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August 2013

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Motorcycle Charity Run

L.U. 6 (c,i,st&u), SAN FRANCISCO, CA — The members of IBEW Local 6 came out in large numbers on May 9 to turn up the heat on the City of San Francisco and Helix Electric, the large non-signatory contractor slated to perform work at the massive retrofit job at the War Memorial Performing Arts Center.

Our 14th Annual Motorcycle Charity Run, held the weekend of June 8, was a great success. Father John Hardin accepted our donation to the St. Anthony Foundation and blessed our group before we hit the road. This year we spent the weekend up at Camp Concord, right in the heart of the picturesque south shore region of Lake Tahoe.

Tom O'Rourke, A.B.M.

Election of Officers

L.U. 8 (as,em,i,mar,mt,rts,s&spa), TOLEDO, OH — Hello, brothers and sisters. Local 8 held its election of officers in June. I thank the members for re-electing me as their business manager. I appreciate your support and will continue to work hard representing you for the next three years.

Congratulations to all the officers and board members who ran for office! The newly elected officers are: Pres. Eric Grosswiler, Vice Pres. Patricio Covarrubias, Rec. Sec. Greg Hammer, Fin. Sec. Mike Brubaker, Treas. Carl Cochenour and Bus. Mgr. Joe Cousino. Executive Board members are: Josh Abernathy, Bill Box, Shaun Enright, Tom Enright and Kevin Hurley. Examining Board members are: Justino Covarrubias, Nate Eaton, Mike Kehr, Chuck McCune and Francisco Sagrero.

Thank you to all the candidates who accepted the nomination to run for office. Continue to stay involved in your union and be a voice for your fellow Local 8 members.

I also thank the Election Committee for all their hard work. Thanks to Election Judge Ralph "Butch" Boulton; Tellers Bob Warns, Mike Reed, Bryan Emerick, Dave Freytag and Marty Franco; and Sgts. at Arms Pat Cryan and Dominic Chamberlain.

Joe Cousino, B.M.

JATC Electrical Trade Show

L.U. 16 (i), EVANSVILLE, IN — On May 22, the JATC held a well-attended Electrical Trade Show. There were 20 local and national vendors (training partners), who demonstrated the latest products and technology. They distributed samples, brought door prizes, offered additional education, and reaffirmed their desire to work with skilled union labor. Many thanks go to everyone who made this event possible.

With the high rate of unemployment the construction trades are currently experiencing, it is extremely disappointing to see the lack of support that Indiana's governor and legislature have given to two high-profile projects. One of these jobs, the coal gasification project at Rockport, IN, would have increased energy independence while offering customer rate protection for 30 years. The other endangered site is the proposed Posey County Midwest Fertilizer Corp.'s nitrogen plant. It would have had an annual yield of 1.5 million tons of the soil enrichment products that are required by U.S. farmers in this area. These two endeavors represented almost $5 billion worth of investment, and would have created 4,500 to 5,000 construction jobs, and 500-600 well-paid permanent work force positions.

Remember on Election Day, these elected officials were "pro-job candidates" last year!

Donald P. Beavin, P.S.

Union Activities & Brotherhood

L.U. 26 (ees,em,es,govt,i&mt), WASHINGTON, DC — As you read this, it is August — summer in the city! Hopefully, you have been able to partake in some of the brotherhood outside the workplace. Local 26 enjoyed its golf outing on June 3; our Manassas, VA, picnic on June 8; and our Edgewater, MD, picnic on Aug. 3. The golf outing is always a great day of fun and fellowship, and we thank everyone who sponsored, volunteered and participated for a great cause — Dollars Against Diabetes. The picnics always provide fun for families of our members, and it was great to have a fabulous turnout for these events.

Local 26 congratulates class of 2013 graduates of our JATC program and the "R to A Upgrade" program. Graduation ceremonies were June 1. It was a delight to see so many supportive family members and happy graduates! Best wishes to the new journeyman electricians!

We mourn the passing of: Bros. Joseph V. Pittore Jr., James G. Henderson, Charles W. Henley, Donald E. Ernst, Russell F. McCann, Stephen E. Webb, Terrence A. Simon and Howard C. Brossard.

Best wishes to recent retirees: Michael Bibb, Susan Flashman, Rodne Getgen, Louis Grant, James Groff, Loel Jurvelin, Bernard Long, Albert Williams, Edmund Beery III, Robert Brown Jr., Cecil Bostic, Wallace Buddington, Michael Casey, John Christ, Anthony Sinclair, Claude Sterling, Nathan Schaefer, Kenneth Till, Eugene Mills and George West Jr.

Charles E. Graham, B.M.

Newly Elected Officers

L.U. 34 (em,i,rts&spa), PEORIA, IL — Local union election results are in: Paul Flynn, former apprenticeship director, was elected business manager. Other new officers include: Vice Pres. Bob McKnight, Rec. Sec. Mark Picton, Exam Board members Jim Rients and Cory Rauhaus, and Executive Board members Bob Klimko and Greg Rosenak. Proudly serving again are: Pres. Tim Sprout, Treas. Mark McArthy, Exam Board member Jim Cowell, and Executive Board members Mark Burnap, Dave Ramsay and Greg Clayton. Thank you, Election Committee, for running an excellent election. Thanks to the candidates for running constructive campaigns. Thank you to voters and parking lot grillers for making June 22 a proud day for union democracy!

Another crackerjack group of apprentices graduated in May. Many of them are pictured (see accompanying photo) at their graduation dinner. Congratulations to the entire Local 34 class of 2013: Scott Albritton, Duchane Anderson, Robert Anderson, Gerald Bannan, Andrew Briney, Jeff Brotz, Jonathan Brown, Alando Burnside, James DeBord, Anthony Espinosa, Robert Fanta, Jason Geier, Brian Kelty, Chris Kephart, Roland King, Ryan Lewis, Terry Linton, Adam Lister, Justin Luna, Brandon McCllough, Nikolaus Merriman, Dustin Monroe, Pat Prohaska, Mike Rampy, Cory Rauhaus, Todd Scudder, Devon Stowe, Kevin Vierling, Kyle Villiger, Chase Welker, James Whetstone and Chris Whitmer.

Mark McArthy, Sec.-Treas.


Local 34 congratulates the 2013 apprentice graduating class.

Cleveland Area Projects

L.U. 38 (i), CLEVELAND, OH — There was some good news recently when the city and the county announced plans for lake front development and for a 600-700 room hotel on the site of the present County Administration Building site.

The county will sell the site when the administration moves into its new building being constructed on the corner of 9th and Prospect, which is part of the Ameritrust Complex. At the time of this writing, it was anticipated that the electrical packages for this project would be awarded soon.

Plans are also in the works to develop the Ameritrust Tower into approximately 200 apartments and to develop the Rotunda into retail and restaurant space.

