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May 2013

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Labor Leader Award

L.U. 1 (as,c,ees,ei,em,es,et,fm,i,mt,rts,s,se,spa, st&ws), ST. LOUIS, MO — Local 1 congratulates Bro. Tim Green, recipient of the 2012 Annual Man of the Year Award presented by the St. Louis Building and Construction Trades Council. The 35th year of the program marked the first time the award was named for the late Local 1 business manager Greg Booth. Bro. Green was honored to accept the award, which now bears the name of our late business manager, labor leader and friend.

Bro. Green, a journeyman wireman for 24 years, fought tirelessly for the working men and women of Missouri for more than two decades in the Missouri House of Representatives and state Senate. Bro. Green championed the cause to keep "right-to-work-for-less" legislation at bay, and helped keep the state's prevailing wage laws intact. A true leader for labor, Tim's work ethic and passion for the working people of Missouri is an inspiration to union members. Any award worthy of being named after the late Greg Booth can only be earned by someone with character, integrity and a passion for labor. Tim Green is that man. Congratulations, Tim!

We mourn recently deceased members: Thomas Sotoropolis, Vernon Plume, Ernest Hampton, Mary Mahler, Glennon Behrle, Robert Perry, Elery Sharp, Phillip Burgess, Stanley Czerniewski, Robert Reinke, Aaron Berry, Lorraine Lattimore, Harold Polston, James Kemp, William Burrous, Arvil White, Charles Hahn and John Keplinger.

Matt Gober, P.S.


Bro. Tim Green, Local 1 member

Training Center Expansion

L.U. 9 (catv,govt,lctt,o&u), CHICAGO, IL — We have settled a new two-year contract for our line clearance tree trimmers. It includes a 2.5 percent raise the first year and 2 percent the second, as well as a small increase to the pension each year. Language was also added for our membership to earn additional compensation on out-of-state storm work. The contract passed by a 3 to 1 margin.

The Local 9 Training Center is expanding with the purchase of a parcel of land in south suburban University Park. This will allow us to include new course opportunities on equipment operating such as directional boring and back-hoe operations. Also, we will move forward with a certified crane program. We pride ourselves on having a well-trained membership. The new training center will allow us to continue this success.

As previously reported, ComEd received a rate increase worth $2.6 billion over the next 10 years. This will create new job opportunities in our local for years to come. Our street light and transit work should begin to pick up in late spring. Overall, 2013 looks to be a good year in our jurisdiction.

Details will soon be available on our Web site regarding the annual golf outing and family picnic. Visit

The online payment system has been a great success. If you have not yet tried this quick and convenient method of paying your dues, the address is

Mary Beth Kaczmarek, P.S.


Aerial shot of land for the Local 9 training center expansion.

Credit Union's 60th Anniversary

L.U. 11 (i,rts&spa), LOS ANGELES, CA — The Los Angeles Electrical Workers Credit Union recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. The LAEWCU administers the Christmas, Vacation and Holiday Fund for IBEW Local 11 members and participants working in our jurisdiction. The credit union recently purchased a new facility located at 3820 East Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena, CA. If you have considered joining the LAEWCU, now is the time — you can open an account with only $20. The credit union will install an ATM at the Electrical Training Institute for member convenience. The estimated installation date is September 2013. Go to for more information about the credit union and benefits and services available.

Los Angeles held its primary elections on March 5. The two top candidates running for mayor of the city will face each other in a May 21 runoff. IBEW Local 11 supports Wendy Greuel for mayor. There will also be runoffs for three City Council seats. (The term of office for city council seats is four years; council members may serve a maximum of three terms, for a potential 12 years on the council.) Elected officials in these positions affect our ability to continue to secure jobs and benefits for our members. Members are asked to volunteer to: help get our endorsed candidates elected, talk to friends and family about our candidates, and most importantly … vote.

Diana Limon, P.S.


Los Angeles Electrical Workers Credit Union board of directors at February meeting, from left: Barry Meyer, Luis Arida, Rusty Roten, Jose G. Lem (president emeritus), Karl Bajer, Dick Reed, Marc Greenfield and Butch Bachand.

Utility Local Update

L.U. 15 (u), DOWNERS GROVE, IL — Local 15's Electrical Workers Minority Caucus (EWMC) was officially chartered as the IBEW Local 15 EWMC Char White Chapter. The chapter is named after Local 15 Bus. Rep. Charlotte White, who was severely injured in a car accident and is unable to return to work. Char was very active in both the EWMC and Local 15, and she is missed.

ComEd held the ribbon cutting for a new Training Center in Rockford, IL. The center will be used for training overhead, underground, substation and meter department workers.

We are working out a clerical job call pilot to speed the process of filling bids and helping people get the jobs they want when multiple jobs are posted at the same time.

We completed two major arbitration cases. The Commercial side (ComEd) finished a case on the process to follow during Storm Restoration (SRP agreement). The Nuclear side (Exelon) finished a case on contracting of cooling tower maintenance work. We also agreed to a four-month contract extension on the Exelon Nuclear collective bargaining agreement (until September 2013) to line up the working agreement (which expires in May) with the benefits agreement.

We met with Dominion to discuss a possible collective bargaining agreement extension relating to the sale of Kincaid Station. Midwest Generation members turned out in force for a public hearing before the Illinois Pollution Control Board, supporting MWG in seeking a small variance to the company's 2006 agreement with the Illinois EPA. Will County Station continues to lead the way in safety, having gone more than five years without a DART (Days Away, Restricted Time) case.

Doug Vedas, P.S.

'A Strong Voice for Safety'

L.U. 37 (em,o&u), FREDERICTON, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA — Local 37 is a strong voice for safety in the workplace. From participating in safety days to hosting monthly corporate safety meetings, Local 37 views safety as everyone's responsibility. Work methods and meaningful tailboards must be carried out with safety in mind.

Local 37 Pres. Steve Hayes recently co-chaired the first IBEW Canadian Utilities Safety meeting. This national group made up of IBEW locals across the country has vowed to continue meeting twice per year, the next meeting being in May 2013.

Delegates at this meeting said it was not enough for the IBEW to support Safety in the Workplace, but crucial to visibly communicate that support.

Local 37 calls all IBEW members to action — it's important to be safe. Use the right tools and procedures for the job, wear the necessary safety gear, encourage co-workers to be safe in their choices, speak up if you see something that is not safe, and if necessary, exercise your right to refuse a task.

Ross Galbraith, B.M.


IBEW Local 37 Bus. Mgr. Ross Galbraith (standing, far right) speaks at NB Power's Hydro Safety Meeting in Mactaquac, NB. Seated, left to right, from NB Power are: Keith Cronkhite, vice president, Generation; Duff Boyd, director, Health & Safety; and Gaëtan Thomas, president and CEO.

Training Director Retirees

L.U. 41 (em,es,govt,i,se&spa), BUFFALO, NY — In late March, after 10 years as training director, Richard Nader retired from his position. Bro. Nader has been with Local 41 for 40 years. He was initiated into the journeyman wireman apprentice program in 1972. During his 30 years in the field as an inside wireman, Nader continually upgraded his skills and knowledge by taking many journeyman education classes.

In 1994 Nader was appointed to Local 41's Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee. He was selected as training director in 2002.

Under his watchful eye, Local 41's training facility has been upgraded with the latest in lighting technology training, conduit bending, solar and wind applications, and telecommunications installations. Nader also built multiple conduit proficiency testing stations, for testing apprentices throughout their apprenticeship, along with a craft certification room. His many years of experience and knowledge will be missed.

At the same time, Local 41 is pleased to welcome Matt Hilmey as our new training director. Nader and Hilmey worked together to make the transition much easier. Always holding the local high on his priority list, Bro. Nader remains only a phone call away if necessary. Congratulations to both Bro. Nader and Bro. Hilmey!

Gregory R. Inglut, A.B.M.


Local 41 Bus. Mgr. Mike Gaiser (left) with recently retired Training Dir. Richard Nader (center) and new Training Dir. Matthew Hilmey.

'Work is Picking Up'

L.U. 43 (em,i&rts), SYRACUSE, NY — Work is starting to pick up again. This spring's refuel outage at Nine Mile Point Unit 1 took more than 70 journeymen, with 20 getting significant pre-outage work.

In recent months, Upstate and St. Joseph's hospitals began erecting steel for a new wing on each building. As of press time those projects have started hiring and both these jobs are projected to last about a year.

Local 43 again put a team together for America's Greatest Heart Run & Walk, held in Utica at Utica College. This was the sixth year we participated in the event and at the end of the day a total of $1,100,333 had been raised, with over 8,500 people attending. Shown in the accompanying photo is our team taking a "refresher" break at the home of retired IBEW Local 97 member Jim Cook, along with two members of the Labor Council and others. Thank you to all who participated.

Jim Corbett, P.S.


Local 43 assembled a team for the Heart Run & Walk fundraiser. From left: Tom Slocum, Labor Council; Kerry Costello; Jim Cook, Local 97; Kris Greene, Local 43, and daughter Lena; Jeff Cassano, Local 43; Pat Costello, Local 43 president; Enega Sabanagic, Labor Council; Mike Furmanski, Local 43, and daughter Makenzie; and Pat Harrington, Local 43.

Solidarity & Community Service

L.U. 47 (lctt,mo,o,u&uow), DIAMOND BAR, CA — Wishing all IBEW members a happy Memorial Day. Remember, this day commemorates those who lost their lives protecting us. It's time for us to rededicate ourselves to the causes for which they died including job security and a decent standard of living for workers and their families.

Support your union and stand together in the face of the challenges ahead. "Solidarity Forever" is not just a phrase — it is our way of life.

Work remains strong for our Outside Construction Unit. We continue to support Southern California Edison in its efforts to restart the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. We ratified two new agreements for our members working at City of Banning.

Our community activities include rehabbing a Sober Living shelter in Los Angeles and working with Santa Ana Local 441 on Queen of Hearts, a facility for special needs children and injured veterans. We volunteered at a health care clinic in Riverside by providing temporary power and equipment. More than 1,000 low-income people received medical, dental and optometric care.

