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April 2014

Letters to the Editor
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Scott Walker, True Patriot?

FYI, I learned today that the state of Wisconsin has several million dollars in surplus that Gov. Scott Walker is giving back to the taxpayers. This is exactly what he promised when he was elected. I'm certain that the IBEW management and the teachers union will be thrilled to hear this, as this will benefit all taxpayers in Wisconsin. After all, it's the taxpayer that pays the bill for all public sector union jobs.

Maybe the "Electrical Worker" and the IBEW management could spend more time defending the private union jobs in the energy sector and stop attacking true patriots that unselfishly care more about their country and state than any "organized group" that cares only for itself, country and state be damned.

Steve Nelson, Local 57 member
Salt Lake City

Walking with a Purpose

My brother Arnold Colon passed away last March of pancreatic cancer. He was a loyal member of New York Local 3 since he came home from Vietnam. He was always so proud of Local 3. On April 6, Pancreatic Cancer Research is having a walk in NYC to collect donations for research. This cancer is difficult to detect and often discovered in the late stages, which makes it fatal. Apple founder Steve Jobs was also a victim of pancreatic cancer. I am walking in my brother's memory and encourage anyone to donate in his name at

Myrna Bonilla, sister of Local 3 member Arnold Colon
New York City

Congrats, Electrical Worker

I just wanted to pass on my congratulations to everyone at the Electrical Worker for your successes at the 2013 ILCA awards.

First Place — General Excellence
International / National Publications — The Electrical Worker

First Place — Best Print Design
International / National Publication — The Electrical Worker

First Place — Best Analysis
The Electrical Worker — Alex Hogan

Second Place — Best Feature Story
"Courage & Innovation Mean Growth" — The Electrical Worker —
Alex Hogan, Len Shindel and Lucas Oswalt

First Place — Saul Miller Awards — Organizing
The Electrical Worker — Lucas Oswalt

Second Place — Saul Miller Awards — Collective Bargaining
The Electrical Worker — Alex Hogan

Well done, brothers and sisters! Thank you for your hard work!

John Moyle, St. Louis
Local 1 member