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Letters to the Editor
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Thanks for the Support

This is a photo of an IBEW member helping out at a Recall Walker rally held in Superior, Wis. on Jan. 7. I would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to all IBEW members for their support in our struggle here in Wisconsin. From the first few days of protests down in Madison to this afternoon's Recall Walker rally in Superior, I have been impressed with the number of IBEW members I've seen in our ranks.

John Ludwig, AFSCME retiree
Superior, Wis.

Our Creed

Sometimes we as union members must be reminded that our cause (unionism) is a cause of human justice, human rights and human security. That we refuse to condone or tolerate dictatorship or oppression of any kind. That we must continue to expel from our midst any who might attempt to destroy, by subversion, all that we stand for. And we must support our God, our nations, our union.

It is our objective as members of the IBEW to promote reasonable methods of work, to assist each other in sickness and/or distress, to reduce the hours of daily labor and secure adequate pay for our work. We must seek a higher standard of living and security for each individual, and elevate the moral, intellectual and social conditions of our members, their families, and their dependents.

It is for these reasons and many more that the IBEW was formed over 120 years ago. And it is for these reasons that many members continue to be proud and loyal members who look after not only themselves, but others. Thank you for your time and efforts for years past, and thank you for your efforts for the years to come. The struggles continue, and so shall Local 300 and the IBEW. Keep the faith.

Jeffrey C. Wimette, Local 300 business manager/financial secretary
Montpelier, Vt.

Are Unions Worthwhile?

My friend, a college student, lived with my family while doing her student teaching in a school in York, Pa. She got a teaching position and was upset because she was required to join the union.

She told me that the teacher in the class next to hers was sued by a parent who accused him of mistreating his son. The school board told the teacher not to worry, that they will represent him for as long as it takes. While the case was underway, the school board quit the defense and pulled their lawyer off the case. The union stepped in and sent two lawyers to represent the teacher. The lawyer for the parent dropped the suit.

This is what my friend said to me: "My union is the only one who cares about me."

Emerson Rodgers, Local 229 retiree
York, Pa.

In Tribute to a Mentor

I was saddened to read of the recent passing of Robert J. Neylon of Indianapolis, Ind., Local 481. Bob was the first journeyman that I worked for as a young apprentice back in the fall of 1968. He was a skilled craftsman who held himself to a high standard. He had respect for our trade and he took responsibility toward public safety very seriously. Bob never let me put a cover on a box until he had inspected my work. And then one day he told me that I could start closing the junction boxes when I had finished my work. To me that was a milestone in my training.

Thanks to Bob's tutelage, I was able to sustain a 40-year career as a journeyman wireman. I count myself fortunate to have had Bob as a friend and mentor and I will remember him always.

Curt Mayfield, Local 481 retiree
Indianapolis, Ind.