September 2012
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Thousands Rally In Philadelphia To Strengthen Middle Class

The first time Katrina Forman — a casino worker who has been trying to organize her workplace — put on a pro-union button at work, she was petrified. Her fellow employees who had begun advocating for better working conditions and a voice on the job had been harassed and even fired for talking about joining a union.

But when the 24-year-old walked onto the stage Aug. 11 at the massive Workers Stand For America rally in Philadelphia, that fear had long since faded. In its place, and on full display to the 40,000 energetic attendees who gathered on a Saturday morning at the city's historic Eakins Oval, was a steely determination to speak out against workplace injustice and mistreatment.

"I am likely risking my job by being here today," she said, before tearfully recounting a pivotal moment when co-workers donned their union pins and took their first collective stand against management intimidation.

"But at my workplace, we aren't about to give up. We're growing stronger every day despite everything the company throws at us," she said, prompting a chorus of cheers and applause from attendees. read_more

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