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Statement by IBEW President Edwin D. Hill on Supreme Court’s Affordable Care Act Ruling


June 28, 2012

Pro health care coverage sign

The Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision to uphold Affordable Care Act is a historic victory for all those committed to achieving affordable and comprehensive health care coverage for every American.


While we may not agree with every aspect of the Affordable Care Act, it is a substantial reform that is already benefiting millions of Americans by expanding health care coverage, reducing costs and protecting the American consumer from insurance industry abuse.

President Obama’s health care plan, while far from perfect, has already made real progress in reducing medical inflation and guaranteeing more Americans access to quality health care. By upholding the law, the Court has made a vital step toward solving our health care crisis and bringing some balance back to the economy.

I hope this ruling brings to an end the Republicans’ quixotic quest to turn back the clock and undo health care reform, and focus Capitol Hill’s attention on job creation and reviving an economy that works for everyone.