We are sad to report the passing of Eric Camron, Frank Lopez, Eugene "Joey" Mendez and Manny Rivera. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families and friends.

Live well, work safe, work union!

Stan Stosel, P.S.


Local 47 member Manny Rivera died in February. A 33-year IBEW member, he was a journeyman lineman/troubleman for Southern California Edison.

'53 Recognizing Its Members'

L.U. 53 (lctt,o,rts&u), KANSAS CITY, MO — Local 53 congratulates several recent retirees! Judy Johnson, warehouseman at the New Madrid Power Plant, retired Feb. 1 after 30 years of service. Jim Tindle, journeyman welder/mechanic at the Thomas Hill Energy Center, retired Feb. 28 after 31 years of service. Gary White, yard equipment operator at the Thomas Hill Energy Center, retired Jan. 22 after 30 years of service. Congratulations and best of luck in the future to all.

Still looking good and progressing along! — Local 53's updating and remodeling project for our building is going great. As promised all will be welcomed to see the final results. We are almost there; keep reading and looking for updates to come your way.

Hope all finds and keeps you well … Local 53!

Tracy A. Riley, V.P.

Contract Negotiations

L.U. 57 (lctt,mo,o,t&u), SALT LAKE CITY, UT — 2013 started the same as 2012 ended, with the local amid negotiations on multiple contracts. Hopefully, by the time of this printing, all of our open agreements will be ratified. At this writing Rocky Mountain Power, a MidAmerican Company, was striving to make major changes to the agreement. The proposed changes would have a negative impact on our members. The era of concessionary bargaining has to end.

We have a long, tough road ahead, but remember those in need. Please continue to volunteer your time and energies where needed. There's no better time than now to get the IBEW brand out there. Special thanks go to Tom Rowe of Idaho Falls Power for spending the evening of Valentine's Day troubleshooting and repairing an electrical problem at The City of Refuge.

Also, thanks to members Rick Kaplan and Don While for volunteering their time and their band, High Voltage, to the Fourth of July "Party in the Park" in Laramie, WY. The band has performed at the event for quite some time and continues to help make the party a success. Keep up the good work!

Scott Long, P.S.


Local 57 member Rick Kaplan (left) performs with the High Voltage band.

Work Outlook Improves

L.U. 103 (cs&i), BOSTON, MA — As of this writing the stock market continues to outperform itself and we're finally starting to recover from the 2008 economic collapse.

Just recently, Boston was cited as one of the strongest commercial real estate markets in the country, reaching pre-recession pricing levels. Real estate prices are approaching peak rates the market has not experienced since December 2007.

The work outlook continues to improve. The Boston Redevelopment Authority board recently approved several new projects estimated to create 1,400 new jobs and invest more than $325 million into the city. The projects include six acres of land to be developed into a 177-room hotel, accompanied by more than 10,000 square feet of restaurant and retail space in East Boston, at the corner of William F. McClellan Highway and Boardman Street. The 32-story Nashua Street Residences will include 503 residential units and a two-story public retail arcade, in the North Station area. Suffolk University's plans to construct a new building for educational use at 20 Somerset Street, a $62 million project, will replace a vacant government office building with a 112,000 square-foot, 10-story building. These projects are just a few of the many upcoming projects within Local 103's jurisdiction.

On April 9, Local 103 and the American Red Cross teamed up again to host a blood drive. The drive was held in conjunction with a Health Wellness Clinic for all members and their families.

Kevin C. Molineaux, P.S.

'Let's Give it a Try'

L.U. 105 (catv,i&o), HAMILTON, ONTARIO, CANADA — Greetings to all. I hope everybody had an enjoyable Easter holiday.

I would like for each of our members to talk to a nonunion electrician of sound, deserving character who they think would benefit from our union; this outreach will equally enhance organizing efforts. Encourage such electricians to meet your organizer and attend functions to meet other brethren with the possibility of joining our great union. Let's give it a try.

It is important to take advantage of our training centers. They offer courses important to our members to further their training. This in turn makes us stronger and more competitive in our marketplace. Knowledge is power (to defeat nonunion).

Congratulations to all members who retired in 2012 — far too many to name, my friends and yours. Thank you all for building our union and our city, making both something we can hold our heads up for.

Thank you to all other locals who employ our brothers and sisters; we will return the favor.

We extend a tribute in memoriam to our brothers who recently passed away; all will be missed but never forgotten, including our local Bros. Joe Tabone (a 61-year member) and Frank Tillmanns (a 60-year member). Our deepest sympathies go out to their families.

Phil Brown, P.S.

IBEW Lifesaving Award

L.U. 111 (em,govt,lctt,mt,o,rtb,spa&u), DENVER, CO — The IBEW Lifesaving Award was presented to Local 111 Sister Gabriela Kuhni for her heroic efforts in rescuing a complete stranger. Sister Kuhni was on the job as a utility worker for Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCo) when she witnessed a car accident. She saw a disoriented man exit his wrecked vehicle and begin to walk into highway traffic. Sister Kuhni was able to subdue the man and hold on to him until paramedics arrived on the scene. The man had no idea where he was. Thank you, Gabriela, for putting yourself at risk to save another person.

On another front, the EWMC (Electrical Workers Minority Caucus) continues to ramp up their efforts to expand membership by hosting several events to bring the membership and youth together in solidarity. In February the EWMC hosted a successful Super Bowl party with more than 100 in attendance. In March they hosted their second Casino Bus Trip to Black Hawk, and a Spring Car Show is planned for May.

Mike Kostelecky, P.S.


Local 111 Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Michael Byrd (left), member Gabriela Kuhni and Pres. Mike Kostelecki.

Lineman's Rodeo in Hawaii

L.U. 125 (lctt,o,t&u), PORTLAND, OR — Aloha! Our local hosts a lineman's rodeo every year, so generating support for the first Hawaii Lineman's Rodeo was an easy task. Whatever the location, our members' competitive spirit holds true. Four teams from Local 125, including one sponsored by Portland General Electric, committed to participating in this inaugural event.

Pictured in the accompanying photo are the overall journeyman winners — the PGE team of Ryan Hagel, Josh Welle and Jason Hiatt — joined by fellow competitor Steve Coutts. Coutts is a staunch supporter of rodeos and has been credited with PGE's rodeo program. Whether organizing, judging or participating, his efforts continue to garner respect and appreciation from his peers.

Three other teams competed from IBEW Local 125: Chuck Palmateer, Steve Coutts and Dustin Miller; Joel Wallace, Louis Ochoa and Ron Rogers; and Joe Gass, John Yates and Pat Winter.

Congratulations and mahalo to everyone who participated. For complete results, visit

Marcy Grail, P.S.


Local 125 congratulates rodeo overall winners and participants. From left: Josh Welle, Jason Hiatt, Steve Coutts and Ryan Hagel.

'Outage Work' Update

L.U. 153 (em,i,mt,rtb,rts,se,spa&st), SOUTH BEND, IN — By the time you read this article, our outage work at DC Cook Nuclear will be winding down. We thank all the IBEW members who traveled to our area to help us man our outage work. Our next scheduled outage at Cook will be around October.

Our local union elections will be held this year, with nominations at the May 23 union meeting and elections on June 27. If you are interested in holding an office, make sure you either attend the May meeting or submit a letter of acceptance to the recording secretary before the May meeting.

The local thanks our outgoing Apprenticeship Coordinator Ron Michaelis for his more than 20 years of service, and we wish him well for his future endeavors. We also congratulate Steve Egyed on his selection as the new coordinator.

The work outlook shows signs of improvement, slowly but surely.

We wish Brad Nichols, a Local 153 VDV journeyman tech, a safe race car driving season. He has a sharp looking Sprint Car Series car with our IBEW logo for everyone to see.

Stan Miles, Pres./P.S.


IBEW Local 153 logo is displayed on racing vehicle.

IDI Certificate Awarded

L.U. 177 (bo,ees,i,mo,o&pet), JACKSONVILLE, FL — Approximately one year ago, Bro. Timothy Cobb set out to create a school for industrial diving, exclusively for IBEW inside journeyman wiremen, known as Industrial Diving Institute (IDI). Bro. Cobb has recognized a need for qualified industrial divers performing electrical work and insists on using IBEW inside wiremen to fulfill that need. Recently, Bro. Matt Stowers was the first graduate of IDI. Several more members are preparing to start the course now to become the next graduates. Local 177 wishes the students and IDI great success in their endeavors.

The short term work seems to have picked up some, but it still doesn't look as if there is anything substantial for our area in the near future. We have recently enjoyed an unexpected temporary rise of employment in our area. Although it is just temporary and we have quite a few members working across the country, we actually were able to put about 40 Book 2 brothers to work for a short period. Thanks go out to all the traveling brothers that helped us out for those few weeks.

Alan Jones, Pres./A.B.M.


Local 177 Bro. Matt Stowers (center) displays certificate, presented by Bus. Mgr. Russell Harper (left) and Bro. Timothy Cobb (right), owner of Industrial Diving Institute.

Solidarity & Organizing

L.U. 191 (c,i,mo,rtb&st), EVERETT, WA — Save the dates for fun and solidarity at the 2013 IBEW 191 Family Picnics. The Eastside picnic will be Saturday, July 27, at Hydro Park in East Wenatchee; and the Westside will be Sunday, Aug. 4, at Hillcrest Park in Mt. Vernon.

The Volunteer Organizing Committee invites the brothers and sisters of Local 191 to come enjoy some food and share their ideas on organizing. The VOC meets the fourth Wednesday of every month, starting at 5:30 p.m., in the Mount Vernon trailer.

"To organize all workers in the entire electrical industry in the United States and Canada. …" The phrase "all workers" mentioned in the preamble to our Constitution includes our own members as well as unrepresented workers. After we become union members, it's easy to lose sight of what it means to belong to a union. Local 191 is asking its brothers and sisters to share with us your thoughts on what it means to be a union member. Your comments may be featured in future EW articles, while one participant will receive three months' dues and a jacket. Your thoughts of 200 words or less can be emailed to

Tim Silsbee, P.S.

