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December 2013

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A Strong Union Turnout

L.U. 8 (as,em,i,mar,mt,rts,s&spa), TOLEDO, OH — Local 8 hosted another successful Labor Day parade and picnic this year. Many political candidates attended seeking support from the approximately 500 members and their families present. AFL-CIO Sec.-Treas. Elizabeth Schuler, former executive assistant to the IBEW International President, also attended and addressed the crowd on the struggling economy.

In August, Bro. Charlie Condon stepped down as our Michigan business agent after 12 years of service. Charlie has served on many boards, committees and delegations. Although he hasn't officially retired just yet, Charlie is enjoying a much-deserved break. Robert Cousino was appointed to fill the vacated position as business agent. Best wishes to both Charlie and Robert.

The members Christmas party will be held immediately after the December 16 meeting. We look forward to a great turnout. Please contact Rick Jackson if you are interested in assisting with the party.

Local 8 officers and staff wish everyone a safe, happy holiday season and a prosperous 2014.

Mike Brubaker, F.S./P.S.

IBEW Booth at State Fair

L.U. 12 (i,o&se), PUEBLO, CO — You know the end of summer has arrived when the Colorado State Fair comes to town. Our local has set up a Mexican Food Booth every year since 1999. Journeymen, apprentices and family members volunteer their time so the proceeds can go to help support our apprenticeship program. Many brothers and sisters from other locals stop in to say hello as well as local politicians. We don't make a lot of money but the visibility in our community makes it worth the effort. Big thanks to all who helped again this year.

Susan J. Johnson, P.S.


IBEW Local 12 food wagon at the Colorado State Fair.

Solidarity & Activism

L.U. 16 (i), EVANSVILLE, IN — Local 16 was well-represented by approximately 150 marchers at the 127th Annual Labor Day Parade. This year's theme of "American by birth, union by choice" was selected to help keep the ongoing battle against so-called "right-to-work" legislation in the public view. After the parade, several IBEW locals shared an excellent meal. Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make the celebration possible.

The Brotherhood's family picnic in early September was also a great success. Members enjoyed food, games, door prizes and catching up on old friendships. Once again, numerous volunteers stepped up to make the day a great one.

After more than four years, three previous suitors, countless contentious meetings and political bickering versus overwhelming popular support, it now appears that Evansville will finally be building a full-service convention hotel. This would not have been possible without the mayor's promotion, local businesses' willingness to increase their funding, and the constant backing by union leadership and members. We hope that by this time next year, the hotel will be a beautiful addition to the city's skyline.

Donald P. Beavin, P.S.

'Brotherhood & Holiday Cheer'

L.U. 26 (ees,em,es,govt,i&mt), WASHINGTON, DC — It is the holiday shopping season, so I'd like to remind everyone to purchase gifts made in the USA. It helps keep Americans working and strengthens our economy. It's also assurance that what you buy is safe and well-made.

I hope you've planned to enjoy some brotherhood and holiday cheer by attending one of our Christmas parties/meetings. The D.C. area party/meeting will be Dec. 6; Front Royal will be Dec. 13; and Roanoke will be Dec. 14.

A new three-year Teledata Agreement was reached and ratified by the members in the unit.

Our very active retirees, after a summer break, held their annual crab feast in October and their raffle drawing in November. They also set sail on their eight-night cruise in October and now look forward to their cruise planned for next year to the Balkan states and St. Petersburg, Russia. Please contact Rick Warner for details.

On behalf of the officers and staff, I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday.

Several members passed away since our last article: Daniel F. Lemay, Lee J. Purnell Jr., Thomas L. Caldwell, Jana M. Weatherwax, Richard J. Noonan, Donald R. Lumsden Sr., William K. Noonan, Steven R. Haffer Jr. and Bart J. Myers.

Best wishes to recent retirees: Glenn D. Curtin, Robert E. Owens and Raymond R. Piccolo.

Charles E. Graham, B.M.

Awards Banquet a Success

L.U. 34 (em,i,rts&spa), PEORIA, IL — Local 34 wishes happy holidays to all IBEW members. The fall season was rougher than we expected. As of this writing, the number of members on book one had steadily increased in recent months. We hope as we celebrate the beginning of a new year we will also usher in a more prosperous year for our members. 2014 will also be an election year and as always we need to support our Democratic Party candidates by volunteering throughout the year and voting to elect worker-friendly officials.

Our annual Holiday/Awards Banquet in November was a wonderful success. Attendees ranged from first-year apprentices to members with 50 or more years in the trade. There were many conversations about how things have changed in the trades over the past 10-50 years. Solidarity among members is still strong in Local 34.

Two longtime members recently passed away: Bros. Henry Day and Earl Burdette. These brothers had more than 100 years of combined service and they will be missed.

Marc Burnap, P.S.


Local 34 Bus. Rep. Dave Lowder and journeyman wiremen Chris Greer, Tina Burd, Dan Zeller and Bob Klimko fight the good fight staffing a picket in October.

Work Picture Update

L.U. 38 (i), CLEVELAND, OH — The work picture has slowed down some since completion of the new convention center; however, because of the new convention center and attached Medical Mart, construction plans are high. Construction of the County Administration Building has begun on East 9th and Prospect in conjunction with development of the former Ameritrust site. The Ameritrust Tower is being converted into hotel and apartment space; the attached Rotunda and 1010 building are being converted into retail and apartment space. This large renovation is just getting started and will employ many of our members. Zenith and Ullman Electric are currently on-site.

Relocation of the County Administration building will open up that space for a new 700-room hotel. The construction manager will be picked soon so that construction can start there in 2014.

Apartment occupancy is at about 97 percent in downtown Cleveland and construction is just starting on two more buildings being converted into 450 more units. Gateway Electric is on-site at the East Ohio Gas Building and at the Schofield Building.

Phase 2 of the East Bank Flats was awarded to Panzica Construction, and electrical bids for the new apartments and restaurants will be bid soon. The Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals have multiple projects just getting started so we expect work to pick up in 2014.

Dennis Meaney, B.M./F.S.


Local 38 members picket at Deacon Chrysler in Mayfield Village.

2014 Events Scheduled

L.U. 42 (catv,em,govt,lctt&o), HARTFORD, CT — In the October 2013 issue of The Electrical Worker, the wrong photo appeared with our Local 42 article. Please be advised that the correct photo is pictured here; the photo shows the jobsite where Local 42 and McPhee Electrical Contractors are building a new substation in Chicopee, MA. (The photo published in the October issue was taken at the jobsite where Par Electric and Local 42 crews are working on a New England East-West Solution transmission project; that NEEWS jobsite photo was proudly provided to us by Local 42 member Jeffrey Sylvester.)

Local 42's work picture looks good. We are currently putting Local 42 "A" members out to work for the substation and highline. We are slowly starting to put people out for distribution. The outlook for the future is promising as well. At press time, it was expected that one or two highline projects would start in mid-October 2013. If all goes as planned, we should be able to clear our books.

Mark your calendars for upcoming events for next year. In 2014, Local 42 will celebrate its 45th year anniversary at our Dinner Dance/Apprentice Graduation on April 26. Also scheduled for 2014 are: a Trap Shoot on May 3; Motorcycle Run on May 17; Dinner Cruise on June 14; Chartered Fishing Trip on July 12; "BA" Picnic on July 26; and "A" Member Picnic on Aug. 23.

Jacquelyn Moffitt, P.S.


IBEW Local 42 members working with McPhee Electrical Contractors are building a new substation in Chicopee, MA.

Tribute to Members

L.U. 48 (c,em,i,rtb,rts&st), PORTLAND, OR — Happy holidays to all our IBEW brothers and sisters.

We want to recognize two Local 48 members: Bro. Wayne Chow was organized in 2008. On his first dispatch he met a brother who conveyed the intangible benefits of belonging to the IBEW. Wayne really took it to heart! He now is chairman of the Local 48 Volunteer Organizing Committee, organizing IBEW participation at Portland events, really making our presence known in the area. Wayne has served as a steward and is now very involved in our Steward Training program.

Sister Pattie Houlis was also organized in 2008. From another Local 48 member, she learned that our mission is to advance the cause of all workers in the electrical industry. She was impressed by how we are truly a "union of brothers and sisters" because we band together to help each other by "passing the hat" at meetings and giving donations from the Sick Fund to members in need. Today Pattie is our steward on a 150-member job. She is politically involved in the community and also volunteers at the Humane Society and with a program called Fences for Fido.

Bob Blair, P.S.


Local 48 members Wayne Chow and Patti Houlis.

