October 2012
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Two Visions for America

President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney both say that it's time to restore the American Dream — the reputation of our nation as a place where those who want to work find jobs and contribute to society, a land where the sons and daughters of workers can honor the opportunity to rise to lead our finest institutions and our nation itself.

We don't question the sincerity of either man's commitment to our highest values.

But elections are about choices. And, as progressive and practical trade unionists, we need to decide which candidate's policies have and will put our economy and working families in the best position to weather the storms of a changing and uncertain world for the next four years.

Democrats have criticized Romney for failing to propose any comprehensive plan to speed America's economic recovery.

But there is one exception to this critique. And — as IBEW members decide how to vote in November — that exception makes all the difference for everyone in our nation who works hard and plays by the rules.

Mitt Romney, as this issue of the Electrical Worker amply reveals, has been absolutely clear and unambiguous about his opposition to unions in America.

Romney has pledged to continue the war on union members that has been waged by his Republican cronies from Wisconsin to Indiana, from Maine to Michigan. He supported Gov. John Kasich in his move to block collective bargaining in Ohio, a bill that was overturned by a campaign and referendum led by organized labor.

If we value our right to a voice on the job, our right to negotiate with our employers for decent wages and benefits and, most of all, a society that grows from the middle of the income scale outward instead of from the top down, IBEW members would be making a grave mistake to place the leadership of our nation in the hands of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. read_more

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