showed up to receive their membership pins. We will continue to present membership pins at the monthly meetings.

Scott W. Toot, Organizer

Local 570 retired members Joe Nordstrom (left) and Ron Davis (center) receive 45-year service pins presented by Bus. Mgr. Mike Verbout.

Unique Election

L.U. 586 (em,i&o), OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA—As our election nears, we think of our last one in which all of our 11 positions for officers were filled by acclamation. The membership has responded vigorously to the opportunity to work with union pride and principles under Bus. Mgr. James Barry and his staff, and our local feels second to none.

Our Retirees Club is thriving under the guidance of Bill Warchow. The retirees are enjoying many activities and trips. They are also the prime movers with our Labour Day parade and won the award for best float three times in the last five years. Well done, everyone.

Doug Parsons, Pres.

Local 586 Executive Board members gather for a photo.

'Hometown Heroes' Make a Difference

L.U. 636 (as,catv,em,spa&u), TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA—Not everyone is a star but as local members have shown us, we can all shine in our own way.

Take the staff at Windsor Addiction & Withdrawal Management (Windsor Regional Hospital) who were touched by the Christmas spirit and "adopted" a local family in need to help make their holiday joyous and memorable—learning firsthand that the greatest gift is giving.

Or the members at Guelph Hydro whose 'Adopt-a-Family' campaign raised nearly $7,000, which was used to bring some Christmas magic to six families in their community. Thanks to members' fundraising efforts and generous support of a "Wish Tree," Santa left presents for 38 children and their parents—along with food store gift cards, hydro vouchers and cash donations.

Then there are the members from Enersource Hydro whose United Way donations totaled more than $39,000. In addition to helping improve the quality of life in their community, quick thinking and fast action on the part of members at Enersource also saved lives in two separate incidents: administering first aid and CPR to a colleague involved in an electrical contact accident; and getting immediate assistance for a visitor experiencing a heart attack.

We salute the care and courage of these members and all the IBEW "hometown heroes" making a positive difference in their workplaces and communities. Unions—we still matter!

Paddy Vlanich, P.S.

A Spirited Gesture of Goodwill: Local 636 Executive Board Rep. Linda Georgiu (second from right) joins member Sue Nantais, WRH-Unit 25, (far right) in celebration of sharing the gift of Christmas with their "adopted" family—Jessica (left), Dustin (second from left) and mom Jane (center).

More Solar Work

L.U. 654 (i), CHESTER, PA—We continue to see the emergence of solar work in the area. We recently completed a 1.1 megawatt rooftop array on the A. Duie Pyle warehouse in Parkesburg that consisted of more than 4,400 panels. The rooftop solar project at the West Chester Parking Garage was also awarded to a union contractor. The job opportunities this growing industry presents are certainly a welcome addition to our traditional scope of work.

Bus. Mgr. Paul Mullen was recently elected as president of the Delaware County Chapter of the AFL-CIO. Bro. Mullen ran for this position unchallenged and received the full support of all the various AFL-CIO affiliates. Bro. Brian Mullen was elected as sergeant of arms. Congratulations to both.

I always enjoy hearing of our members' interest in this article. I laugh every time somebody says they flip right to this spot when the Electrical Worker arrives in the mail (I do it, too). Actually, Local Lines articles alternate every other month from even-numbered locals to odd-numbered. That explains why we are not in every issue.

Be safe and enjoy the spring weather.

Jim Russell, Pres.

At the Kohls store in Media, PA, the rooftop solar array installation nears completion by the IBEW Local 654 crew, with job foreman Rich Metzger (third from left).

Politically Active

L.U. 666 (i,mt&o), RICHMOND, VA—Congratulations to our new retirees: William R. Gayle, Frederick A. Helfert, Kenneth W. Marny, John F. North Jr., Ray E. Payne, Larry W. Robertson, Billy B. Stroud and Kelvin L. Swearengin.

The work picture remains slow in our area. We thank our sister locals for putting our members to work.