IBEW Community Service

L.U. 58 (em,i,rtb,spa&t), DETROIT, MI — When people think of union members, they rarely know of the good we do in our communities. It is not because we are not going good things; we just do not tell our story. Local 58 has been working to change that. We have been finding the things our members are already doing to serve their communities, and putting a union face on them. This summer we had 150 volunteers attend a Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build. As of October, we began collecting for a new charity at each monthly meeting (canned food, new toys, etc.). Donations may also be made anytime at the union hall. I encourage everyone to contact their local, get their members to help, and then tell their story of community service to news outlets.

For the past 11 years, the Local 58 Benevolent Fund has hosted the Ken Fitzhenry Party on Super Bowl Sunday. It is our biggest fundraiser of the year, with all proceeds going to assist our members in their time of need. With the help of an all-volunteer crew we are able to feed the 200-plus who attend. All the food is fresh and made from scratch, although many believe it to be a catered event. For the 2014 party we are raffling off seven flat-screen high-definition televisions: two 51" HDTVs, one 43" HDTV and four 32" HDTVs.

Happy holidays to everyone from Local 58.

Andy Dunbar, Pres.

Dec. 7 Holiday Party

L.U. 68 (i), DENVER, CO — Greetings, brothers and sisters. Calls are still slow and steady in the Denver area as of this writing going into fall. Aug. 17 brought our local picnic. More than 500 attended including members, friends, families and children. The picnic seemed well-received by all.

Dec. 7, 2013, is set for Local 68's Christmas party. Santa, clowns and Key Stone Kops will be there to entertain our members, their little ones and guests. Local 68 wishes everyone a happy holiday season.

We extend our deepest sympathy to the families of our recently deceased brothers: James R. Williams, Ryan A. Sperry, Laddie R. Schrock, Michael P. Ritz Jr. and Wesley W. Clem.

Jack Cox, Pres.

Welcome to New Members

L.U. 80 (i&o), NORFOLK, VA — The recent organizing campaign that Local 80 conducted at E&P Electric was taken to a vote. Unfortunately, the vote did not go the way we hoped. We did, however, organize several of E&P's key employees, who have been sworn in and are now IBEW members. We also stripped several of the company's helpers and have slotted them into our apprenticeship program. E&P has now given raises to its employees and promised a benefits package. We will continue to be in contact with those still working there to ensure that E&P follows through with this and also reports its prevailing wage projects correctly. The election may not have gone union, but 25 electricians were exposed to the good that the IBEW does. Thanks to Bro. Larry Shaffer, who worked as a salt, for his efforts in the campaign.

The annual Local 80 picnic was held Sept. 28. Once again, it was a success. Many thanks to Bro. Woody Gregory and his wife, Petra, for all their work on this event. Congratulations to Bro. Mike Peluso and his son-in-law Colin for winning the annual horseshoe tournament.

W. Dennis Floyd, A.B.M.

Spirit of Brotherhood

L.U. 82 (em,i,mt&rtb), DAYTON, OH — Friends, family and Local 82 members came together to raise money to assist Bros. Dave Sherrill and Dave Woolf-Isbell in their fight against cancer. A crowd of 500-plus people came to Local 82 to show their support and reach into their wallets to help raise $20,000 in five hours. It wasn't just money that was donated but also baskets of food, items to raffle and a lot of manpower that was needed to make the night a success! Thanks go to everyone who attended and to the volunteers who made this possible. We ask for thoughts and prayers for our brothers in their time of need and one day a cure!

Doug Searcy, P.S.


Local 82 saw a strong turnout and a great spirit of brotherhood at benefit.

2013 Apprentice Graduates

L.U. 100 (c,em,i,rts&st), FRESNO, CA — Congratulations to the apprentice graduating class of 2013: Timothy Brockelhurst, Adrian Ceballos, Derek Chapman, Joshua Fleming, Refugio Gamez, Darrell Goodpaster, Robert Majeske, Christopher McManus, Matthew Miller, Sundara Powell, Kiel Raeber, Gabriel Rodriguez, Miguel Sanchez, Byron Sanders, Douglas Sorenson and Sibeuy Xaychareun. Joshua Fleming will represent Local 100 in the Western States Competition in San Diego.

Local 100 has 26 first-year apprentices, with a large increase in applications for apprenticeship. The JATC is offering continued education for the California State certification. Check your certification expiration date!

Recently elected Local 100 officers are: Bus. Mgr. Kevin Cole, Pres. Stefan Davis, Vice Pres. Chris Howell, Rec. Sec. Chuck Stanton, Treas. Ronny Jungk; Executive Board members Lou Gutierrez, Scott Farmer, Michael Caglia; and Examining Board members Rory McCarthy, Steve Sweazy and Jeff Hall.

Bro. Chuck Riojas was elected secretary-treasurer of our local Building Trades Council.

Upcoming work includes the Madera glass plant's shutdown for the furnace rebuild project. There are 20 utility-scale solar projects under a project labor agreement. The California high-speed-rail project is moving forward.

Attend your local union meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.

Think safety always.

M.A. Caglia, P.S. Pro Tem

Training Programs

L.U. 102 (em,govt,i,mt,o&ws), PATERSON, NJ — Our JATC continues to build on its solid foundation and once again we turned to our friends at Union County College, home to our Associate Degree Program for apprentices. UCC and Local 102 have rolled out a continuing education program featuring more than 100 courses specifically picked for Local 102. The JATC didn't stop there as they partnered with Vubiz, an IBEW partner, to provide 173 online courses. We hope all of our members take advantage of this great opportunity to further their education.

Training for our Local 102/JCP&L partnership is well underway. To date, more than 200 members have gone through "Hazard Responder Training." The partnership provides more work opportunities for our brothers and sisters — but most importantly, it provides us the opportunity to work with Jersey City Power & Light to better serve the citizens of New Jersey during major storms.

Education is the foundation of the IBEW; it's what separates us from our competitors. The JATC is driven to seek out new venues for diversified training opportunities. We are currently working with the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) on several ideas.

Please check our Web site for updates and sign up for our e-blasts to keep updated on all local union news.

Bernie Corrigan, Pres.

'IBEW Lights in the Park'

L.U. 110 (em,i,rts,spa&u), ST. PAUL, MN — The work picture continues to look better for our jurisdiction. Both refineries are putting many of our members to work. Remember to have all of your certifications and license documentation with you in order to work on these projects.

We continue to banner companies that use contractors who don't pay their employees area standards. Our fantastic banner carriers continue to show the public that IBEW Local 110 stands up for our standards and wages.

Once again this year, we wired five Habitat for Humanity homes in our jurisdiction. All done free of charge for some families in need. Thank you to all of our fantastic volunteers who have helped IBEW 110 build better communities every day!

Our annual IBEW Lights in the Park will once again happen this holiday season. Last year we donated more than $80,000 to four charities from this great holiday event.

Brian Winkelaar, B.R.


IBEW Local 110 volunteers wired a Habitat for Humanity home.

Uniting to Defeat 'RTW'

L.U. 124 (ees,em,i,mar,rts,se,spa&t), KANSAS CITY, MO — As construction hours return to pre-recession levels, working families across Missouri are uniting against the "right to work" (RTW) efforts of the far right. Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder told the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) that RTW would be put to a statewide ballot vote in 2014. Of course this was no surprise to the ALEC conference because they wrote the draft legislation. It is similar to legislation that recently passed in Michigan and Indiana. This same draft legislation is also being proposed in other states across the country in an attempt to neutralize unions. Local 124 will be very proactive in defeating this "right to work for less" plan by educating our members and by community outreach. RTW was soundly defeated by Missourians in 1978. We cannot outspend the 1 percent who are funding RTW, but we can outnumber them if we all remain united.

We remember the following deceased members: Richard E. Coe, Richard Dugan, John J. Jarnevic, Henry McGuire, James D. Merys, Fred D. Pitts, Everett W. Reeder, Gerald M. Shaw and Donald Thurman.

Congratulations to recently retired members: William W. Ashurst, Jose L. Dominguez, Robert C. Smith, Terry Waits and Gary E. Toombs.

Steve Morales, P.S.

Upcoming Negotiations & Ongoing Community Service

L.U. 134 (catv,em,govt,i,mt,rtb,rts,spa&t), CHICAGO, IL — In September 2013, Bus. Mgr. Terry Allen conducted a meeting for "A" construction members to discuss upcoming contract negotiations. All officers, agents and various board trustees were present. The format was informal with an open microphone. Many topics were commented on and discussed including: referral, the Affordable Care Act and its impact on our existing health care, our aging work force, start times, continuing education for journeymen, improving jobsite safety conditions, and "owner-in-fact" language. This is an example of the transparent policy in managing and representing our entire membership implemented by Bus. Mgr. Allen. The Principal Agreement negotiating team will prioritize and consider all of the given recommendations.

