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February 2014

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IBEW Community Service

L.U. 6 (c,i,st&u), SAN FRANCISCO, CA — On Nov. 27 last year, our motorcycle enthusiasts joined forces with other volunteers at St. Anthony's to assist with the preparation of a Thanksgiving feast for homeless and needy San Franciscans. We received many compliments and found this to be a rewarding experience.

Our Day of Holiday Spirit was full of excitement — Santa, kids, fire engines, barbeque, a bounce house, a poker tournament, and presents that Local 6 members donated for the San Francisco Fire Department Toy Program. Thanks to all who volunteered their assistance for this event, we raised money and put a smile on many children's faces.

Tom O'Rourke, A.B.M.

'Thanks to Volunteers'

L.U. 8 (as,em,i,mar,mt,rts,s&spa), TOLEDO, OH — Hello, brothers and sisters. With 2014 under way, we hope the number of our work hours will significantly improve. Our economic slump has lasted almost a year and a half, but it appears change is on the horizon. Shutdown projects at the two nuclear facilities in our jurisdiction are well under way and other breaking projects are expected to allow us to catch up to the long awaited economic turnaround.

I thank all those who worked so hard on the November general elections. Your hard work paid off — anti-union and "right-to-work for less" supporter Mayor Mike Bell was defeated by Mike Collins, a proponent of labor and collective bargaining. Labor can look forward to working with Mayor Collins in the future. Although Bro. Shaun Enright was not re-elected to the Toledo City Council, he put up a good fight and he should be proud of all his hard work on the council. Thanks to all who volunteered on Shaun's campaign.

This past fall, a Habitat for Humanity house in Oak Harbor, Ohio, was completed for a mother and two small children. A big thank-you goes to the 16 volunteers, primarily third- and fifth-year residential apprentices, who logged 272 hours on this project. That totals nearly 4,000 volunteer hours since 2008, just from Toledo JATC apprentices alone. Let's all continue to recognize and raise the bar with these and other acts of good will.

Mike Brubaker, F.S., P.S.

Training Center Dedication

L.U. 12 (i,o&se), PUEBLO, CO — The forecast for Oct. 5 last year was cold and windy, but when you pick a day for the picnic two months in advance, you never know what you will get. It turned out to be a beautiful fall day. We began with a dedication ceremony for the Tracy L. DeFusco Memorial Training Center. Along with honoring our late Brother Tracy, we also acknowledged several other brothers for their longtime contributions to our apprenticeship program: Pete Montera, Larry Tatinski, Ron Scott, Loius DeNiro and Ken Griffin. After the festivities, we all gathered at The Pueblo Nature and Raptor Center for a day of music, bounce house fun and good eats.

On Oct. 26, the Ladies Auxiliary put together a Halloween Party for the kids with spooky games and a costume contest. It was a haunting good time.

We will be planning the Local 12 Awards Ceremony by the time this article prints. We'll have details on that next issue. Reminder: Everyone work proud, work safe.

Susan J. Johnson, P.S.


Attendees enjoy Local 12 Annual Picnic.

Fantasy of Lights Benefit

L.U. 16 (i), EVANSVILLE, IN — The 20th Ritzy's Fantasy of Lights had a great start by being blessed with beautiful weather and a dedicated crew of experienced IBEW Local 16 hands, as well as hard-working rookies.

Proceeds from this annual holiday event help fund rehabilitation services for needy children and adults in the tri-state area. Since 1994, more than $2,535,500 has been raised and approximately 82,536 therapy sessions partially or fully paid for. The crowd was reminded by this year's youth advocate just what the Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center does, as she described developmental challenges she has had to overcome. Thanks again to all who make this endeavor possible.

The retirees breakfast is held the second Friday of every month at 8:30 a.m. Scheduled locations are as follows: Jan. 10 at Harold's; Feb. 14 at Darmstadt Inn; March 14 at Pie Pan; April 11 at Harold's; May 9 at Golden Corral; June 13 at Golden Corral; July 11 at Darmstadt Inn; Aug. 8 at Pie Pan; Sept. 12 at Merry-Go-Round; Oct. 10 at Red Wagon; Nov. 14 at Rick's 718 Bar; and Dec. 12 at Rosie's. Come on out and enjoy the brotherhood.

Donald P. Beavin, P.S.

Industry Night a Success

L.U. 22 (i,rts&spa), OMAHA, NE — IBEW Local 22 held an Industry Night on Oct. 2, 2013. It was a great success with more than 60 people from the nonunion side attending to find out more about joining the union. We were able to organize journeyman electricians, CWs and CEs. We also now have contact information with others who are interested in our industry.

In September, IBEW Local 22 started a new online-based system for referring electricians for employment. When people now sign the book, they create a login which allows them to bid for posted calls. Calls are posted on the system at 4:30 p.m., and bids can be placed on the website at or through the IBEW 22 Mobile App. The next business day at 8:30 a.m., a program scans through the out-of-work list in book order, pulling out applicants until the call is filled. Selected applicants are sent a message to report to the union hall at 10 a.m. the next business day, to allow for travel time. People who did not catch the call are informed that the call is filled. Messages are automatically sent by e-mail, text message, or by logging into the system. So far we have filled 48 different job calls, sending out more than 340 electricians for projects in our jurisdiction. For more information visit the referral website at

Chris Bayer, P.S.

2014 Events Scheduled

L.U. 26 (ees,em,es,govt,i&mt), WASHINGTON, DC — Greetings and best wishes to all in 2014!

Scholarship Time! Visit the local's website for information and to download application forms for this year's Local 26 scholarship. The award is $2,500 per year, for up to four years of college. Applications may also be obtained by calling the union hall (301-459-2900) and requesting one be mailed to your home. The deadline to submit applications is March 31, 2014.

Please note upcoming 2014 events: Electrical Workers Motorcycle Riding Club will host their 3rd Annual Poker Run — Saturday, May 3 (for more information, contact Jerry Lozupone at 301-459-2900); Annual Dollars Against Diabetes golf outing — Monday, June 2; JATC graduation — Saturday, June 7; Annual Manassas, VA, picnic — Saturday, June 21; Edgewater, MD, picnic - Saturday, Aug. 2; and the Retired Members' Club will host their annual crab feast — Saturday, Oct. 11.

We mourn recently deceased members: James S. Shazer, Theodore F. Moseley Jr., James C. Polk Jr., Joseph E. Wade and Leroy R. Windsor.

Best wishes to new retirees: Roger A. Barnes, David A. Clark, David S. Duarte, Roderick R. George, Joseph M. Haugh Sr., Thomas C. Miller, Martin J. Reedy, Robert M. Wines, Thomas A. Ricker Jr., Don T. O'Sullivan, Aparicio S. Merino, Warren R. Cobean III, Ronald V. Friend, Thomas O. Johns, William B. Clayton, John C. Taugner, Dennis M. Burton, William Flemming, Thomas C. Friedrich and Stephen R. Kight.