The Virginia AFL-CIO Legislative Conference was held in Richmond on Jan. 31. It is more important than ever that we continue to be involved in the political process. If you want to get involved and lobby your representatives, join your local COPE committee.

Our local extends condolences to the families of our recently departed brothers—John K. Wynne Jr., Thomas W. Stone Jr. and James R. Moore. We appreciate their service to our union.

Local 666 monthly meetings are held the second Friday of each month, 8 p.m., at the Henrico Volunteer Rescue Squad on Huntsman Rd. Please plan to attend.

Kendra Logan, P.S.

'Getting More Jobs'

L.U. 684 (c,i,rts&st), MODESTO, CA—We are now into the new year with not a whole lot changing in our work picture. There are some small jobs that could put some of our members to work starting in late spring or early summer. This would be an improvement over 2010 when we didn't have even the small projects going on.

There are more and more things being said about the CE/CW program from all parts of the country every day. I would like to report that a couple of our contractors have gotten and are getting more jobs using a number of these new construction electrician and construction wiremen classifications, and at the same time putting journeyman wiremen and apprentices to work on these projects. These journeyman wiremen and apprentices would most likely be sitting at home or on the out-of-work list if not for this new tool to compete with the non-signatory contractors. It's not perfect, but as a 35-year member watching our market share keep declining, I am happy to see it given a chance, and real happy to see it working.

Plans are starting for our yearly picnic, which at press time is scheduled for July. Stay safe.

Richard Venema, Rep.

Service Award Recipients

L.U. 688 (em,i,t&u), MANSFIELD, OH—Thank you to Jim Herrick and Harold Walker, who fried the fish for our annual Christmas party last year.

Service awards were handed out at our December 2010 meeting. The following members received awards: for 20 years of service—Sandy Alley, John Dannemiller, James Elia, Mark Reynolds, Malcum Salyers; for 25 years of service—Randy Golden, Paul Nance, Rocky Rice, Jeff Weikle; for 30 years—E. M. Breedlove, Vicky Carpenter, Ed Huvler; 35 years—Ron Goss, Jack Martin; 40 years—Randy Kistner, James Dick II, Don Eyerly; 50 years—James Cox Jr., Tom Hopkins; 55 years—Ken Naylor, Donald Tate; and for 60 years—Woodrow McClurg.

Congratulations to Erin Benner, the proud father of a new baby boy!

We are saddened to report the loss of 51-year member Tom Garrison. We send our condolences to his family.

Dan Lloyd, P.S.

Market Recovery Plan

L.U. 692 (i,mt&spa), BAY CITY, MI—We have 148 on Book 1 at press time. More than 1,000 are on Book 2. Book 1 will remain slow. We do not foresee getting into Book 2 even in 2011.

Work in our jurisdiction has yet to improve. We always seem to wait for the next big job to come along, which does give a much needed shot in the arm. But those jobs are far and few between. With the union work force dwindling, and nonunion contractors paying their workers less and less, we need to spread out into other areas with new ideas where most work is being done. But if we just sit back and wait for the next big one to come along ... that's what we'll be doing, waiting. And those "marvin" checks don't fill the gap. The world is constantly changing and we have to change with it. So we have adopted a new market recovery plan as advocated by Int. Pres. Edwin D. Hill in hopes ofgetting this work. We need to hold public officials accountable to uphold our rights and keep our system an economic power that honors workers' rights.

Thanks to brother locals for helping keep our members employed in these times. It's tough being away from home for long periods, working or looking for work.

Congratulations to the 2010 apprentice graduates: Jered Wenglikowski, Terrence Flynn, David Courier, Norman Winter, Jeffrey Turbin, Brendon Baranek, Andrew Kunz, Matthew Grzegorczyk and Samuel Wejrowski.

Tom Bartosek, P.S.

Local 692 congratulates the 2010 apprentice graduating class. From left: Jered Wenglikowski, Terrence Flynn, David Courier, Norman Winter, Jeffrey Turbin, Brendon Baranek, Andrew Kunz. Not pictured Matthew Grzegorczyk and Samuel Wejrowski.