The blast furnace reline project has been moved to Sept. 9, and the conversion of the East Ohio Gas Bldg. into apartments is scheduled to start this fall.

Dennis Meaney, B.M./F.S.


Local 38 members working for ESI Electric on the VA chiller generator project: foreman Steve Nock (left), Marty Wasco, Ken Kormos, Rick Kustra, Steve Sinko, Ron Kistemaker and Jim Lava.

Motorcycle Run Fundraiser

L.U. 42 (catv,em,govt,lctt&o), HARTFORD, CT — Local 42 held its 9th Annual Motorcycle Run on Saturday, May 18, at the local's union hall in Manchester, CT. Around 80 people attended the event. At the end of the bike run, we had a barbecue, held at the Knights of Columbus location in East Hartford, CT.

This year's Motorcycle Run was very successful. All proceeds go to the Bridgeport Burn Center in Connecticut. The Burn Center has been around since 1973. It is one of 59 burn centers in the U.S. between New York and Boston that is able to treat severe burns. It has treated our injured members as well as other IBEW union brothers and sisters. The Burn Center provides highly qualified staff to take care of patients.

We thank the members of Local 42, the contractors, local businesses, friends and family who have donated their time and money to this fundraiser. We could not have been successful without you.

Jacquelyn Moffitt, P.S.


Participants gather for Local 42's 9th Annual Bike Run on May 18.

University to Archive IBEW Local 46
Historical Documents

L.U. 46 (as,c,cs,em,es,et,i,mar,mo,mt,rtb,rts&st), SEATTLE, WA — Officials from the city of Kent, where our main Local 46 union hall is located, warned us a few years ago that there was a risk of flood in the area. In response to this threat, staff sorted through heaps of historic records to secure them in a safe, dry place. We discovered union minutes record books dating back a century, spanning events like the Seattle general strike, the building of our downtown Seattle union hall in the late 1940s, and World War II era employment of thousands of people in the local shipyards.

Funded by the local labor community, the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies at the University of Washington employs a full-time labor archivist. We have partnered with the university, allowing access to our minutes books and other significant documents from 1915-1970.

The records are being digitized into a central database at the University of Washington and will eventually be accessible to the greater public. Historical data will be searchable on the university's Web site and hard copies stored in acid-free boxes. We are pleased that these documents will be preserved for future generations within the greater labor and education communities.

Angela Marshall, Rep.

Int. Pres. Hill Visits Intel Ronler Acres Site in Oregon

L.U. 48 (c,em,i,rtb,rts&st), PORTLAND, OR — IBEW Int. Pres. Edwin D. Hill, Int. Sec.-Treas. Salvatore J. Chilia and Int. Vice Pres. Michael S. Mowrey were in Portland for the Ninth District Progress meeting the week of May 13. They also joined us for Local 48's celebration of its 100th anniversary on May 17.

Tuesday, May 14, was not just another work day at the Intel Ronler Acres Campus in Hillsboro, OR. Int. Pres. Hill toured the site and addressed our members. Intel is investing big in its Hillsboro Ronler Acres facilities by adding up to 3.6 million square feet of new buildings and leading edge chip manufacturing technology.

Int. Pres. Hill thanked our members for their exemplary performance and explained that living the IBEW Code of Excellence is key to our continued success. Our IBEW Constitution states that our mission is: "To organize all workers in the entire electrical industry in the United States and Canada." Pres. Hill asked our members to continue to make organizing a top priority. He finished his Intel visit with a Q-and-A session.

On behalf of all Local 48 members, Bus. Mgr. Gary Young thanks Int. Pres. Hill for his visit and exemplary leadership.

Bob Blair, P.S.


Int. Pres. Edwin D. Hill (front row, fifth from left) and Int. Vice Pres. Michael S. Mowrey (front row, fourth from left) visit Intel Ronler Acres campus. Among those gathered are: Local 48 Bus. Mgr. Gary Young (back row, right), Local 48 Pres. Erik Richardson (front row, left), staff and members.

Officers Elected

L.U. 68 (i), DENVER, CO — Seemingly, it hasn't been that long since I took the oath of obligation to become your elected president of Local 68. I genuinely appreciate having had the honor and privilege of serving as local president for the past six years!

The 2013 Election Board certified results of the local's recent election of officers on June 8. Jim Mantele was re-elected business manager. In a runoff election for president, Jack Cox was elected to that post.

Also elected were: Vice Pres. Morgan Buchanan, Rec. Sec. Kyle Weber, Treas. John Wolf; Executive Board members Robert Delgado, Casey Curtin, Debbie (Burdick) Tikka, Dave Trujillo, Tony Pastore, Greg "Hoss" Milligan, Cameron Jagger; and Examining Board members Wayne Paul, Randy Howes, Mark Kirkham and Ron Trace. Building Association: Bob Miller. (If you're interested in being considered for appointment to the Building Association, please let that interest be known to the Executive Board.)

Although there was a low turnout, with less than 28 percent of us having voted, we can express sincere appreciation for those who returned their ballot. Please consider expressing appreciation for the 488 members who returned valid ballots — and congratulations to all the winners.

Get involved, brothers and sisters, in your local union.

We extend deepest sympathy to the families of our recently deceased brothers: Darrell S. Smith, Vernon J. Vogel, Daniel E. Dorak, Fred J. Fangmeier, Paul V. Clerkin, Daniel M. Friesen, James A. Ramsey and Ken F. Carlson.

Ed Knox

Apprentice Graduates &
Volunteer Organizing Committee

L.U. 80 (i&o), NORFOLK, VA — Congratulations to the recent apprenticeship graduates, who successfully completed five years of hard work in the training program.

The new journeymen are: LaNorris Anthony Sr., Robert Beil, Dustin Brown, Michael Caruana, Justin Coup, Antonio Exhem, Christopher Gable, Christopher Madsen, James "Chip" McConnell III, David McCormick, Denny Osenton, Travis Phillips, Allen Purvis, Clevon Roberts and Derek Samuelson, who was recognized as "Outstanding Apprentice" of his class. Bros. Caruana, Coup and Samuelson were also recognized for perfect attendance over the five years. Congratulations again, brothers.

Work is slowly returning to the area, with several promising jobs slated to begin in late summer and early fall.

Meanwhile, the Volunteer Organizing Committee is busy building a plan to help grow the local and organize the jurisdiction. Plans include a new Web site dedicated to organizing and targeting unorganized workers. The new Web site is and is designed specifically to give answers to questions for unorganized electricians.

W. Dennis Floyd, A.B.M.

Annual Fish Fry Fundraiser

L.U. 82 (em,i,mt&rtb), DAYTON, OH — On March 2, Local 82 held its annual Charles E. Toon Memorial Fish Fry, serving over 800 people. Nearly 480 pounds of fish were fried, 80 pounds of chicken grilled and 200 pounds of sausage prepared by our volunteer cooks.