Charles E. Graham, B.M.

'Man-hours on the Increase'

L.U. 34 (em,i,rts&spa), PEORIA, IL — We're one month into the new year and our man-hours are steadily increasing. We should have a decent spring in Local 34. It has been several months since my last article and I wish to thank all of the locals that made donations to help our members who lost their homes after an F4 tornado blew through Washington, IL. The generosity of union members always amazes me.

Local 34 congratulates Tina Burd on her appointment. Tina is now the treasurer of Local 34 and our first female officer. She will do a wonderful job and make Local 34 proud.

We have a couple of events coming up this spring. In March, our Peoria Bus. Rep. Dave Lowder will be asking all of our members to pony up a pint of blood for our annual blood drive. According to the Red Cross, each donation can help save the lives of up to three people.

The next event will be the spring golf outing organized by member Dave Ramsay. For further details about these events please contact the hall.

Marc Burnap, P.S.


Local 34 Pres. Tim Sprout congratulates Treas. Tina Burd.

Work Picture Update

L.U. 38 (i), CLEVELAND, OH — Work has currently slowed down here with the completion of the Blast Furnace Reline job at Mittal Steel; however, at the time of this writing it was just announced that the Browns Stadium upgrade job will start immediately after the season. The $130 million upgrade will include new scoreboards and a new sound system.

The financing just got completed as of press time for the new 600-room Hilton Hotel to be built next to the convention center. Demolition will start on the old building on that site early in 2014 and the new building should start going up this spring.

Several buildings are being remodeled for apartments and because of high demand developers are looking at several other sites for more apartments in downtown Cleveland. Note accompanying photo.

Dennis Meaney, B.M./F.S.


Local 38 members from Lake Erie Electric working on new Case Western Reserve University Student Center. From left: Jeff Kalista, Doug Morris, Eric Cloud, steward Doug Behringer, Aaron Donelan, Jamie Miller, Tony Perez, foreman Marty Jones and Nick Kotantoulas.

Work Outlook is Promising

L.U. 42 (catv,em,govt,lctt&o), HARTFORD, CT — The photo accompanying this month's article features Local 42 "BA" members doing extensive line clearance tree trimming for miles along the utility distribution rights-of-way in Connecticut.

As of this writing, the work picture was holding steady for the "A" members of Local 42 for the month of December 2013. The outlook for the new year is very promising. We have two Highline projects that will be starting up and some more work on the railroad as well. With CL&P, the "BA" member tree crews are now able to perform much-needed tree trimming and removal of trees.

We congratulate Mickey Carmiggelt for catching the biggest fish during our fall Chartered Fishing Trip held Oct. 5 last year.

Just a reminder — 2014 upcoming events for Local 42 are scheduled as follows:

We are proud to be celebrating our 45th Year Anniversary at our Dinner/Apprentice Graduation festivities on April 26, 2014. Also scheduled for 2014 are the: Trap Shoot — May 3; Motorcycle Run — May 17; Dinner Cruise — June 14; Chartered Fishing Trip — July 12; "BA" Picnic — July 26; "A" members Picnic — Aug. 23; and fall Chartered Fishing Trip — Sept. 27.

Have a safe and happy new year!

Jacquelyn Moffitt, P.S.


Local 42 "BA" members perform tree clearing along distribution rights-of-way.

'Security of Health Care'

L.U. 48 (c,em,i,rtb,rts&st), PORTLAND, OR — President Obama's hard work is finally paying off. Millions of working American families will finally enjoy the security of health care under the Affordable Care Act.

Fortunately, Local 48 members will continue to enjoy our excellent Harrison Health Insurance Trust coverage. But what about family members and friends not qualified under your umbrella?

The ACA requires all citizens to enroll in a medical insurance plan. Which plan to choose, and how to navigate the process, is daunting. Oregonians without insurance can use Cover Oregon, the new health insurance marketplace, to apply for and choose a plan. Then, by selecting, they can join the labor movement and more than 3 million Americans enjoying affordable health care.

Working America is the community affiliate of the AFL-CIO. Their goal is to facilitate millions of people as they purchase medical coverage. They provide tools, research and assistance. Their brokers guarantee competitive rates and comprehensive plans.

Through their partnership with the AFL-CIO and Union Plus, Working America can offer special service benefits to members. Call: 800-560-7114 or visit

Look for the IBEW Local 48/Working America sponsored Insurance Fair, coming January 2014. It's the perfect opportunity to shop coverage. Family members and friends welcome.

Robert Blair, P.S.

Local 58 Shines at Michigan
Advanced Lighting Conference

L.U. 58 (em,i,rtb,spa&t), DETROIT, MI — The Detroit JATC hosted 300-plus guests for the Michigan Advanced Lighting Conference held Dec. 3, 2013. The conference included representation from utilities, advanced lighting manufacturers, the design community, contractors, energy stakeholders, customers and more. More than 36 exhibitors displayed the latest lighting technologies and products that improve lighting and energy efficiency.

The conference covered topics including the future of LED technology, and rebates & incentives for commercial facilities. Topics discussed also included: case studies from a variety of southeast Michigan locations; and the Michigan Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (MALCTP).

Local 58 and its partners at NECA were sponsors and organizers of the event through the LMCC Business Development program. Other sponsors included DTE Energy, Consumers Energy, Michigan Solid State Lighting Assoc., and Energy United.

Also on-site for the conference was Local 58's own Kevin Niezurawski, also known as Detroit Kryo. If you haven't seen the amazing 2,400+ LED suit Kevin has put together, check it out at

Conferences like the Michigan Advanced Lighting Conference bring potential and existing customers through the doors of our Training Center, which helps them get to know us and understand the depth of our training and expertise.

Andy E. Dunbar, Pres.

Stewards Class

L.U. 68 (i), DENVER, CO — Greetings, brothers and sisters. September rains last year were fast and furious here in Colorado. The flooding was as bad as you saw in the news. Although it made work for some of our contractors, it was at terrible expense to some members and hundreds of others. Say a prayer for those still trying to dig out and rebuild. Say an extra prayer for those who lost everything.

Local 68 had a turnout dinner for the class of 2013 apprenticeship graduates on Oct. 4 last year; the local welcomed and extended congratulations to the 11 new journeyman wiremen.

On Nov. 12, Guy Runco held a Stewards Class at the hall. We had 24 journeymen participate to learn the responsibilities and duties of an IBEW steward in our ever-changing workplace.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season.

We extend our deepest sympathy to the families of our recently deceased brother Howard N. Jones.

Jack Cox, Pres.


Denver Local 68 congratulates 2013 JATC apprenticeship graduates.

Third Generation Union Family

L.U. 70 (lctt&o), WASHINGTON, DC — Local 70's general meeting on Oct. 22, 2013, was a very special one. We welcomed a third generation of a proud union family to our membership.

Grandfather James "Jim" Taylor, former president of Local 70, was at the meeting to receive his 40-year pin and swear in his grandson Hunter Taylor. Also in attendance was Hunter's father, Local 70 member Robert "Whistle" Taylor.