Projects Gearing Up

L.U. 193 (i,lctt,o,rts,spa&u), SPRINGFIELD, IL — Memorial Hospital and St. Johns Hospital are finally gearing up the multimillion dollar projects for the continued health care quality of the Springfield and Sangamon county area.

The new 100 percent union-built County Market Store returns a grocery store to downtown Springfield. We encourage all Local 193 members to use County Market. The new Menards at Prairie Crossing was successfully completed by Local 193 members.

The Future-Gen project in Meredosia is being backed solidly by Sen. Dick Durbin. This rebuild of an aging coal plant looks promising and would be a welcome addition in the Local 193 jurisdiction. Expressing your thoughts regarding this project at "Dosh" would be welcomed by the senior senator from Illinois.

The Illinois State Conference was held in the state capital on March 12-13. There was no shortage of IBEW labor activities and solidarity displayed at the conference. "The powers that be" do indeed pay close attention.

The NJATC held an informative class at the union hall on Arc Flash Safety and Technology. Locals from all across the country participated in this training session.

IBEW Local 193 lineman Real "Frenchie" Coutu passed away in February. Condolences go out to his family and his many friends at Local 193.

Don Hudson, P.S.


Local 193 Bus. Mgr. Glenn Baugh (left) and Pres. Rick Shereda (right) congratulate 65-year pin recipients Harry A. Paull Jr. (second from left) and Robert McAfee.

A Career of Service

L.U. 197 (em&i), BLOOMINGTON, IL — As of this writing, work has been slow in our jurisdiction. Thankfully, those members willing to travel have been able to get out in other locals without sitting too long. There are some projects on the horizon; however, we encourage everyone on Book I to get out and sign some books. If you have questions about where to travel, come to the hall and we will assist you.

We congratulate Lance Reece on his retirement. Lance served as our business manager for the past eight years; he is a 40-year member of the IBEW. We thank him for his commitment and dedication to Local 197 and wish him success in his retirement. Lance is not walking away from leading in the community. At this writing, he was a candidate in the pending April election for a post as Heartland Community College board member.

The Local 197 Executive Board voted Rich Veitengruber to fill the vacancy as business manager. Congratulations to Rich. We look forward for him to continue to move Local 197 forward.

During the holidays the apprentices collected food for a local food pantry. We thank the apprentices and everyone who contributed. Recently we participated in the Easter Seals telethon. Thanks to those who participated for another great cause.

Mike Raikes, P.S.


Recently retired Local 197 business manager Lance Reece (left) and newly appointed Bus. Mgr. Rich Veitengruber (second from right) are joined by former business managers Robert Williams (second from left) and Jerry Dehart (right).

Solar Installation Projects

L.U. 223 (em,govt&i), BROCKTON, MA — As spring finally approached, some of the planned solar projects were delayed by a late winter round of snow for the Northeast.

We hope all projects projected to begin this spring finally start moving forward. The biggest solar project, a 50 MW installation, will be on Cape Cod and performed by Broadway Electric. This will be built on more than 40 different sites on Cape Cod. It is notable how far we have come as a nation in renewable energy. In 2005, the country reportedly installed 79 MW of solar.

We are also in the middle of an outage at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant.

With the Massachusetts Gaming Commission working toward selecting locations for resort casinos and one slot parlor, it is hoped that those decisions are made in 2013 to get our members back to work.

We ask all members to help out in the special election for the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts. We do not need a repeat of 2010. Let's elect someone who will work alongside Sen. Elizabeth Warren fighting for the middle class. If you have been following her as she fights for working people, you know that Massachusetts made the right choice last year.

Doug Nelson, B.A.

New Director Takes JATC into the Future

L.U. 269 (i&o), TRENTON, NJ — Local 29 welcomes James Stover as JATC director. Jim brings extensive experience in training, both in the field and the classroom, where for the past 15 years he served as an apprenticeship instructor. He was appointed director last September.

After graduating from Lehigh University with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, Jim started his apprenticeship with Local 269 in 1988. For the past 24 years he has worked with a commitment to excellence in every aspect of our industry.

As an instructor, Jim knows what it takes to produce well-trained journeyman electricians. Upon his arrival, classroom improvements were made. High-definition projectors were installed in the ceilings so that instructors armed with new laptops can present multimedia lessons. A new computer lab was set up for future training as well as implementing the NJATC's new online selection test to replace the old paper test. A new Fire Alarm Training Lab is being installed for apprentice and journeyman courses.

Jim also expanded journeyman courses with Crane and Lull training, as well as Rigging, OSHA 30-Hour and Built-Rite safety courses.

As director, Jim will guarantee that our members receive the best training to gain the skills and knowledge that will prepare them for the future in an industry that never stands still. We wish him great success.

D. Brian Proctor, P.S.


Local 269 JATC Dir. James Stover

Community Outreach

L.U. 305 (i&spa), FORT WAYNE, IN — We recently settled our contract with ESCO Communications. Negotiations went well, and the members will receive a very good two-year package. Thanks to the committee for a job well done.

Our local is scheduled to hold its election of officers for a three-year term. It is an honor to serve IBEW members. Remember to vote in June. Tad Flaugh attended the Sixth District training to be our election judge this year.

On the Community Outreach side, Local 305 has continued our partnership with the Ronald McDonald House and the Associated Churches Food Bank. The first Ronald McDonald House donations from Local 305 members were matched by Shambaugh & Son Electric. At the grand opening our members added an additional donation, which put IBEW Local 305 on the donors' etched-glass wall, where the families enter the House. The food bank donation of $5,000 was generously supported by our Local Quality Connection and the LMCC. These programs and many others are another example of how the IBEW stands at the forefront as leaders in our community.

Congratulations to recent apprentice graduates: Matthew Adamowicz, Jeremy Ambriole, Greg Clark, Luke Federspiel, Bryce Funk, Nicholas Jaberg, Cody Johnson, Carlos Larranaga, Kamal Macon II, Kyle Mills, Travis Ort, Jeremy Penrod, Allen Reidenbach, Mikel Ressler, Garrett Robinson, Jeff Shannon and Brian Tun. We are proud of these new journeymen.

Joe Langmeyer, B.M.


The Fort Wayne, IN, JATC graduating class of 2013.

Safety Kickoff & Negotiations

L.U. 309 (i,lctt,mo,mt,o,rts,spa&u), COLLINSVILLE, IL — Work on the Inside Branch remains slow. Local 309 has suffered unemployment on the Inside since October 2009. As slow as the Inside is, the Outside Line Construction Branch keeps picking up work. The majority of the work is substation and transmission.

On our utility property Ameren had its annual safety kickoff in February. Part of the meeting was dedicated to crane certification. The utility hopes to get an exemption for linemen on digger derricks with OSHA. At this writing, the utility hopes to have an answer within 90 days.

At press time negotiations will have begun with Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. SIUE plans a replacement of its distribution system at a cost of $11 million. The number of members working under this agreement continues to grow.

Spring is approaching and with the change of weather hopefully the work picture will improve.

Work safe so you can go home as you came in to work.

Scott Tweedy, A.B.M.

Better Days Ahead?

L.U. 343 (i,spa&st), LE SUEUR, MN — In southern Minnesota, particularly Rochester, there's been much talk of the DMC. Destination Medical Center is not only a vision of the future of Rochester and surrounding towns, but also formal legislation to provide financing for public infrastructure improvements to promote private investments within these communities and specifically the Mayo Clinic. Increased staffing by the thousands and substantially increased patient loads bring the need for more medical training facilities, more hotels, restaurants, retail stores, permanent housing and schools. One report describes DMC as a cosmopolitan urban center. Before you load up your camper to sign our Book II to help build this utopia, note that this is a 20-year plan.

A job that is a current reality is the Mayo Clinic Proton Beam Cancer Treatment project. A local contractor had the building and electrical risers, which put a few Book I members to work. The equipment installation, however, was awarded to an out-of -state union shop. This project, along with the Prairie Island Nuclear Plant shutdown, will hopefully employ many of our Book I members who have otherwise been forced to travel.

Remember to attend the June union meeting for the allocation of wage increase vote. Take ownership of your vote. Don't let a few decide for the whole.

Be Union … Buy Union.

Tom Small, P.S.

Projects Scheduled

L.U. 347 (em,i,mt,rtb,rts&spa), DES MOINES, IA — Some work that is being staged to start includes $238 million of updates on existing structures at Principal Financial Group in Des Moines and a 239,000 square-foot building with a parking ramp for Wells Fargo in west Des Moines. Fort Dodge construction projects include Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc. and Koch Industries Inc.

Local events for 2013 are a pin party and a spring picnic. 2014 will mark the 100th anniversary of Local 347.

Be involved — this is your union.

Mike Schweiger, P.S.

2012 Retirees Honored

L.U. 351 (c,cs,i,it,lctt,mt,o,se,spa&t), FOLSOM, NJ — At our March general union meeting, we honored 52 members who retired during 2012. Watches were given out and food and refreshments were served. We congratulate all of the new retirees and thank them for their many years of service to our union. We wish them the very best in retirement. Please remember to continue to attend union meetings and our many events throughout the year.

On Dec. 9 last year, we held our annual Children's Christmas party at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Williamstown, NJ. Once again we passed our attendance record from the previous year. More than 900 attended. We thank everyone on the committee who helped make it such a special day for the children. Without our members, events like this would not be possible.

Dan Cosner, P.S.


Local 351 Christmas Party committee: Wayne Bumm (left), Dan Cosner, Dennis Kleiner, Ray Listman, Duke Collins, Bill Hosey, Kathy D'Alonzo, Chuck Della Vecchia, Joe Trumbetti, Ed Reiser, John Biondi and Jim Bresch.

