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New Campaign to Refocus National Debate on Economic Opportunity and Middle-Class Rights


July 12, 2012

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IBEW International President Edwin D.Hill

A national campaign to refocus America’s national priorities on the needs of working men and women, demanding an economy that works for all, not just those at the top. Said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka at the National Press Club newsmakers press conference July 12:

We plan to put new energy behind insisting that the power structure in America pay attention to the needs of the men and women whose labor drives this country.

“Workers Stand for America” will feature a major rally on Aug. 11 in Philadelphia, bringing together working people – union and nonunion – in the run-up to the Democratic and Republican national conventions to urge elected officials to stand with working families in supporting a Second Bill of Rights promoting individual freedom and economic opportunity for all.

Says International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers President Edwin D Hill:

Economic recovery is not reaching the vast majority of working men and women in America, and it is time to refocus the agenda on rebuilding economic opportunity for all. Our message to both political parties is to return to the basic values that created America’s best days.

Emphasizing the nonpartisan nature of the event, Hill said:

Republicans and Democrats need to hear what the people are saying and break through the gridlock and the attacks on the rights of workers at all levels of government.

Inspired by President Franklin Roosevelt’s proposed 1944 economic Bill of Rights, rally participants will be encouraged to sign their name to America’s Second Bill of Rights, which will be presented to delegates at both nominating conventions.

Says Trumka:

America’s Second Bill of Rights is a broad-based statement of what the American people need and deserve. If some of it sounds redundant, it is because we once took some of these rights for granted.

More information on the Aug. 11 rally as well as the Second Bill of Rights is available on http://www.WorkersStandforAmerica.com

The Second Bill of Rights is also available for people to sign online.

Says Trumka:

This is not a union bill of rights. And our campaign and rally on Aug. 11 is not just for union members. As the largest body of organized working people in America, the labor movement is leading the way, but we invite all who share our goals and values to sign on in support of America’s Second Bill of Rights.

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