William M. Drabic Sr., R.S.


Former Local 70 president James "Jim" Taylor (left) swears in grandson Hunter Taylor (right), as son Robert "Whistle" Taylor (center) looks on.

Membership Activity Grows

L.U. 80 (i&o), NORFOLK, VA — Our membership activity continues to grow as several more members have joined the Volunteer Organizing Committee. The VOC recently held sessions for "member to member" and "member to future member" training on how to engage others to become active in the local and how to reach out to unrepresented workers. After the member-to-future-member training, the VOC made house calls to nonunion electricians targeted by the local. The VOC will continue to meet the second Tuesday of each month at the union hall.

Local 80 also started a Young Workers Group with approximately 10 members. Their goal is to energize the younger workers in the trade in an effort to grow our industry to include a younger workforce. The group meets the second Thursday of each month at the hall. If anyone is interested in joining either of these groups, please contact the hall.

Local 80 will no longer mail out its quarterly newsletter. Instead, the newsletter will be available electronically via our website, or it can be e-mailed to you if you contact the hall and provide an e-mail address.

W. Dennis Floyd, A.B.M.

Awareness & Involvement

L.U. 86 (ees,em,es,i,rts&spa), ROCHESTER, NY — As I drove past the ball field at dusk, I noticed them. Members of my community were three innings deep into another night game. I looked above the field, high on the pole, to the giant lights overhead and smiled knowingly. My hands put those lights there. It's a small impression on a big landscape but it offered me a true connection to the community I call home. And in small ways, in public and private spaces we are building our city. We are helping to improve it — we are making it just a little bit better than the day before.

And just as we do at work for the city in which we live, I urge you to do the same for the local from which you work. Get involved, be aware, help to build it, fine-tune it, and grow it. Be proud to associate yourself with it. Just like the city that benefits from our laborious endeavors, so too will our organization benefit when we all stand as one. Please attend your union meetings!

Anthony Palermo, P.S.

Building Better Communities

L.U. 110 (em,i,rts,spa&u), ST. PAUL, MN — The work picture continues to improve in our jurisdiction. Our large projects from the American Recovery Act are all near completion, but development around those projects is increasing. The refineries in our jurisdiction will be solid employers for the next few years.

We are only as good as our training. Please continue to get the latest certifications and training to ensure that you can take calls for any location.

The annual IBEW Holiday Lights in the Park display in Saint Paul was installed and the setup went well. We had over 115 IBEW Local 110 members volunteer to help set up for this great holiday event that helps five charities. We raised over $80,000 last year for families in need. Just one more way that IBEW Local 110 is building better communities every day!

Please take the time to support companies that make union-made products in the U.S. Support those that support you!

Brian Winkelaar, P.S.


St. Paul, MN, Local 110 volunteers raise a 30-foot tall Christmas tree for IBEW Holiday Lights in the Park display.

Election Time is Here

L.U. 134 (catv,em,govt,i,mt,rtb,rts,spa&t), CHICAGO, IL — March 18 is the primary election date in Illinois for state, county and local offices. Local 134 will continue its role as a force in helping elect labor-friendly candidates to office. All but one Local 134 endorsed candidates won in the 2012 elections.

Keeping with tradition, Local 134 will host its 3rd Annual PAC Party in conjunction with the downtown St. Patrick's Day parade on March 15. Rain or shine — the PAC Party is always a well-attended event for members and their families, along with numerous politicians. There will be plenty of food and drink, music and conversation. Keep an eye on our website for further details.

Frank Cunningham, B.R.

'Thanks to Sister Locals'

L.U. 146 (ei,i&rts), DECATUR, IL — The work picture is very slow in Decatur and we would like to thank our sister locals for the opportunity to put our members to work. We are still waiting on the Cronus fertilizer plant project to select a site for its construction. We are still very optimistic that our proposed site and incentives offered in the Local 146 jurisdiction will be the favored selection.

Congratulations to the following members, who made application for retirement in 2013: Alan Eaton, Bart Lowery, Terry Clark, Neil Marshall, John Arnold, Norm Clem, Galen Garrett, Ernie Dworak, Mike Hall and Warren Elder.

Have a safe and healthy spring.

Rich Underwood, R.S.

Service Pins Awarded

L.U. 150 (es,i,rts&spa), WAUKEGAN, IL — Service pins were awarded to many longtime members at our Christmas meeting. Recipients are as follows: 50-year pins were presented to Richard Lahey, Larry Laycock, George Pasquesi and Dan Swan; 55-year pins were presented to Bill Bock, John Brieden, Joe Geraldi, Bob Kiesgen, Bud Otterness, Domenic Rivi, Tulio Servi and Richard Smith; 60-year pins were presented to John Foli, Gil Glader, Ray Holst, Dick Klemp, Leathel McDaniel, Chuck Skinner and Eugene Temple. Jim Holst was presented with a 65-year pin.

Local 150 will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2014. I am still looking for photos and other memorabilia. Please see me at any union meeting or leave items at the hall in my name. Thanks for any and all contributions and just to clarify: all items will be returned to the owners.

In solidarity,

Wendy J. Cordts, P.S.

New Members Sworn In

L.U. 160 (lctt,o&u), MINNEAPOLIS, MN — On Oct. 29, 2013, at our Missouri Valley union meeting in St. Anthony, MN, we swore in new members to Local 160. They include Missouri Valley apprentice linemen Danny Isaacson, Sam Billmeier, Ben Drexler and Jason Manning; Chris Gohr, groundman; Christopher Mikulak, truck driver/groundman; and Jordan Heikkila, groundman. Congratulations to all our new IBEW members. We look forward to many years of solidarity with them.

Our 30th Annual Pig Roast went off without a hitch last year. It was held Sept. 26 at our hall in St. Anthony, MN. The weather was beautiful and we had a great turnout. Thanks to our behind-the-scenes staff — Rose Eiden, Shari Johnson and Jenny Olson — who start preparing early for this event every year. Thanks to our Executive Board, who help staff the event. A very special thanks also to our wonderful cooks, Dan Gardas, Steve Adams and John Harris; to all those who donate to this special event each year; and to everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to join us for good food, good conversation and solidarity. Hope to see you all next year.

Charlie Sable, B.R.


Local 160 members enjoy the 30th Annual Pig Roast.

2013 Election of Officers

L.U. 164 (c,em,i,o&t), JERSEY CITY, NJ — On June 6 last year, IBEW Local 164 held its election of officers. The election was the culmination of a very healthy and spirited campaign that saw much interest and participation by the membership and good campaigns run by the nominees for office.

Following are the election results for Local 164: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Dan Gumble, Pres. Tom Sullivan, Vice Pres. Warren Becker, Rec. Sec. Todd Heuer, Treas. John Dalessio III; Executive Board members Harold Bender, John Callari, Jim Flaherty, D.J. Heal, Christopher Larson, Dennis Milazzo and Jason Reiser; and Examining Board members Joseph Caporale, Chris Cunningham, Rich Davies, Victor Docherty and Steve Fritsch.