Great Volunteers & Participants

L.U. 357 (c,i,mt&se), LAS VEGAS, NV — Thanks to all the families who came out to support our 2nd Annual Bowling for Brotherhood Tournament. It was very successful, thanks especially to our Bros. Richard Work, Chris Wile, Marty Gates and Bryant Alexander. Great job, guys!

A big shout out to all the volunteers who contributed to the children's Easter Party, always a highlight of the year, and the EWMC thanks you for your dedication every year. The Poker Run was a great way for us to raise money for the Brotherhood Welfare and Candlelighters, and we appreciate everyone who came out to support the cause.

These are just a few highlights of our year so far. Let's do our best to make the rest of the year just as special.

Jennifer Tabor, P.S.

New Members Sworn In

L.U. 363 (catv,em,govt,i,t,u&ws), NEW CITY, NY — At a recent monthly meeting, 22 new brothers and sisters were sworn into IBEW Local 363. It is good to see the continuing high caliber of people entering the electrical trade and becoming part of the Brotherhood. Our training center is the best in the industry, and more contractors are using it and growing from it. Our goal is to expand employment opportunities for our IBEW brothers and sisters. We plan on growing our membership and working with more and more of the contractors in our area.

We are the largest organized group of electricians and contractors around and we are going to become larger. It is to our members' benefit that we are a large local union and that our contractor base is just as large.

We are talking with many contractors who are realizing the benefits of being associated with IBEW Local 363 and the qualified electricians we produce. Good things are coming from the efforts of everyone; the union office and the production of IBEW electricians cannot be beat.

Now let's teach the new members how an IBEW electrician is supposed to work.

Kevin Keeley, P.S.


Local 363 Bus. Mgr. Sam Fratto swears in 22 new construction members.

St. Patrick's Day Parade

L.U. 369 (em,es,i,lctt,o,rtb,rts,spa&u), LOUISVILLE, KY — On Saturday, March 9, Local 369 took some of the most dedicated members and hit the streets for the annual St. Patrick's Day parade. This is not an event for the timid or the weak at heart. This 1 mile journey is a true test of character. The members and their families stood tall (I knew they would). They tolerated the 60 degree temperature, clear skies with a slight breeze out the south, like true champions. They along with thousands of other people took part in more than 120 entries. This year's theme was "Forty Shades of Green," commemorating the 40th year for this event. The streets are lined with tens of thousands of both Irish and "Irish for the Day" spectators. There is a good time to be had by all who enter. Hopefully next year we will have a few more brave souls try the course.

John E. Morrison Jr., P.S.


Some of Local 369's bravest and their families gather to march in St. Patrick's Day parade.

IBEW Lifesaving Award

L.U. 405 (em,i,rtb&spa), CEDAR RAPIDS, IA — On Aug. 29 last year, while working at the University of Iowa, Bro. Larry Simon came into contact with a hot 277 volt circuit. Thanks to the quick actions of Cody Whittom, a third-year apprentice, Bro. Simon survived this accident. At the February general meeting, Bro. Whittom was presented with the IBEW Lifesaving Award. Cody is also a volunteer firefighter and an EMT.

The assault on workers continues in Iowa, as in many states around the country. In the Republican controlled House the first action was passage of HJR1. This would put the so called "right to work" in the Iowa Constitution. This was just the first of many anti-labor bills to come out of that side of the Legislature. Thankfully, we have a split government in Iowa, and the Senate Democrats are the firewall that protects working Iowans from this continued assault.

Work remains steady in Local 405, but we still have nearly 100 journeymen out of work. There are a number of projects being bid, but most will not put our members to work until early 2014. We do not anticipate being able to help out any Book II this year.

Bill Hanes, B.M.


Local 405 Bus. Mgr. Bill Hanes (left) presents IBEW Lifesaving Award to Cody Whittom.

Apprentice Graduates Honored

L.U. 441 (as,i&rts), SANTA ANA, CA — On Feb. 1, Local 441 and the Orange County JATC honored our most recent graduating apprenticeship classes. The graduates are as follows:

Inside — Craig Balonick, Dave Banner, Blake Botelho, David Brito, Carlos Del Rio, Christopher Eastman, David Gutierrez, Eric Jaekel, Steve Jamaica, Daniel Litwack, Daniel Maldonado, Derek Malinsky, Adrian Perez, Christopher Peterson, Dumitru Petruescu, Gregory Powers, Richard Ransdel, Jose Reyes, Ricardo Sanchez, Anthony Sandoval, Kyle Story and Greg Todd; ITS — Armando Avila Jr., Allen Ayala, Daniel Herrera, Mark Medina, Chad Newton and Jose Robles; Sound — Rodolfo Castillo, Edgar Martinez, Richard Ritenour and Caesar Torres; and Disney — David Annetta, Kristen Burgner, Jarryn Humphrey, Magic Jackson, Kyle Midlik and Rick Morton.

Congratulations to all of our new journeymen and journeywomen. We wish them the very best!

We held our first Southern California Superbowl in Fountain Valley in February. It is planned as an annual event. Locals 440, 47, 11 and 441 each entered teams in this flag football tournament. Local 441 beat Local 11 in the final championship game. Special thanks to Local 47's Rick Garcia and OC Training Dir. Dave Lawhorn for barbequing for all the teams and their families.

Rich Vasquez, B.R.


Local 441's championship flag football team.

Chobani Plant Construction

L.U. 449 (catv,em,i,o,rtb,rts,spa&u), POCATELLO, ID — Brothers and sisters, at the time of this writing we are waiting for the spring work to get under way. The work picture is slow for now, but I believe we will see some good things happen this summer. We still have the Chobani yogurt plant project in Twin Falls going, although at press time it is only employing 30-40 members. I hope the next phase will start soon.

This is reportedly the largest yogurt-processing plant in the world — and the IBEW has been instrumental in its timely construction. (Read more in the March 2013 issue of The Electrical Worker, "IBEW Helps Build World's Largest Yogurt Plant in Idaho.") I thank all the members who have helped make that happen and also Shambaugh & Son for working together with the local to organize our jurisdiction. I do hope we can work together on the next phase. Times like this are what we need to capitalize on and show the community, the customer and the contractor that an organized effort will always pay off. Shown in the accompanying photo is an aerial view of the million-square-foot plant that is putting our communities to work.

With deep regret we report the death of Bro. Raymond Kowitz and Bro. Clint Waters. Local 449 sends our condolences to the families.

The local congratulates Allen Weaver on his retirement and thanks him for his service to the IBEW.

Remember: United we stand, divided we fall.

Rodney James, B.M.


IBEW Local 449 members have worked on construction of gigantic Chobani yogurt plant.

Work Picture Picks Up

L.U. 551 (c,i&st), SANTA ROSA, CA — Greetings from the North Bay. Work has picked up with the books moving well in addition to putting all of our apprentices to work at the start of our new year. A big thank-you to our surrounding Bay Area sister locals for keeping the lights on for the traveling brothers and sisters!

We welcome and congratulate our new organizer, John McEntagart. John started the first week of March with two days in the office and then off to the Organizers Conference on Day 3. We know he will do a great job for our local.

Our executive board met on the first Saturday in March to strategize on keeping the local moving forward for the benefit of our members and our contractors. Out of many very good ideas, we will concentrate on a condensed list of what we consider priorities: Marin General Hospital, an upcoming billion-dollar project; training and outreach; partnering with contractors on issues in the political arena; internal organizing and solidarity ideas. We are hopeful many of our members will be onboard to implement goals. 2013 is off to a good start; let's keep it rolling!

Have a great summer, and please work safe!

Denise Soza, P.S.

Work Picture Improved

L.U. 569 (i,mar,mt,rts&spa), SAN DIEGO, CA — Our work picture is finally starting to turn around.

We have several large-scale solar projects in the Imperial Valley currently under project labor agreements. We recently signed a PLA for our planned Convention Center expansion and two nearby hotel projects. These were all possible because of the hard work of our Bus. Mgr. Johnny Simpson and his dedicated staff. We were also able help pass Prop Z, a $2.8 billion school bond under a PLA, thanks to the work of our members with phone banking and precinct walking.

David Taylor, Pres./P.S.


Local 569 Pres. Dave Taylor (back row, fourth from right), Asst. Bus. Mgr. Tom Kunde (far right), Organizer Andrew McKercher (back row, third from right) and Local 569 members gather at the jobsite of a University Town Center remodel project. Visiting the jobsite is Dr. John Lee Evans (ninth from left), San Diego Unified School District board member.

Kudos to Graduates

L.U. 589 (rr), JAMAICA, NY — Local 589 congratulates the recent graduating class of "M of E" (maintenance of equipment) electricians! We wish them a long and safe career with the MTA Long Island Railroad.

In other news, Local 589 has been extremely busy with successful arbitrations, working on contract negotiations, and coordinating some large projects and modifications. We thank all of our representatives and members for their continued hard work.

Augie Maccarone, R.S.


Local 589 graduating class of electricians

ZNE Center Plans Grand Opening

L.U. 595 (c,govt,i&st), DUBLIN, CA — Excitement is in the air about our new Zero Net Energy Center, which will house our apprentice and journeyman training. We will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony and grand opening on May 30, where all the stakeholders will be acknowledged. Training Dir. Byron Benton has worked tirelessly coordinating every detail, and we will see it all come to life soon.

See accompanying photo of another recent Local 595 project.

Local 595 is making some leadership changes. Bus. Mgr. Victor Uno brought a talented, young electrician onto the staff to fill a new position titled Community Liasion/Compliance and Governmental Relations. Rachel Bryan is already doing great things in the community to help Local 595 more effectively recruit and retain young people for our apprenticeship and CE/CW programs. Additionally, she is getting to know our political leaders in the East Bay and making them aware of the great career opportunities in construction trade unions.

Recently Bob Tieman stepped down as president; he will come on staff as a new rep to replace me as I end my 40 year career in the IBEW. Bob appointed Tanya Pitts to replace him on the Apprenticeship Committee. The E-Board appointed Greg Bonato as president; he was officially sworn in at the March general membership meeting. Bro. Bonato has served as a longtime E-Board member and COPE chair.