The fish fry has become Local 82's largest recreational event and is a must to attend in the Dayton Community. Proceeds from this night of fun, good food and friends enable us to support the softball teams and the Charles E. Toon Scholarship Fund. We are proud of this event and the scholarship fund, which awards multiple scholarships to help offset the cost of books for apprentices in the inside and teledata programs.

As we share this information with our brothers and sisters who were unable to attend, we wish to thank our faithful volunteers for another successful year. Many people are needed to provide the warm and friendly atmosphere; prepare, cook and serve the food and drinks; work the raffle booths; and clean up afterward. It would be impossible without their support.

Mark your calendar now for March 1, 2014.

Note: Thank you to Bro. Chris Toon, Recreation Committee chairman, for providing the information for this article.

Doug Searcy, P.S.


Attendees enjoy Local 82's annual Charles E. Toon Memorial Fish Fry benefit.

Contracts Ratified

L.U. 108 (ees,em,es,lctt,mar,mt,rtb,rts,s,spa,t&u), TAMPA, FL — Greetings, brothers and sisters. Things have been quite busy for our local since our last article. We ratified a three-year contract with Tampa Electric Co. and a four-year contract with Johnson Controls Inc. At press time we are in negotiations with United States Infrastructure Corp. (USIC) on behalf of members who work as underground utility locators.

We congratulate our newest journeyman linemen and substation electricians who recently completed their four-year apprenticeship.

Bill Cate, P.S.


Local 108 congratulates recent apprenticeship graduates. The new Tampa Electric substation journeyman electricians are, from left: Robert Almand, Keith Queen, Justin Carlisle, JonBen Holzberger, J.R. Rodriquez, Mike Meighen, Matt Wiggins and Tony Kidd.

Volunteers & Worker Gains

L.U. 110 (em,i,rts,spa&u), ST. PAUL, MN — Thank you to our traveling brothers and sisters for helping fill our calls for some of our refinery work in recent months.

At the state Capitol, organized labor has had a very good year. Both health care workers and day care workers now have the right to join a union; workers now have the right to sue for wages that are owed to them from contractors who do not pay prevailing wages; and we will continue to "remodel" our state Capitol. It makes a huge difference when we elect worker friendly people.

On June 5, Local 110 hosted a Red Cross blood drive, coordinated by Bro. Jack Buchal. Exceeding our goal of 45 units by five units, it was another successful drive.

The Red Cross is always in need of blood. Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. More than 44,000 blood donations are needed every day. At Local 110 we are doing our part. We have three blood drives every year. Blood donors are everyday heroes who roll up their sleeves to help save the life of someone they will never meet.

Our next blood drive will be Sept. 25.

Thank you to all of our volunteers who make our union stronger.

Brian Winkelaar, P.S.

Work Picture Looks Brighter

L.U. 130 (i), NEW ORLEANS, LA — With work picking up, book I pretty much a walk-through and calls getting into book II, some members are not able to go to work because of the credential requirements in our jurisdiction. To take a referral from Local 130, you need: a TWIC card, OSHA 10 and Code of Excellence. To work for many of our contractors in the city, you will need a class "D" license for the City of New Orleans. Power-Safe training is required for work at the fossil fuel plants, and NANTEL training for nuclear plant work. It is imperative that you make obtaining these credentials a priority as they are, in many cases, essential for you to be able to take a job.

The VA hospital project looks very promising as of this writing; hopefully we will be awarded Phase II at the steel mill as well. The LSU Medical Center project is in high gear, along with many other major projects scheduled to start soon.

Chad Lauga, Pres.

Donating to Worthy Causes

L.U. 134 (catv,em,govt,i,mt,rtb,rts,spa&t), CHICAGO, IL — Objects of the IBEW Constitution have some positive, powerful verbs and phrases. To name a few in particular: to assist each other in sickness or distress, to cultivate feelings of friendship and to elevate the social conditions of our members.

Those verbs and phrases pretty much sum up the mission of Local 134's Helping Hands Fund. Since the fund's inception, more than $52,000 has been raised from member donations and various raffles. The first Annual Fundraiser on April 28 was attended by 325 members and families and raised over $20,000. To date, close to $22,000 has been distributed to our unemployed and disabled members through grocery gift cards, monetary assistance or paying members' local union dues.

The day before the Helping Hands Fundraiser, about 90 of our members donated a day's work to the Rebuilding Together Chicago Program. In its 20th year, the program provides building code upgrades to ensure resident household safety for mostly senior citizens. All different local union crafts and community organizations donated their time and skills. This year's targeted areas were suburban Harvey and Chicago's Southside Englewood neighborhood.

Thanks to all who demonstrated, through their donations, the true meaning of brotherhood.

Frank Cunningham, B.R.

Election of Officers

L.U. 146 (ei,i&rts), DECATUR, IL — Local elections for Local 146 were held in June. Bus. Mgr. Shad Etchason was re-elected, as were Pres. Bret Krutsinger and Rec. Sec. Rich Underwood. John Warner was elected vice president and Mary Sapp is the new treasurer. Elected as members of the Executive Board were: Chris Hays, Rob Perkins, Lynn Richards, John Shores, Steve Tilford, Susan Varvel and Chad Young.

Congratulations to all!

Rich Underwood, R.S.

Organizing: Hard Work & Successes Reported

L.U. 160 (lctt,o&u), MINNEAPOLIS, MN — It wouldn't be accurate to say that union organizing is a thankless endeavor, because when you are successful in organizing a group of workers into a union, that is its own reward. But getting from start to finish can be frustrating. Local 160 has had its share of organizing successes in recent years, and much of that credit goes to Membership Development Rep. Kevin J. Peterson.

Employees with Michel's Communication and Truman Public Utilities now have collective bargaining agreements, as do linemen with the City of St. Charles, MN. Also, employees of the following Minnesota cities have collective bargaining agreements: City of Grove City, City of Welcome and City of Bricelyn. Additionally, within Xcel Energy Minnesota, the dispatchers at Collections North, as well as senior plant process computer analysts, dispatch and damage prevention technicians, and senior chemists also have collective bargaining agreements.

The following Local 160 representatives are recognized for their efforts in organizing the above listed groups: retired business representatives Jim Anderson and Lynnie Martin; and current Bus. Reps. Charlie Sable, Jon Michels, Daryl Tindle, Bob Boogren, Shawn Daly, Dan Kiefer and Tom Arnold. Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Tom Koehler deserves much credit for supporting Kevin Peterson and the Membership Development representatives.

Outside work in Minnesota looks very favorable for now and into the foreseeable future.

Local 160 thanks Rep. Tom Arnold for his longtime service to the local. The local wishes Bro. Arnold a long and happy retirement.

James P. Brereton, P.S.

Legislative Win – Electric Grid Upgrade

L.U. 196 (govt,mt,o,t&u), ROCKFORD, IL — Work continues to be very good in Local 196 and the future looks bright.