Bus. Mgr. Gumble and Pres. Sullivan, on behalf of the local, would like to congratulate the new officers and wish them luck and success in their efforts to continue and advance the great tradition of Local 164. They also wish to thank all of the members who heard the call, stepped up to the plate and ran for office when their local needed them. We as a local thank all of the outgoing officers who served our local with pride. Congratulations to all.

Warren Becker, V.P.

Strong Membership Growth

L.U. 196 (govt,mt,o,t&u), ROCKFORD, IL — As we begin 2014, our membership continues to grow.

Through legislative channels and activism, the largest utility in our jurisdiction has secured the ability to recoup its investment in a very necessary upgrade to its system through minimal rate increases over multiple years.

Great news for our local and our members. Our membership has increased more than 30 percent in the past three years and our membership is as large as it has been in the last 40 years.

Our membership development representative, Greg "Porkchop" Doss, has been beating the street to sign up new contractors and help them understand the true benefits of being involved with a labor organization that wants to help them be successful. If certain contractors opt not to develop that partnership, they are starting to figure out that their workers are willing to make the jump to the union side without them. Good for us, not so good for a nonunion contractor.

We are also involved in an organizing campaign at the City of Geneva Street Dept., where we have won 14 new members through card check and recently participated in a State Labor Board hearing for two other "contested" positions.

We will continue to grow in numbers and strength through the efforts of the one and only "Porkchop."

Best of 2014 to the entire IBEW.

Eric Patrick, B.M.

Full Employment at Year's End

L.U. 222 (o), ORLANDO, FL — Greetings and happy new year from Local 222. We hope everyone had a happy New Year's and a good start to 2014. Local 222 had a very busy end to 2013; we have enjoyed full employment with quite a few transmission jobs that had to be finished by year's end.

The third Saturday of November found Local 222 members Ross Daigle, Angel Fundora, Omar Sanchez and South End Asst. Willy Dezayas teaming up with some Local 349 officers and members to help the Dade County Parks system. The county had an area just outside of the library that needed electrical service so they could put up Christmas lights and a tree for the holidays. To accomplish the task, the members had to tackle 200-plus feet of coral rock trench, set a 75kv pad mounted transformer, then trench the secondary to a meter rack — all within a 12-hour window. It was a very busy day and a job well done. Dade County had the ceremonial lighting of the tree on Nov. 21 at the Olympic library branch.

The Local 222 holiday party was Dec. 21 and by now there should be plenty of pictures on our Website:

William "Bill" Hitt, Pres.


Members of Locals 222 and 349 install underground electrical service to supply power for Christmas decorations and a tree lighting ceremony at library.

'BIM' Class Well-Attended

L.U. 234 (i&mt), CASTROVILLE, CA — We had a good turnout of members and contractor representatives on Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013, when our LMCC sponsored an all-day class on Building Information Modeling. BIM, as it is commonly known, is already being utilized on projects in our local. It is an effective tool used by contractors to facilitate preliminary layout of projects, thereby reducing later costly field conflict resolutions between various systems. It was beneficial to have Local 234 members Jose Munoz and Ryan Porter attend, as they generously shared their current experiences with BIM.

Our local proudly supports advances in our industry whenever and wherever possible.

Stephen Slovacek, P.S.

IBEW Volunteers Install Solar Array at Area Shelter

L.U. 236 (catv,ees,govt,i,mo,rtb&t), ALBANY, NY — On a cold and blustery day this past October, Local 236 volunteers were called upon and stepped up once again. Volunteers from both Local 236 and General Electric showed up and were greeted with warm coffee and a cold wind that did not discourage anyone from climbing up on the roof to install a new solar array for the Bethesda House, a local shelter that provides food and shelter for those in need.

Teams of volunteers worked all day installing solar modules, conduit, cable and the inverter that allows energy from the sun to be converted into AC energy, which can be used by the shelter to reduce its future utility bills. Before the sun set that evening, the system was up and running and already producing free electricity for the shelter. The residents and staff at the Bethesda House were extremely grateful for their new system and they are looking forward to many bright, sunny days in the forecast.

Thank you to Bros. Ed Knott, Jason Hayden, Dennis O'Brien, David James, Charles Rickson, Garrett McCluskey, Sal Genovesi and Richard Cataldo for their hard work. I also wish to thank James Ruggerio, of Justin Electrical, for his assistance with the permitting process.

Michael Torres, P.S.


Local 236 volunteers at the Bethesda House: Ed Knott (left), Dennis "Otis" O'Brien, Garrett McCluskey, Charles Rickson, Jason Hayden, Sal Genovesi and Rick Cataldo. Not pictured: David James.

IBEW Members Recognized for
Support of Medical Research

L.U. 258 (ees,em,lctt,o&u), VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA — IBEW Local 258 members voted last spring to support a financial donation to further medical research at the BC Professional Fire Fighters Burn & Wound Healing Lab at Vancouver General Hospital.

On Oct. 1, the union's Executive Board, led by Bus. Mgr. Doug McKay and Pres. Tony Brand, attended a reception and tour of the lab facilities as Local 258 members were recognized for their support.

Bros. McKay and Brand presented a cheque for $100,000 on behalf of IBEW Local 258 members.

"Our members realize the important work being done by [the lab research team] here in British Columbia," said Bro. McKay. "We are grateful these professionals are making such significant medical breakthroughs … that can ultimately support our members who unfortunately suffer electrical burn injuries."

Local 258 officers were welcomed to the research lab where they were greeted by hospital officials. A slideshow detailed important lab discoveries made in recent years. The team's findings are being published in prestigious medical journals that include credit to IBEW Local 258 as a major sponsor of the research.

"We are very proud to be part of such groundbreaking medical advances," said McKay.

Local 258 IBEW members have supported almost $400,000 toward research in burn and wound healing over the past six years and continue to benefit from research being done at the lab.

Michelle Boudreau, P.S.


Local 258 presents donation. Among attendees are: standing, third from left, Local 258 Pres. Tony Brand, Asst. Bus. Mgr. Dan Klassen, Unit 1 Chair Klaus Kraft, Unit 3 Chair Colin Kenney, Organizer Rick Gerrard, Bus. Mgr. Doug McKay, Unit 4 Chair Tom Greenwell and Unit 2 Chair Gerry Pope. Seated: Unit 6 Chair Chris Carter and Unit 5 Chair Cathy Tagseth.

Education is Key in Organizing

L.U. 280 (c,ees,em,es,i,mo,mt,rts&st), SALEM, OR — We here at Local 280 hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season. As we begin the new year, the work picture in Local 280 has begun to pick up. Contractors on both sides of the mountains have received projects that are putting our members back to work. With many more public and private jobs on the horizon coming out for bid, 2014 is shaping up to be a good year in Local 280.

