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August 2013

IBEW Audio Engineers Win Emmy for
NASCAR Coverage
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When NASCAR fans turn their TVs to Fox Sports to catch the action at the speedway, they know they're in for a white-knuckled ride.

And from each 100-mph turn, screech of the wheel and rev of the engine, broadcasting technicians from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers help bring the excitement of every race to millions of fans nationwide.

"It's fast-paced — there's never a resting moment," said Chip Weaver, a member of Chicago Local 1220, whose skills behind the mixing board help bring the "voice" of the track to fans at home.

Weaver and his co-workers were lauded for their skills May 8 when they nabbed a Sports Emmy Award for "Outstanding Live Event Audio/Sound" from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

"Every show, we strive to be perfect, to make it sound as awesome as possible," he said.

Doing so is no easy feat. The team's high-tech setup may include as many as 76 microphones strategically mounted around various tracks, ranging from a half mile to two-and-a-half miles around. And it's not just the sound of the cars they're capturing — the techs mix in announcer commentary, crowd reactions and more, frequently in adverse conditions.

"We have to deal with the elements," said Hollywood Local 45 member Fred Aldous, senior mixer for the nine-person crew. "We have rain. We have weather. We also have to deal with debris from the cars. We have to worry about if there's a crash."

Their recent win makes it the ninth time in the last 11 years that the Fox Sports employees have won the Emmy in this category. "It's really a special award for us because it's voted on by our peers," Aldous said. "It's a complete team effort."

Rounding out the NASCAR IBEW crew are members Ben Altopp, Leonard Batson, Kevin Callahan, Nicholas Cap, Mike Copeland, Linal Getchell, Barbara Hanford, Larry Hildreth, George Kemper, Anthony LoMastro, MeiLing Loo, Kevin McCloskey, Steve Onuska, Allen Slansky, Garrett Sullivan, Mark Williams and Doug Wilson. The majority of this group travels together to races throughout the season, and the members belong to various locals across the U.S. Due to the nature of their travel, techs are often members of locals located far from home. For example, Aldous — of Hollywood Local 45 — lives in Arizona.

"We are extremely proud of these members and their talent," said IBEW International President Edwin D. Hill. "This Emmy win is great for both our members and the relationship they have with Fox Sports. Fans expect the best from their favorite athletes and drivers, and Fox Sports expects the same from our skilled team of technicians. I'm happy that the company realizes and appreciates the fine job these men and women do to help keep viewers tuning in, and I know this will continue to be a trusted partnership for years to come."

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IBEW audio technicians nabbed their ninth Emmy Award in 11 years for their coverage of NASCAR on Fox Sports.

Car photo credit: Photo used under a Creative Commons license from Flickr user Pranavian