Continuing cooperation on legislation among several IBEW locals, contractors and Commonwealth Edison once again has prevailed over another ill-advised veto by our governor of important state legislation. Our successful joint efforts to gain the legislature's override of the veto will make it possible to move forward to upgrade the aging electric grid in our area, which will create more jobs and steady employment for many years.

Volunteers from Local 196 were scheduled, as of this writing, to participate in a USA Boots on the Ground event at the Torstenson Youth Conservation Education Center, operated by the Illinois Conservation Foundation. At press time a camping area at the center, designated for kids to learn about conservation, was in desperate need of cleanup and removal of dead limbs and trees to ensure the campers' safety. A local contractor, Intren Inc., volunteered bucket trucks and manpower to make the area safe. Local 196 will have additional volunteers on site to drag, clear and stack the trimmed brush and trees.

We recently met with several employees at the City of Geneva Street Dept., who signed cards for representation and have submitted a petition to the Illinois Labor Relations Board for the IBEW to be their exclusive representative. If all goes well we will be 16 new members strong soon!

Work safe and get involved in your local union.

Eric Patrick, B.M.

A Productive & Promising Year

L.U. 222 (o), ORLANDO, FL — Greetings, brothers and sisters. The first five months of 2013 have been very productive for the local; the rest of the year looks promising as well. At this writing, we have all of our members working and quite a few travelers.

The May union meeting was one of those that made you glad that you showed up. Three new members were sworn in, and three retirees received 50- and 55-year service pins (see accompanying photo). The retirees not only took the time to address the membership, but also spent individual time with the new members going over the ins and outs of the IBEW and a few stories about "the big job."

Congratulations to all and we hope to see you at the next meeting.

William "Bill" Hitt, Pres.


Local 222 Bus. Mgr. Mike Bell (second from left) presents service pins to retirees at May meeting. Award recipients: 55-year member Dennis Moody (left) and 50-year members Adam Shepherd (second from right) and Carlos Rooks (right).

Scholarship Essay Winners

L.U. 234 (i&mt), CASTROVILLE, CA — The winners, as selected by our membership, for this year's Local 234 Scholarship Essay Contest are: for San Benito County — Samantha Smith; Santa Cruz County — Andrew Boyd; Monterey County — Sophia Newman; and a Special Achievement Award for Brooke Hiura.

They each will have $500 sent to the college of their choosing with Bus. Mgr. Andy Hartmann making award presentations at their respective high school awards ceremonies. It is an honor for our members to recognize and encourage the children of working families. The essay format allows these students to express the various ways unions have benefited and improved their lives. We salute and congratulate them for their achievements and look forward to a better future for all of us as a result of their efforts.

Stephen Slovacek, P.S.

Welcome to New Members

L.U. 236 (catv,es,gov,i,mo,rtb&t), ALBANY, NY — We congratulate and say thank-you to the 26 members of Local 236 who recently received service pins for their 50 years or more of service in the IBEW.

We also wish to recognize and welcome some new members. After several meetings with Local 236 Bus. Mgr. Don Rahm, Nfrastructure, a company that designs, builds and operates mission-critical infrastructure for many local companies in various industries, has signed a Letter of Assent with Local 236. Nfrastructure has been performing work in area health-care facilities, schools, financial institutions and retail stores for almost 20 years. More recently, Nfrastructure has been involved with the growing SUNY Albany campus and the Global Foundries plant. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership with Nfrastructure, one that will provide opportunities for both the IBEW and the company to grow and flourish.

Shown in the accompanying photo is a recently completed Local 236 project, NanoFab X at the College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering, University at Albany. It is a 280,000-square-foot building with 50,000 square feet of clean room space that can be seen by over 140,000 commuters daily. Nice job, brothers and sisters!

Please check us out on Facebook to keep up with Local 236 information and events:

Michael Torres, P.S.


A Local 236 project, NanoFab X at the College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering, University at Albany, was recently completed.

75-Year Member Charles Dyson

L.U. 254 (ees,em,mo,o,rts&u), CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA — It was a great honor to receive my 75-year IBEW service award, presented by Bus. Mgr. John Briegel and Pres. Cliff Shirriff, at the May 9 luncheon.

I am proud of my years of service in the electrical industry as an IBEW member. I was born Nov. 23, 1915, in Calgary, Alberta. I am age 97+, holding and fairly well. I started working with the City Electric Light Department as an electrical apprentice in 1936, graduated as a journeyman lineman, and retired at age 60 with 40 years of service. I helped to build the electrical system inside the City of Calgary, and was the youngest man to retire with the most years of service.

My late father, William Dyson, was the first elected president of former Local 348, the first IBEW local in Calgary, in about 1908. I joined in 1937 after graduating from Western Canada Academic Trade School.

My late father-in-law, Henry Bellingham, was also an early president of our former Local 348 for many years. I was married to his daughter, Carolyn, for nearly 50 years. In 1956 I became a charter member of Local 254, and before my retirement I was a very active member.

My father, my brother and I spent our working lives working for the city and the IBEW. I am very grateful to the IBEW. My best wishes and congratulations go to our International Officers, Local Unions, brothers and sisters for their dedication and service always.

Charles Dyson, P.S. Pro Tem


Local 254 retired Bro. Charles Dyson (center) receives 75-year service award presented by Bus. Mgr. John F. Briegel (left) and Pres. Cliff Shirriff.

Work Picture Improves – Vikings Stadium Project

L.U. 292 (em,govt,i,rtb,rts&spa), MINNEAPOLIS, MN — The work picture looks better with new projects starting all over our jurisdiction. The Vikings Stadium and the announcement of a very large proposed development project, called "The Yard," near the stadium will put many of our brothers and sisters back to work.

The political season continues to heat up. Gov. Mark Dayton and the labor-friendly legislators have been working hard on behalf of labor to provide job opportunities. The positions of Minneapolis mayor and the Minneapolis City Council are all up for election this fall. Our COPE committee has endorsed Mark Andrew for Minneapolis mayor.

We thank retired Bro. Brian Peterson for his continuing efforts to recognize veterans. His work on the Honoring All Veterans Memorial in Richfield reflects the high-quality work he always displays. A statue of Chuck Lindberg, deceased member of Local 292 and one of the Marines who raised the first U.S. flag at Iwo Jima during World War II, is the proud centerpiece of that memorial. [To read more about Lindberg, see "Minn. Memorial Honoring WWII Hero, and IBEW Member, Opens," The Electrical Worker, July 2013 issue.] Recently we added to that memorial the name of Sgt. 1st Class Brad Lahti, an IBEW Local 292 member and Iraq war veteran who died Dec. 13, 2012. We hope you all have an opportunity to visit this memorable site.

Carl Madsen, P.S./B.R.