In other news, Electrical Joint Apprenticeship & Training Trust (EJATT) Asst. Dir. Harry Ohde and 80 member volunteers, 29 of whom were apprentices, performed electrical upgrades at St. Margaret of Scotland School on the city's South Side. Improvements included: classroom lighting retrofits with occupancy sensors, code violation repairs, new exit and emergency lighting, and computer room wire management upgrades. Thanks to all who volunteered to help this school become a more valued community resource.

Bus. Mgr. Allen wishes all IBEW members and their families a merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous happy new year.

Frank Cunningham, B.R.


IBEW Local 134 volunteers on the steps of St. Margaret of Scotland School.

Thanks to all Volunteers

L.U. 146 (ei,i&rts), DECATUR, IL — Happy holiday greetings from Local 146.

We thank all the members who helped volunteer at the Macon County Fair, the Decatur-Forsyth Futures Golf Tournament, Decatur Celebration, the annual golf outing and poker run, the children's Christmas party, and especially the Decatur Trades and Labor Assembly's first ever "Picnic in the Park" for Labor Day. Some 1,500 union members and their families participated in the Labor Day parade and spent the day in Fairview Park for one huge party.

The Clinton Power Station refuel outage was completed in October. We had more than 160 journeyman wiremen on the outage, and we thank all the traveling brothers and sisters for their assistance in making this another successful refuel outage. However, with the outage ending the work situation is rather bleak. We are still waiting to hear the site selection for the $1 billion Cronus Fertilizer Plant to be built on U.S. Route 36 just west of Tuscola, IL.

Rich Underwood, R.S.


Local 146 congratulates the Midstate Electrical Training Center class of 2013 apprenticeship graduates.

'A Big Win for a Fired Worker'

L.U. 160 (lctt,o&u), MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Janell Johnson, an IBEW Local 160 member, worked as a city clerk for City of Grove City, MN, until she was wrongfully fired in 2012.

Janell was made the scapegoat for the mismanagement of service restoration following a severe summer storm that hit Grove City in June 2012 and left many customers without power for three days; the mayor and some city council members needed someone to blame for the mishandling of the storm restoration and other issues that date back a few years — none of which Janell was remotely responsible for handling.

Janell and her Local 160 representative, Dan Kieffer, decided to fight back against the Grove City goliaths. They filed a grievance, which led to a court battle. It took a lot of time, money and energy — but most especially it took Janell's faith in Local 160 that she could win her day in court. And she did win.

Janell won a good settlement and was offered her job back at Grove City. She accepted the financial settlement but declined to resume her job as city clerk. Janell now works for the City of Willmar Municipal Utilities. We can all learn a great deal about keeping the faith in your union from Janell.

Special thanks go to Local 160 Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Tom Koehler and Local 160 Rep. Dan Kieffer for standing strong and helping Janell through a very difficult time.

James P. Brereton, P.S.

Tribute to a Brother

L.U. 176 (es,i,rts&spa), JOLIET, IL — Local 176 Treas. Fred Kempes passed away Aug. 21 following a brief illness. Bro. Kempes' passing brings a sad conclusion to a devoted 35-year career of service to Local 176. He served four terms on our Executive Board, including a stint as chairman, and was re-elected to his third term as treasurer on June 1.

Bro. Kempes was a longtime safety instructor with our JATC and served as Safety Committee chairman for many years. Bro. Kempes worked tirelessly to promote safety awareness. He proudly led the effort to design our Members Lost in Service Memorial. He also spearheaded Local 176 community service and outreach efforts including starting a local blood drive; he also served as DAD's Day captain in his hometown. Beyond his dedicated work for Local 176, Fred was the very definition of a great friend and family man: honest, caring, trustworthy, positive, genuine, funny and helpful. Freddy will be missed but, more importantly, remembered for the example he set.

Mark Ferry, Pres.

Political Action Volunteers

L.U. 196 (govt,mt,o,t&u), ROCKFORD, IL — Thank you to the Local 196 members who recently spent several Saturdays to help support our local labor-friendly politicians secure signatures to run for re-election by volunteering to walk precincts in our jurisdiction.

Our future is dependent on political involvement to protect and expand the laws that ensure our right to collectively bargain with our employer. There are so many areas under attack by corporate funded politicians who oppose legislation that would support workers and their rights, and instead focus on introducing new legislation to further diminish our voice, wages and working conditions.

The good news is that there are politicians who support working families, who believe in the concept of organized labor, collective bargaining rights and an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. They need us and we need them.

Offer to help your local by walking precincts and delivering campaign signs or materials — get involved and vote. If we expect "the other guy" or "someone else" to do it, and he doesn't, it will not get done. Once the election is over and the wrong candidate wins, it is too late. You can protest, you can gripe and complain but it is still too late. If we don't stand up and fight for working America, who will?

Eric Patrick, B.M.

Brotherhood, Bikes & BBQ

L.U. 222 (o), ORLANDO, FL — IBEW Local 222 is pleased to report the success of the 2013 Labor Day Bike Run. The plan is to make this an annual event. IBEW members from across Florida joined in solidarity to celebrate the holiday with a weekend of "Brotherhood, Bikes and BBQ" and to support The Children of Saint Jude's Research Hospital.

Riders began the two-day ride in Miami from IBEW Local 349 and continued north stopping at IBEW Locals 915 (Tampa), 606 (Orlando) and 222. Riders traveled beautiful, scenic roads through the Florida Everglades and the Ocala National Forest. Local 915 hosted a barbecue at the end of the first day's run. Riders were greeted with refreshments and barbecue chicken cooked by Local 915 Bus. Mgr. Randall King.

The ride concluded the second day at Local 222 with a grand barbecue. Local 222 thanks the sponsors that helped make the Labor Day Bike Run such a success. Riders wore T-shirts displaying sponsors' logos. Special thanks to the following for their support and hospitality: Bus. Mgrs. Bill Riley, Local 349; Randall King, Local 915; Bob Carr, Local 606; and Russell Harper, Jacksonville Local 177.

All proceeds raised from the Labor Day Bike Run were donated to The Children of Saint Jude's Hospital on behalf of the IBEW. We thank all participants and look forward to next year's Labor Day Bike Run.

Willy Dezayas, Org.


Some of the union members, family and friends who enjoyed the Florida sun and scenery during the 2013 Labor Day Bike Run.

JW Upgrade Classes

L.U. 234 (i&mt), CASTROVILLE, CA — At our annual BBQ, held Oct. 5 this year, 65-year members Leland Knisley and Ray Sahlberg were honored. Likewise we honored our 60-year members: Richard Baker, Robert Koenig, Siegfried Matt, Donald Moore and James Meyers. This is our annual occasion to recognize members' years of devoted service. Thank you to all who participated and helped make the event a great success.

Our local in conjunction with our contractors proudly offers Journeyman Wireman Upgrade classes relevant to our ever advancing electrical construction industry. Some examples include classes on the NEC changes, offered monthly by Instructor David Martinez; CPR & First Aid; the newly rolled out EVITP-3; and, particular to California, the CALCTP Acceptance Testing. The aforementioned training offers our electricians an opportunity to certify that the advanced lighting controls systems mandated by the California Title 24 energy code have been installed and are operating as designed. This reflects our ongoing commitment to supporting the responsible utilization of energy-saving technologies as they become available and are installed by our members for their customers.

Stephen Slovacek, P.S.

IBEW 3rd District Youth Caucus

L.U. 236 (catv,ees,govt,i,mo,rtb&t), ALBANY, NY — This past September, young IBEW members from throughout the IBEW Third District were invited to New Jersey to attend the Third District Progress Meeting and participate in the IBEW 3rd District Youth Caucus.

Bros. Mark Rubscha and William Hydzik represented Local 236 and had the opportunity to attend workshops, see our leaders in action, and participate in a great community service project. On day two of the meeting, members of the youth caucus traveled to three nearby homes that had been devastated by Hurricane Sandy and spent the day helping the homeowners perform various tasks to rebuild their homes. Great job, brothers and sisters — and please remember that this is not just a one-day event! I urge all of our young members to please get involved and stay connected — this is your future. You can learn more about the IBEW 3rd District Youth Caucus by checking them out on Facebook.

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and we are about to usher in a new year, a new year that we hope brings all of our members good health and many employment opportunities. Local 236 officers and staff wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

Michael Torres, P.S.


Local 236 members worked on the 2.6 megawatt solar project at Owens Corning, the local's largest solar project to date.

'Union 4 Life' Fundraiser — For University Cancer Center

L.U. 252 (ees,i,rts&spa), ANN ARBOR, MI — At a check presentation held at the Ann Arbor Electrical JATC on Oct. 15, Union 4 Life made a donation to the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center's breast cancer program in the amount of $6,000.