We recently wrapped up inside negotiations, and on Nov. 25 our new three-year contract was ratified by the membership on both sides of the mountains using our new teleconferencing system. Bus. Mgr. Tim Frew has put forth much effort to unify our membership and make communication within the jurisdiction more efficient, allowing all members to partake in important decisions within the local.

We are putting more emphasis on organizing efforts and education; Organizers Bill Kisselburgh and Nate Albertson recently attended a COMET train-the-trainer course hosted by Local 110. These classes will be put on several times a year for both apprentices and journeymen. The classes teach what a critical role organizing plays when it comes to bargaining strength and more opportunities for employment. COMET classes are a very important tool in the effort to expand union market share.

Until next time, work safe.

Nate Albertson, P.S.

Minnesota Vikings Stadium

L.U. 292 (em,govt,i,rtb, rts&spa), MINNEAPOLIS, MN — On Dec. 3, the official groundbreaking was held for the new Minnesota Vikings stadium, and at this writing the construction was quickly ramping up toward February 2014 when the dome will be deflated and the building systematically replaced with the new People's Stadium. Build 23, a combined effort of Parsons and Gephart Electric, is signatory with IBEW Local 292 and the entire job has a project-labor agreement. You can see more information on our website's news page:

Other new work in Minneapolis includes two towers near the stadium site for Wells Fargo and a new 240,000-square-foot National Marrow Donor Program building across from the Minnesota Twins baseball stadium.

In March, members of IBEW Local 292 will participate in the 2014 Day on the Hill, our chance to meet our elected representatives at the Minnesota State Capitol. Members can bring building trade issues to the representatives in face-to-face meetings.

Derek Vigstol (pictured) won a NFPA Code Challenge at the 2013 NTI in Ann Arbor, MI, last summer. As a result he competed in the 1st Annual NFPA/NEC Challenge Championship held in January in Boston, MA, competing against two other individuals in a television type game show for a grand prize of $5,000. Results were not yet available at press time. Derek is a full-time day school instructor at the Minneapolis JATC.

Carl Madsen, B.R.


JATC Instructor Derek Vigstol, Local 292.

Horrific Ice Storm —
IBEW Linemen Respond

L.U. 300 (govt,i,mt&u), MONTPELIER, VT — Hello, brothers and sisters. At the time this article is being penned here in Vermont, we are in the midst of a horrific ice storm. The positive to be taken from this situation is that there is possibly the largest IBEW presence in the state since 1998. You can't look out your window without seeing an IBEW lineman. Social media is alive with praise for all their efforts. I would like to personally thank them for all their hard work and professionalism.

The Inside Unit is also making things happen. We have crews pushing themselves through subzero temperatures and many other adverse weather conditions to ensure that several solar projects will be completed on time and under budget. These brothers and sisters deserve our respect.

It's the performance of members like these that makes it clear to me that we will retake and surpass the ground we have lost.

Tim LaBombard, Mbr. Dev. Dir.


Local 300 Asst. Bus. Mgr. Tim Watkins (left) and Peck Solar General Foreman Vince Bent (second from left) thank IBEW members for giving their all on a cold Saturday.

Service Awards Presentation

L.U. 306 (i), AKRON, OH — On Dec. 7 our Annual Christmas Party was held at Todaro's Party Center. A wonderful time was enjoyed by all of the children, parents and grandparents. Thanks go out to our hard-working Social Committee, to Santa, and to all of the "elves" who helped.

Service awards were presented at the December union meeting. Receiving awards for 65 years were — Richard Donley, James Ess, Donald Kromer, John Webb; for 60 years — Richard Knepp, David Westland; for 55 years — Harry Bryner, Kenneth Dias, Jack Dutton, Leonard Eddy, Richard Glatz, Daniel Gourley, Ross Hammel, Donald Heffner, Charles House, Rodney Hubbard, Thomas Kempel, Robert Martz, Robert McMullen, Russell Pease, Eugene Puglia, Alfred Sander, Jerry Seals, Charles Stoltz, George Umbower; for 50 years — Jack Difiore, Donald Faught, Robert Masters, Marvin McEndree, George Peters, William Rankin, F.W. Raymond, Carlos Shorter, James Sich; and for 25 years — David Bedard, Jeffrey Cockrell, John Conley, Kevin Dugan, Joseph Fazzini, Shane Fisk, John D. Hornacek, Chris Morgan and Dan Snyder. We congratulate all and thank them for their longtime service to the IBEW and Local 306.

With sadness we report the loss of Sister Miroslawa "Mirka" Klisz. We send our deepest condolences to her family.

Thomas Wright, P.S.

'Member Helping Member'

L.U. 340 (i,rts&spa), SACRAMENTO, CA — In early December a Local 340 brother called to add his family to the list of members who needed help at the holidays with food and toy donations from our annual IBEW/NECA Operation Christmas Basket fundraiser. This brother hadn't worked in months and was about to lose his home but was only asking for food and toys for his children. Immediately following that phone call, another brother stopped in the office and was doing so well financially that he wanted to anonymously give a "hand up" to a brother or sister who might need it. Sound familiar? I am sure this goes on in IBEW offices all across the nation. "Members helping Members" is the true meaning of IBEW brotherhood, not just at the holidays but all year 'round.

Our 32nd Annual IBEW/NECA Operation Christmas Basket Fundraiser in December was a huge success. Over the years, a total of more than $227,000 has been donated to local charities that focus on helping union workers and their families during the holidays and throughout the year. The incredible generosity of IBEW employers, affiliates and members makes this possible.

Rest in peace, Brothers Fred Allred, Merle "Slim" Herndon, Walter Kough and Glen Van Muyden.

Tom Okumura, B.M.


Bro. Marvin Ganske receives his $1,000 Operation Christmas Basket cash winnings presented by Local 340's own "Santa Claus" (JATC Instructor Ken Irwin).

2013 Apprentice Graduates

L.U. 380 (ei,es,i&it), NORRISTOWN, PA — Local 380 JATC held its 2013 Graduation Banquet at the Crowne Plaza in King of Prussia, PA. We celebrated the accomplishments of the graduates, who just five years ago entered the electrical field with little or no electrical background. The first lesson that most of the new apprentices learned was that they had signed up for was a true apprenticeship. First they would work on the job 40 hours a week learning the craft from highly skilled journeymen. Next they would attend school two evenings a week, maintain the required grade average, study and complete all homework assignments. Add to their busy schedule some Saturday classes such as CPR/First Aid and Comet, throw in some community service projects, and it's been quite a ride. They made it with the support of their families, friends, spouses and the dedicated staff and instructors at the JATC.

Each year the graduating class votes for one of their own classmates to receive the leadership award. This year the Stephen Malinowski Leadership Award went to Raymond J. Shields.

Awards for perfect attendance in all five years of apprenticeship went to Dustin T. Manero and Alexander P. Moreira. Overall achievement awards went to Kyle F. Lomas for third place, Alexander P. Moreira for second place, and for first place the James W. Mayall Award went to Dustin T. Manero.