At the site of the Honoring All Veterans Memorial in Richfield, MN, are Local 292 retired Bro. Brian Peterson (left) and Travis Gorshe, the artist who designed the memorial.

Refueling Outage a Success

L.U. 300 (govt,i,mt&u), MONTPELIER, VT — Thanks go to all the Book Two brothers and sisters and their local union representatives for helping to make Vermont Yankee's 2013 refueling outage a great success. Thank you to all involved! This year's outage, in terms of manpower, was larger than normal. The number of members employed at the peak reached 90, with many receiving notable pre-outage work. The timeline rewarded us with a fairly busy winter.

April and May weren't as busy, but June through this publication date I believe will find us over 100 percent employed. Once again we must thank the solar and CW/CE programs. The CW and CE classifications continue to assist our contractors in leveling the playing field and getting the local more market share. Also we are finding that once aboard, many CWs and CEs are pushing themselves toward higher goals.

There is an impressive amount of construction being performed in Local 300's jurisdiction. Not enough of this work is being done by union electricians. If you are reading this article, it shows that you're involved. Please call or stop by your union hall and become part of the solution and help get our share back. We deserve it!

Our local recently had to say farewell to three retired brothers, Ray Provost, Bart Chamberlin and Rolon "Skip" Smith. They will all be missed by the many people whose lives they touched. Our brothers will live on in our stories and memories.

Timothy LaBombard, Mbr. Dev. Dir.

2013 Graduation Ceremony

L.U. 306 (i), AKRON, OH — On May 10, a banquet was held to honor our newest JATC graduates. Guest speakers were Local 306 Bus. Mgr. Mark Douglas Sr.; Home Builders Assoc. Exec. Vice Pres. Carmine Torio; and NECA Chmn. John Kellamis. Awards and diplomas were presented by JATC Chmn. Larry Thompson and Training Dir. Paul Zimmerman.

The Teledata graduate was Kevin Schneider. Residential graduates were: Bryan Bowman, Ryan George, Justin Kassinger, James Rollins and Thomas Taylor. Commercial graduates were: Justin Anderson, William Dies, Matthew Ferguson, Brian Kee, Jenifer Leffel, John McCalister, Mark McNab, Aric Meade, Joshua Pugh, Joseph Quesenberry and Gary Somerville. Highest Grade Point Average Awards were presented to Residential graduate Bryan Bowman (with a 93.90 percent grade point average) and to Commercial graduate Mark McNab (with a 96.60 percent average). Perfect Attendance Awards went to: Matthew Ferguson, Brian Kee, Jenifer Leffel, Mark McNab, Joshua Pugh, Joseph Quesenberry, Bryan Bowman and Ryan George. Congratulations and best of luck to all of our graduates.

Local 306 also thanks our instructors and all those involved in our JATC program for their time and efforts in training, educating and mentoring our apprentices.

With sadness, we report the passing of retired Bro. Timothy Moore. We send our deepest condolences to his family.

Thomas Wright, P.S.


Local 306 congratulates class of 2013 JATC apprenticeship graduates.

Retiring Business Manager Thanks IBEW
for 43 Great Years

L.U. 340 (i,rts&spa), SACRAMENTO, CA — After 43 years of IBEW membership it is time for me to move on, so this will be my last article for The Electrical Worker. It is still hard not to refer to it as the IBEW Journal! Over the years I have met some fantastic brothers and sisters. I thank all of you for your dedication and loyalty to our Brotherhood. To the membership of Local 340 ("Three Four O") — you have been awesome. I have been blessed with your support, your loyalty and your friendship. I will never forget you. You will always be in my heart and mind. I also extend special thanks to Int. Pres. Edwin D. Hill, Int. Vice Pres. Michael S. Mowrey and IEC member Patrick Lavin for the excellent leadership and guidance they have given me and members of our Brotherhood.

I am deeply indebted to the IBEW for the quality of life I have enjoyed. I will still be around to assist the IBEW and the new leadership of Local 340 should they need my help for any reason. Thank you all again and keep up the fight to preserve the middle class!

Note: Shown in the accompanying photo are four generations of Steelmans; those pictured represent a combined total of 166 years of proud IBEW membership. A.C "Arky" Steelman Sr., who passed away in 2003, received his 50-year pin in 1993. If you add my brother Jim (a 42-year member) and his son Tony (a 17-year member), that makes a total of 215 years of IBEW membership!

Rest in Peace: Bro. John Baber and Bro. Larry Newton. They were great electricians and very proud union members.

A.C. Steelman, Retired former B.M.


Four generations of Steelman family IBEW members: Mark Steelman (left), apprentice Michael Steelman, A. C. Steelman Jr., Scott Steelman, and the late A.C. "Arky" Steelman Sr. (photo inset, at right).

Election of Officers

L.U. 354 (i,lpt,mt,rts&spa), SALT LAKE CITY, UT — In June Local 354 members re-elected Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Richard Kingery to a third term. Also elected were: Pres. Steve Woodman, Vice Pres. Codey Lindsay, Rec. Sec. Manya Blackburn and Treas. Tyler Judd. Elected as Executive Board members: Alan Peterson, Mike Barney, Aaron Bottrell, Greg Donaldson, Robert Boncela and Boyce Christensen. Elected to the Examining Board: Jennifer Bingman, Adrian Beasley and Edward Matt Jenson. Congratulations to all the new and returning officers.

Staff members helping make our local and Bus. Mgr. Kingery successful are: Asst. Bus. Mgr. Kim Barraclough, Bus. Rep. & Dispatcher Manya Blackburn, Local 354 organizers Brad Baugh and Ace Shaheen, and our dedicated OPEIU secretaries Connie O'Very and Kim Kingery.

Our local has the highest membership numbers in our history and it is through the tireless efforts of the business manager, staff, organizers and members that our local continues to set the standard of excellence in the Eighth District. Thank you to all the members who participated in the recent elections.

Manya Blackburn, R.S.

Class of 2013 Graduates

L.U. 364 (catv,ees,em,es,i,mt,rts&spa), ROCKFORD, IL — At the end of May, Local 364's fifth-year Inside apprentices topped out and completed (save for a couple who still need to put in their hours) their scholastic apprenticeship requirements.

Bus. Mgr. Tom Sink in his newsletter article addressed the class concerning their future, stating: "I would like to [congratulate] our class of 2013 graduating apprentices. Each one of you has worked very hard to achieve journeyman status. Being a union electrician has a lot of benefits and with it comes pride in what you do and what you have become as a person. I would ask you to remember the value of what you have and the responsibility that goes with it. Remember to keep up with continuing education as this makes you a more marketable journeyman, and stay involved with your local."

This year's most outstanding apprentice is Bro. Josh Fulton. The valedictorian is Bro. Cory Maruffo, and the salutatorian is Bro. Shane Grobe. Those with perfect attendance include Bros. Josh Fulton, Eddie Davis, Kevin Boger and Chris Collins. Remember, brothers, to pass on what you have been taught by those before you. It is what we're all about.