We are excited to bring new young people into positions of leadership as we prepare to open our state-of-the art Zero Net Energy Training Center.

Tom Mullarkey, B.R.


Local 595 day crew at the Russell City Energy Center project in Hayward, CA, working for Bechtel.

Work Outlook

L.U. 601 (i&rtb), CHAMPAIGN-URBANA, IL — Our local's work outlook is still on the slow side as of this writing, but the work is out there and we hope for some improvement by spring.

At press time, there are 47 on Book 1 and 203 on Book 2; and three apprentices are out of work. At this writing, our northern area is currently finishing an outage at the power house that has taken several electricians off of our Local 601 books.

Our local's annual Christmas party last December was well attended by our members and their guests. It is always a great opportunity to catch up with our brothers and sisters. We thank the members and the local staff for putting on a great time.

The University of Illinois employs approximately 90 journeyman wireman members. They work on all aspects of the trades, both high voltage and low voltage. The accompanying photo was shot at one of the university's new office areas.

Dan Hatter, P.S.


Local 601 members Ben Kinder (left) and Mike Siems work on a University of Illinois project.

Service Pins Awarded

L.U. 611 (catv,es,govt,i,lctt,o,spa,t&u), ALBUQUERQUE, NM — At the March 2 Outside Line Unit meeting, service pins were presented. In total, awards presented represented nearly 400 years of service. Pin recipients were as follows: for 45 years of service — Bruce Senior and Jerry Gentry; for 35 years — Sammy Martinez, Jim Baca, Steve Horcasitas, John Ortiz and Leland Martinez; 30 years — Sam Calderon and Paul Martinez; 15 years — Maury Varela, Tom Sargent, Alex Trujillo; and for 10 years — Jim Baca Jr. and Mark Salazar. Congratulations to all.

In my last article I mistakenly said the meetings are on the third Thursday of the month — however, it should have said the third Saturday of the month. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

Reminder: This is an election year for mayor of Albuquerque. If you are not registered or need to put in a change of address, you can call the hall and they will put you in touch with someone who can take care of that.

The local extends condolences to families of members who recently passed away: Eric E. Camron, David G. Berry, Marion A. Schane, William T. Romero and Phillip T. Montoya. Our brothers will be missed.

Darrell J. Blair, P.S.


Local 611 service pin recipients, from left: Maury Varela, Leland Martinez, Bruce Senior, Jim Baca, Sammy Martinez, Sam Calderon, Jim Baca Jr., Jerry Gentry and Paul Martinez.

Tribute to Service

L.U. 617 (c,i,mo&st), SAN MATEO, CA — Congratulations to Bus. Rep. Fred Corona on his recent retirement after serving the local's Sound and Communications and SFO Air Train members since 2005. Heartfelt thanks from all of us for his tireless and steadfast service. Fred's wisdom, expertise and humor will be greatly missed. We wish him the best in a long and restful, yet productive and adventurous retirement. Well done, brother!

Over the last two years, several Local 617 members have participated in "missions" operated by the Warriors' Watch Riders and Patriot Guard Riders. These two groups, mostly motorcyclists and Vietnam veterans, were founded to ensure an honored and dignified welcome home for those returning from service in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the words of the Warriors' Watch Riders: "Never again will an American warrior be scorned or ignored." Through the local's motorcycle club, Local 617 journeymen and apprentices have silently stood flag lines to honor those returning home after completing service, for a holiday leave with family, or in a flag-draped coffin. We have been honored to stand with the families of young service men and women in their time of great joy or unbearable grief. We are eternally grateful for the sacrifices they make. May God continue to watch over them and bless them.

Dan Pasini, V.P.


Local 617 newly appointed Sound and Communications/Air Train Bus. Rep. Chuck Vella.

'March into the Future'

L.U. 627 (u), FORT PIERCE, FL — Local 627 is proud to recognize the graduating class of recent apprentices into our Brotherhood. This group will continue the evolution of safe and efficient labor as they expand their knowledge and experience within the nuclear plant.

Union brothers Wes Chang, Tim Hutchinson, Anthony Oakes and Frank Smith received notification from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that their reactor control operator licenses have been issued. Congratulations to everyone for their hard work and successful efforts.

The picnic committee invites all members, retirees and their families to join us on June 8 in Fort Pierce, FL. We will have a variety of amusement activities for all ages to enjoy, plenty of barbequed food and refreshments.

Ray Vos, P.S.


Local 627 congratulates the recent apprentice graduating class at a dinner in their honor.

Two-Year Contract Ratified

L.U. 659 (c,catv,em,i,lctt,o,st,t&u), MEDFORD, OR — February saw the ratification of a two-year contract between the Northwest line chapter of NECA and Locals 659, 125 and 77. The contract includes wage increases of 2 percent the first year and 2.75 percent the second year. An increase in the NEAP contribution dictated by classification was also negotiated along with a substation certification. Now an electrical journeyman lineman or journeyman wireman can achieve a certification for building and maintaining substations. This has historically been a three-year contract, but with the rates for LINECO uncertain beyond 2014, a two-year contract was agreed to.

As of this writing negotiations are ongoing with Lane Electric Co-op and Consumers Power. The organizing campaign at Eugene Water and Electric Board is continuing. The goal is to organize an additional 200-plus members there and introduce them to the wages, benefits and job security that we all enjoy as union members.

Congratulations to Bro. Shawn Haggin, who has gone to work for the state of Oregon in the Electrical Inspectors Office.

Local 659 is sad to report the passing of Bro. Ray Marvin. Ray was a longtime business rep and staunch supporter of the labor movement. He served the membership well and will be missed.

Tom Legg, Pres.

Power Plant Project

L.U. 673 (catv,i,rts,spa,t&u), PAINESVILLE, OH — The Perry Nuclear Power Plant began scheduled refuel outage No. 14 on March 18. As of press time, the outage was scheduled for 45 days.

At this early spring writing, members and many of our Book 2 brothers were out there early going through all the processing needed to gain access to the power plant site. Background checks, psychological testing, drug testing, craft testing and interviews by psychologists are all part of it. Some electricians received further training such as motor operated valves.

On March 2, the Electricians Golf League sponsored a reverse raffle benefit at Pine Ridge Country Club. Members had a chance to catch up with old friends and enjoy the food, drink and music. Bro. Harold Reidel was a big winner. He went all the way on two side boards and won them both. Congratulations, Harold!

James Braunlich, P.S.


Local 673 General Foreman Mike Kubacki prepares for the pre-job briefing that all electricians must complete before beginning a task at Perry Nuclear Power Plant.

Stand United for Workers

L.U. 683 (em&i), COLUMBUS, OH — Special interest groups from outside Ohio have again invaded our state, pushing for "right-to-work" for less legislation. We must educate ourselves on the negative impact this could have on our livelihood. Become active in local union events by attending meetings and learn what you can do to stand united in the fight for Ohio workers.

Several projects are coming out of the ground at this writing. We hope we can clear our books and get many brothers and sisters back to work.

Remember to attend union meetings and volunteer when called upon.

Eric M. Evans, V.P., P.S.

A Career of IBEW Service

L.U. 733 (mar), PASCAGOULA, MS — Congratulations to former Bus. Mgr. Jim Couch on his retirement in February. Having been a member of Local 733 for 37 years, and having served as business manager for the past eight years, he now looks forward to some serious fishing and hunting! Former Asst. Bus. Mgr. J.P. Mergenschroer, was appointed as the new business manager to fill the unexpired term.

In appreciation for Bro. Couch's many years of service, the local presented him with a plaque and a rifle. An Open House was held at the union hall and many well-wishers came by to reminisce and extend congratulations.

Although we have numerous contracts with the Navy, these projects are not ready for electricians as of this writing; in fact, we have almost 100 on layoff. The end of the summer looks very promising though.

Jimmy Richardson, Pres.


Recently retired Local 733 Bus. Mgr. Jim Couch (left) with newly appointed Bus. Mgr. J.P. Mergenschroer.

Annual Awards Banquet 60-Year Award Presented

L.U. 993 (catv,em&i), KAMLOOPS, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA — Bro. Fred "Freddie" Dick was presented with his 60-year service award in December 2012. Bus. Mgr. Glen Hilton presented the well-deserved award at Local 993's Annual Awards Banquet. Freddie has always been a dedicated and loyal member, supporting the IBEW through good times and bad. He is very proud of his 60 years in the IBEW and we thank him for his service and commitment over the years.

Glen Hilton, B.M./P.S.


Local 993 Bus. Mgr. Glen Hilton (left) presents service award to Bro. Fred Dick.

Stay Informed & Involved

L.U. 1049 (lctt,o,u&uow), LONG ISLAND, NY — Post Hurricane Sandy, the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) is facing uncertainty. There have been several proposals about LIPA's future. These range from full municipalization to full privatization. Bus. Mgr. Donald Daley has been aggressively ensuring that our rights and concerns and those of the Long Island ratepayers are properly vetted. He has met with numerous community leaders, business groups and political leaders at the local, state and federal levels. In that vein we recently hosted a meeting at our union hall. Attendees included members from the state and local political levels. At this meeting we discussed Local 1049's participation in the electric storm restoration process.

Bus. Mgr. Daley has also testified at a NYS Energy Committee hearing in Albany. We have been very vocal about calling for public hearings to be held on Long Island. Under the current LIPA structure these are numerous benefits for all. We need to ensure that any and all of the issues are heard and discussed at a local level.

Concurrently we are going forward with PSEG's transition into the new Operating Service Agreement (OSA). This agreement will take effect in January 2014. At that time the current utility membership will begin working for two employers.

In order to keep abreast of the issues, I encourage the membership to attend the general meetings.

Thomas J. Dowling, R.S.

