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IBEW Launches National Ads on CBS NFL Broadcasts


September 13, 2012

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Union Urges League to Settle Contract with Officiating Crews

With fast-paced images of brightly lit urban landscapes and the information age intercut with footage of its members on the job, a 30-second ad produced by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers makes the visual connection between the reliance of modern society on electricity and the work done by its members behind the scenes to power up North America.

“We want to begin the process of reintroducing ourselves to the larger public,” said IBEW International President Edwin D. Hill. “Our ad is a reminder that real people bring their skills to work every day to provide our nation with the power and the electrical and communications infrastructure that are often taken for granted. And in the case of our members, the people behind this success are making a decent living and are part of the fabric of their communities and the backbone of North America.”


The 30-second ad, produced at the IBEW’s in-house studios in Washington, D.C., had an initial airing during several pre-season National Football League games on CBS. The full run begins in the season’s second week on Sept. 16 on the CBS pre- and post-game shows as well as occasional spots during the games.

“While we are pleased to be communicating our message to the public, we are deeply concerned that the NFL is once again embroiled in a labor controversy, this time with its game officials. Our message is one of cooperation and professionalism, and we hope the NFL, the highest valued sports league in the world, takes that to heart and settles its contract with the officiating crews.”