This was the first year of the Union 4 Life charity, which was started by IBEW Local 252 apprentices and includes many other unions. The first-year fundraiser was a golf outing held at Lake Forest Golf Club. There are plans to include a 5K run/walk next year along with other events. Representing unions across the area were electricians, ironworkers, carpenters, teachers, nurses, plumbers/pipefitters, laborers, heat and frost insulators, operating engineers, bricklayers, sprinkler fitters and the University of Michigan skilled trades.

The first-year goal for the fundraiser, as set by the apprentices, was $3,000; with the help of many union members that goal was doubled. They have set a goal of $12,000 for next year, with 100 percent of all funds raised going to research for the cure and treatment of breast cancer at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center.

John Salyer, Pres.


Local 252 apprentice and Golf Chmn. Harry Hutchison (left); Jason Keech, University of Michigan; and AAEJATC Training Dir. John Salyer, president of Local 252.

2013 Apprenticeship Graduates

L.U. 266 (u), PHOENIX, AZ — The membership congratulates newly elected Local 266 officers: Bus. Mgr. Scott Barker, Pres. Dan Jones, Vice Pres. Steve Reamer, Treas. Tony Marlar and Rec. Sec. Gino Cocco. Executive Board members are: Steve Richardson, Chris Drake and Godfrey Richey.

Congratulations to our class of 2013 apprenticeship graduates. The recent graduates are as follows: Linemen — Jacob Haines, Jerry Gonzales, Kevin Morris, Max Germaine, Eric Lundberg and Guillermo Heredia; Electricians — Ryan Rhubottom and Ryan Balzer; Cable Splicers — Kyle Wager and Kevin Rohr; and Construction Maintenance — Jeff Hyatt and Michael Manygoats.

Three Local 266 members are also members of Elks Lodge 2848 in Gilbert, AZ. They are: Bro. Chris Drake, Bro. Godfrey Richey, and retired former business manager J.R. Iannacone, who is president of the lodge. Bro. Iannacone recently presented Bros. Drake and Richey with bone-handled hunting knives in recognition of their community service work for the Elks.

Rick Waldrep, P.S.


Local 266 members Chris Drake (left), J.R. Iannacone and Godfrey Richey.

Looking Ahead

L.U. 280 (c,ees,em,es,i,mo,mt,rts&st), SALEM, OR — Work continues to improve in Oregon, but the process has been painfully slow. Questions about the Affordable Care Act, the stability of the economy, government shutdowns — these have all played a role in our stagnant construction market. Investors and businesses continue to hold on tightly to their finances, waiting for more certainty in their investments.

Nevertheless, even with very few projects to bid, Local 280 continues to secure sizable projects within our jurisdiction.

From water treatment plants, chemical and industrial facilities to hospitals, schools and data centers, our contractors have been getting the jobs and our members are going back to work. We thank our brothers and sisters to the north, Local 48 and Local 112 for putting so many of our members to work during our slow times last summer and fall.

Local 280 wishes everyone a happy and healthy holiday season! We are confident that as we enter this New Year, the future for Local 280 and the IBEW will be bright and prosperous.

Nathan Albertson, P.S./B.R.

JATC Graduation Ceremony

L.U. 292 (em,govt,i,rtb,rts&spa), MINNEAPOLIS, MN — On Sept. 26, the Minneapolis JATC held a graduation ceremony at Jax Café, a Local 17 Unite Here restaurant. The banquet celebrated 108 graduates from the 2012 and 2013 classes. A riveting keynote speech was delivered by John M. Kriesel. His book, "Still Standing: The Story of SSG John Kriesel," describes his National Guard service as a squad leader in Iraq, a roadside explosion that took two of his buddies and both of his legs, his time as a Minnesota state representative, and his new-found focus on his family.

Top apprentice awards for 2013 went to Justin Nogle and Chad Claypool. The 2012 awards went to Jason Gulbranson and Aaron Oxborough.

On Aug. 21-22, Local 292 held an "area standards fringe benefits" picket at the Hennepin County Call Center — a new $30 million, 59,000-square-foot emergency communications center built by Stahl Construction. Stahl is using Vinco Electric Inc., a nonunion contractor that has been found in violation of Minnesota's prevailing wage laws and fails to pay area standard wages and benefits.

We have 525 members on the out-of-work book for inside construction, but optimism reigns with many large projects planned for 2014. Thank you to all the locals that have provided work for our traveling brothers and sisters.

Carl Madsen, P.S./B.R.


Local 292 Minneapolis JATC 2013 apprenticeship graduates.

Solidarity Ride

L.U. 300 (govt,i,mt&u), MONTPELIER, VT — Vermont politics got in the way this year when past and current efforts to close Vermont Yankee nuclear power station came to fruition. It is unfortunate that our senior political leadership can't see the impact on middle-class people.

Local 300 Solidarity Ride participants took off on their motorcycles with a rumble and rolled along scenic roads of Vermont on a fall day to enjoy good friends and good food. The rally was created to help Local 300 members who require assistance. Because of utility outage projects, the number of participants was somewhat down; however we look forward to "running with the bulls" in 2014. Special thanks to Wilkins Harley-Davidson in Barre, VT, for its support and humble hospitality.

The Local 300 office staff wishes local members, and all IBEW members, a safe and happy holiday season. Be safe and enjoy. Cheers!

Jeffrey C. Wimette, B.M./F.S.


Local 300 group gathers for Solidarity Ride and barbeque to assist fellow members.

'Telling Our Story' — & Building Advocates

L.U. 302 (i,rts&spa), MARTINEZ, CA — Thirty years ago, our local controlled more than 90 percent of the electrical work in our jurisdiction. Today, that number is closer to 30 percent.

It used to be unusual to see a nonunion contractor's truck on the road. Today, it is the union contractor vehicles that are the anomaly. In many ways, we became victims of our own success. We treated the work as if it belonged to us. We treated membership like our exclusive club. We became complacent. Those days are hopefully behind us.

Today, we engage politically within our communities. We are once again telling our story, making our case. As we make our voices heard, we are creating advocates rather than adversaries.

For the common good, "highly skilled" must replace "lower-cost" as the best choice. And as we realize that the skilled nonunion worker is simply one who has not yet been organized, we can expand our membership to include these skilled and motivated workers. We all want the same thing — a better life for our families.

We know how much the technical part of our industry has changed. But attitudes have changed as well. By embracing ongoing change, we will adapt to this new reality and dominate the future once again.

Bob Lilley, A.B.M.

Sports Stadium Construction

L.U. 332 (c,ees,i&st), SAN JOSE, CA — Construction on the new home of the San Francisco 49ers is on schedule to be completed by July 2014. This new stadium will feature state-of-the-art technology made possible by the electrical industry.

The former head of our South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council, Cindy Chavez, ran a very important and strongly contested race for Santa Clara County Supervisor. Her opponent was well-funded by the Chamber of Commerce and the California Republican Party. We're very proud to say that with the help of many IBEW locals in California, and of course the contributions of IBEW Local 332 sisters and brothers, Cindy Chavez won her race and we have one more good friend in local politics.

In solidarity.

David Bini, Org.


IBEW Local 332 workers display union banner at jobsite of new San Francisco 49ers stadium under construction.

Going Green

L.U. 340 (i,rts&spa), SACRAMENTO, CA — Going green … everyone is doing it today. Even this publication can be received via e-mail rather than via U.S. Postal Service, saving trees, time and money. Just go to and click on "Go Green." We here at Local 340 are offering our members the same "green" choice and we're in the process of updating to a more interactive and member-friendly Web site.

Members should definitely visit the I.O. Web site The information is fresh and varied, reporting on wide-ranging topics including scholarship news, jobline information, etc.; recent video topics include "Bringing Back Jobs," the "Affordable Care Act" and much more.

Between the I. O. Web site and the information that I, as business manager, have received as a result of the IBEW/Political and Legislative Affairs Conference in September, it is apparent we are gearing up for a healthy, robust political battle in 2014. Local 340 will be active in keeping working families' issues in the forefront. To be in the "know," I recommend you regularly visit the I.O. Web site, as well as our local's own Web site to stay informed on political topics and labor-friendly candidates. Also, members who do opt to receive e-mail mailings will help save the local time and money next year during the elections.

Rest in peace, Bro. Robert Deti and Bro. Howard Shirley (father of member Mark Shirley).

Tom Okumura, B.M.

Organizing Campaign

L.U. 364 (catv,ees,em,es,i,mt,rts&spa), ROCKFORD, IL — At this writing, we're working with a group of employees of Greenlee Tool in Genoa, IL, to organize the workers there. Our NLRB representation election was initially delayed due to the Republican government shutdown. However, we anticipate victory and as of this writing the representation election was scheduled for Oct. 30. [Ed. Note: Election results were not yet available at press time.]

We'd like to recognize two distinguished organizers from IBEW Local 1245, Vacaville, CA, who have been here to help us organize Greenlee: Sister Jammi Juarez and Bro. Casey Salkauskas. As organizing activists, they have much door-to-door experience and have been of great assistance.

