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Ohio Working Families Mobilize to Vote ‘No’ on

SB 5/Issue 2


November 7, 2011

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Pro-worker activists throughout Ohio are making phone calls and knocking on doors in preparation for the Nov. 8 vote on Issue 2 – the ballot initiative to repeal Gov. John Kasich’s anti-worker legislation.

A “No” vote on Issue 2 would repeal SB 5, which takes away the right of firefighters, teachers and other public workers to collectively bargain. Bill opponents gathered more than 1.3 million signatures on petitions to repeal the legislation last summer – more than four times the number needed to put the measure on the ballot.

A broad coalition of community activists, public officials, and private and public sector workers – We Are Ohio – has been educating voters for months about why SB 5 is bad for Ohio.

Says former Ohio Sen. John Glenn in a TV ad calling for a “No” vote on Issue 2:

Here in Ohio we don’t turn our back on those who watch ours. That’s why I’m joining millions of Ohioans who are voting no on Issue 2.

If you live in Ohio, click here for polling place information.

Says International President Edwin D. Hill:

The front line of the fight to save the middle class is in Ohio. Corporate special interests are dumping millions to sway the vote, so it is vital that every IBEW member gets themselves, their family and friends to the polls Nov. 8. This is about giving working families a future – this is our chance to make our voices heard loud in clear in both Columbus and Washington.