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August 2014

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Whose Side Are They On?

Having a foot in two camps (union members and conservative Christians) not only provides a unique observation post, but raises questions like which group is the most gullible? Christians who still believe the GOP has their back, or union people who still think the Democrats have theirs? Each election time they both wake up just long enough to sniff the same old bone tossed to them by their "supporters." What caused this question to resurface was the news that President Obama has once again blocked the Keystone XL pipeline. He is also pushing yet another "free trade" agreement (NAFTA on steroids) following the trail blazed by the Clinton administration. Based on these latest "inconvenient truths," I see union members ahead by a nose in the Gullibility Grand Prix.

Dean Wolf, Local 48 retiree
Portland, Ore

A Shocking Letter

A special thanks to IBEW members Mike Gluekert and Stan Severin for the power pole mailbox. Discontinued official electrical components were used in the reconstruction.

Rae Ann Eckhart, Local 44 member
Butte, Mont


Calling Out Congress

Congress gives it all to Big Business, while unions get blasted for getting their members a piece of the American Pie. You can now put pipelines at border crossings near waterways and aquifers without review. Democrats tried to bar pipelines into Great Lakes and Ogallala Aquifer but failed. A ruptured pipeline would affect the Plain States — remember Exxon in the Gulf. They have a quick pass for exporting natural gas. More drilling offshore, and they have bypassed bans in Southern California, Virginia and South Carolina. In Pennsylvania, Gov. Corbett doesn't want severance tax (5% = $500 million) dollars that should help pay our schools and pay off $1.4 billion in Pennsylvania debt. Big Business through eminent domain can take your property. Oil companies get corporate welfare through tax breaks. Where are all the jobs? Thank your congressman! It's amazing how fast bills get passed when it benefits Big Business! You know why the ordinary American worker never gets to shake their congressman's hand? It's because they are trying to keep all the money from falling out of their pockets!

George O. Curry, Local 126 retiree

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The Future is Theirs

These high school fairs NEED to be done more often! These kids need to know that there is more out there than just college or menial low wage jobs. There ARE career jobs you can get right after high school. Great job Castroville, Calif., Local 234. Way to spread the word!

Aaron Gerding, Local 26 member
Washington, D.C.

An IBEW Inheritance

Local 760 represented my father, thus helping support me as a child. I was lucky enough to be admitted into the apprenticeship program, and was awarded with an all-expense-paid education, thus helping support my family. Thank you IBEW for 50-plus years of help and support!

Terry Davis, Local 760 member
Knoxville, Tenn.


Thanks to Mass. IBEW members from Brockton Local 223, Worcester Local 96, Springfield Local 7 and especially all the volunteers from Boston Local 103 who helped to build the largest solar independent hospital in the world in a place that needed it most — Mirebalais, Haiti.

John Molis, Local 103 member