Charles Laskonis, B.A./Org.


Local 364 apprentice graduation ceremony. Front row: NECA Dir. Jack Battel (left); JATC member Quentin Paul; Bus. Mgr. Tom Sink; NECA Pres. Louie Maffioli; Instructor Ty Hillman; JATC member Fernando Perez; graduate Spencer D'Augostin. Back row: graduate Kevin Boger; Instructor Ed Ebens; graduates Shane Grobe, Josh LeBree and Chris Collins; Asst. Bus. Mgr./ Pres. Patrick Tomlin; graduates Eddie Davis and Cory Maruffo; Instructor Ed Ebens Jr.; graduate Josh Fulton; and NIETC Coordinator Todd Kindred.

Apprentice Graduates Recognized

L.U. 520 (i&spa), AUSTIN, TX — Congratulations to the Austin Electrical JATC apprentice graduating class of 2013.

The graduates, along with family and friends, attended a banquet in their honor held at the Omni. Those graduating were: John C. Black, Matthew U. Briggs, Thomas C. Brown, Robert Chacon Jr., Michael J. Clark, Rafael D. Cutten, Cory J. Farrell, Cory A. Glass, Andrew R. Hale, Brandon N. Haywood, Levi J. Hergenrider, Christopher L. Hosak, Jaime E. Jimenez, Ronnie L. Jones, Jeremy L. Kennard, Tabetha R. Leavines, Steven A. Mangum, Alexander M. Myers, John C. Newman, Esequiel Rodriguez, Matthew B. Ruscio, George M. Sanders Jr., Cody A. Sheridan, Cory A. Shope, Michael J. Smith, Robert A. Talbott, Nathan Turczynski, David A. Viescas and Garrett H. White. Congratulations and good luck to all in the future.

Lane Price, Pres.

Fundraiser Volunteers

L.U. 530 (i,o&rtb), SARNIA, ONTARIO, CANADA — The Local 530 hockey team competed April 26-27 in the annual tournament played this year in Ottawa. Our guys brought home second place and would like to thank Ottawa for hosting the tournament.

Sunday April 28 marked the International Day of Mourning with a service held at the Missing Worker Memorial. This is a day to remember all workers who died or are sick due to workplace accidents and illnesses.

Once again Local 530 participated in the annual M.S. Carnation Fundraiser on Mother's Day weekend. Our members sold flowers outside local businesses raising money for multiple sclerosis research. Once again, a big thanks goes out to Bro. Darren Vail for coordinating this event.

June 7 saw Local 530 elections, which are held every three years. Thank you to all who ran for office. Thanks also go to the tellers, the judge, and especially all those who took the time to vote.

Al Byers, P.S.

2013 Apprentice Graduates

L.U. 540 (i), CANTON, OH — Congratulations from Local 540 officers and members to our newly graduated apprentices. Your hard work and commitment to our industry will create future jobs for IBEW wiremen. Continue the 540 tradition.

Special congratulations to instructor Rod Stuchul, winner of an Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) 2012 scholarship. Rod was one of only four in the country to win this prestigious award.

2013 graduating Inside apprentices are: Steve Mongiardo, Daniel Baum Jr., Jacob Blackwood, Jason Bosh, Seth Dunlap, James Festi Jr., Craig Fogel, Joseph Friedl, Andrew Hall, Keith Hintz, Scott McAfee, Kevin Pitts, Aaron Rogers, Jack Russell, James Schnabel, Corey Swinehart, Mike Teppert, Ben Thompson and Eric Wood.

2013 graduating Residential apprentice: Tyler Wackerly.

2013 graduating Installer/Technician apprentices: Lance Holman and Kevin Schneider (a Local 306 member who took classes through the Local 540 training program).

Brothers and sisters, please remember all of our brave military personnel and local union brothers and sisters who are fighting and working for our freedom throughout the world. Especially remember the families of our military personnel who gave the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our enduring freedom.

Jerry Bennett, P.S.


Local 540 congratulates recent apprenticeship graduates. Standing, from left: Kevin Pitts, Craig Fogel, Scott McAfee, Jacob Blackwood, James Festi Jr., Corey Swinehart, Lance Holman, Kevin Schneider, Keith Hintz, Seth Dunlap; middle row, seated, Steve Mongiardo, Andrew Hall, Joseph Friedl, Aaron Rogers, Tyler Wackerly; front row, Michael Teppert, Jason Bosh, James Schnabel, Daniel Baum Jr. and Jack Russell.

Local 570's New Journeymen

L.U. 570 (i,mo,spa&u), TUCSON, AZ — Congratulations to the Apprentice Graduating Class of 2013. The graduates are pictured, along with fifth-year instructors Ben White and Casey Peck.

The 2013 graduates are: Emrah Arias, Thomas W. Boyd, Chad Brandt, Chris Cobo, Jose Escobar, Clayton Fitzgerald, Oscar Gerardo Vejar, Jeffrey Graves, Armando Guzman, Raul Nesbitt, Alan Nido, Christian Ramirez, Richard Rodriguez, Juan Ruiz, Peter Sabin, James Scott, Cody Sewell, Jon Stevens, Jose Tapia, Eric Thibedeau, Andrew Thompson, Noel Torres, Tyler Turk and Terrance Williams.

Andrew Thompson is the Outstanding Apprentice of the Year and at this writing is scheduled to represent Local 570 in the Seventh District Apprentice of the Year contest.

Scott W. Toot, Org.


Local 570 congratulates the class of 2013 apprenticeship graduates.

Retirees Picnic & Organizing Initiative

L.U. 606 (em,es,i,rtb,spa&u), ORLANDO, FL — Local 606 retirees gathered for the annual summer picnic with more than 50 sisters and brothers attending. It was a chance for retirees to reconnect and reminisce. A winter picnic is planned for November and we look forward to hosting all Local 606 retirees.

The Organizing Department, led by Bro. Larry Kidd, has begun a new initiative to educate and inform central Florida nonunion electricians on how to seek better pay and working conditions. Bro. Kidd is distributing fliers on nonunion work sites detailing how nonunion contractors are deliberately holding down wages while at the same time experiencing record profits. The local ABC has responded with an intimidation campaign, but Bro. Kidd has continued to provide valuable information to unrepresented electricians in the Orlando area.

Fernando Rendon, R.S./P.S.

'Headlines from the Frontlines'

L.U. 636 (as,catv,em,spa&u), TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA — For many years, Bro. Stef Doliszny has been a familiar face at gatherings of the Local 636 family. A member since 1977, who served on the Executive Board since 2002 and as unit chair at Utilities Kingston from 1990-2006, Stef concluded a career of activism and retired in June. The consummate gentleman, he has served with honor and integrity. We thank Stef for his dedication and wish him good health and happiness in retirement.

