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Jobs Bill Critical First Step in Addressing Unemployment Crisis


September 9, 2011

(Washington, DC) – IBEW International President Edwin D. Hill today issued this statement:

The President’s announcement of a major job bill before a joint session of Congress last night is a welcome acknowledgement that the primary issue facing the United States is unemployment, not deficits. His bill offers a balanced approach, extending help to small business, beleaguered states and localities and the millions of unemployed and underemployed people in our country.

Clearly, waiting for the private sector alone to put Americans back to work is not the answer.  Corporations are reluctant to invest profits when demand is down as unemployment has devastated household income and reduced tax bases across the nation.  The President’s plan will stimulate the economy in the best way possible, providing jobs while at the same time addressing the urgent need to restore our infrastructure.

This plan is in the best tradition of our nation and deserves bipartisan support now.  America’s unemployed cannot wait.