Increasing Union Participation

L.U. 1245 (catv,em,govt,lctt,o,pet,t&u), VACAVILLE, CA — Our local is continuing its program to increase member involvement, leadership development and community engagement. During the first half of 2013 the local is sponsoring a leadership development conference, hosting two soccer tournaments for our line clearance tree trimmers, and co-sponsoring a sporting clays shoot with other union locals. In addition, our local is organizing its first ever "Howard Stiefer Motorcycle Rally," named in honor of the local's late president.

We are also increasing our participation in linemen rodeos, most recently sponsoring several teams to attend the first Hawaii Lineman's Rodeo. We will also be engaged in a Light Rail Rodeo featuring our members at Sacramento Regional Transit, and plan to sponsor teams in this year's American Public Power Association rodeo. In addition, we are looking for opportunities to feature gas workers and line clearance tree trimmers in rodeo competitions.

Our local continues to focus on safety. We have three peer-to-peer safety initiatives in three distinct areas: electric, gas, and line clearance tree trimming. We continue to receive requests from fire fighters and other organizations for our "First Responder" training program.

Recently we completed work on a "graphic novel" — a fancy word for comic book — that portrays the history of our local. We hope it will provide an additional way to communicate our union's story to the new members flooding into our union as baby boomers retire.

Eric Wolfe, P.S.


Local 1245 members from the Sacramento Municipal Utility District compete in the first Hawaii Lineman's Rodeo in February.

Tribute to a Union Sister

L.U. 1249 (catv,lctt,o,t&u), SYRACUSE, NY — In February we lost a dear sister and friend. Fin. Sec. Tina Prosonic was a member of Local 1249 for 30 years. She started as an apprentice in 1983, then became a journeyman lineman, and finally served as office manager and financial secretary for the local.

Tina also served in the Army National Guard Reserves. After 20 years of service, she retired with the rank of captain. Tina was an avid participant in breast cancer fundraising, and she even hosted a monthly cancer support group at the hall. She loved to show off her beautiful dogs and spend weekends at her camp in upstate New York. She was also passionate about the outdoors and photography. She was a true trade unionist and she lived life to the fullest.

Tina will be forever missed by her friends and family at Local 1249.

Jennifer Schneider, P.S.

Kudos to Three Recent Retirees

L.U. 1307 (u), SALISBURY, MD — Local 1307 extends congratulations and best wishes to three new retirees and former officers.

Bro. David Adkins started his career in 1971 with Delmarva Power, working in the garage. From there, he worked in the Substation Department and the line crew before becoming a trouble/serviceman in 1995. Bro. Adkins served the local as president/business manager from 1989-1994 and again from 2007-2012.

Bro. Eddie Sparks started his career in 1971 with Delmarva Power as a meter reader. He also worked as an engineer's helper and then in the line crew before becoming a trouble/serviceman in 1988. Bro. Sparks was elected to the Local 1307 Executive Board in 1973 and served as either board member or financial secretary up until his retirement.

Bro. Lindley Hudson started his career as a laborer for what was then Delmarva Power & Light Power Plant, which later became NRG. He also held the positions of fuel handler, fuel equipment operator, machinist and power plant control specialist. Bro. Hudson was a shop steward since 1979 and served as vice president of the local from 1994-1997 and again from 2007-2012.

Congratulations to all for a job well done.

Save jobs, limit imports.

Charles T. Harris Jr., P.S.

New Contract Agreements —
Construction Work Picture Good

L.U. 1393 (catv,lctt,o,t&u), INDIANAPOLIS, IN — The local negotiated new contract agreements with several companies: Johnson County REMC, Southeastern Indiana REMC, RushShelby Energy, Carroll County REMC and WIN Energy. The Construction "A" Agreement also was negotiated. These agreements, ratified by our members, provide for general wage increases and job security protections.

The construction side of the local work picture is very good with a lot of work for the membership — and we are in need of journeyman linemen to fill all job referrals.

The local had a large group of lineman apprenticeship graduates in 2012 from the ALBAT program, REAPS program and Heats program. One such 2012 graduate, Tommy Nance, from Central Indiana Power, is pictured in the accompanying photo demonstrating his new journeyman lineman skills.

Robert C. Fox, P.S.


Local 1393 journeyman lineman Tommy Nance.

GEN-UP in St. Louis — Developing Future Leaders

L.U. 1439 (u), ST. LOUIS, MO — The age 35 and under members hosted an event of education, fun and solidarity. The event was devised to educate new and younger members about the history of the IBEW and the chance to network with fellow brothers and sisters. Int. Rep. Linda Matthews, IBEW Education Department, provided a great educational video on IBEW history. Table games brought great competition for prizes of rounds of golf, St. Louis Blues Hockey tickets and IBEW merchandise. The GEN-UP Committee members who put the event together are: Phil Barnowski, Keith Kohlberg, Tim Hall, David White, Brad Barton, Sean Saunders, Bob Neske and Reed Newton. The group was so enthusiastic about the turnout that another event is being planned.

Contract negotiations are beginning on the Ameren property. The company proposes an assault on our defined pension plan.

Mike Walter, B.M./F.S.


Local 1439's GEN-UP Committee event was a great success.

'Union Strong'

L.U. 1523 (u), WICHITA, KS — It's almost time for local union elections. Get together with your work group to hear their ideas and find out what issues are important to them. It might surprise you to know that others share some of the same ideas and suggestions that you may have been tossing around. Times are changing and we are in the middle of things.

We are often ready to jump at a chance to complain about issues, but here's a chance to make your voice heard. When was the last time you were at the hall for a meeting? When was the last time you asked your steward if he or she needed your help. I think we should all have a lot of respect for someone who volunteers his or her time to represent us. We are a good strong union; we have good leadership and we are committed to the good of the union. Watch out for more information on the elections.

As you can see from the picture below — yep, we work in the cold. Union strong!

Candy C. Cruz-Dodd, P.S.


Local 1523 members on the jobsite: Billy Bardon (left), Mike Linder and Luke Justice.

Possible Budget Cuts — A Project & Jobs Are Threatened

L.U. 1579 (i&o), AUGUSTA, GA — As the weather is getting warmer, we have all Local 1579 members working who want to work as well as several traveling brothers and sisters from around the country.

A project in our jurisdiction is being threatened by federal budget cuts. This is the Mixed Oxide Project and this job has 150 electricians on it, many from other locals. If the funding is cut on this project, many will lose their jobs — not only IBEW members but also workers from other building trades locals as well.

We need your help. Call or write your senators and representatives or even the president and let them know that this job is very important to your family. Let your elected officials know that for every job lost on this project, that affects two additional jobs somewhere else, perhaps at the local McDonald's or the hotel where many traveling brothers and sisters are staying. If you need additional information in order to write these politicians, contact your union hall and they will be happy to help.

Remember to keep the staff informed of hospitalizations and new baby arrivals.

Until next time, God bless.

Will Salters, A.B.M.


Retirees & Political Action

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 1, ST. LOUIS, MO — Retirees of IBEW Local 1 had their first meeting of 2013 on Wednesday, March 20. There was a good attendance and all enjoyed the activities. Two guest speakers provided important, interesting information. Excellent refreshments were served.

The retirees discussed important events taking place locally and nationally that affect both working and retired members. Of particular concern at this writing is a campaign by Missouri Republican state legislators to pass into law measures that would cripple the rights of organized labor, and all working citizens in the state. We were all urged to contact those anti-worker politicians and voice our protest.

Notwithstanding the current political setbacks, Local 1 retirees have hopes of a good year for our unemployed members, with some small signs of an improving economy. As spring begins we hope new construction will blossom and create more jobs.

As retired seniors we know that "trickle down" and "greed is good" are expressions that mean middle-class workers will continue to suffer at the hands of the corporate bosses — and that more jobs go overseas and more Americans sink into poverty to improve corporate profits. We must keep the faith and use our votes to help each other.

Our 2013 meetings are: May 15, July 17, Sept. 18 (luncheon), and Nov. 20.

Don Appelbaum, P.S.


Local 1 Retirees Club members attend March meeting.

Storm Recovery Continues

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 3, NEW YORK, NY, NASSAU CHAPTER — We are slowly coming out of winter here on Long Island as of this writing, but the effects of "Sandy" are still in evidence in towns like Long Beach, Island Park, and many other towns on the south shore of Long Island. One of our Nassau Chapter members lost his home when the hurricane struck and he is now living in Maryland. Local 3 has a Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief program to help members in need. For more information visit Local 3's Web site

We recently had our Joint Industry Board retirees luncheon; it was well attended as usual. We heard from many speakers about our work conditions in N.Y.C. and the many projects that are manned by nonunion workers. Speakers emphasized that we need to work diligently to elect public officials who are interested in furthering workers' rights. We were notified that our retirement funds are doing well, and at press time there are 6,600 retirees.

The Nassau Chapter has a full itinerary for this year with many exciting trips planned. These include: a trip to see a performance of "Noah" in Pennsylvania, and a trip to Yankee Stadium, with a lunch at City Island.

I will report on these events in our next article planned for September. Have a great and safe summer.

Bob Cooper, P.S.

Annual SWFL Retirees Picnic

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 3, NEW YORK, NY, SOUTHWEST FLORIDA GULF CHAPTER — The 2nd Annual SWFL Retirees Picnic was Wednesday, March 20, at the beautiful Lakes Regional Park on a picture-perfect day in Fort Myers and was a resounding success. (Photo at bottom.) Co-Chair Jerry Amisano did a masterful job organizing the many details required for a "potluck" picnic, and Co-Chair Chet "The Jet" Olson lived up to his BBQ maven reputation with perfectly prepared (cooked-to-order) cuisine. With plenty of good food, camaraderie and a host of activities such as Scrabble, cards and bingo, the afternoon went very quickly.

More Chapter News: Plans are underway for the 5th Annual Christmas Party. Chairman Hank Schwietering has promised that this year's party will be the best yet.

The chapter is a member of the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans and plans to stay informed about and be active in upcoming demonstrations for workers' rights and economic justice here in Florida.

We meet in Fort Myers, FL, 12 months a year on the second Monday of the month. If you are planning a visit to Florida and would like to attend a meeting, just e-mail Secretary Nick Faello at: or Chairman George Dondero at: for times and dates.

