Trade Classifications
(as) Alarm & Signal
(ars) Atomic Research Service
(bo) Bridge Operators
(cs) Cable Splicers
(catv) Cable Television
(c Communications
(cr) Cranemen
(ees) Electrical Equipment Service
(ei) Electrical Inspection
(em) Electrical Manufacturing
(es) Electric Signs
(et) Electronic Technicians
(fm) Fixture Manufacturing
(govt) Government
(i) Inside
(it) Instrument Technicians
(lctt) Line Clearance Tree Trimming
(lpt) Lightning Protection Technicians
(mt) Maintenance
(mo) Maintenance & Operation
mow) Manufacturing Office Workers
(mar) Marine
(mps) Motion Picture Studios
(nst) Nuclear Service Technicians
(o) Outside
(p) Powerhouse
(pet) Professional, Engineers & Technicians
(ptc) Professional, Technical & Clerical
(rr) Railroad
(rtb) Radio-Television Broadcasting
(rtm) Radio-Television Manufacturing
(rts) Radio-Television Service
(so) Service Occupations
(s) Shopmen
(se) Sign Erector
(spa) Sound & Public Address
(st) Sound Technicians
(t) Telephone
(u) Utility
(uow) Utility Office Workers
(ws) Warehouse and Supply

We make every effort to ensure this list is as inclusive as possible, but IBEW members' various job categories are too numerous to comprehensively list all.