This organizing effort came about as a result of the fact that Greenlee employees are manufacturing a $10 million tool order for Local 1245's employer, PG&E, and we thought having Local 1245 send a letter of support would be encouraging. Local 1245 said they'd be glad to do that and that they'd also send us two organizers, which we completely did not expect. We're very thankful to Local 1245 Bus. Mgr. Tom Dalzell and the Local 1245 membership for their generous contribution. IBEW Int. Pres. Edwin D. Hill also sent a letter to Greenlee concerning the campaign, and we're appreciative for that as well. Our prospects for organizing Greenlee look good! Go to to learn more.

Wishing you happy holidays!

Charlie Laskonis, B.A./Org.


Meeting to discuss Local 364 organizing campaign: Local 364 Bus. Agent/Organizer Charlie Laskonis (left); Int. Vice Pres. Lonnie R. Stephenson; Local 1245 Organizers Casey Salkauskas and Jammi Juarez; IBEW Regional Organizing Coordinator Lynn Arwood; Local 364 Asst. Bus. Mgr./Pres. Patrick Tomlin; and Local 364 Bus. Mgr. Tom Sink.

Apprenticeship Graduates

L.U. 464 (mt), COVINGTON, VA — On Dec. 14, 2012, a graduation ceremony was held at Dabney S. Lancaster Community College in Clifton Forge, VA, for eight apprentices of MeadWestvaco's Electrical Apprentice program. The ceremony marked a milestone for these men and women as graduates and also marked their transition to full membership in IBEW Local 464.

The eight graduates successfully completed a challenging schedule over the last four years ranging from on-the-job training to after-hours classroom education. One of the graduates commented, "It was tough at times, but the rewards outweighed the pains. Our IBEW brothers and sisters had survived the same [and that] was motivation enough for us."

Cliff Persinger, P.S.


Local 464 electrical apprenticeship graduates: Tim Walton (left), Brian Campbell, Shane Wolfe, Lisa Bradley, Scott Reed, Brick Cline, Bruce Lowman and Forrest Andrews.

Stepping Into the 21st Century

L.U. 520 (i&spa), AUSTIN, TX — The Austin Electrical JATC has a new director, Jim Stricklan. Though not an electrician by trade, he has a long history when it comes to vocational training. Since being named as director, he has been busy bringing the JATC into the 21st Century by getting our facility "up to speed" in terms of technology. The development of a computer lab — enabling apprentices, CW/CE and journeymen to take part in the blended learning as well as other online classes — was his priority.

Connecting all the classrooms to the Internet and training of the instructors is taking place, assuring that the future is secure and it is now. He is also looking to upgrading and developing curriculum for our CW/CE. This fall the first Tele Data Training program begins. In partnering with Klein Tools and 3M products, our hands-on training will be top of the line; and Jim's desire is that eventually 60 percent of the time spent in training at the JATC will be dedicated to "hands-on" experiences. Welcome aboard and good luck in the future, Jim.

Lane Price, Pres.


Austin Electrical JATC Dir. Jim Stricklan.

Local Union Highlights

L.U. 558 (catv,em,i,mt,o,rtb,rts,spa&u), SHEFFIELD, AL — Local 558 had an extremely busy summer this year. Due to inclement weather, our 4th Annual Spring Picnic was postponed to Aug. 10. This event is one of the highlights of the year for our local. Our active and retired members and their families enjoy the opportunity to come together in a relaxed atmosphere and have a good time.

IBEW Local 558 was recognized at the Shoals Labor Day Rally as the top donor again this year. We are fortunate and proud to be a part of what is reportedly the longest running Labor Day rally in the U.S., at 91 consecutive years. Several local and state officials attended; they spoke on the conditions of our state and nation, and also expressed appreciation for continued support from organized labor.

Work has been somewhat stable as of the summer. The Toyota Motor Manufacturing engine plant in Huntsville, AL, is approaching the final stages of completion. At the time of this writing, we are close to filling calls at the newly constructed Jack Daniels facility in Decatur, AL.

Congratulations to our 2013 lineman apprentice graduation class. The lineman graduates are: Timothy Forrester, Joel Cole, Jason Borden, David Scott, Tyler Pace, Preston Parker and Zachary Tubbs. Special recognition goes to Tim Forrester on being named Outstanding Apprentice Lineman.

Tony Quillen, Pres./A.B.M.


Local 558 congratulates 2013 apprentice lineman graduates. From left: Training Dir. Ron Weaver; graduates Timothy Forrester, Joel Cole, Jason Borden, David Scott, Tyler Pace, Preston Parker, Zachary Tubbs; and Instructor Roy McDonald.

Fourth Quarter Update

L.U. 570 (i,mo,spa&u), TUCSON, AZ — Newly elected officers are stepping up to the plate to ensure the success of Local 570. Int. Rep. Debra Harget came to Tucson to facilitate Leadership Training and Trial Board Training for new and returning officers.

Local 570 officers are: Bus. Mgr. Mike Verbout, Pres. Scott Toot, Vice Pres. Jon Stevens, Rec. Sec. Bob Reynolds, Treas. Clinton Ponder-Gilby; Executive Board members Mark Watson, Chris Brevick, Jim Lynch, Pete Richey, Mike Pugh; and Examining Board members Rob Crosland, Chris Salazar, Russell Wind, Justin Shipley, Donald T. Berry and Anthony Snyder.

Our Annual Golf tournament in August raised more than $4,300 for Reading Seed Children's Literacy Program. Local 570 won the Union Olympics at the Annual Pima Area Labor Federation (PALF) Labor Day Picnic.

The local has offered continued support for Rosemont Copper, looking forward to completion of the permit process to open the Rosemont Copper Mine. The McDade-Woodcock project is nearing completion after several years of work on our waste water treatment plants.

Sturgeon Electric recently completed the North End Zone Project for the University of Arizona Football Stadium just in time for the 2013 football season.

Scott W. Toot, Pres./Org.


Some of the newly elected Local 570 officers recently sworn in gather for a photo.

IBEW Members 'Shine' on World-Class Solar Plant

L.U. 640 (em,govt,i,mo,mt,rts,spa&u), PHOENIX, AZ — IBEW Local 640 members brought superb skills to construction of one of the world's largest solar thermal generating plants.

The Solana Generating Station in Gila Bend, AZ, is scheduled to be fully on-line by the end of this year. This state-of-the-art facility will power 70,000 homes. It will prevent 475,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year when it's at peak production.

The 1,900-acre solar facility uses curved mirrors that heat oil-filled pipes to create steam. Some of the oil will heat large vats of salt, which will be used to create steam and produce electricity for up to six hours after the sun sets.

More than 220 IBEW Local 640 members worked approximately 100,000 man-hours during the construction with several of our signatory contractors on the project, including PayneCrest Electric, Sturgeon Electric and Swain Electric.

Although there was no project labor agreement on this project, our members performed outstanding work, and there were virtually no insurmountable issues throughout the entire project. Congratulations and heartfelt thanks go to all of our members and contractors who helped us "shine" on this world-class solar project.

Jeff Sears, Mbr. Dev./P.S.

Annual Awards Ceremony

L.U. 666 (i,mt&o), RICHMOND, VA — At the Annual Awards Ceremony, there were 37 new journeyman graduates from two apprenticeship graduating classes. Congratulations to you all! Peter R. Dietrich and Adam J. Burke received apprentice of the year awards for their respective class years.

In addition, 66 service pins were awarded to members for 25-65 years of service. Service award recipients included: Charles J. Teeter Jr. (for 65 years of service); Thomas D. Freeman, James H. Pace and Thomas W. Tuck, Jr. (55 years' service); Stanley M. Akin, Daniel F. Berlin, Hartwell M. Henshaw, Aubrey D. Hobson, Ronald M. Lowman, James D. Mantlo, Jr., Thomas E. Menefee, John A. Munro Jr. and Ralph P. Wood (50 years' service).

The Union Sportsmen's Alliance benefit dinner earlier this year was a great success, raising money for the York River State Park service project. You may have seen an article, "USA Volunteers Improve Trail Access in VA," about that project on the IBEW Web site. Thanks to all the union volunteers and contributors to the event! To read the article visit:

This year the Richmond JATC has held a master's review class; a train-the-trainer course for medium voltage splicing; and as of press time has an instrumentation class ongoing. Future journeyman classes will be posted on our Local 666 Web site and on the RJATC Web site

Best wishes to recent retirees Michael S. Ferrell, Ernest L. Thomas and Darrell W. Rettig!

Charles Skelly, P.S.

'Good News for Local 692'

L.U. 692 (iI,mt&spa), BAY CITY, MI — Our work picture has improved and should employ local members throughout the winter. The wind farm work won't get rolling until next spring.

