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February 2014

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A Winning Play

I was a 40-year member and the business manager of Syracuse, N.Y., Local 1249, prior to my retirement in 1985. I would like to congratulate President Hill for his advertising on NFL football games. It certainly reaches millions of viewers. Great job!

Andy Mihok, Local 1249 retiree
Syracuse, N.Y.

IBEW Family Tree

During the recent pin award party at Atlanta Local 613 in November, the Stewart family celebrated 200+ years of service. First you will see the name Tom Stewart on the charter and from left to right are Frank, David, Harold and Lee. Years of service for Tom: approximately 25; Frank, 40; David, 65; Harold, 35; and Lee, 43; for a total of 208 years. We are most fortunate and blessed to have our dad with us at age 88 and to enjoy the company of three brothers who all have successful careers which began with a JATC and jobsite training. I issue a challenge to other families who have a long collective tenure with IBEW to share your story with all.

Lee Stewart, Local 613 member


Shout-out to Standout 'Brothers'

It was great to read Brenda Altman's letter ('Missed Opportunities,' November 2013) pointing out the disparities of being a woman in a historically male profession. Hard work and a good job done should be the only considerations when evaluating a worker.

I would like to point out two woman members I have had the pleasure of working with. Member Debbie Nass moved through the ranks at the City of Chicago to the position of traffic signal repairs. As the senior traffic repairman, I worked with Debbie in 2012. A quick study as well as a prepared repairman, she was most importantly an enthusiastic worker. She undoubtedly will serve the city and her fellow union workers well. This is no easy task, working alone in some of the toughest Chicago neighborhoods.

Occasionally I would have to meet a repair crew and my day was always made great when the crew of Vicki Gibbons would show up. Vicki is one of the finest lineman foremen I have had the pleasure of working with in my 32 years as an IBEW member. Vicki is as knowledgeable and hardworking as any man.

I wanted to recognize these remarkable women of the IBEW, members we can all be proud to call 'brother.'

William E. Nelson, Local 9 member

IBEW_Facebook  From Facebook: Every month the IBEW Facebook page receives thousands of comments from our dynamic and engaged community of members and friends. Starting this month, the Electrical Worker will share some of the best with its readers.

IBEW members are the greatest. I sent a request in July that some of you send to me your local sticker so I could decorate my son's safety helmet for his son. Wow, did you all come through. Every day I opened the mailbox I got a surprise from you. I still am getting one a day. I have received over 300 answers to my request. I am thankful to all of you! I will do something special with the extras after we do two safety helmets for his son and his daughter. RIP James Shukait.

Cathy Lovelace Shukait, Belleville, Mich.
Mother of Ann Arbor Local 252 member James Shukait