Scott R. Sheldon, P.S.


Local 380's class of 2013 JATC graduates: front row, Joseph Wanczyk, Peter Addalli, Dustin Manero, Brian Dixon, Brent Thomas, Jasen Lewis, Daniel O'Brien; back row, Brian Santangelo, Eric Blundin, Mike Robideau, Conor McAleer, Christopher Gallagher, Alexander Moreira, Todd Thomas, Raymond Shields, Kyle Lomas and Maurice Brewington. Graduates not pictured: Michael Ball and Kevin Landis.

KCP&L Contract Ratified

L.U. 412 (u), KANSAS CITY, MO — On Aug. 14 last year, Local 412 and KCP&L came to a settlement agreement after six months of contract extensions. On Aug. 23, 2013, ratification was voted on and passed for a five-year agreement between Local 412 and KCP&L, retroactive to March 1, 2013.

After three long years, our apprentices have successfully turned out! We are very proud of the graduates. On Sept. 6, 2013, the following electricians and welders were honored with a turnout lunch at the Ameristar Casino: Casey Lathrop, Pat Lampkin, Kevin Jones, David Howard, Mike Elpers, Bob Bybee, Geoff Johnson, Shawn Brownsberger and Mark Heckadon. Congratulations, guys!

Local 412 and KCP&L have been working together to honor our veterans at various generating locations. Those honored are retired and current employees.

Debi Kidwiler, P.S.


Local 412 congratulates 2013 apprenticeship graduates.

Members Appreciation Banquet

L.U. 424 (as,ees,em,es,i,mo,o,ptc,rtb,rts,spa&u), EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA — We recently held our annual Members Appreciation Night banquet and dance to honor members with 20 or more years of service. With a large membership, space limitations preclude naming all the recipients, but several awards must be noted.

After Bus. Mgr. Kevin Levy presented welcoming greetings, Bro. Doug Sorenson, a 60-year award recipient, offered the blessing to start the evening.

Bros. Norm Kiernan, Henry Peters and Ron Sanford received 50-year service awards. Recognized in absentia were: Bros. Terry Sargent (60 years of service); Alex Copan and Ken Derby (55 years); and Volker Bahr, Don Erickson and William Magnus (50 years). Because of a prior commitment, Bus. Mgr. Bob Lamont was not present to receive his 65-year award, but he and Bro. Sorenson were each given standing ovations.

IBEW gold watches and I.O. Retirement Certificates were presented to: Donald Baron, Don Deagle, Leo Diedrichs, Doug Drummond, Harry Eberhardt, Maurice Giguere, Art Goodman, Don Lammie, Frank Leach, Larry Lemmon, Ken Mastaler, Jeff McGee, Jean-Pierre Page, Bob Prokopchuk, Alf Richards, Gordon Ross, Richard Sadownyk, Paul Schneider, Charlie Virtue and Stephen Walker.

Congratulations and thank you to all the recipients for helping to make 424 a "class" local.

A salute to the retirees, who are welcomed into the ranks of the "vets" and invited to attend Unit 1 or Unit 2 Retirees meetings.

Dave Anderson, P.S.


Local 424 Bus. Mgr. Kevin Levy (back row, left) and Pres. Dan Smith (back row, right) with local union retirees at Members Appreciation Night 2013.

Community Outreach Program

L.U. 494 (em,i,mt,rts,spa&t), MILWAUKEE, WI — During the holiday season it's important to give special thanks to our veterans. Local 494 partnered with the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative by upgrading the MHVI facility's electrical services. The MHVI is an organization that helps at-risk veterans reach their highest levels of independence.

Since 2008, the MHVI has assisted over 1,000 veterans/families get needed food, health care and housing. Tracey Sperko, chief executive and founder of the MHVI as well as a veteran herself, kept true to her mission statement: "We Don't Leave Our Wounded Behind." She expressed gratitude for Local 494, Veterans Electric, and the Milwaukee Building Trades.

Sperko asked Milwaukee Building Trades Pres. Lyle Balistreri, a Local 494 member, for help. Balistreri, a veteran, knew that Local 494's Community Outreach Program (COP) was the help she needed.

Through COP, Local 494 retirees Pat Cain and John Danek (both veterans) along with active member Bob Schwab (whose son is active military) volunteered their time and expertise.

Local 494 contractor Scott Flaugher, who is owner of Veterans Electric and also a veteran himself, supplied the necessary tools and permits to: upgrade building to code; provide electric heat for volunteers; bring power/lights to warehouse; and repair security/perimeter lighting.

Without the help of all involved, this success story wouldn't be possible.

Kurt Jante, B.R.


Local 494 members Robert Schwab (left), Patrick Cain and John Danek volunteer on MHVI project.

2013 a 'Year of Community'

L.U. 520 (i&spa), AUSTIN, TX — Local 20 held its annual picnic at Camp Ben McCullock near Dripping Springs, TX, on Oct. 26 last year. The band, Shop Dawgs, provided the entertainment. Bros. Michael Moore and Frank McCracken are members of the band. A great time of fellowship and reminiscing about old times was enjoyed by all who attended.

December marked the end of the Year of Community we launched in January 2013. It was marked by community activism in politics and serving the central Texas area. 2014 will be a year that we focus on how to build a stronger union. May 2014 be a prosperous and successful new year for all.

Lane Price, Pres./P.S.


Local 520 retired Bros. Max Ladusch (left) and Granville Lyckman enjoy annual picnic.

Dinner Dance Banquet

L.U. 530 (i,o&rtb), SARNIA, ONTARIO, CANADA — On Nov. 15 last year, Local 530 held our 72nd annual Dinner Dance Banquet. Every year at this event, years-of-service pins are presented. A great meal was followed by dancing and social times.

Once again last year our local collected nonperishable food items for our Inn of the Good Shepherd food bank. Even through our economic downturn, we collected a large quantity of goods for the less fortunate.

On Dec. 8 we held our annual Children's Christmas Party. This event saw skating for all members and their children, followed by Santa arriving with gifts for all the boys and girls.

Local 530 thanks Locals 1687, 402 and 586 for helping employ our members in these difficult times.

Local 530 is saddened by the recent passing of Bro. Dick Robinson.

We wish everyone a happy and successful new year!

Al Byers, P.S.

Service Pins Presentation

L.U. 558 (catv,em,i,mt,o,rtb,rts,spa&u), SHEFFIELD, AL — Greetings, brothers and sisters. We hope everyone enjoyed a great holiday season and is ready to take on a new year. Local 558 held our Service Pins Presentation on Sept. 9, 2013. This event is looked forward to by all and allows us to honor those who have given so much back to the IBEW. This is one of our most exciting nights and it's very encouraging to fellowship with those who have fought for the benefits we have here locally. Forty members were awarded 25-year pins; five members received 30-year pins; 63 members received 35-year pins; 22 members received 40-year pins; 46 members received 45-year pins; 23 received 50-year pins; 17 received 55-year pins; 10 received 60-year pins; and four members received 65-year pins.