We thank our sister locals for putting our members to work while things have been slow in our local.

Please stay involved and attend our monthly meetings. We are serving food at all of our monthly union meetings.

Our sympathy goes out to families of the following retired members who recently passed away: Bros. Clair Diamond, Raymond W. Dinkel, Colburn M. Spaulding and Clarence E. Techlin.

We wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year!

Tammy Gottleber, P.S.

New Contract Agreements

L.U. 702 (as,c,catv,cs,em,es,et,govt,i,it,lctt,mo,mt,​o,p,pet,ptc,rtb,rts,se,
spa,st,t,u,uow&ws), WEST FRANKFORT, IL — As we continue blazing a trail into the future, "Honoring our Past" has been a longtime theme of Local 702. With that in mind, several retired members were honored with 50-year, 55-year, 60-year, 65-year, and even 70-year service pins at the August 2013 union meeting, thanking them for their sacrifices made in order to obtain the benefits so many of our members today enjoy.

As of this writing, we are waiting on a National Labor Relations Board trial decision regarding two unjust terminations at Consolidated Communications (parent company of Illinois Consolidated Telephone Company) following last December's unfair labor practice six-day strike. We hope to have results of the NLRB decision by year's end.

Our referral books are as follows: Inside Construction–88; Outside Construction–8; and Line Clearance–4.

This year, we have new agreements at Vectren, Egyptian Co-op, Southern Co-op, Southeastern Co-op, Southern Illinois Power Cooperative, Coles Moultrie Co-op, Rend Lake Conservancy District, Illinois Gas, Frontier, Cairo Public Utility, the City of Miner, Ameren MO, and M&A Co-op, with open negotiations at BMU, the City of Flora, Hamilton County, and Egyptian Telephone.

To stay up on the latest Local 702 news and information, please visit us at or check us out on Facebook.

Mark Baker, B.R./P.S.


Three of Local 702's retired 50-year service pin recipients: Ralph Wilmouth (left), Donald Smith and Logan Marlow.

'So Long, 2013'

L.U. 1116 (em,lctt&u), TUCSON, AZ — OK, where did this year go? Time really does fly as we get older — and with this in mind, our local has maintained focus on organizing new hires with much success, as we see so many longtime members retiring.

Congratulations and best wishes to recent retirees: Robert Rogers, Jesus Meza, Merle Bradley and Donald Allison.

Welcome to Local 1116's new members, including: Adam Myers, April Anaya, Manny Baviche, Adam Bingham, Samuel Larson, Andrew Weigel, Kevin Wemmer and David Worrel. Several new members took the oath of obligation at the September union meeting. It is important to stress that monthly union meetings are an important part of any local.

The Tucson & Springerville Power Production departments received the initial go-ahead for their apprenticeship programs in the electrical and I&C crafts starting in 2014, and we are now looking at the mechanic and welding craft programs in 2015 as well. A union work force strengthens safety and quality craftsmanship for the future.

Our local looks forward to 2014 and wishes all fellow union brothers and sisters a great holiday season and a successful and happy new year.

R. Cavaletto, P.S.


New Local 1116 members are sworn in at September meeting.

Tradition of Community Service

L.U. 1466 (u), COLUMBUS, OH — On Saturday, Sept. 28, Local 1466 held our annual Fall Gathering at the union hall. Once again, we continued to see increased attendance from our membership, as well as many families and children taking part in the festivities. The food was catered by Hickory House and was popular as always. We thank all those who were able to attend. We also thank the Executive Board for planning the event and helping to make it such a success!

As many of you know, in September we also kicked off our partnership with AEP to help raise money for United Way. In addition, our local was presented the Celebration of Excellence Award for our effort in 2012. This reward is a testament to our members' dedication to improving our communities and reaching out to those in need. This is what the labor movement has always been about, and we are proud that our members are carrying on that tradition.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!

Jimi Jette, P.S.


2014 Club Meetings

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 1, ST. LOUIS, MO — The retirees of IBEW Local 1 send greetings to all with best wishes for a happy holiday season. We hope the economy keeps improving and all will prosper with full employment and a bountiful new year ahead.

We encourage all new retirees to attend our meetings and participate in retiree social activities. Our 2013 Labor Day parade was a great success with good participation. Our meetings are informative and interesting, and a chance to see old buddies.

Bus. Mgr. Frank Jacobs is using social media to communicate to great advantage; we hope many are able to participate in this manner. Local 1 is a true community asset that we are all proud of.

At the time of this writing, a club meeting was scheduled for Nov. 20, 2013, with a light lunch served as usual. Attendees enjoy good fellowship for all and shared happy memories of old times together.

Meetings scheduled for 2014 are as follows: March 19, May 21, July 16, Sept. 17 (luncheon), and Nov. 19. Start time is approximately 11 a.m. Mark your calendars.

Don Appelbaum, P.S.

Charity Drives

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 3, NEW YORK, NY, NASSAU CHAPTER — As we have for every Sept. 11, at our meeting this year we honored and read the names of our members who lost their lives on that day. A larger tribute can be seen on the IBEW Hour Power Web site; go to that site's video archive and click on "IBEW Local 3, Freedom Tower." The video makes one all the more proud to be an IBEW member.

Our 2013 annual picnic went well. The food was great and Jackie Weiss, Judy Montairo and Mary Scialabba coordinated the games, making it a great day.

Starting off our fall activities, George Geyer handled the October Fest Luncheon and did a great job. More events will follow.

Our annual charity drives again will benefit organizations including the Michael Nigro Foundation Cancer Care for Kids, a project of our late past vice chairman Joe Torino. Other drives planned at press time include a food drive for St. John of God Church. Retiree volunteer efforts will also benefit The Fisher Foundation, which supplies housing for veterans families while veterans are in rehab.

We are proud of our retiree Bill Urianek, former Marine sergeant, for his volunteer activities. Bro. Urianke, along with two World War II veterans, have collected more than 290,000 cans and bottles to raise funds to benefit veterans; these efforts will help to retrofit houses as well as provide companion dogs and prosthetics for veterans. The volunteers were feted at Yankee Stadium and received an award from Avis Corp.

Bob Cooper, P.S.

Summer Resort Trip

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 3, NEW YORK, NY, NORTH NEW JERSEY CHAPTER — Our Retirees chapter went to Woodloch Pines in Hawley, PA, June 24-27 for our summer getaway at the resort.

Sorry that many of our brothers and sisters were unable to attend. You were all missed.

Thank you to Abe Fichtenbaum, our photographer. The photo accompanying this article is a really good picture.

Enjoy the season. Be well, be happy. Travel safe.

Anthony LaBate, P.S.


Local 3, North New Jersey Chapter, Retirees Club enjoys trip to Woodloch Pines in Hawley, PA.

'Healthy Lifestyle'

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 3, NEW YORK, NY, WESTCHESTER / PUTNAM CHAPTER — Our annual visit, from July 8-11, to the Long Island Education Center was a great success. Pension Dir. Tom Gallagher presented an informal address. That was followed by two four-hour seminars, hosted by wellness coordinator Judy Blades and nutritionist Erica Vinas; topics were "Healthy Living" and "Nutrition and Diabetes Prevention." Both seminars were very informative, stressing the importance of nutrition and physical fitness to our everyday health and well-being. Staying healthy also requires reading and understanding labels on packaged food products and how they apply to us.

Today, men and women have a longer life expectancy, so nutrition and physical activity are extremely important. Many conditions that plague us today can be held in check by a few basic dietary strategies. For example, limiting sodium to three-quarters of a teaspoon of salt (1,500 mgs or less) and consuming more fiber lowers blood cholesterol and improves blood sugar levels. This information is only a portion of what these classes brought to our attention.

Thanks to all who made our stay educational and enjoyable.

John Rich, P.S. Bob Cuneo, P.S.


Erica Vinas, Pension Dir. Tom Gallagher and Judy Blades delivered informative presentations to Local 3, Westchester/Putnam Chapter, Retirees Club.

Retirees Tour Navy Battleship

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 11, LOS ANGELES, CA — Some of the "old folks" at Local 11 still have a little pep in their step. We must have climbed at least a dozen ladders and stairways (twice) on the battleship USS Iowa, during the guided tour that 15 members of the club embarked upon in August. At this writing, 15-20 members were planning to take the train to San Diego on Nov. 14 to stroll around the town. A museum or another Navy warship tour might be on the agenda.

If you're interested in future activities, come to the club meetings, held at the ETI, on the second Wednesday of every month at 10 a.m. Lunch will be served.

Also, don't forget the Holiday Party at Taix's Restaurant, downtown Los Angeles, on Dec. 11.

We continue to see new members at our meeting every month. Maybe you'll stop by soon. We wish all retirees, active members and staff of Local 11 a happy holiday season and a healthy, safe and prosperous new year!

