December 2011

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Outstanding Apprentices Hone Talents at NTI

Dozens of IBEW members who recently scored top honors in their apprenticeships came together this summer for a week of skill building at the National Training Institute.

The newly-minted journeyman wiremen traveled from around the nation to Ann Arbor, Mich., July 31-Aug. 5 to learn and work alongside instructors, local union leaders and other JATC alumni. Outstanding apprentices were chosen to attend based on their JATC test scores, class performance, job reports and proficiency in the field.

"It was a great opportunity to receive instruction alongside my fellow graduates from across the country," said Long Island, N.Y., member Mike Morales. "This was an experience which I know none of us will ever forget."

The new journeyman wiremen attended a ceremony honoring their achievements on the first day. During the week, they gathered for a class entitled Effective Foremanship Training and took part in courses on welding, instrumentation and other technical skills.

"Everyone appreciated their time and we all got to know each other pretty well," Morales said. "At the end, we traded pins and exchanged e-mail addresses. It was a very rewarding experience."

High achieving apprentices from across the U.S. shared in fellowship and sharpened their trade skills last summer at the National Training Institute in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Connecticut Electrician Hooks World Record Striped Bass

Greg Myerson, a New Haven, Conn., Local 90 journeyman inside wireman, landed an 81.8-pound striped bass on August 4 during a slack tide in Long Island Sound.

It took nearly three months, but Myerson's catch has now been certified by the International Game Fish Association as a world record. The IFGA reports:

"… Myerson's catch created a whirlwind of excitement in early August for striper anglers everywhere, but especially in the northeastern USA." Myerson told the association:

"After a 15 minute fight on my St. Croix rod and Quantum reel, I got the striped bass close enough to the boat for netting. The fish was bigger than I thought. I slipped on eel slime and banged my ribs against the gunwhale of the boat. But it didn't matter. The monster fish was mine. At this point it was about 8 p.m. I put the fish into the hold and fished the rest of the tide. As I fished, I repeatedly peered into the hold and asked myself 'Is this striper really that big?' The following morning, I brought the striped bass to Jack's Shoreline Bait and Tackle to be weighed. The fish measured 54 inches in length and tipped Jack's digital scale at 81.88 pounds. It really was that big."

The IGFA says approval of Myerson's catch "marks the end of Albert McReynolds' 29-year reign as All-Tackle record holder for this prestigious saltwater species."

In addition to now holding the All-Tackle record, Myerson's catch also landed him the new men's 80-pound line class record, which previously stood at 70 pounds.

Local 90 member Myerson and his record-breaking striped bass