This past year has been very steady in regard to our construction sector. We are in the final stages of a Toyota Motor Manufacturing Engine Plant project in Huntsville, AL, and we are still in the process of constructing the Jack Daniels facility in Trinity, AL. Members are slowly getting calls for our upcoming spring outage at Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in Athens, AL.

We wish you all the best, and may 2014 bring new horizons that will continue to grow our great organization.

Tony Quillen, Pres./A.B.M.


At the Local 558 Service Pins Presentation event of 2013.

Wrapping Up 2013

L.U. 570 (i,mo,spa&u), TUCSON, AZ — Local 570 continued its annual tradition of hosting the 85-mile start for the 31st Tour de Tucson on Saturday, Nov. 23. Later that day members joined other unions at the Firefighters Union Hall to assemble and deliver more than 650 food boxes for members in need during Thanksgiving. Deliveries were made again in December for Christmas. Also in December, volunteers from Local 570 worked together with the City of Tucson to hang Christmas lights in the downtown area.

Scott W. Toot, Pres./Org.


IBEW Local 570 team at Tour de Tucson: Brian Grusenmeyer (left), Elizabeth Valdez, Francisco Campista, Pete Sabin, Mike Pugh, Thomas Cramer, Thad Amado, Michael Taylor, Pablo Sierra Jr., and Jon Stevens with daughter Nora.

Local Hosts Retiree Luncheon

L.U. 606 (em,es,i,rtb,spa&u), ORLANDO, FL — Local 606 recently hosted a 2013 retirees lunch and get-together at the union hall. More than 30 retirees attended and everyone had a good time. Many stories were shared and friendships renewed. Several retired members stayed afterward long into the afternoon to reminisce about old times. Another luncheon is planned sometime this year. Notifications will be sent out as plans are finalized.

A special thank-you goes out to Bro. Dave Donat for volunteering his time and generosity in smoking turkeys for the holiday season.

Local 606 reaffirms its commitment to organizing new members into the IBEW. These new journeymen, construction electricians and construction wiremen are an asset to the IBEW and deserve our respect and our help in becoming strong union members. Only through solidarity and brotherhood with these new members will we win back market share and grow the membership of the IBEW. I encourage all IBEW inside members to reach out to CE/CW members and instruct them in union values and union craftsmanship.

Fernando Rendon, R.S./P.S.


Local 606 Bus. Mgr. Bob Carr (right) greets retiree Charlie Durrance.

Memorial Dedicated in Phoenix

L.U. 640 (em,govt,i,mo,mt,rts,spa&u), PHOENIX, AZ — We are proud of all our members and NECA contractors who volunteered their time in the completion of the Guns for the Fallen Memorial. The World War II memorial is dedicated to all the brave men and women who gave their lives on Dec. 7, 1941, in the Pearl Harbor attack. The USS Arizona was destroyed in the attack and has always been a large part of Arizona history.

The memorial is located at Wesley Bolin Plaza directly in front of the Arizona State Capitol, where the anchor and signal mast from the USS Arizona are already on display. The memorial consists of two gun barrels surrounding steel structures with the names of the fallen Arizona soldiers killed in the war. It was dedicated on Dec. 7 last year and will forever show Arizona's gratitude to those brave men and women who sacrificed everything to preserve freedom for our great nation.

Special thanks to our very own 39-year member Business Agent Roy Hamilton, who coordinated the schedule and all the volunteers to get this project done on time for our veterans. Thanks to our contractors and all the volunteers who helped out.

Jeff Sears, Mbr. Dev. Dir./P.S.


Local 640 volunteers at memorial site: Stephan Cole (left), Desmond Aponte, Jason Weichart, Bob Laparko, Melchezedeque, Jesse Cisero, Roy Hamilton, Jake Erickson and Roy Hamilton Jr.

Promising New Year

L.U. 654 (i), CHESTER, PA — 2014 looks to be a very promising year for Local 654, with many projects planned, including the Marcellus Shale Mariner East Project located at the old Sunoco Refinery, the Enbridge Tar Sands project at Eddystone Powerhouse, a new data center at SAP, along with multiple hotels and school projects planned.

Our annual Crab Feast was held Friday, Oct. 4 last year. We had a good turnout with members enjoying crabs, clams and burgers as well as activities including horseshoes and card games. At this writing, upcoming events included our annual Christmas Party and our 75th Anniversary celebration.

The November 2013 elections were a big success with nearly all of Local 654's endorsed candidates winning their respective campaigns in Delaware County. We look forward to the upcoming general election this year so we can send our current governor, Tom Corbett, and his anti-union, "right-to-work" state, buddies packing. Please get involved, vote and buy American.

James Thompson Jr., P.S.

'Electrical Team' Volunteers

L.U. 666 (i,mt&o), RICHMOND, VA — Work is still slow in our jurisdiction as of press time. We send a big thanks to all the locals that are working our members as travelers.

We had a good turnout for the October "Making Strides" against breast cancer event; the NECA/IBEW "Electrical Team" is a longtime sponsor of that event in our area. Also, thanks to those who came out to support our fall blood drive.

Our Volunteer Organizing Committee meets monthly, and we have actions planned to take place soon. Come sit in on a meeting and see what we are working on for OUR future. There is an informal shooting club starting up, and we expect to negotiate a discount for a range membership for members; please call Charles at the hall to sign up!

As we know, Virginia is a closely watched state in politics. Ken Cuccinelli, who ran for governor last year, had come out and said he would not support collective bargaining in the state. Fortunately, Terry McAuliffe won the 2013 election, so we have a labor-friendly governor.

Congratulations to recent retirees: John W. Williams, Dallas C. Faires, Larry E. Southward, Charles E. Hall and Vincent P. Poh.

Charles Skelly, P.S.


Local 666 members and fellow participants on the IBEW/NECA electrical team gather for Making Strides against breast cancer event.

'Get Involved'

L.U. 692 (i,mt&spa), BAY CITY, MI — Our picture this month is from a retirees informational meeting about health care changes regarding Medicare and Blue Cross PPO Advantage. We had a nice turnout, with retirees and their spouses attending.

The Retirees Club hopes to have a lunch monthly. Please come to monthly meetings for more details.

The Volunteer Organizing Committee will be meeting at 6 p.m. before all of our regular monthly meetings. Our regular monthly meetings, which are held the first Monday of each month (unless the first Monday is a holiday), begin at 7 p.m. If you are interested in organizing, please plan to attend.

We thank all of the U.S. active military and veterans for their service to our country!

Tammy Gottleber, P.S.


Local 692 holds a retirees meeting on health care.