Harvey "Butch" Bachand, Pres.

Eventful Club Schedule

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 60, SAN ANTONIO, TX — The club had its first meeting after a short break for the summer, and plans for the next nine months promise to be fun and exciting.

As a Christmas project, the club again picked the Wounded Warriors, who are so near and dear to our hearts. We will be collecting personal items through December to be taken to Ft. Sam's Wounded Warriors headquarters.

In February, we will have a silent auction. Last year's event was very successful, as one's donation can be another's treasure.

The main event comes in April with another golf tournament fundraiser. If it is as fun and rewarding as last year, everyone will be a winner.

Betty Cannon, past office manager of L.U. 60 and Retirees Club recording secretary, was one of the honorees at the San Antonio AFL-CIO Labor Day breakfast held Aug. 24. IBEW Organizer Craig Parkman was also acknowledged for his volunteer work.

The Club meets at noon the second Thursday of each month at the Plumbers and Pipefitters training building at 3630 Belgium Lane. All Local 60 retirees are welcome. Please join us!

Sandy Rogers, P.S.

Annual Retirement Dinner

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 90, NEW HAVEN, CT — On Tuesday, Oct. 15, our annual retirement dinner was held at the Groton Motor Inn to honor the latest group of Local 90 retirees. The following gentlemen were honored: Theodore Behrmann, Gary Browne, Donald Camden, Paul Gontarski, John Heffernan, Daniel Lipinski, Walter Perry Jr., Max Rioual, Bruce Veronick and Paul Woytowich. We congratulate you and thank you for your service to the IBEW and invite you to join our Retirees Club.

Our club will hold its annual Christmas Holiday Luncheon on Dec. 3, at Fantasia in North Haven, CT. This is always a great time with good friends and great food. Many thanks go to our officers, and especially to Richard and Rose Kirby, for their help in planning and working to make it such a wonderful affair.

We wish all IBEW members and their families a joyous holiday season and a happy, healthy and safe new year.

Richard Launder, P.S.

Local 110 Family Picnic

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 110, ST. PAUL, MN — More than 900 members and their families attended the annual IBEW Local 110 Family Picnic. Local 110 retirees cooked and served hamburgers, hot dogs, shredded pork, popcorn and beverages at the July 27 picnic. Prizes were raffled off every hour by our past president, Bro. Frank Gurney. Events for the kids included rock climbing, face painting, cash tornado, pony rides and ring the bell. It was a cool and windy day, but all had a good time. The hard-working retirees help make this great family event a huge success for our local union. Thanks to everybody who helped, and a special thanks to Bro. Joe Kelly, who continues to organize this outstanding event.

Brian Winkelaar, B.R.


Local 110 Retirees Club assists with preparations for the local's annual family picnic.

Service Pin Honorees

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 113, COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — We had a time of reflection and a time to renew old friendships recently as our Retirees Club joined with active Local 113 members to honor those with longtime service to our industry and the IBEW.

The 217 members honored this year represented a combined total of 7,085 years of IBEW service.

Honored with 60 year pins — Kenneth Diller, Harold Dittes, Chuck Eaton, Harold Olson, Bobby Phillips, Walter Ridenour, Roy Weaks and Lee Wilkie; 55-year pins — Bob Bernard, Mel Estes, Ron Fulgenzi, Verlon Hunt, Marlin Johnson, Don Moon, Leonard Ortman, Waldo Pendleton, Glen Plush, Jim Polders, Charles "Jim" Poole, Leonard Rowe, Edward Stepanek and Chuck Thompson; 50-year pins — Isaac Arnold, Richard Benell, Robert Braun, Paul Miller, Don Murray, Bela Veres and George Waterhouse.

Our congratulations to each of you so honored. We are saddened by the recent loss of 60-year member Bro. Lee Wilkie.

At this writing, there is a chill in the air and the Colorado mountain tops are white, meaning the holidays will soon follow.

Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for a happy, healthy 2014.

Bill Campbell, P.S.


Local 113 Pres. Brian Bradley (left) presents Chuck Eaton with 60-year pin and service award.

Club Trips a Great Success

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 130, NEW ORLEANS, LA — On Sept. 19, we had a group of 48 for a bus trip to Margaritaville Casino and Restaurant in Biloxi, MS. Everyone had a wonderful time and there were plenty of winners. Margaritaville is a keeper!

Our third quarterly meeting was Sept. 26 and we had plenty of food and drinks to go around. Everyone enjoyed socializing. We also raffled off three door prizes.

On Oct. 16, we took another bus trip to the Silver Slipper; as usual everyone had a wonderful time.

We thank Durel Legendre, secretary, for a job well-done on ordering the food for our meeting and donuts for the bus trips.

With deep regret we lost the following brothers: Edward J. Caire, Albert Castaneda, Joseph Giardina, Carl L. Kaltenbach and Myron C. Ward. May their souls rest in peace!

Until our next meeting, God bless America.

George Clesi, Pres.

Trips & Events Planned

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 134, CHICAGO, IL — Our club has been busy this year. I hope you take advantage of the great variety of fantastic events that have been planned, a huge part of what makes this such a wonderful club.

Events include: theater outings, ceremonies honoring service award recipients, the 25th anniversary celebration, golf outings, flower shows, visits to Arlington Racetrack, boat trips on the Chicago River and Lake Michigan, three catered luncheons with entertainment and, in November each year, a tour of the apprentice school.

Holiday season features a turkey raffle and a spectacular Christmas Party. If you haven't taken advantage of any of the events, you and your friends and family are missing great opportunities to come together and enjoy good times.

If you have any suggestions for additional events or entertainment, speak to any of the board members or contact Gerry White, our executive event planner. Come to the meetings. Remember: There are no strangers at local 134 — only friends you haven't met yet!

To join the club, contact Mario Coletta at 773-736-1480. Club meetings are the second Wednesday of each month at the union hall, 600 West Washington St. Noon to 1 p.m. is meet and greet time. The meeting starts at 1 p.m.

Louis Rodriguez, P.S.


At Local 134's annual New Retirees Dinner, from left: Mrs. Robert Mersch; Robert Mersch, current board member and former Retirees Club president; Irv Blaszynski, founding president; and Treas. Bernard Martin.

Active and Growing

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 176, JOLIET, IL — Our Retiree Club is active and growing. We thank our members for the help on our activities. With our help, the annual picnic was a great success, and the upcoming Kid's Christmas Party has always benefited from the retirees' assistance.

Check your weekly Labor Record for upcoming events and Retiree Club meeting times. The more the merrier!

Our "baby boomers" have started to augment our numbers. Don't forget the Retirees Club is still a very, very active organization. Help and participation is openly accepted.

Also, don't forget to volunteer at your children's or grandchildren's schools. It is amazing how many parents, teachers and administrators ask about what our career was. It opens the door for career days, and various opportunities to present an explanation of our trade or to speak about electrical safety or our hobbies.

See you at the next meeting!

Tom Proffit, P.S.

Good Turnout & Participation

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 197, BLOOMINGTON, IL — We are glad that Retirees Club meetings are getting a good turnout. It's a good time to get together, have coffee and donuts, and solve the world's problems. We are glad that our retirees remain active in the local by attending parades, golf outings and political affairs.

Among those who recently attended the Annual Democrats Day Breakfast in Springfield were: Dick Thompson, Don Armstrong, Dan Uhlir, Jack Roberts and Robin Roberts. They enjoyed a good breakfast and listened to labor-friendly candidates who want to move our state forward and put our members to work.

Once again we had a successful golf outing, for the 25th year. Retirees Jack Roberts and Robin Roberts have co-chaired the golf committee for many years. They put in a lot of time making preparations to ensure the event's success, and we are thankful for their efforts. Local 34 members John Gruber, Ralph Henderson, John Zobrist and Tony Espinosa, who have played in the outing for many years, presented Jack and Robin with a special award for their demonstration of friendship and brotherhood over the years. Bro. Gruber delivered a heartfelt speech expressing appreciation to Jack and Robin for their hospitality.

Mike Raikes, Pres.


Local 197 retirees Robin Roberts (left) and Jack Roberts (right) receive awards presented by Local 34 member John Gruber.

'Being Prepared'

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 212, CINCINNATI, OH — Several of our members/spouses are facing serious medical problems. We extend our best wishes for their recovery.

I am sorry to report the July 29 death of club member Clifford "Bud" Thesing, a 48-year IBEW member. We mourn the loss of Bud as we mourn the loss of other Local 212 members who recently passed away.

Life can change in an instant, the proverbial "twinkling of an eye." Local 212 employs a law firm ready to provide free consultations, wills and other services for our membership. Call the office for more information. As mortality and end-of-life decisions await everyone, issues to consider include updating wills and living wills, durable power of attorney, etc. Advance preparations are designed to ensure your final wishes and give peace to surviving loved ones.