100th Anniversary Celebration

L.U. 702 (as,c,catv,cs,em,es,et,govt,i,it,lctt,mo,mt,o,p,pet,ptc,rtb,rts, se,spa,st,t,u,uow&ws), WEST FRANKFORT, IL—In addition to our everyday Local 702 business, we have several events scheduled in 2011 that make a very full year.

April 5 is our Annual Retiree Dinner; April 17 is the Clay Shoot with Union Sportsman Alliance; and April 29 and 30 is the only indoor held International Lineman Rodeo located at DuQuoin, IL.

June 17 is our Golf Tournament, and June 25 is our 100th Year Anniversary Event. We have been planning our 100th anniversary for several years. We want to share this once-in-a-lifetime event with our members, our communities and everyone who is affiliated with IBEW 702. Our Web site www.ibew702.org has been enhanced to answer questions about the anniversary and to order tickets.

Local 702 has been blessed with the building of what is reportedly the largest construction site currently in the United States. We thank all our members and our traveling brothers and sisters for their expertise and hard work in manning this job.

Marsha Steele, P.S.

Member Participation is Key

L.U. 716 (em,i,lctt,rts&spa), HOUSTON, TX—I hope everyone is doing well and working. Our work situation has been a little slow this winter and we are looking for it to pick up this spring.

IBEW Local 716's membership participated in the Houston St. Patrick's Day parade, as well as a sponsorship in the Cesar Chavez parade. Community participation is the key, as we continue to spread the message about the IBEW and Local 716.

There are still a few Code Update classes available for those who still need the class to update their licenses. The last Code Update class is May 21, 2011.

I want to thank all those who participated in the Aetna Wellness Screening. By participating you earned free dental premiums for yourself and your family, and kept the Aetna Premier deductible of $500; deductibles for all others on Aetna is $750. Even though our co-pays did go up, without this wellness screening program we might have seen co-pays go up along with our contribution rate. Thanks for doing your part.

Local 716 is getting ready for our centennial celebration in the IBEW and we are excited. Look forward to more exciting information regarding this celebration.

John E. Easton Jr., B.M./F.S.

The 'End of an Era'

L.U. 756 (es&i), DAYTONA BEACH, FL—The space shuttle will be retired in the near future and NASA will then focus its space ventures toward "heavy-lift" rockets that will travel to deep space.

Local 756 electricians are pictured below at one of the two launch complexes used to launch the shuttle fleet. Launch Complex 39B is in the process of being refitted for the next generation of space flight that NASA will be developing. We are optimistic that this will produce future work opportunities. There are many scenarios being thrown around here at the Kennedy Space Center.

Unfortunately one idea is to outsource space exploration to so-called private companies like "SpaceX" (even though it has received millions in taxpayer dollars, hardly private).

Politicians are being pressured by the "Tea Party" and others to cut federal spending, and that almost always means targeting working people.

Local 756 and the building trades have put themselves in the best possible position to show decision makers that we can build whatever they need without running over budget—and still keep the U.S. space industry at its highest level of performance. The pictured crew (and others not shown in the photo) have done just that and have put the IBEW in a great position to obtain future work at the Space Center.

Dan Hunt, P.S.

IBEW Local 756 electrician crew members gather at a Kennedy Space Center launch complex.

Retirees Luncheon

L.U. 776 (i,o,rts&spa) CHARLESTON, SC—I recently had the honor of attending our Local 776 Retirees Luncheon in Columbia, SC. Most all of these guys were originally out of Local 382 before they became members of Local 776, and we count on them to help us stay connected to the communities they live in. (In earlier years, Local 382 was an inside construction local based in Columbia.)

At the luncheon, I enjoyed hearing the retirees' stories and being around such men who have kept the labor movement alive in our state. I am proud of their accomplishments and humbled when they call me "brother."

Chuck Moore, B.M.

Among attendees at a Local 776 Retirees' Luncheon are: from left, front row, Jerry "Smiley" Starnes, Ronnie Goodale, Clarence Lowe, Howard "Peewee" Wessinger, Kenny Loach, Bob Ferral, Charlie Groves, Larry Poole; back row, Frankie Farr, Johnny Huckabee, Richard Kelly, Charlie Goodale, Bennie Dixon, Don Belcher, James T. Moore, Wayne Poole and Bob Curry.