A Victory for Workers

L.U. 702 (as,c,catv,cs,em,es,et,govt,i,it,lctt,mo,mt,o,p,pet,ptc,rtb,rts,se, spa,st,t,u,uow&ws), WEST FRANKFORT, IL — On Nov. 19, regarding the National Labor Relations Board trial involving Consolidated Communications (ICTC), we received word that the board had ruled in our favor on all issues. Two members who had been terminated were reinstated and two additional 2-day suspensions were rescinded, with all members being made whole. This situation has been a trying time for our affected members, but this battle has proven that the resolve of Local 702 and its members can and will prevail over time. Many thanks to our members across all three states who donated to and supported this effort; it was a great victory, not only for our members and our local, but also a win that should be celebrated in honor of all working men and women.

The Inside work outlook remains slow, while our Outside work picture remains strong with full employment anticipated through 2014. As of this writing, our referral books are as follows: Inside Construction — 111, Outside Construction — 8, Line Clearance — 8. We are currently in negotiations over the Trimming Agreements and will be going to CIR in February 2014.

To stay up on the latest Local 702 news and information, please visit us at

Mark Baker, B.R./P.S.

'Happy New Year'

L.U. 756 (es&i), DAYTONA BEACH, FL — The 2013 work picture was an improvement from recent years. Our local contractors believe future work opportunities look bright.

Our apprenticeship director and committee are interviewing and placing CWs with signatory employers and plan to seat at least 25 of them as first-year apprentices for the upcoming class in August.

Big commercial projects are ongoing in our jurisdiction and new ones are on the drawing board.

The 2½-year renovation of Daytona International Speedway is ongoing. The bulk of that project's electrical work was awarded to an "open shop" contractor but many smaller packages will be awarded and local signatories are bidding on them.

The Hard Rock Hotel/Casino plans a major project on A1A in Daytona. Daytona Beach and Volusia County welcome the economic development.

Work in our industrial sector at the space center (NASA, CCAFS, PAFB) should pick up in coming years. NASA announced plans to utilize the moth-balled Launch Complex 39A (the shuttle's old stomping ground). That rocket pad will be the site of future commercial lifts to space. Whether it's military, commercial, or even flying tourists into space, we must ensure that the IBEW and fellow building trades are involved with construction and repair. Since NASA owns the property and is footing part or all of the construction and maintenance expense, we will expect federal laws and the Davis-Bacon Act to be adhered to. The recent ruling from the Department of Labor reminding the Air Force and NASA that federal laws still apply on government-funded projects was a breath of fresh air.

Daniel P. Hunt, B.M.

Bus. Mgr. Accepts Appointment

L.U. 910 (ees,i&t), WATERTOWN, NY — IBEW Local 910 former Bus. Mgr. Dennis Affinati has accepted an appointment with the Third District staff as International Representative, effective Jan. 1, 2014. Dennis was initiated into Local 910 as a residential trainee in December 1985 and attained journeyman wireman status in May 1990. Bro. Affinati has been active in our local for many years. He was elected to the Examining Board in 1993, appointed treasurer in 1995, became organizer and assistant business manager in 2000 and served as business manager/financial secretary since 2004. Dennis was training director for several years and has served as a trustee on the Pension, Health & Welfare Funds and the Apprenticeship. He also served on the Council for Industrial Relations (CIR) and was financial secretary for the Syracuse & Northern New York Building Trades Council. The Local 910 Executive Board appointed John O'Driscoll to fill out the remaining term as business manager.

Bro. Affinati has served Local 910 and the North Country very well and we wish him the best of luck as he continues to serve the IBEW.

John O'Driscoll, B.M.

2013 Apprenticeship Graduates
Congratulations go to the Kingsport, TN, IBEW Local 934 Apprenticeship Graduating Class of 2013. From left are graduates Edward Hutchins, Tyler Miller, Shawn Woodburn, Wesley Calloway and James Jessie. Instructor Larry Lawson is at far right.

Annual Picnic & Service Awards

L.U. 968 (catv,i,mt,o,rts,spa&t), PARKERSBURG, WV — IBEW Local 968 held its annual picnic Sept. 7, 2013. Attendance at last year's event was one of the best we've had.

Boy Scout Troop 129 and their leader Alan Lloyd, a Local 968 member, did an excellent job with the kids games and cakewalk.

The picnic began with the presentation of service awards to eligible retired members. Award recipients included 55-year members Bruce Goodno, Max Rebholz, John Zoller and Jack Blue; and 50-year members Skip Ballengee and Ted Weaver. The picnic is a place to reminisce and share stories about the old days. Good food followed by bingo made for a wonderful time. (See accompanying group photo of retirees attending the 2013 picnic.)

With regret we report the passing of Bros. Joseph "Joe" Farra and Donald "Donnie" Lemon. Joe had received his 65-year service award in 2012. Donnie was a 35-year member of Local 968. Both of these guys will be greatly missed.

Lynford C. Lovell, B.M.


Local 968 retirees at 2013 picnic, from left: Jess Blair, Bob Lockhart, John Sarver, Clervan Parsons, Bob Patton, Bruce Goodno, Bob Hammond, John Zoller, Jack Blue, Max Rebholz, Clayton "Tater" Griffin, Ted Weaver and Skip Ballengee.

Contract Negotiations

L.U. 1466 (u), COLUMBUS, OH — We hope everyone had a safe and joyous holiday season. It's nice to be able to take some time away from work to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Local 1466, along with the rest of System Council U-9, has entered into our yearly wage negotiations with American Electric Power, as of this writing. Please try to attend your monthly union meetings to stay up to date on where things stand.

In other news, at press time the Distribution Dispatch Center (DDC) contract negotiations with AEP are still ongoing. The fight to allow these employees to join the IBEW has been a long process, and it looks as though the first contract negotiations could be drawn out as well. We will keep everyone updated as this process plays out.

Everyone stay safe this year, and continue to look out for one another.

Jimi Jette, P.S.

Tribute to Lives of Service

L.U. 2150 (em,govt,lctt,o&u) MILWAUKEE, WI — With great sadness Local 2150 reports the loss of two of its dedicated former business managers, Timm Driscoll and Dan Sherman.

On Sept. 25, 2013, Timm Driscoll passed away after battling lung disease. Timm spent over 35 years as a Local 2150 member. He served as business manager/financial secretary from 1991 until his retirement in 2004. During his tenure, he played a central role in doubling the local's membership. In his retirement, Timm was a member of the Executive Board of the Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans. Timm was a "doer," not a "talker" for Wisconsin working families for most of his life.

On July 31, 2013, Dan Sherman passed away after courageously battling ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) for nearly seven years. Dan spent 22 years working in the Local 2150 office. He worked as business rep prior to being appointed assistant business manager by then-business manager Driscoll. When Timm retired in 2004, the Executive Board unanimously appointed Dan as business manager/financial secretary. During his career, Dan dedicated his heart and soul to the well-being of Local 2150 members and workers in the labor movement.

The commitment and dedication Timm and Dan demonstrated to Local 2150 and the labor movement will be felt for years to come. They both are missed and our thoughts are with their families.

Nancy Wagner, P.S.