Starting Jan. 1, 2014, Anthem will be the new healthcare provider for Local 212. Flu shots are already covered by Medicare and/or healthcare.

New members for October are Mike Brennan and Jim Daly. It was also nice to see Joe Wellman at the meeting. Jim McInerney, a 71-year IBEW member, is a regular attendee of club events.

Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year.

Bob Schaefer, P.S.

39th Annual Luncheon

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 236, ALBANY, NY — On Oct. 15, the Local 236 Retirees Club held their 39th annual luncheon at Treviso (The Italian American Community Center) at the 237 Washington Avenue Exit. The club would like to thank the local for all the help they gave us in contacting retirees and their widows. The retirees also wish to thank retired Bro. Ken Hinckley for taking pictures at the event. A total of 70 people came and enjoyed the camaraderie and the meal.

Jim Porter, P.S.


Local 236 Retirees Club gathers for annual luncheon.

Mississippi River Cruise

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 257, JEFFERSON CITY, MO — Our group participated in the city's Labor Day parade. On September 14, L.U. 257 had its annual picnic. The food was prepared by Moose Brothers BBQ, which is owned by L.U. 257 member Jason Morris and his brother Jim. Business Manager Don Bruemmer gave out certificates and pins for years of service to the following retirees: 65 years — John O'Bannon; 60 years — Leonard Steinman; 55 years — Danny Melloway, James Pettigrew; 45 years — Harvey Baysinger, David Brunk, Ronald Holzhauser, Larry Jones, Doyle Maupin; 35 years — Joseph Rowles.

Instead of our regular September meeting, 30 members went on a bus tour to Hannibal, visiting Mark Twain's birthplace and having lunch on the Mark Twain Riverboat with a cruise down the Mississippi.

On Oct. 29 we went to one of our favorite places, the Claysville Store, which is owned by Local 257 member Mark Hooibrink and his wife, Laura. They are famous for their family-style dinner of fried chicken and country ham. We appreciate them arranging to feed our group again.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our Christmas luncheon in December.

Delores Melloway, P.S.


Local 257 Retirees Club members get ready to board the Mark Twain Riverboat for lunch and a ride down the Mississippi River.

Update from Boise Retirees

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 291, BOISE, ID — The October luncheon was held in Meridian at The Jade Horse Restaurant, with 36 in attendance. There was a small turnout due to opening day of deer hunting season; several of our members wanted to try their luck at shooting a deer. Also, our snowbird members were getting ready to go south before snowfall. Those who attended enjoyed a tremendous banquet of food including steamed clams. Brad Smith won our $5 monthly drawing; he was a happy man. Brad, don't spend it all in one place!

We have a few members who are sick and we wish them well. The majority of the club members are enjoying good health.

Work is picking up. The local actually put some people to work off of Book II; hope the earlier government shutdown doesn't hurt anymore people than it already has.

Protect and defend the right to be union members, always! Continue to pray for our troops, our country leaders and the struggling economy.

Our luncheons are the second Thursday of each month. Please contact any club member or the union hall for time and location.

Joe Sirani, Pres.


Season's Greetings from Local 291 Retirees Club, where all are welcome.

Sarnia Happenings

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 530, SARNIA, ONTARIO, CANADA — Our club had a busy and enjoyable agenda this past summer with great turnouts at our meetings and our planned affairs.

We enjoyed a cruise up the St. Clair River, stopping for dinner on the American side of the waterway before returning to Sarnia and viewing the lights of the Chemical Valley.

We enjoyed a fish dinner at Purdy's Fisheries in Point Edward, consuming fish freshly caught in our own wonderful waters of Bluewater Land.

On Sept. 4 we held our Annual Retirees Club Golf Tournament. This outing is a yearly favourite and we had 24 golfers taking part in competition. We had an additional 16 non-golfers come for the afternoon, making a grand total of 40 club members sitting down to dinner at the end of the competition.

Herb Burdett and Bob Friedrich plan and organize this event and do a fine job with wonderful results. Peter Schenk arranges for prizes for the tournament, and it must be mentioned that our tournament would not be the success it is without his efforts.

Our group wishes all a wonderful holiday season and health and happiness in the New Year of 2014.

Nancy Stinson Philbin, P.S.


Local 530 Retirees Club 2013 Golf Tournament winners: Jack McLellan, Gord Neely, Ed McCormack and Doug Bazeley.

Planning for Year Ahead

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U.640, PHOENIX, AZ — Happy holidays from the Golden Age Road Runners executive board with our sincere wishes for a turn to prosperity in the year to come.

Our accompanying photo features the board at our first meeting as we made plans for the 2013-14 season. Standing, from left, are: board members John Hunter, Ron Bishop and Lucile Decker; secretary Diana Foster and her husband, Chuck (vice president); and newly-inducted board member Ron Materko. Seated, from left, are: board member Daryl Knupp, newly elected Pres. Carlos Santa Cruz, Sgt. at Arms Cliff Herrscher, and Treas. Jim Weaver.

October and November meetings featured speakers on health and financial issues important to seniors. These talks, along with a well-prepared breakfast and raffle drawings, made for enjoyable and informative mornings.

In December the breakfast is free, along with some extra drawings in the raffle, and a tribute to the staff in the Local 640 office who assist our secretary in our monthly mailings.

We welcome "younger" retired members to become a part of the Road Runners. Recent retirees are always needed to maintain the club.

We meet on the third Friday of each month at 9:30 a.m. at the union hall.

Daryl Knupp, P.S.


Local 640 Retirees Club board meets to make plans for the upcoming year.

'Thanks to Volunteers'

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 702, WEST FRANKFORT, IL — At the Retirees Club meeting held Oct. 3 in Marion, IL, there were 29 members and guests in attendance.

We extend a sincere "thank you" to our members who volunteered to work the union pavilion during the DuQuoin State Fair, where we gave away a new Weber Summit grill.

Members are encouraged to attend and bring other retired members to the next meeting, scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 5, at Bennie's Italian Foods in Marion. At the Dec. 5 meeting, an election for a new president will be held.

To stay up on the latest Local 702 news and information, please visit us at or check us out on Facebook.


Mark Baker, P.S.

Service Pins Awarded

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 756, DAYTONA BEACH, FL — We had a great welcome back from our summer break with a crowd of about 60 for a fish fry and all the fixings. The fish prepared by Greg and the fellows was delicious as usual! Steve Gibbs has taken over for Jimmy Warren as president. Pins were awarded to members with 50-, 55- and 60 years of service. We congratulate and thank you all for your commitment and years of service to the union. Our October meeting was a potluck dinner with a good turnout, and our November meeting is always a hit with our Thanksgiving theme. We hope to see you at our December meeting (ham), and we wish you a merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the new year at our annual Chili Cook-off, on Jan. 9, 2014.

As always, we wish to invite any retired and unemployed brothers and sisters and their spouses who are in the area to come join us. Our meetings are the second Thursday of each month, 11:30 a.m., at the Local 756 union hall in Port Orange, FL.

Diane Gibbs, P.S.


Several Local 756 retired members present at September meeting were awarded pins for longtime service. From left are: Holmes Davis (55 years of service), Buster Crane (55 years); Larry Webster (50 years), Al Gurley (50 years), Rusty Stellitano (60 years) and Donnie Cumbus (50 years).

Celebrating a Decade of Growth

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 804, KITCHENER, ONTARIO, CANADA — Our club is 10 years young. On Sept. 5, 2003, several enthusiastic retired members and spouses met at the "Hall" to establish a Local 804 retirees club. On a motion of Bro. Russ Hartwick, seconded by Lowell Shantz, it was unanimously agreed to apply for a club charter.

Founding members listed on the charter are: Ken Woods, Lowell Shantz, David Rendell, Edward Krouse, Gino Tonin and Joseph Psutka. Those six founding members served as the club's first officers and board members.

Now a very active group of happy retired "sparkies," our club has grown to 70-plus members. Monthly meetings and luncheons are well-attended.

Thanks to Bro. Frank "the arranger" Ische, we enjoy shows, theater and delicious meals while travelling.

Retirees volunteer for many community charitable events. Bro. Doug Richards and dedicated volunteers wire Habitat for Humanity homes.

We enjoy visits to our sister retirees clubs. We thank our friends in Hamilton, Toronto and Ottawa for their friendship.

The labour movement faces attacks at all levels of government. In proposed legislation that would align Canadians with "right-to-work" states, the federal government was temporarily stopped, but Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not through yet; we must assist our active members when that fight continues.

Ken Woods, Pres./P.S.


Retired Int. Rep. Jerry Wilson gets into the swing of things at Local 804's Oktoberfest celebration last fall.