When Mother Nature hit the town of Huntsville, and elsewhere in Muskoka, with heavy snow, record flooding and conditions that prompted a fire ban — all within a few weeks — our members quickly answered the call to help and worked long hours to restore services to their community. Thanks to all for reminding everyone what unions stand for: lending a hand whenever, wherever and however we can.

IBEW members from Parallel Transit of the City of Stratford participated in a Bowl4Kids event benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters. The team, known as The Mobowlity Bus Blues rolled in $1,481 for this worthy charity — proving that "strikes" by labour can be good.

Reps. Tim Stratichuk and Eric Lucci from our Political Action Committee joined 1,500 delegates from across Canada at a forum for activists hosted by the Canadian Labour Congress. As the war on working people continues, such gatherings allow trade unionists to share ideas and develop strategies to energize and engage members. We encourage your support of efforts to promote, preserve and advance the cause of social justice — failure is not an option!

Paddy Vlanich, P.S.


Local 636 retired Executive Board representative Stef Doliszny.

Election of Officers & Apprentice Graduation

L.U. 654 (i), CHESTER, PA — Local 654 members congratulate their newly elected officers: Bus. Mgr. Paul Mullen, Pres. Bill Adams, Vice Pres. John Bondrowski, Fin. Sec. Tom Edgecumbe, Treas. Mike Anderson and Rec. Sec. Kevin Anderson. Executive Board members are: Karl Blaier, Dave Bonaventure, Tom Heron, Brian Kelly and James Thompson Jr. Examining Board members are: Mike Garvey, Dan Henry and Tom Loughead.

Local 654 celebrated the 2013 Apprentice Graduation at the Concordville Inn on Friday, June 7. Our congratulations to the new journeymen; we wish them a safe and prosperous career as members of Local 654.

James Thompson Jr., P.S./R.S.


Local 654 congratulates recent apprentice graduates. Front row, Ryan Crowley (left), Scott Huddle, Jeff McKnight, Tom DelVecchia, Bill McDonald, Jim Gallagher, Bill Martin, Brian Shepherd, Rob Young; back row, Ryan Owen, Dave Havrilak, Andre Scott, Chris Bryan, George Horn, Reed Dormond, Adam Newby and Instructor Mike Anderson.

'Rebuilding Together' Event

L.U. 666 (i,mt&o), RICHMOND, VA — On May 5, Bros. Jimmy May, Tom Grau, Mark Neville and Scooter Harris won the annual Central Virginia Labor Federation golf tournament. Congratulations, brothers!

During the month of April, more than 20 union brothers and sisters assisted with our annual Rebuilding Together event and helped more than 20 area lower income elderly homeowners with electrical issues in their houses. The event was coordinated this year through the Neighborhood Resource Center, another area nonprofit that Local 666 sponsors. Among the volunteers were our union office employees, apprenticeship instructors, apprentices, retirees and unemployed members. A big thanks goes to all who helped.

Best wishes to recent retirees: Ted W. Anthony, Peter A. Cacossa, William E. "Ned" Christian, Richard E. Hitchcock, Henry W. Neville IV, Don C. Photakos, Richard L. Starnes, and Kenneth E. Underwood.

Charles Skelly, P.S.


Local 666 Bro. Keith Motley (right) coordinates the Rebuilding Together event; Bro. Lionel Viar (left) put in countless hours with that project this year.

'Thank You to Officers'

L.U. 692 (i,mt&spa), BAY CITY, MI — We wish to thank the following members for having served as officers of our local for the past three years: Mark Bauer, who served as business manager/financial secretary; Brian Klele, who served as president; Karl Shawl/Jeremy Kiley as vice president; Tammy Gottleber as recording secretary; and Tom Barbeau as treasurer. Executive Board members for the previous term were: Ron Eurich, Brendon Baranek, Howard Renigar, Mark Thompson, Tim Rupp and Rich Rytlewski. Serving on the Examining Board for the previous term were: Todd Aultman, Travis Aultman, Jeffrey Wilcox, William Nutt and Randy Rippee. Thank you to all of these members who have served our local.

We thank former business manager Mark Bauer for his service and dedication to Local 692. Mark was recording secretary for 10 years, served on the Apprenticeship Committee twice, served as organizer for 22 years, and served three years as business manager/financial secretary. Mark was also appointed to several committee positions. We wish him well.

We congratulate the newly elected Local 692 officers. Elected June 3, they are: Bus. Mgr./Fin.Sec. Jack Tobias, Pres. Paul Protasiewicz, Vice Pres. Jeremy Kiley; Executive Board members Brendon Baranek, Brian Brissette, Brian Klele, Craig McDonell, Pat Nitschky and Tim Rupp; and Examining Board members Todd Aultman, Travis Aultman, Dave Fales, Paul Peil and Derek Simms. There were no candidates for the positions of recording secretary and treasurer; the Executive Board will fill the vacancies for the offices of treasurer and recording secretary.

In closing, we thank all of the men and women who have served in our military and all who are serving now!

Tammy Gottleber, P.S.

2013 Apprentice Graduates

L.U. 704 (catv,em&i), DUBUQUE, IA — Local 704 is pleased to welcome the graduating class of 2013. These new journeymen are: Bros. Tristan Reynolds, Jamie Schrobilgen, Jayden Herrig, Tyler Weimerskirch, Zachary Dowell, Eric Trausch, Travis Kruger and Cory Rood. Congratulations to all on completing the five-year apprenticeship program. We all know that the apprenticeship process can be very challenging at times. Your Local 704 brothers and sisters wish all of you a smooth start to what we hope will be very long and successful careers as IBEW journeyman electricians.

As of June 1, Local 704 has settled negotiations and will be working under a new three- year agreement with multiple local contractors.

The unusual weather this spring season caused a slow start to the summer construction season. At this writing, we anticipate the work to pick up soon.

Ron Heitzman, P.S.

Newly Elected Officers

L.U. 756 (es&i), DAYTONA BEACH, FL — Congratulations to newly elected officers voted in on June 3 at Local 756. Officers were sworn in at the regularly scheduled membership meeting on July 10. They are: Pres. Matthew S. Nelson, Vice Pres. Jason A. Morgan, Rec. Sec. Roger D. Zoline, Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Daniel P. Hunt and Treas. Buddy R. Hart. Elected to the E-Board are: Stephen T. Sweeney, Jeremy C. Zain and Kevin L. Gibbs.

Also, congratulations to the fifth-year apprenticeship class completing the NJATC apprenticeship program in August. They are: Joshua S. Kelley, Michael C. Kraski, Robert R. Lowe Jr., Bradley Michels, Randall L. Outinen and Ryan A. Pullum.

Best of luck and good fortune to the new officers and the new journeymen!