Hope to see you soon.

George Dondero, P.S.


Local 3, Southwest Florida Gulf Chapter, retirees with family and friends enjoy the 2nd Annual SWFL Retirees Picnic at Lakes Regional Park in Ft. Myers, FL.

Retirees' Donation to Fisher House Foundation

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 3, NEW YORK, NY, WESTCHESTER/ PUTNAM CHAPTER — On Jan. 17, our Retirees Club officers had the privilege of presenting a check for $8,000 to Kenneth Fisher, chairman of the Fisher House Foundation Inc. Mr. Fisher welcomed our representatives at the corporate offices of Fisher Brothers Inc., on Park Avenue in Manhattan.

Our fundraiser exceeded our greatest expectations, made possible by donations from 130 of our members and the generosity of our sister chapters from Nassau and Queens counties. We owe continued support to our service men and women.

The Fisher Houses are located in close proximity to military and VA hospitals, to accommodate the families of wounded service men and women, while their loved ones are recuperating. No family member pays to stay at a Fisher House. The foundation has built more than 60 residences and expects to have 70 operational by the end of 2014.

Among his many philanthropic accomplishments, Mr. Fisher also serves as co-chairman of the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. The World War II aircraft carrier USS Intrepid was rescued from the scrap yard by Zachary Fisher, Kenneth's uncle, some 30 years ago.

John Rich, P.S. Bob Cuneo, P.S.


Local 3, Westchester/Putnam Chapter, Retirees Club officers present check to Fisher House Foundation Chmn. Kenneth Fisher (third from left). Making the presentation are: Fin. Sec. Dominic Malandro (left), Chmn. Dominic Pironti (second from left) and Treas. Dick Mills (right).

Tribute to Service

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 11, LOS ANGELES, CA — The Local 11 Retirees Club proudly introduces our new "President Emeritus" Marty Cohen. Marty has done an outstanding job serving our members for over a decade. Marty says he's going to take a break and do a little traveling. He'll still be around for some meetings and will continue getting articles together for the newsletter. We should all be proud of all our active and retired members for their union service and for volunteering to serve others.

Club officers elected in November 2012 are: Pres. Harvey "Butch" Bachand, Vice Pres. Dave Smith, Sec. Sandra Smith, Treas. Richard Du Lac, Sgt. at Arms Albert Ortiz; and Executive Board members Marty Cohen, Nancy Cohen, Joe Farino, Delores Gomez, Larry Henderson, Bert Heringer, Jim "Doc" Holiday, Tad Horiguchi, Bernie Sloan and Joe Wasserman.

At recent meetings, we have had excellent speakers update us on relevant events within their respective fields. Speakers included representatives from: AARP, Kaiser Permanente, the Social Security Administration and United Health Care.

The December Holiday Party at TAIX's Restaurant was enjoyed by all. Good food, drinks and a gift exchange were highlights. We look forward to our club's Summer Party on June 12.

New members are enthusiastically encouraged to join the club. Meetings are at the ETI in Commerce, on the second Wednesday of every month, at 10 a.m. Lunch is also served.

Harvey "Butch" Bachand, Pres.

Upcoming 2013 Events

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 42, HARTFORD, CT — The Retirees Club wishes to invite anyone who's a retired member of Local 42 to come and join them. The club meets several times a year at Local 42's hall. The retirees talk about old times, share funny stories, enjoy each other's company and have coffee and donuts. The retirees wish to thank all the ladies in the office for their hard work to plan all the events that we have and for their help and warm smiles. If you like to get out of the house for a couple of hours, come and join the retirees; the club would love to have you. If interested call us at 860-646-7297.

Events for 2013 have thus far included the Apprentice Graduation Dinner Dance held April 13. Upcoming events for this year include: the 9th Annual Motorcycle Run on May 18; the Dinner Cruise on June 15; a Chartered Fishing Trip on July 13; the Family Picnic on Aug. 24; and the Annual Christmas Smoker on Dec. 12.

Jacquelyn Moffitt, P.S.

Retirees 'Pay it Forward'

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 60, SAN ANTONIO, TX — At this writing, final preparations were in full swing for the club's first golf tournament, which was scheduled for April 20, 2013. The club plans to hold the event annually. We're hoping for a huge success, since the club is totally self-supporting.

Sharing a meal together and playing games of bingo are only part of the club's agenda. Local 60 retirees have helped make their local strong through their working years, and brotherhood does not stop at retirement. "Paying it forward" is what retirees practice on so many levels, whether by sharing information, providing special acknowledgment, or paying honor to a brother or sister who has passed. Local 60 retirees lend a helping hand when needed and take care of each other as family members do.

The club meets the second Thursday of each month, 12 noon, at the Plumbers and Pipefitters Training Bldg., 3630 Belgium Lane. All Local 60 retired members are invited to join our club. A special thank-you to the local union Plumbers and Pipefitters for letting us use their building.

Sandy Rogers, P.S.

2012 Holiday Celebration

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 99, PROVIDENCE, RI — We held our annual Christmas luncheon last year at the West Valley Inn; the local union graciously sponsored the event. It was very well attended. Retired Bro. Swan Johnson surprised everyone by presenting each lady with a red rose to celebrate the holiday season.

Pres. Robert Pierce welcomed all and paid tribute to our deceased brothers who passed during 2012. The blessing was given by Sec. Donald Simpson. Following the nice meal, Pres. Pierce and Local 99 Bus. Mgr. Michael K. Daley presented service pins to many of our brothers. Bus. Mgr. Daley had the honor of presenting a 70-year pin to his uncle William Stromberg.

We were also joined by Rhode Island Secretary of State Ralph Mollis and a representative from the office of U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse. They extended holiday greetings to all.

In closing the meeting, Pres. Pierce announced that the Sunshine Committee would visit our brothers who are housebound.

Raymond J. Germershausen, P.S.


Local 99 Bus. Mgr. Michael K. Daley (left) presents service award to retired member William Stromberg.

Service Pins Awarded

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 110, ST. PAUL, MN — Local 110 hosted the annual luncheon for the retirees at the Prom Center on Oct. 4 last year in Oakdale, MN, with 432 retirees, widows and guests attending.

Many members received years-of-service pins. Fifty-year pins were awarded to: Jim Chapdelaine, Ben Cotroneo, John Diedrich, Paul Donatell, Lloyd Ekeren, Laurence Fink, Rich Kavaloski, Arnold Kustritz, Ray Lee, Robert Maki and Gene Marquardt.

Awarded 55-year pins were: Frank Butina, RalphChristofk, Lawrence Engstrom, Richard Engstrom, Donald Gehrman, Glenn Johnson, Allen Lawrence, Arnold Linde, Tom Prazak, Charles Russell, William Sumey, John Tidgwell, Bob Tingerthal and John Yarusso.

Awarded 60-year pins: Clyde Burkhart, Roy Carlsted, Boyd Dufour, Gustave Gutz and Alfred Kretman. And awarded 65-year pins: Reynold Dittrich and Leon Rosenthal.

Bus. Mgr. Jamie McNamara addressed the group and thanked the retirees for their years of service.

The Local 110 Retirees Club is a very active group with monthly meetings. Pres. John Heuer presides at meetings and keeps the proceedings going along well. The retirees help out at our annual picnic, the Christmas party for the kids and anything they are asked to do.

Thank you to Local 110 for supporting us retirees. Also, thank you to April Lyons for the great job she did in planning the annual luncheon, the service pins awards and all the help given when asked.

Jon "Jack" Buchal, P.S.


The Local 110 Retirees Club congratulates service pin recipients.

Annual Alexander Room Meeting

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 130, NEW ORLEANS, LA — On March 28, we held our annual meeting in the Alexander room; it was a huge success. As usual, there was plenty of food and drinks, and everyone had a wonderful time. At the meeting we had our annual nomination and election of officers for the upcoming year.

In January, February and March we had our monthly Casino trips; as usual everyone had a great time. Unfortunately there were no big winners, but everyone still had fun. Our casino trips are the third Thursday of every month, alternating between the Silver Slipper and Hollywood casinos in Bay St. Louis, MS. It's great to get together every month with old and new retirees on these trips.

With deep regret we report the loss of several brothers: Wayne M. Boutte, Robert A. Clark, Michael J. Compagno, Tommy W. Dwyer, Tom Ervin, Matthew Ghergich, Henry T. O'Connor and Chester A. Tschirn. They will be missed.

Until our next meeting, God bless America.

George Clesi, Pres.

Upcoming Events

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 134, CHICAGO, IL — On March 13, we had a delicious catered luncheon at our union hall, with approximately 80 guests. A speaker from H&R Block explained recent tax changes and answered our questions about filing personal taxes. Also, three board officers were nominated — Vito Alberotanza, Hugh O'Connell and Jim Fliris — to serve for two more years. Our members thank them for all they do for our Retirees Club. A representative from EIT was also available to answer questions about medical, dental, and vision benefits. Please come to any of the meetings if you want answers regarding your benefit concerns.

Upcoming events include our Retirees Club's 25th anniversary on June 12; please don't miss this historic occasion. A special catered luncheon for all our members and invited guests includes a celebration to honor our club's retired members who have reached their 50-, 55-, and 60-year anniversaries. Check for details in our monthly newsletter.

Also coming up in September is our annual golf outing! Mark your calendars!

The Retirees Club welcomes all Local 134 retirees. To join, please contact Mario Coletta at 773-736-1480. Club meetings are the second Wednesday of each month, beginning at noon, at the union hall, 600 W. Washington Blvd., Chicago.

Louis Rodriguez, P.S.


Local 134 Retirees Club members enjoy March luncheon meeting.

Help Defeat Anti-Worker Bill

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 257, JEFFERSON CITY, MO — The retirees group met on March 26 at the Knights of Columbus in Westphalia, MO, for our monthly luncheon. Our guests from Local 257 were Bus. Mgr. Don Bruemmer, Organizer Jim Winemiller and Apprenticeship Training Dir. Rick Stokes.