Local Goes Green with Smart Energy

L.U. 804 (i&o), KITCHENER, ONTARIO, CANADA—IBEW Local 804, in conjunction with the provincial government through the Ontario Skills Training Enhancement Program, has embarked on a solar equipment installation at our union hall. OSTEP supports the Liberal government's Skills to Jobs Action Plan announced in the 2008 budget. Over three years, $15 million was earmarked for the improvement and modernization of training facilities across the province. With the solar equipment installed, we are poised to begin training our members in the safe handling, installation, care and maintenance of solar panels and inverter systems. As a condition of the OSTEP grant, Local 804 will host local high school students and Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program students. In doing so we will mentor our communities' future electricians, educating not only in the growing solar energy market but also the safe practices needed in the construction industry.

Along with our commitment to further the education of members, Local 804 received approval from the Ontario Power Authority for connection to the grid through OPA's Micro-fit Program. The product of the Ontario Energy Board, OPA is responsible for assisting in development of the province's energy plan. With our contribution of green energy to the grid, we are proud that we are taking part in the most comprehensive feed-in tariff renewable-energy programs on the continent.

Dino Celotto, P.S.

Bowling Tournament Benefit

L.U. 910 (ees,i&t), WATERTOWN, NY—The work picture during the winter was slow. At press time, spring work looks better because of Fort Drum projects.

Service pin awards were presented to eligible members at the December 2010 membership meeting. Our members who reached a service milestone during the year but were unable to attend will receive their pin in the mail. Congratulations to all.

In May, our Brotherhood Committee will hold a bowling tournament. Members who bowl are encouraged to attend. Each team must have at least two local members. Proceeds are to benefit the brotherhood fund. A good time will be enjoyed by all.

Roger LaPlatney, P.S.

'Moving Ahead'

L.U. 1116 (em,lctt&u), TUCSON, AZ—Arbitration is a tool used to settle grievances between the union and employer when they are unable to agree on a solution to the matter. The union recently disagreed with an employer over the right to make unilateral changes to benefit plans without negotiating those changes. After more than a year of meetings and finally arbitration, the arbitrator has ruled in the union's favor. Medical Plan increases that took effect over the last two plan years will revert back to the 2009 costs. The details of how employees will be made whole will be discussed between the two parties in the near future. The union is awaiting a decision on a similar case with another employer and although similar, you never know what the arbitrator might see in the transcripts that influences the decision. We can only hope we presented the facts as well as we did in the previous case.

Our internal organizing efforts are moving forward as we welcome new members: Calvin R. Pulda, Hal S. Myers, Rebecca Medina, Anthony Polley, Yolanda Quesada, Aracely Coronado, Ryan Yosin and Raymond Courtright.

R. Cavaletto, P.S.

Nine recent Local 1116 apprentice graduates working as new journeyman linemen with Tucson Electric Power are, from left: Bros. Daniel Camacho, David Ochoa, Jeremy Massey, Leander Johnson, Daniel Cruz, Mike Halbur, Brandon Stevens, Lucas Cummings and Joe Breda. Several of this group participated in the last two Lineman's Rodeos at Kansas City.

Apprenticeship Program

L.U. 1466 (u), COLUMBUS, OH—Local 1466 is finalizing an agreement with American Electric Power to reinstate an apprenticeship program for all IBEW linemen on company property. The training for our linemen will now be ALBAT certified and will be administered jointly by the IBEW and AEP. An oversight committee will be formed and will have six members. Three will be union members and three will be representatives from AEP. For years AEP has had its own in-house training, which is only recognized within the company. However, once the new apprenticeship program goes into effect, our linemen will receive their journeyman's card, which certifies them as a trained lineman, even if they decide to leave AEP. The company has also agreed to look at the possibility of expanding the program to other departments in the future.

Remember to be safe out there and look out for each other.

James Jette, P.S.