The summer work picture for our commercial contractors has picked up, definitely better than this time last year. Our Industrial work at the NASA Space Center is always subject to budget haggling by Congress, but the space industry is alive and well. NASA and the Air Force are looking to private investors and companies to lead in the next generation of space flight. The IBEW and the building trades are ready to work with private or public sector companies in that mission.

Note to all members: Everybody has a cell phone and many have ditched their house landlines. Please contact your local with updated contact information.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and have a safe/fun Labor Day weekend.

Daniel P. Hunt, B.M.

Work Picture is Steady

L.U. 776 (i,o,rts&spa), CHARLESTON, SC — Work has been very steady in our jurisdiction. We have completed our Outside Line negotiations with a positive outcome.

As we approach Labor Day, let us remember those who sacrificed all to get us where we are, and let us not hesitate to sacrifice a little to keep our union going strong. Happy Labor Day.

Chuck Moore, B.M.

Local Trains Deploying Soldiers

L.U. 910 (ees,i&t), WATERTOWN, NY — U.S. Army leadership from Fort Drum's 3rd Brigade Combat Team recently contacted IBEW Local 910 Bus. Mgr. Dennis Affinati to request assistance in putting together an Electrical Safety Training class for deploying solders who are heading to Afghanistan this summer.

With the assistance of our Training Dir. Bruce Rosbrook and Instructor Ben O'Brien, we held the second such class here at Local 910. The first class took place a few years ago and trained nearly 80 soldiers over two days. The more recent class was smaller, with 10 soldiers from the 710th Brigade Support Battalion, and was a one-day event. The training included basic circuitry, load calculations, troubleshooting and grounding. This is a unique opportunity; we should be proud that our local is in a position to assist — and that we are Fort Drum's "go to" for electrical safety.

Renovations are under way at our apprenticeship and training facilities in both Watertown and Plattsburgh. The result will be much larger classrooms with inclusive lab areas; each classroom will include the latest technology in lab equipment. Both of these building were in need of a facelift, and we are also updating electrical/mechanical systems where necessary.

John T. O'Driscoll, P.S.


IBEW Local 910 conducts Electrical Safety Training class for deploying soldiers.

Union Sisters Recognized

L.U. 1116 (em,lctt&u), TUCSON, AZ — As you know, a union work force is only as strong as its members, and there are those who go above and beyond by helping the membership with organizing/committees or just being there to listen. Our local is proud to acknowledge one such member, who was recognized at this year's Union Women's Awards ceremonies. In February, Sister Danell Carter received the Mother Jones Award.

Danell, aka "Mama Bear," has shown leadership as a union steward, E-Board member and local union rep. She has been active in our community promoting the union and explaining the benefits of membership during new hire orientations. Although dealing with personal medical issues of her own, she has continued to inspire our membership, especially fellow union sisters in the call-center location. She also took the time to thank them for their support personally and in organizing.

Danell stated that the women she was surrounded by at the celebration made the evening special and commented, "… It's important to educate our children about unions and what they truly stand for — job protection and safety." It's all about family for her, not only her home family but her Local 1116 family as well.

Richard "R.C." Cavaletto, P.S.


Local 1116 Rep. and E-Board member Danell Carter.

'The Right Choice' … At Just the Right Time

L.U. 1260 (catv,ees,mo,rtb,rts,spa&u), HONOLULU, HI — Internal organizing is an ongoing initiative for IBEW Local 1260 Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Brian Ahakuelo — and, recently, having gained union membership paid off big time for one of this local's new members.

Patrick Garcia is a freelance videographer who responded to one of Ahakuelo's organizing efforts. As a new member, Garcia was able to purchase affordable health insurance through the local union.

Just a few days after his insurance kicked in, Garcia felt a little under the weather and decided to visit his physician. During that visit, Garcia was shocked to be diagnosed with a serious kidney ailment. As a result, Garcia spent many weeks in a hospital and several more weeks in recovery.

"If I had not joined the IBEW and utilized the benefits provided, I would have been in deep trouble financially," Garcia said.

"The medical insurance covered a significant amount of the costs I incurred during my hospital stay, so without question I joined the IBEW at just the right time," Garcia added. "I thank the Local 1260 staff and the IBEW for being there for me and my family when we needed them."

Russell Yamanoha, P.S.


IBEW Local 1260 member Patrick Garcia, a videographer, found that timing is everything when it comes to IBEW membership.

Welcome to New Journeymen

L.U. 1316 (i&o), MACON, GA — At the 2013 apprentice graduation ceremony, Local 1316 congratulated recent graduates (see accompanying photo). On May 16, the local welcomed the two new journeyman wiremen, Stacey Mixon and Tyler Carter, into the fold. Bro. Mixon received the Morgan Bowen Award for outstanding performance. We are very proud of these graduates and wish them the best of luck in their careers.

Harry Murray, Mbr. Dev. Dir.


Attending Local 1316 graduation ceremony are: Bus. Mgr. Ralph Snowden (left), Bro. Stacey Mixson, Bro. Tyler Carter, and Macon Electrical JATC Training Dir. Wesley Jarrard.

Election by Acclamation

L.U. 1340 (i&o), NEWPORT NEWS, VA — For the first time since this local was chartered in 1943, the members of the local re-elected all of the officers by acclamation. The officers and staff of Local 1340 sincerely thank the membership for their faith and support of this administration.

The local celebrated its 70th anniversary at its awards banquet in June. Congratulations to apprentice graduates and new inside journeyman wiremen: Charles J. Clement, Keith D. Barger, Terry J. Frontuto and Hunter M. Hageman. Local 1340 also honored Bros. Ed Crosby and William A. Smith as recipients of the Herman W. Avery Award.

Sequestration continues to have a negative impact on employment in our local with so many signatory employers performing construction or facilities maintenance on numerous military installations and at the Newport News Shipyard, where budgets have been cut or restricted. Fall 2013 may provide some relief with a few projects starting to request manpower.

Finally, Local 1340 is pleased to welcome its newest signatory employer, York Granite LLC, a small residential and commercial installation and construction company in Yorktown, VA.

Neil F. Gray, B.M./F.S.

Newly Organized AEP Members

L.U. 1466 (u), COLUMBUS, OH — After many delays and setbacks, it looks as though we are headed back to the negotiating table with American Electric Power (AEP), to work on an agreement for our recently unionized members who work at the Distribution Dispatch Center. Many of you know that this has been in the works for a number of years, after these employees' right to organize was challenged by the company. Hopefully when this is all said and done, our brothers and sisters at the DDC will have a fair contract, and will finally have the voice at work they've fought so long to gain.

The date for our Fall Family Gathering will be Saturday, Sept. 28. We have had a great turnout the last few years, and we hope that even more members and their families attend this year. Food, activities for the children, and much more will be provided. You should start seeing posting on the Union Boards very soon with more information.

Hope to see you at the monthly union meeting!

Jimi Jette, P.S.