Bus. Mgr. Bruemmer answered questions about the so-called "right-to-work" bill in Missouri and told everyone to keep up to date on where it stands and to help defeat it. Rick Stokes talked to the volunteers who are helping again this year to judge and grade at the Skills USA Competition held at Linn State Technical College.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of member Bill Loyd, who passed away March 27.

After our cold winter and three snowfalls that accumulated up to 20 inches, and after having to cancel our February luncheon, I think we are all ready for spring to begin.

Delores Melloway, P.S.

'Snowbirds' Welcomed Home

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 291, BOISE, ID — The March luncheon was held in Meridian at The Jade Horse Restaurant. Forty people attended, including guests. Everyone enjoyed a great meal, especially the steamed clams. We had a big room that accommodated all of us.

Hooray! Winter is almost over and the "snowbirds" will be coming home to join us. We are finally heading into spring with temperatures in the 60s.

The club welcomed Jim Bastel and Mic Fulkerson, who joined us at our February luncheon. Congratulations to Mic and Leslie on the birth of their grandson.

We are saddened to report that Russ Barr passed away in March. He was a longtime member and will be missed.

A few members are sick and need our prayers. The majority of our members are enjoying good health.

Work is picking up and we have several projects in the planning stages.

Please pray for our troops, our country's leaders and that our nation continues to move forward. Defend and protect our right to be union members, always!

Our luncheons are the second Thursday of each month. Please contact any club member or the union hall for time and location.

Joe Sirani, Pres.


Retirees Club of Boise, Idaho, Local 291 welcomes the arrival of spring.

Club's Community Service

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 332, SAN JOSE, CA — We have had another great year. Our club meetings, held the second Wednesday of each month, are always very entertaining. Jerry Patrignani, with the help of other members, schedules interesting speakers from around the Bay area.

Our club strives to make a positive impact through community involvement. At our November 2012 meeting, attendees put together $150 to buy turkeys to contribute to Sacred Heart, a local outreach for the less fortunate. We were able to provide 14 12-pound turkeys delivered to Sacred Heart.

We had a great 'Old-Timers' Dinner in November, at which eligible members were honored with pins for IBEW service ranging from 35 to 60 years. Our yearly Christmas luncheon, catered by a local restaurant, brought several brothers and their wives and friends together for an afternoon of reminiscing and good food.

We offer coffee and doughnuts at our monthly meetings, followed by a guest speaker who discusses various topics of interest. At the quarterly meetings we offer drinks and refreshments.

Gary McDowell, Pres.

Service Award Recipients

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 353, TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA — Our Retirees Club is enjoying its 28th year of planned programs organized by our retirees executive.

We meet the first Tuesday of each month at our hall and a meal follows.

Our next major event will be our 3rd Annual Service Pin Presentation Breakfast for members with 50 years of service or more. This year's presentation will be another historic benchmark with 131 recipients as follows: one 70-year member (Michael Stanley); five 65-year members; 22 60-year members; 55 55-year members; and 48 50-year members including merger members from Locals 894 and 1739. This brings our Years-of-Service Honor Roll to more than 445 living members.

We are grateful for the legacy of the "Sports, Entertainment & Retirees Trust Fund," which the past executive and officers had the vision and foresight to establish to provide service for present working members and their families, and retired members and their spouses into the future.

Also, our club appreciates the continued support from Bus. Mgr. Steve Martin, his office staff, the Local 353 executive board and officers who assist us and help make our efforts easier and more meaningful. "Continue to Raise The Bar."

Robert Rynyk, P.S.

Newly Formed Retirees Club

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 443, MONTGOMERY, AL — On Feb. 12, the retirees at Local 443 held a club organizational meeting. Officers were elected and a communications committee was formed to notify members about accidents, sickness and deaths of our retirees and club members. We also drafted and approved bylaws for our newly founded club, and by our next meeting we hope to proudly exhibit our new charter.

To those who couldn't make it, we missed you and look forward to seeing you at our next meeting scheduled for May 3 at the union hall at 11 a.m. For the meal, meat will be provided and we ask everyone to bring a covered dish. At the May meeting, we will entertain ideas for future events such as trips or outings.

All retirees and their spouses (regardless of their pension status) — as well as any members over age 50 — are eligible for membership.

We especially thank the local union staff for their support in helping us get this club off the ground. Everyone had a great time at the meeting and many old acquaintances were renewed. We look forward to many years and good times in this endeavor.

Barry Harrison, R.S.


Montgomery, AL, Local 443 Retirees Club gathers for a meeting.

Sarnia Happenings

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 530, SARNIA, ONTARIO, CANADA — I did some research on our club and here is what I found.

After Frazer Collins, who was our business manager, retired, he and Sam Landry began to talk about forming a club for the retired members. A meeting was held Dec. 8, 1994, with 19 retirees attending and on that date our club was formed.

Five members survive from the original 19. They are: Vince Gerber, Eric Lawton, Ross Smith, Hank Visser and Jim Wright.

Attendance for the following two years was low.

In 1996, Jack McLellan and Tom Randall retired. Soon they became club president and secretary/treasurer, respectively. Their wives, Jackie and Ann, became very involved. Because of the great effort put forth by Jack and Tom, and in particular, their wives, attendance began to climb. Jackie and Ann sent out detailed activity programs and letters to all retirees asking if they wished to be included in newsletters, and most importantly, they were instrumental in getting the wives out to meetings and interested and involved in the club. The four planned wonderful places for the club to visit and exciting trips to take. At our 2012 Christmas Dinner, 54 members sat down to celebrate together. This really is the result of seeds sown years ago by these four retirees. Thank you from all of us.

Nancy Stinson Philbin, P.S.


Local 530 Retirees Club former officers and their wives attend 2012 holiday dinner. From left: Jack McLellan, Jackie McLellan, Ann Randall and Tom Randall.

Dedicated Retirees

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 702, WEST FRANKFORT, IL — The Retiree Clubs met Feb. 7 at Western Sizzlin Steak House in Marion, IL. The meeting was called to order by Pres. Jim Nolen. The club had its best turnout of the year, with 34 present. The weather was beautiful and everyone enjoyed a nice lunch. A moment of silence was observed in honor of those who recently passed away. The chance to visit with old friends is always a big part of the meeting.

April 9, 2013, was chosen as the date for the Annual Local 702 Retiree Dinner at the Rend Lake Convention Center. This is always a wonderful occasion.

We are grateful for our retirees and their commitment to our local. We can always count on them to offer support and help when needed.

Marsha Steele, P.S.

Great Turnout for Club Events

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 756, DAYTONA BEACH, FL — At the Dec. 13, 2012, monthly meeting of the Retirees Club, we had a great crowd and the meal as usual was delicious. The ham was cooked by Lila Carver, and the side dishes everyone brought made for a great meal.

January brought our annual Chili Cook-off. Choosing a winner was a tough decision for the judges. Our champion this year was Bonnie Pettingill.

At the February meeting we had a great crowd for our much anticipated Low Country Boil; Greg Stone and his crew did an awesome job as usual. Our March meeting was a barbecue, and once again we enjoyed another great meal cooked by Greg and the guys.

We invite any retired and unemployed brothers and sisters and their spouses who are in the area to join us. Our meetings are the second Thursday of each month, 11:30 a.m., at the Local 756 union hall in Port Orange, FL.

Diane Gibbs, P.S.


Local 756 Retirees Club Pres. Jimmy Warren congratulates Chili Cook-off winner Bonnie Pettingill.

New Members Welcomed

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 995, BATON ROUGE, LA — We had a nice 2012 Christmas Social that included a dinner and dance. This was a joint celebration with the local union and was enjoyed by the retirees and the younger members of our local. The music for the dance was furnished by Clifford Zylks' band. Bro. Zylks is one of the Local 995 assistant business agents.

Last year, 12 of the retired members received 50-year pins. Thirteen received 55-year pins; seven received 60-year pins; and three received 65-year pins. Two members received 70-year pins: George J. Bourg and Eugene S. Mayeaux.

The sad news is that we lost 26 members who passed away last year.

We had a good meeting in February this year; we gained several new members. During that meeting we planned our luncheon, which took place the first Monday in March. The meeting was at a nearby restaurant, where we enjoyed a seafood luncheon. You know we had a good turnout for the meeting.

W. Roland Goetzman Sr., P.S.

Union 'Resolve & Support' During Three-Year Campaign

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 1245, VACAVILLE, CA — Nevada retirees recently presented Local 1245 with a handcrafted plaque expressing gratitude for the local's support during a three-year campaign to defend retirement medical benefits at NV Energy.

"We dedicate this plaque to the Executive Board, leadership and staff of IBEW Local 1245 in our appreciation from the Nevada IBEW retirees," said retiree Tom "T-Bird" Bird, in a ceremony at Weakley Hall in Vacaville. Joining T-Bird in the presentation were retirees Ron Borst, Bob Vieira and Rita Weisshaar.

The company began reconsidering its position on the retirement medical benefits in October 2012 after a three-year campaign that included rallies, visits to the legislature and Public Utilities Commission, letters to company officials, full-page newspaper ads, radio and television ads, and a Facebook campaign that attracted 50,000 followers.

The walnut plaque was carved into the shape of Nevada by Borst, president of the Reno-Sparks Chapter of the Local1245 Retirees Club.

"When we first got into this, we said we got to get the retirees behind us. We can't do it without the retirees, and we can't do it without our local's resolve and financial support," T-Bird said.

Also present at the ceremony were Local 1245 Bus. Mgr. Tom Dalzell, Pres. Mike Davis, Vice Pres. Art Freitas, Rec. Sec. Chris Habecker, Treas. Cecelia De La Torre, and Executive Board members Tom Cornell, Anna Bayless-Martinez, Mike Cottrell and Mike Jacobson.

Eric Wolfe, P.S.


IBEW Local 1245 officers and Nevada retirees attend plaque presentation ceremony.